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Last Updated:  10/3/2005


This is the story of Nyx, a girl who, at a very young age, finds herself alone and fending for herself in a hostile environment where not only the people, but the planet seem to be fighting against her. Can a lifetime of prejudice and hatred ever lead to trust? Billie becomes the one person that Nyx opens her mind to, as they build a relationship in the midst of a hostile alien invasion that threatens to end the world once and for all. Will Nyx ever find the stability and solitude she longs for as she becomes caught up in a battle to save the very people who tried to destroy her? Will Billie ever understand why Nyx is only fighting to save herself? Environmentally, socially and economically, the earth is crumbling, in the final stages of dying. With the remaining inhabitants either immoral elitists or subhuman foragers, is there any hope of survival? Escape? Redemption? The story follows Nyx's journey of self discovery, as she struggles to uncover the secrets of her past and learn the reasons behind her world's destruction.