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The Guardian

Last Updated:  3/6/2023


On their way to the Amazon village, Xena and Gabrielle meet danger and a young warrior called Exl. She is more than just a warrior, and that's what Gabrielle and Xena will soon see for themselves. This a story filled with surprises and a confession of love.

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Going Home

(Sequel to Guardian) All is well until Exl receives an urgent message from home. She has to return and Xena and Gabrielle are right by her side. But going home isn't so easy, there are so many things to lose. This is story about courage and knowing what is right.

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Family Reunion

(Sequel to Guardian and Going Home) Xena, Gabrielle and Exl travel to Potidaea and Amphipolis to see Gabrielle's and Xena's families. Everything doesn't go as planned and someone is left with a broken heart. Together they must find a way to overcome their their disagreements, but will they succeed? This is a story about love and understanding.

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Island of the Cursed

(Sequel to Guardian, Going Home and Family Reunion) Xena has a surprise for Gabrielle and Exl, and on their way to a beautiful island, they meet an old friend, Autolycus. Together they must pass deadly traps and curses to return a magical emerald to where it belongs. But things go wrong and lives are in danger to be lost. This is a story about friendship, desire and magic.


Xena, Gabrielle and Exl are urgently needed in Treus, King Lias is feeling very poorly and Diana and Philemon suspects that someone is trying to assassinate him. And an important guest is arriving to see the King. Will they find out anything going undercover or is the King a goner? This is a story about doing the right thing under any circumstances.


Xena, Gabrielle and Exl are attacked and trying to help her injured friends Exl is wrongfully accused and she has to pay a hard price for this. You can bet that a certain God of War has something to do with all of this. This is a story about trust and deception.

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Small One

Our trio is asked to come and babysit Princess Alesia of Syra. But the young Princess shows signs of fear towards Exl. Exl has to come face-to-face with past events to understand herself better and Xena and Gabrielle learn something surprising about their young companion.

White Solstice

It is nearly Solstice and everyone is preparing for the holiday. In Amphipolis Xena, Gabrielle and Exl are helping Cyrene and waiting for the rest of the family and a few friends to arrive so they can spend Solstice together. This is a story about being together and a Solstice special.

Empty Home

After seeing a dream with her parents in it, Exl returns to her real hometown with Xena and Gabrielle with her every step of the way. There she is expected to take her place as Queen since she is the heiress to her father's throne. But things of the past haunt her and she has to face the past in order to save her people, her family and herself. This is a story about the past and the present.

Bad Dreams

Gabrielle catches a high fever after a fight with some bandits. She is sent to a dream world where she sees terrible, heart braking nightmares. Xena and Exl have a fall out because of what has happened, but they must find a cure for Gabrielle. Can they put aside they arguments and save Gabrielle? What is Gabrielle's worst nightmare? This is a story about the meaning of "in sickness and in health"

The Sauna

The Sauna is very important to the Finlandians and this is something Xena and Gabrielle will find out when they are introduced to this wonderful custom while they are visiting the northern land.

The Goddess' Wrath

Xena, Gabrielle and Exl meet two old friends, Hercules and Iolaus on their way to Thebes. But things change rapidly as Hera herself intervenes with things and soon they find themselves in an adventure none of them could have imagined. This is a story about standing by your friends in every situation.

Future Days

It is the year 2010 and we meet our three heroes living a rather ordinary life. But an enemy from the past threatens to destroy it all. How can they evade this danger without risking to reveal their secret?

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Friends or Foes

After a raging storm, Xena and Gabrielle are separated from Exl. Xena and Gabrielle meet up with an army which is trying to defeat an army of marauders. Exl receives help from villagers who are trying to save their village from an army threatening to destroy them. None of them have a clue what they are up against when things escalate.

Do You Remember

It is proven that Xena is only human after she has an accident that has her losing all her memories. She has no idea who she really is and trying to help her remember will prove as a challenge for Gabrielle and Exl. Will Xena regain her memories or will the Warrior Princess be lost?

The Race of Warriors

As Queen of the Amazons, Gabrielle wants to hold a traditional Amazon race and invites two of their sister tribes to participate. But before the Race hcan even begin, there is a lot of drama and the participation of three young underdogs is endangered. What does the Loyal get herself into trying to help her friends? This is a story about learning, guidance and teamwork.

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The Howling Moon

The trio has to change their plans when Exl is taken ill with a cold and they meet three hunters on their way. They learn that a village is being terrorized by a dangerous creature and they set out to capture it before it can do any more damage. What is this creature and what is it capable of?

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When Hearts Collide

The time has come to celebrate Exl's cousin Nali's first anniversary as Queen, and Exl, Xena and Gabrielle wouldn't miss it for anything. However, a person from Exl's past stirs things up and forces Exl to face some tough things she had left behind.

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