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Last Updated:  12/31/2009

Coming to Dinner

It's Christmas in Osgrove, Michigan. After the difficult past year, Jorie and Griffin want to celebrate the holidays with the whole family. But Griffin's shape-shifter relatives think Christmas is humbug, and Jorie's allergic mother has no idea that she's about to share a turkey with eight cat shifters. With all of them coming to dinner, will it really be a silent night?

Backwards to Oregon  [removed by request of author due to publication]

ìLukeî Hamilton has always been sure that sheíd never marry. She accepted that she would spend her life alone when she chose to live her life disguised as a man. After working in a brothel for three years, Nora Macauley has lost all illusions about love. She no longer hopes for a man who will sweep her off her feet and take her away to begin a new, respectable life. But now they find themselves married and on the way to Oregon in a covered wagon, with two thousand miles ahead of them.

Rooster's Job

Sequel to "Backwards to Oregon" set in 1851; the Hamiltons traveled two thousand miles over the Oregon Trail, lured by dreams of living in the idyllic Willamette Valley with its lush prairie, trout-filled rivers, and mild winters.

But the winter of 1852 turns out to be the hardest one in many decades. So now the rich grass is buried under inches of snow, the rivers are frozen, and Luke finds that their rooster isn't doing such a great job either.

Grasping at Straws

In this prequel to "Backwards to Oregon",To most upright citizens of Independence, Missouri, Tess Swenson is just the madam of a brothel. Few people know that she's also the owner of a livery stable and a number of other successful businesses - and Tess likes it that way. She can check on her employees without having them scramble to put on an act just because the boss is visiting.