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Niamh Murphy

Last Updated: 6/21/2011

Mask of the Highwaywoman

The year is 1756, and Evelyn is on a long journey back to Bristol when her carriage is stopped by a gang of highway robbers - including a mysterious woman. A powerful experience makes her changes the way she thinks about her life.

Mask of the Highwaywoman - Runaways

The sequel to Mask of Highwaywoman, this second chapter explores what happened after Evelyn made that life changing decision early one morning in the Autumn of 1756...

Mask of the Highwaywoman - Kidnapped

Betrayed by the girl she risked everything for, Evelyn is trying to figure out exactly what happened, and if she can learn to trust Bess again. The third instalment of Mask of the Highwaywoman, takes us one step closer to finding out just who Bess really is…

Mask of the Highwaywoman - Escaped

Mask of the Highwaywoman - Betrayal

After everything our heroine has gone through, it seems as though Evelyn has been betrayed by those closest to her, can she ever trust either of them again? Will she finally found out who Bess really is? Will she get back home? And will she make it through the night alive?

Mask of the Highwaywoman - Runaways Again

Alone again, Evelyn now has to deal with the prospect of trying to cross country by herself. Maybe she should just expose the gang’s hideaway and have them all sent to the gallows, after all she’s getting tired of being betrayed.

Mask of the Highwaywoman - Home Sweet Home

After running away, being kidnapped, escaping, getting caught and running away again, Evelyn has reached her home, only to find her captors laying in wait. Will Bess betray her again? Will she be able to save her father?

On My Desk By Friday

Laura has a crush on her lecturer, and has been quite happily admiring her from a distance, until one day Laura is asked if she would like to help out on a project, after hours, in the Doctors office, just the two of them.


Jada is a warrior and a sorceress from across the marches; she wanders from town to town seeking excitement and adventure. So far she has found little of either, until one night she runs into a mysterious fortune teller.