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Before and After

Darcy Kent has been living and breathing law for thirty years, never taking time for vacations or relationships. This all changes when another car T-bones her at an intersection, and her life changes completely. Forced to slow down and recuperate, she finds a coffee shop near her house, and is intrigued by the coffee shop owner, Greta Hanson. But all is not smooth as she falls in love for the first time: the managing partner of the firm tries to push Darcy out, and Greta is caught fending off a real estate development company. Will Darcy learn to balance work and life? Will Greta keep her shop? Will they learn how to love each other?

The Beauty of Truth by JS Stephens

Dr. Miranda Jone, blind since birth, sees for the first time through a link to Spocks's eyes. She sees Lt. Uhura and knows beauty. Based on the Star Trek Original Series episode, "Is There Truth In No Beauty?"

Best Friends

Sherry Cunningham wins a cruise for two and decides to take her best friend, Paula Winstone, since Sherry is currently between boyfriends. Paula reluctantly agrees, still in mourning over the loss of her partner, Rachel. But sparks fly unexpectedly

Blind Dates and White Roses

An original comedy of errors. Two women and two men are set up for blind dates by a friend - but they get a little mixed up as to who is intended to be with whom.

Changes on the Horizon

Cassandra "Sandy" Marcus has come to Wheatley, Texas, to take over as manager of the newest location of Jenkins Home Improvement Stores. Little does she know what is in store for her when she gets to know Amanda Jenkins, who worked there for her father before the family sold the store to Jenkins. (Story originally started in 2016, completed in 2020 (and pretending COVID-19 never hit...))

The Characters Talk Back

First Christmas Alone

Rosemary has lost her husband and Violet her partner, but they find the meaning of Christmas together

Generations: A Love Story

D.J. Sanders is asked to take a new employee to lunch. She agrees, but wonders if it is a good idea when the new employee turns out to be Randie Calder, who was her high school drama teacher one year. Ms. Calder, the one teacher who pushed D.J. to succeed...and the one teacher D.J. had a crush on.

Hidden Identity

Caitlin Grant had spent years touring with Harriet and the Heartwreckers, but had rarely taken any time off for herself, let alone make time for any relationships. Besides, her alter ego, Harriet Benson, romped through boytoys by the dozen, breaking their hearts right and left. Rose Grant was a thoughtful minister in Brook Center, MN, who worked with a church and a college ministry. She enjoyed her life, loved her college kids, and was happily single. Fate threw these two together when Caitlin made an unexpected visit to the hospital following a concert, and Rose just happened to go into the room...

Seek, Knock, Find

Caitlin deserted Rose after an argument, leaving Rose to pick up the pieces on her own. A fateful phone call sends Rose to a new church, while Caitlin winds up searching for her faith. On top of these crisis, Beverly, Caitlin's long time friend and manager, has a series of serious health issues.

The Librarian

A story of two women who meet and fall in love in the 1950's, but are torn apart when one decides to follow her career path. The meet again in the 1970's, and romance blossoms again.

Long Road To Love

Tara McIntire is forced to sit next to Emily Kemp, one of the most popular girls in school. But her view of Emily is changed when the girl defends her against the popular crowd. Years later, they meet again, and unexpected sparks fly.

Looks Like We Mdae It

Judy attends a Barry Manilow concert with her fianc´┐Ż, Roger, but finds old feelings starting to stir when she runs into her college lover, Angel. Set in the mid-1970's.

Meeting Like This

Jesse Hill is an accountant turned rancher. Elizabeth Weeks is a law firm library director. They meet when Jesse meets with her attorney regarding her father's will. There is an instant attraction, but Elizabeth is still getting over the death of her lover and Jesse has never dated a woman.

Greasy: A Parody   Grease

My mashup of Xena: Warrior Princess and Grease. Substitute Xena and Gabrielle for Rizzo and Sandy and shake well...

Pain Is

A woman's struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts, brought on by the recent suicide of Robin Williams. She remembers a promise to her oldest, dearest friend.


Judy never went on post-holiday vacations before joining her partner Abby's family, and manages to shake off her usual cautious approach to life to enjoy a day in the snow.

The Halloween Party   [Academy Halloween 2020]

Katie Hopkins reluctantly accepts the Halloween party invitation from her neighbors, Cassie and David Simmons, deciding to go as Janice Covington. Little does she know that she will meet her Melinda Pappas there.

The Sound of Love

World famous singer Beverly has a stalker, so her ex-husband hires a security expert. Little does she know that her new bodyguard is JJ, the girl who had a crush on her in high school.

Through the Elevator Door

Two friends, Tamara and Lisa, return from a conference to find that their world is different, and that they are more than friends, they are married! But as they are coming to terms with the realization that they have indeed had romantic feelings for each other for years, they are suddenly thrust back into their own world. Will they remember what happened between them? Will Tamara find the courage to break off her relationship with Jamie?

The Unforseen Chance of Love

Set in the early 1980's, Katherine Danbury is a legacy sorority girl who feels like she doesn't fit in. Her world is turned upside down when Michelle Matthews, a transfer student, joins the sorority and plays with her heart.

War of the Prophet

The kingdoms of Edlyn and Coughlan are at war over a holy site that contains both the Tomb of the Prophet from Edlyn and the Sacred Grove of the Lord and Lady of Coughlan. Our action starts when the general of the Coughlan army is captured by the general of the Edlyn army - and she falls in love with his finance, the chief medical officer of the Edlyn army.

Will You Marry Me?

Sharon Flowers asks her partner, Heather Blackburn, to marry her after twelve years together. Same sex marriage is finally legal in their state, and Sharon wants to take advantage of the fact. What she hasn't counted on is that asking her father, Rick Flowers, to officiate at their wedding could cost him not only his church, but also his credentials, should he decide to marry them.

What If?

Pamela Barnes is happy to hear that her son, Glen, is getting married. She is completely shocked to find that his bride-to-be's aunt is none other than Paige Templeton, her old college roommate. She starts wondering what if she had not married Barry Barnes? What if, when she had the chance, she had let Paige know of her feelings? She wakes up the next morning, back in college, but will she take the chance that will completely change her life?

What If?

Pamela Barnes is shocked to find out that her son's fiancee's aunt is her old college roommate, Paige Templeton. She wonders what if she had followed through on her crush on Paige...and wakes up the next morning in the past. Will she take advantage of this chance?

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Rosa was out Christmas shopping when she ran into her old friend from high school, Susan, and they exchange numbers. She sees her again at the Christmas Eve services. Is it too soon to make New Year's plans together?

When I Rde the Train

You're Breaking My Heart

Toni and Celia have been friends since sixth grade, but Celia is spending too much time with her boyfriend for Toni's liking. Something happens to rip them apart - can they ever repair their relationship? Based loosely on Simon & Garfunkel's song, "Cecilia".

Xena and Gabrielle Series

And Baby Makes...

Gabrielle is pregnant and Xena decides that a visit to Potedaia is in order...and finds herself face to face with Perdicas' family and friends, who are demanding vengeance for his death.

After I Died

This story starts toward the end of the second season episode, "Is There a Doctor in the House?", and is seen from Gabrielle's point of view.


Gabrielle is having nightmares following the release of Callisto to battle Velasca, the crazed Amazon who became an immortal. Xena takes Gabrielle to a hidden cave, where they confront their fears...and other feelings that have been simmering under the surface.

Ares' Interlude

The God of War is angry about the newfound closeness between his favorite warrior and the chatty bard, so he gets Spike to spike their waterskins with the waters of the river Lethe, which will take their memories away...


My imagining of what happened after "Armageddon" parts 1 and 2 on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.


Hecuba ponders a prophesy from Aphrodite as her firstborn, Gabrielle, grows from child to adult. Is Xena really the warrior that her daughter is supposed to follow?

I Have No Sister

After Gabrielle's marriage to Perdicas ended with his sudden death, she decides that she and Xena need to go back to Poteidaia, to tell the new of Perdicas' death. She finds out that her sister, Lila, is engaged to one of Xena's former lovers, and an argument breaks out between the sisters.

The Interlude

This story fits between the episodes "The Greater Good" and "Callisto". Xena has taken a poison dart to the neck, and nearly dies, but then revives and finishes the battle. Gabrielle is very upset at Xena's nonchalant attitude, but later that night, Xena asks for a story.

Lila's Journey

Palios and Lila take advantage of a few days to themselves as Horace and Hecuba leave town to go to Athens. Palios disappears after Lila discovers she is pregnant, and the shock of losing her fiance causes her to lose the baby as well. She starts her own journey of discovery as she flees home to escape her past and find her future.

Kaydus: Warrior Poet

This story was dashed off when there were rumors that k. d. lang was going to guest star on X:WP. Alas, it did not come true, so some of my online friends asked for my version of what should have been the episode. The action occurs during the time frame of "Lila's Journey", but could also be a stand alone story.

Loosening the Chains

Follows the episode "Death in Chains". Gabrielle turns to Xena for comfort after the young man Talus died. Xena finds that the chains around her heart are being loosened by Gabrielle. .

The Temple Incident

Xena's father has won a battle, and goes to give thanks to Ares, God of War. But Ares asks for a sacrifice that Atrius does not want to make.

The Turning Point

Xena has been raiding and murdering for the last decade, but cannot seem to stop her evil ways. Yet, when she learns that her mother's friend Rebecka is dying, Xena know she has to go home to see the woman. Rebecka tells Xena of a dream, one of a young blonde woman by her side. Is this a prophesy?

A Visit with Diana

Xena's friend, Diana, literally drops into her camp for a visit. Diana is on her way home, and Xena is waiting for Gabrielle to return from Potadeia. Gabrielle had run after freezing in a battle, but Xena is almost certain that Gabrielle will return.

After the Arrows

(Part 15 of Xena & Gabrielle Series) Takes place after "A Comedy of Eros". Joxer is still feeling humiliated after Cupid's arrows temporarily make Gabrielle fall in love with him, but when it wears off, he still loves her, and she does not love him. Xena decides to take them home to her mother's inn, so she can keep an eye on Joxer. Little does she know that Joxer will soon meet her old friend Diana, and that they will all get involved in a battle with a nasty warlord.

Poseidon's Revenge

Xena and Gabrielle come up on a man fighting off thugs, and follow him on his quest to go home to Ithaca. But, the man had neglected to make offerings to the gods, and Poseidon is pissed. He decides on revenge by having Xena, who he hates for her continued defiance of the gods, fall in love with the man, which makes Gabrielle confused and hurt. Will Xena break the spell? Will Gabrielle forgive her? Note: this was the very first fan fic I ever wrote, and I've rewritten it to make it fit better with the other stories I wrote later.

The Rest of our Lives

Diedra, an Amazon warrior, is wounded and taken prisoner during battle. She escapes, but only after being impregnated by the soldier who captured her. She winds up in Amphipolis, where she meets Cyrene, the innkeeper, and Rebecka, the grocer. Diedra is soon working with Rebecka, teaching Cyrene's daughter, Xena, all about swordplay, and finds herself falling in love with Rebecka. But there is her Amazon heritage to think of - will she raise her baby as an Amazon, or stay with Rebecka?

Tartarus on Earth

(Part 16 of Xena & Gabrielle Series) Aftermath of the battle with Dahak.


(Part 17 of Xena & Gabrielle Series) Gleefully cribbed from the Xena episode and from Charles Dickens. Gabrielle and Xena go home to Amphipolis to celebrate the winter solstice with friends and family. Gabrielle is depressed and Xena is worried. During the night, Gabrielle has visits from three ghosts, and rediscovers the true meaning of Solstice.

You Are Cordially Invited

(Part 18 of Xena & Gabrielle Series) Confusion abounds when Joxer tests out his marriage proposal on Gabrielle, and his brother, Jett, shows up in the picture.

The Scroll

(Part 19 of Xena & Gabrielle Series)Xena writes a short note to Gabrielle, explaining her feelings. Spoilers abound for stories further along.

The Fight

(Part 20 of Xena & Gabrielle Series) Xena and Gabrielle have a terrible argument over something stupid that nearly tears them apart. Meanwhile, they are summoned home to Amphipolis as Diana is about to give birth.

A Destiny to Fulfill

(Part 21 of Xena & Gabrielle Series) Solon really didn't die - he was rescued by the goddess Dike, who picked him to rewrite the Athenian code of law. He falls in love, marries, and runs across Xena and Gabrielle in the marketplace, unaware that Xena is his mother.

The Anniversary Party

(Part 22 of Xena & Gabrielle Series)Xena and Gabrielle visit Cyrene, who asked them to come home. While they are there, Joxer and Diane's daughter is kidnapped, as is Xena, who charges after the girl. Once they are rescued, they still have to make it through Xena and Gabrielle's anniversary part.


(Part 23 of Xena & Gabrielle Series) Joxer and Diana travel to Corinth on business, and meet Marcus and Lila. Meanwhile, Xena receives word that she is a grandmother.

Beginnings and Endings

((Part 24 of Xena & Gabrielle Series) Diana and Joxer have another daughter, Cyrene Ruth. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Lila travel home to see their parents, Hecuba and Horace. Diana's mother, Diedra, is having problems with her memory, and Diana wonders what to do..


(Part 25 of Xena & Gabrielle Series) Gabrielle convinces Xena to make good on her promise to visit Gabrielle's family. Her father still isn't happy about her marriage to Xena, and tells her so. Hecuba tells Gabrielle of Aphrodite's prophesy, and the bard confronts the Goddess of Love about it.


(Part 26 of Xena & Gabrielle Series) Lis, a friend of Xena's from childhood, comes home for her mother's funeral. This stirs up painful memories between the women of their youthful romance, and its bitter ending.

Rebecka's Turn

(Part 27 of Xena & Gabrielle Series) Rebecka Diedra, Xena, and Gabrielle go to Corinth for Lila and Marcus's son's wedding. Rebecka meets a young lawyer named Saul and is quite intrigued by him.

A Death In The Family

(Part 28 of Xena & Gabrielle Series) Xena defends her family one last time, but this time, she loses.

Wait for Me!

(Part 29 - The End. Yes, truly the end of my Xena/Gabrielle saga.) Gabrielle is depressed following Xena's death, and is eager to respond when Ephiny asks for her help fighting The Horde. Meanwhile, love is in the air between Cyrene Ruth and a woman who comes to the inn to spin her tales.

Helen and Brigid Series

Good Old Argo

(Part 1 of the Helen and Brigid Series) Janice Covington's dog, Argo III, dies while Melinda's niece, Helen Pappas, is away at college. Helen comes home at spring break to find the dog missing.

Helen of the Plains

(Part 2 of the Helen and Brigid Series) Dr. Helen Pappas, a new history professor, meets her neighbor, Brigid Anderson, as Helen is moving in to her house. Sparks fly - but Brigid is a senior in high school. Will they find a way to be together, or will Helen's career fears keep them apart?

Marching for Our Lives

(Part 3 of the Helen and Brigid Series) Brigid is now a journalist, and is assigned to cover the 1993 March on Washington for LGBT rights. She wants Helen to go with her, but Helen is afraid if she is seen, she will be fired from her college.

Past is Prologue

(Part 4 of the Helen and Brigid Series) The intertwined stories of Melinda Pappas and Janice Covington and of Helen Pappas and Brigid Anderson, told in flashbacks.

Puppy Dog Blues

(Part 5 of the Helen and Brigid Series) Brigid badgers Helen for a dog. Helen resists, but is overcome when a dog comes to them.

Fight the Good Fight

(Part 6 of the Helen and Brigid Series) Brigid confronts her past and reasons for leaving the church when she is covering a story about holy unions. Meanwhile, Melinda Pappas falls in love again, with a woman she met before she was with Janice Covington (God rest her soul)...

That Texas Summer

The continuation of the story of Laura Wilkins and Ruby Bills, twenty years later. Leslie Bills falls in love with a professor at the local university while Laura and Ruby start confronting middle age.

The Revival

Xena's father has won a battle, and goes to give thanks to Ares, God of War. But Ares asks for a sacrifice that Atrius does not want to make.

Facts of Life Series

Blair's Christmas Gift

Jo buys a gift for Blair, who shows up wearing it many years later.

The Impossible Dream

nearly 20 years after college. Jo comes back into Blair's life unexpectedly and two women renew their friendship, which deepens when tragedy strikes Blair's family. This tragedy tears Blair's marriage apart, and Jo is on hand to help pick up the pieces, as they try to ignore undercurrents of attraction of a different kind.

Turn Blue

Jo and Blair are arguing when Blair shouts, "Turn blue!" Jo's reaction is not quite what she expected.

Wedding Vignettes

Jo's and Blair's thoughts before, during, and after each other's weddings.


Grease: A Parody

Jo's and Blair's thoughts before, during, and after each other's weddings.

Moments in Time

Rizzo and Sandy keep in touch after high school, forging an unlikely friendship that runs deep. How deep does it run?

Voyager/Deep Space 9

Command Decision

After the crew of Voyager successfully returns to the Alpha Quadrant, Kathryn Janeway finds herself completely bored out of her skull. Her boredom is disrupted by two issues: Seven makes it clear that she is in love with her captain, and Janeway is asked to lead a dangerous undercover mission to infiltrate a cell of the Maquis. Seven impulsively enlists in Star Fleet in order to be with her captain, but Janeway has to tell her they can't be lovers now that they are separated by rank. How will they resolve this issue? And will Janeway and crew complete their mission without losing a valuable artifact?

A Different Kind of Voyage

Seven asks Captain Janeway what a "lesbian" is.

Past Lives, Future Implications

Ezri is still getting used to being joined with the symbiant, Dax, and has some confusing dreams starring Jadzia, the former Dax host, and Kira, the Bajoran colonel.