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Mary Ann Brown

Last Updated:  4/23/2007

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New Fire

Joanna had moved to town after her parents died. Her father had willed her the home she was now living in. She had been unaware that her parents had this place. The land was beautiful and was perfect for the horses she had. The barn was spacious and had room for more horses, if she chose to get more. Joanna had been walking around the place, getting a good look at her new surroundings, when she had discovered the cabin.

The cabin would become Jo's place of refuge when the rest of the world was too much to deal with. Jo spent many hours in the cabin. She would spend the time thinking, not about anything specific, just random thoughts. She spent much of the time thinking about her parents and why she was alone. She wondered if she would ever meet someone that she wanted to devote her life to. Ordinarily, it would have been easy for Jo to go to a club and pick up someone, except Jo was a lesbian and hadn't found a place to pick anyone up at.

She had adopted a puppy and kitten, but hadn't named them yet. They gave her someone to love and they loved Jo in return. Was Jo doomed to a life of being alone? Would she ever meet that special someone that could give her life the change that she felt was needed? Jo was content with being alone, but, like everyone else, she wanted to find that one true love. Jo had no idea that when she met the woman of her dreams, her life would turn into a nightmare.

Lisa had lost her husband and stopped living. She did what she had to in order to survive, but she had lost the will to live, it seemed. Many men had tried to win her affections, but none had succeeded. Lisa had gotten used to a life alone and had decided that she didn't want to be involved with anyone ever again. The pain of losing her husband, her only love, had taught her that being alone was better than being hurt. She had decided that the pain of heartache wasn't worth it.

Lisa was a member of the local fire department and was used to getting calls for all types of fires. This day, when she responded to a fire, she would discover a fire that could be put out and one that would only simmer until it erupted into flames that could never be put out, forever changing her life in a desperate attempt to tame it.

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