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Drew Meyers

Last Updated:  12/10/2013

A Fairy Tale

A wee story about wee folk and their comparatively giant friends. Fairies and elves have always gotten along, but humans, that's another matter. A change is in order and a journey through the ancient forest just might bring the changes everyone needs.

Learning to Live

Dana Thomas liked her life just the way it was: she ran a successful business, had just a couple of good friends and enough work to keep her busy twenty hours a day, seven days a week. Her work was everything to her, until she met her latest client.

A Lifetime

Lexie knows for a fact the world is not what it appears to be, myth is truth and fairytales are reality. A lifetime of going up against unimaginable foes has made Lexie the hero she is today, but now Lexie must confront the most dangerous creature out there, her new lawyer. And this time Lexie is in for the battle of her life.

Remember This

This is a prequel to "Remember Me", a glimpse into the younger years that helped form the petite warrior and a look at the life Anull and Tazzlan create for themselves. While you do not have to read Remember Me to understand this story, it would add more to it if you have, which order you read them in does not matter.

Remember Me

Xena and Gabrielle come across an old friend that neither one can recall. Can they help someone they can not remember? Love, war, forgetfulness, it's all in a day for a warrior and a bard.

Right Place, Wrong Time

How well would you cope when everything and everyone you have known are suddenly gone? Three women are about to find out when they accidentally step from one world into another.

Santa's Workshop

Oh yes little one's, there is a Santa Claus.

Swan Song

Prophecies are only as good as their interpretations and happily ever afters are not always what you imagine them to be.

Unseen Forces

Quinn Pascal decides to leave the city for a small town and perhaps find a quiet life. Unfortunately the house she buys comes not only with a few pieces of furniture, but it's own ghostly resident. Or maybe it is fortunate. The quiet life can sometimes be so overrated.

Facts of Life

Blair's Big Mess

Jo and Blair find each other years later after college and Blair has one big mess to clear up, but she can't do it alone.

The Day I Died Was the Day I Started Living

Exactly what does it take to open your eyes and see the truth? To live a life of honesty is to be honest with yourself as well as others..


After years apart a near tragedy brings Jo and Blair together again, and they find they have a lot to be grateful for.

In Shadow and Light

Jo and Blair discover they have feelings for one another, but can those feelings survive the light of day? Or do they only exist hidden in the shadows.

Searching for Home

Blair finally understands what it was she had been needing all this time; and no amount of years or miles were going to stand in her way of getting it.