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Heidi Dum

Last Updated: 7/15/2011

Freshmen 101

This story is about the journey of three freshmen in college during their first year away from home as they explore and identify their sexual selves.

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The Twilight of Dawn

The Twilight of the Dawn is set during the Industrial Revolution. Jesse Rackel tells the story about the beginning of the summer preceding her freshmen yeah in high school. There is a conflict between Jesse wanting to spend time with her best friend Adian and her mother's opinion that she should spend the time with girls instead. Jesse is forced to deal with the death of her father and is comforted by and helped to understand how she can go on without her father by her neighbor Mary Sue, whom she has always disliked. Jesse discovers that maybe Mary Sue isn't as bad as she thought.

And the Music Goes On

Join Heather and Jade as they tackle the struggles and curveballs of everyday life and the death of Jade's father. Through the laughter and tears can their love for each other keep them together through even the hardest of times?



Just Sitting Here

Lost Winter

My Girls

Spirit Guides



I'd Never Let In

My Heart

New Hand


Lost and Found

Unexpected Change



Did I Give It Away

Traveling Together