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Fiur and Vlamme

Last Updated:   2/15/2014

All I Want For Christmas

Honey, Honey...Be My Valentine

Blood of Seven  [Removed at Author's Request]

In the dark depths of the forest. Under the howl of the wolf. Two hearts will entwine. This is the story of how Osanna and Ennelyn first met.

The Curse of the Pharao   [Incomplete]

Five years after the hunt for the 'Xena Scrolls', Janice, working for a rich art collector, is trying to solve the riddle of an ancient scroll. With the help of Melinda she discovers a mysterious amulet in London. Together with Mel's fiancÚ, they go on an adventure, leading them to Egypt. They soon realize that there is more behind the search for the treasure of the Pharaoh than they thought at first...

Part 1 

Hollywood Dreams  [Removed at Author's Request]

This extraordinary story about love and schemes is set in present Los Angeles, in the glamorous world of movie making, among the society of the "rich and the beautiful".

In the middle of it all are the Parkers and the Stuarts, two rival families. Torn between heart-wrenching romances and deadly hate, their feelings are whirling in a never-ending chaos of misunderstandings and coincidences. Mistakes and confusion add more trouble and problems to their daily lives until eventually they all might experience a happy ending... or won't they?

Chronicles of Darkness - Shadows and Dust  [Removed at Author's Request]

In a time as Europe was cast in darkness, the paths of vampires and a hunter family crossed in Paris. Their bitter fight against the overpowering bloodsuckers prevented them from seeing the truth. In the deep forests of Transsylvania waits a castle, hiding secrets, magic and an inhabitant from an ancient time.

Heart of an Angel   [Removed at Author's Request]

Red As Blood  [Removed at Author's Request]   [Academy Halloween 2013]

A moonlit night. A lone cabin in the deep dark forest. Mysterious happenings in a secluded small town. Osanna and Ennelyn discover that strange things can occur during the night of a full moon.