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Future's Past Rebellion

Time Wars is a futuristic story with a old time flare. Imagine living in a 24th century world that looked like a scene straight out of the 1950s. The cars, the clothes, the music, even the movies are from a long ago past. But that's where the similarity ends. In the future the world is run like a fortune five hundred company where a board of directors that call themselves the World Union make all of the decision, and every citizen has a purpose. They must serve well. If they don't, they may find themselves put out of service.

Someone has to make sure that things never change. They are the keepers of the timeline. They are an elite group of guardians that are called Time Warriors. Some of them are gifted with heightened senses. This evolutionary jump in the human psyche makes them important to the Union. It is their mission to make sure that every threat to their world is put down. It is on one of these missions that Grayson Carrington meets Vivian Monroe, a senator she has been sent back observe, then eliminate. But a bump in time changes everything. After meeting Vivian Monroe, Will Grayson still be able to serve well?

The Reawakening

The world has ended and new ways of living had to be found. The Reawakening is a story that bypasses most, but not all of the standard end of the world scenarios. It will take you on a journey of love, hate, fantasy and deception. With most of the population illiterate and a new leader lacking the experience necessary to garner the respect of his people, desperate measures must be taken, and he establishes a program that The Order doesn't approve of. When Keller Morgan escapes from the program she runs into trouble that Troi Donner has to rescue her from. Their meeting starts a chain reaction that will bring people together and reveal many hidden truths.

Sands of Change

Shannon Reynolds and Morgan McCray live in two different worlds, but when circumstances bring them together they discover that their worlds really aren't that different at all.

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A Simple Little Love Story   [Academy Valentines 2012]

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Street Life

Hoping to redeem herself for the thoughtless actions that caused the death of a corporate executive, Elasmo double crosses her boss on a deal. When her actions are discovered she has to take to the streets to stay alive. Taylor Winslow is the ER chief on duty when an injured homeless woman is wheeled into her hospital. Compelled to help the woman in any way that she can, the doctor gets involved in an adventure that she never expected.

Take Your Pet to Work Day   [Academy Summer Challenge 2012]

Unbroken   [Powers that Be Challenge 25]

Window Shopping   [Academy Bard Solstice Challenge 26]


Generations is a trilogy following Dani Kendrick and Lisa Crawford and the different twist and turns their life's journey takes them through. It is a warm, romantic, magical adventure that will hopefully leave you enchanted.

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