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Last Updated:  4/30/2008

Curious Wine   [Incomplete]

In the footsteps of the infamous 'Curse of the Conqueror' and the unequalled 'The Conqueror goes Shopping' I offer up 'Curious Whine'. Where the Ruler of all Greece is tall, dark and brooding, and the small blonde one is sneaky.

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L'il Red

Amy Fortune and her girlfriend Leone Garoul were very much in love. So in love Leone wanted her to meet the rest of her family in their remote holiday retreat in the heart of the mountains. What should have been a romantic holiday binding them closer together rapidly becomes a hellish nightmare tearing them apart. Can each overcome taboo and prejudice to survive as a couple or will secrets and lies destroy them forever?

M.I.C.K.E.Y [series removed at author's request]

A kidnapping goes wrong, but just who is the victim and who the abductor? And why is the ransom finally paid beyond price?

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Two Weeks at Wandanna Beach [Removed-Published]

Solley Rayner and her children visit her sister and her partner at Wandanna Beach, looking for respite from an acrimonious divorce. But Wandanna Beach is anything but quiet this summer as a film crew arrive to film the stunt sequences for a blockbuster.