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Last Updated:  3/19/2012

Bliss  [removed by request of author]

When Kadence's aunt dies and leaves her a toy store, Kadence changes her whole life, moving from the fast track life in Manhattan to Minnesota. A last gift from Aunt Gert sends Kadence on a trip to Antarctica. It is there that she meets Petal, a young woman who seems to think she knows exactly what Kadence needs. But does she?

Jesse  [removed by request of author]

Star basketball player Shae returns to her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma to finish her college career. There she meets the freshman team manager Jesse. Will the crush that she develops for the beautiful Jesse ever amount to more than just watching her?

The Night  [removed by request of author]

When veterinarian Haven finally meets her crush, a woman named Cameron, it seems as if the universe is intent on keeping the two apart. Will tonight be one more cancelled date?

Purgatory  [removed by request of author]

Olympic champion Sean Force returns to the very small town in rural Minnesota where she was raised for a class reunion. She had left Johnsonville ten years before after being caught kissing another girl, and the news had spread through town like wildfire. Will she be able to come to terms with her past.