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Last Updated:  4/19/2011

Living in the Past: Book One - Ripples in the Water

Sarah, the modern day great niece of Mel and Janice, finds the means to go back in time and save Xena from the events of "A Friend in Need." Will her efforts to change the past succeed?

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Book Two - The Paths We Coose

After saving Xena, Gabrielle and Eve from an untimely end Sarah (The great niece of Janice Covington and Mel Papas) must travel to Amazon country, where she get's into a whole different kind of trouble. Meanwhile Eve must deal with some difficult romantic feelings she's been harboring for a certain dark haired Amazon. Will Xena and Gabrielle make it back in time to save the entire village from disaster?

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Book Three - Rules of Motion   [Incomplete]

Sarah's luck seems to be looking up after saving the Amazon nation from ultimate doom. She's dating a beautiful woman, her popularity in camp is on the rise and she's found the one object in all the world that could take her home. Things should be looking up. But nothing is ever simple for the unlikely hero. The woman she's dating is a vampire, she's having problems communicating with Eve and the stone is in an very unfortunate place. The choices she makes at every turn have the ability to change everything about the world she's worked so hard to keep stable. Will she be able to keep everything from falling apart, or will she simply risk it all for the chance to go home? Take the journey with her and find out.

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