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Lady D

Last Updated:  7/11/2011

Bet on Madison

Sydney Rush was the most popular student at Freedmont High. She was class president, head of student council and the star basketball player. There is just one flaw, she believes a life without commitment and love is suitable. However, an insensitive bet on a small blonde turns her life upside down. Will this jock find love in an unexpected place?

Syd's Choice

The bet …that’s what brought two opposites together during their senior year at Freedmont High. Who would have thought something so deameaning and self righteous could turn into an event that would change two people’s lives forever? In this charming sequel, Syd and Madison discover that no matter what happens between them...their love is endless.

Stronger Than Us

This is the third story after "Bet on Madison" and "Syd's Choice". Syd and Madison have finally found each other again after many years and things are perfect. Syd is a WNBA star and Madison is a successful sports medicine doctor. However, something or someone unexpectedly threatens their relationship. Will they be able to overcome this overbearing obstacle that enters their newly found happiness?

I See You

Who hasn't loved from a distance? Well, that is what high school teen Morgan Reed is facing. She has had a thing for Dana Campbell since the early years of high school and has never uttered one word to her. Will a certain popular blonde cheerleader ever go for a loner like her?

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Solitary Love

Angela Cougar is a quiet, hard woman who does her job well at Wensha Prison. As one of the best prison guards in the facility, she takes her work seriously. However, when a hot new inmate arrives, her focus and her heart are thrown off course.