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Moon Dancer

Last Updated:  7/9/2008

The Awakening

Two souls, two fires, one flame. The Awakening is a story about definitive love, ultimate trust, and the purest form of devotion. Read with an open mind, a hungry, curious soul, and there you will find innocence beyond measure and pleasure beyond any realm. My intent in penning this was to enlighten my reader, entertain the mind, and bring a smile to someone's glorious soul. The darker side of love deals with pure intensity, not pain, nor loss of control as so many would assume. I do hope you enjoy my words, and they leave you with a sense of inner peace and tranquility as they did for me.

My First Time

Amid the chaos and din of noise in my head, my silent smile greeted most everyone, husband, family, friends. I knew, oh my god, I knew who I was. The more I accepted that part of myself, the louder the din in my head grew. Meeting this woman, this beautiful strong woman, I finally met the answer to every question, every thought, every fantasy I had ever had. In a few short months, most of them spent in chat, she and I had gone from friend, to crush, to lovers.