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Last Updated:  4/24/2006

A Certain Point Of View

The title says it all. Reality is shaped by our point of view. Eventually, everyone's reality must submit to someone else's point of view.

Triangles Of View    [Incomplete]

Lee is a self-made man – literally. Dubbed “The New Mr. Rogers” for his work on public access children’s shows in the city that birthed the original especially for the new one he produces and appears on, he’s at the very beginning of a promising career. He’s even in the early stages of producing a feature film based on his popular TV show, a step that could open all kinds of doors for him.

However,someone out there has taken an exception to his success and begun threatening to reveal the secret that is his identity to the world. And, in this day and age in conservative America, there are definitely public opinions about some things that are very hard to overcome – especially when children are involved.

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