Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and is NOT an accurate portrayal of Navy recruit training. Nothing in this story is based on a real event.

Dress Blues

by Amelia Sedley


Chief Petty Officer Libby Truitt slowly walked down the line of women recruits who had just spilled out of the bus that brought them to Naval Recruit Training Center, Pompey, Florida. It was night but still hot and muggy - typical August weather in south Florida. She felt the sweat running down the back of her uniform.

The women stared at the commanding figure of the chief and wondered if they had made a big mistake enlisting in the Navy. It seemed so romantic, join the Navy see the world. Now they were just plain scared. The recruits came from all over the county from big cities, small towns and farms. All twenty of them shared one thing in common, they were drop-dead gorgeous.

Chief Truitt stopped and faced the women, her startling blue eyes evaluating them one-by-one. She was an imposingly tall woman with raven black hair pinned up under a white uniform hat. The chief looked magnificent in her service dress blues. Rows of brightly colored ribbons covered her chest and gold hash marks marched up the sleeve of her uniform jacket. The recruits lowered their eyes and stared at their shoes to avoid her gaze. She was so beautiful in a cold, intimidating sort of way.

The tall woman finally spoke. "I'm Chief Petty Officer Truitt. I'm your company commander. You are Recruit Company H as in hotel. This is my assistant Petty Officer First Class Havers." A short, solidly built woman dressed in a white uniform shirt and trousers stepped forward. She had a tough, no nonsense look about her. "We will tell you when to sleep, when to eat, when to go to the head."

Confused, the women looked at each other. What did she mean by "go to the head"? Head of the line?

"Keep those eyes straight ahead! After 45 days, those of you still here will become sailors in the US Navy."

Petty Officer Havers looked up at the tall woman and commented in a low voice, "I'd like to shake the hands of the recruiters who found these babes."

The chief fought a smile. "Keep it professional Rita." She turned her attention back to the recruits.

"You will address me and Petty Officer Havers as ma'am. Is that understood?"

The recruits looked as her blankly and some giggled.

"What do you say?" she roared

"Yes ma'am!" the startled women shouted.

"Petty Officer Havers will direct you through the recruit reception center. I'll see you tomorrow morning bright and early." The chief turned on her heel and marched off.

"Ah oh. Think they'll let us go home if we ask?" Diane Jackson, a buxom redhead in a skirt that was too short for her full figure, looked at her new found friend, Penny Brady. Penny was a short, pretty blonde who looked like the homecoming queen she had been in high school.

Penny thought for a moment and replied. "I think we're stuck here."

"Quiet in the ranks." Barked Petty Officer Havers. "Follow me. It's going to be a long night before you get to hit the rack."

"What's a rack?" whispered Diane.

It was hours before the exhausted women crawled into their bunk beds in the company barracks. They had spent the whole night turning in their civilian clothes and personal possessions, being issued uniforms and learning basic military commands.

Penny lay in a top bunk staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep. She thought of the family farm back in Blackhawk, Iowa. She knew if she had stayed in Blackhawk she would have ended up a farmer's wife like the rest of her friends. The young woman didn't know what she wanted from life but she knew she didn't want that. The Navy seemed the only way to escape the farm and see the world. She gave Bobby Richards his ring back, drove to Davenport and enlisted.

The start of her Navy career that night hadn't quite been what she expected. The recruiter had never said anything about being shouted at and bossed around by scary women. But then there was the tall, dark company commander. Why Diane said the chief was as good a reason as any to join the Navy!

Penny was dreaming she and Chief Truitt were together on the Ferris wheel at the Iowa State Fair when a slamming door and shouting voices jolted her awake. It was still dark when the company commander and Petty Officer Havers stormed into the barracks.

"Getup. It's time to getup." They bellowed. "Line up in front of your bunks."

The chief, now dressed in a khaki uniform shirt and trousers, stalked between the line of women and bunks. The recruits stood at attention in the cotton shorts and tank tops they had been issued to sleep in. They were sweaty from a night spent in the stifling heat of the barracks. The sweat soaked tank tops clung to their chests outlining their breasts.

Chief Truitt stopped in front of Penny and watched a bead of sweat roll down her chest into her cleavage. She wondered if the young blonde's skin would taste salty. Penny stood rigidly at attention, hardly daring to breathe. The chief was so close she could smell the soap the tall woman had showered with that morning. Irish Spring she thought. Chief Truitt looked into Penny's wide green eyes and walked on before turning to address the recruits.

"You have ten minutes to get ready. Change into your physical training clothes. Every morning you'll do PT before breakfast."

The recruits were marched to a nearby gym where Chief Petty Officer Denise Duncan stood waiting for them. She was a handsome woman with short dark hair and pale brown eyes framed by long lashes. Chief Duncan was dressed in shorts and a polo shirt that revealed muscular arms and legs. A whistle on a lanyard hung from her neck. She smiled at the women with full, sensual lips.

"I think I'm going to like PT." Diane whispered to Penny.

Chief Truitt walked up to Chief Duncan. "Denny."

"Christ Libby, you've got the best looking recruit company in the Navy."

"These are my recruits. Remember that and keep your hands off them."

Denny smirked at the tall woman. "Three years ago I would have said you wanted them all for yourself."

"Some people change Denny."

Chief Duncan shrugged and turned to the women standing in formation behind Petty Officer Havers. "My name is Chief Petty Officer Duncan. I'm in charge of physical fitness training for the recruit companies. Every morning my assistants will lead you through a series of exercises and then you will run a mile on the track outside."

The handsome chief surveyed the women who stood before her. Up until now she had kept her pledge not to seduce any of Libby's recruits. Then she saw Penny Brady and thought no agreement lasts forever.

Three exhausting weeks of PT every morning, classes all day and marching in the evening quickly passed by for the women of Recruit Company H. The recruits had formed a close companionship made even closer by their strictly enforced separation from men. Just staring at a man in the dining hall was rewarded with an order for pushups. Penny's warm smile and cheerful personality made her a company favorite. Monica, a smart-mouthed former card dealer at an Indian casino, nicknamed her the Farmer's Daughter.

What little free time they had was just before lights out. At night it was always like an oven in the barracks. When they thought Chief Truitt and Petty Officer Havers were gone for the night, the women would strip off their uniforms and lounge around the barracks in their bras and panties.

Fortunately the Navy didn't require them to wear military issue underwear. The recruits' tastes in lingerie ran to skimpy and frilly. Penny's practical cotton Fruit of the Looms embarrassed her. She dashed off a fast letter to her best friend, Marge, asking her to search the Blackhawk Wal-Mart for sexy underwear to mail to the recruit.

That night Ethel, a blonde with more than a passing acquaintance with Miss Clairol, was looking through the latest addition of People Magazine.

"Hey everyone!" She held the opened magazine over her head. "Women are swimming topless at Miami Beach."

The recruits gathered around her to gawk at the picture.

"Let's pretend we're at Miami Beach and go topless," Ethel shouted.

She pulled off her bra. The others stared at her naked breasts open-mouthed. Giggles erupted from the group as they all removed their bras.

"We're at the beach, we're at the beach." They sang happily.

Suddenly a voice filled the room. "What's going in here? Fall in!" Chief Truitt ordered.

The women scattered and raced to their bunks where they stood at attention. The company commander stormed down the line of women desperately trying not to look below theirs eyes. She thought to herself she also had the best-endowed recruit company in the Navy.

The tall woman reached Penny and stopped. The company commander couldn't help herself; she had to look. She stared at taut, firm breasts so close she could reach out and touch them. Penny felt her heart pounding as she watched the chief. She knew her body was shaking. The young blonde closed her eyes and imagined the feel of the company commander's hands on her body.

Chief Truitt couldn't pull her eyes away from the young woman. It would be so easy to order the recruit to her office and then pull her down onto the sofa. She recognized the look in Penny's eyes. The company commander had seen the same look so many times before in other women's eyes and knew what it signaled. The young blonde was hers for the asking.

The tall woman shuddered and walked to the barracks door. "It's almost lights out. In the future keep your clothes on unless you're in the shower." With that she turned and left.

Diane leaned over to Penny. "Hey Farmer's Daughter. Did any traveling salesmen ever look at you the way Chief Truitt just did?"

The young blonde blushed furiously. "I don't know what you mean."

"Oh come on. Don't play innocent with me. I thought she was going to grab and kiss you in front of the whole company."

Penny laughed nervously, climbed into bed and waited for the lights to be turned off.

The next morning Petty Officer Havers and the chief sat in the barracks office drinking coffee and laughing about the recruits' state of undress the previous night.

"I tell you what Chief, if I had caught them half-naked, I would have made them do 50 jumping jacks right then and there."

They both laughed at the thought of that sight. Petty Officer Havers liked the chief. They had known each other for years in the Fleet before being assigned together to the Recruit Training Center. Libby had the reputation of being a hard-working professional who didn't mind getting her hands dirty. She was also notorious for being a magnet for women. Then about three years ago something happened. Rita never found out what it was. After that, the tall woman didn't seem to be much interested in women anymore.

That was until Recruit Brady showed up in the company. Rita couldn't help noticing how Libby and the young woman looked at each other. She expected to see sparks of electricity jumping between them. But Chief Truitt was too much a professional to start anything with a recruit in her company. The same couldn't be said about Chief Duncan. Denny never hesitated to help herself to the women who passed through the gym. Havers had noticed how Denny looked at Penny like a cat looking at a small yellow canary.

"Chief Duncan has scheduled a touch football game for the company after classes this afternoon."

"Yeah, I know Rita. Denny likes to watch the women grab each other."

"Denny can't seem to keep away from Recruit Brady during PT."

The chief looked up, a frown on her face. "I hadn't noticed."

"You might want to have a word Denny about it. Are you going to watch the game?'

"I'll be late. I have a company commanders' meeting this afternoon. "

The Company H recruits stood in formation on the playing field watching Chief Duncan toss a football into the air. After a couple of catches, she let the football fall to the ground.

"You're playing football to get you working together as teams. These are the rules of touch football. Recruit Brady, front and center."

Petty Officer Havers wondered what Chief Duncan was up to. Penny was equally puzzled as she stood at attention facing the chief.

"You'll be playing on a much shorter field than a regulation football field. You have to run the ball through those posts to score a touchdown. This is touch football. You will not tackle the woman carrying the ball. To stop the play, you must touch her on the hips with two hands like this."

Chief Duncan spun Penny around by her shoulders and grabbed the young woman's hips. A nervous giggle echoed from the company.

"Chief Duncan!" Petty Officer Havers called out.

"Quiet in the ranks! You may not touch the ball carrier here or here." The Chief grabbed Penny's breasts as her friends watched wide-eyed.

Equally astonished the assistant company commander again called out, "Chief Duncan!"

"And you definitely can't touch the ball carrier here." And then Chief Duncan put her hand THERE. The company gasped in surprise. Penny pulled away from the chief and turned to face the woman, her hands bunched into fists, her eyes blazing in anger. Even in the backseat of his father's Ford, Bobby Richards had never touched her THERE.

Suddenly Chief Truitt was standing between Penny and Chief Duncan.

"Penny, return to the company." The young blonde hesitated. "Penny, if you hit Chief Duncan, you'll be discharged from the Navy."

The recruit glared at Chief Duncan, turned and marched back to her friends. Chief Truitt watched until Penny was back in the ranks.

"Denny, I've told you before to keep your hands off my recruits. If you try something like that again, you'll be very, very sorry."

"Oh, I see. You've got her picked out for yourself. Just like old times huh. You and me competing for the same girl."

The tall woman flinched at her words. "Get this game over with. I want them back at the barracks before dinner."

Chief Duncan blew her whistle. "Divide up into two teams, blue and gold, and choose captains. Blue team has the ball first. Play ball!"

The field was muddy from a rainstorm that morning. It was hard for the recruits to run and keep their balance on the slippery ground. Any contact sent them sprawling into the mud. They quickly threw themselves into the game. Laughing and shrieking, they wrestled in the mud for the football that always seemed to pop out of the ball carrier's arms.

The three Navy women stood like statues, their eyes riveted on the players. Chief Duncan's whistle hung around her neck unused

"Jeeze, people would pay good money to watch this game." Muttered Petty Officer Havers. She looked at her watch. "We need to get them back to the barracks so they can shower before chow."

Chief Duncan reluctantly blew her whistle. The recruits stood up, covered in mud.

"Game's over with. Form up and march back to the barracks." Ordered Petty Officer Havers.

The women were still excited from the football game as they entered the barracks shower room. They turned the showers on full blast and steam quickly filled the room. After the physical contact of the game, it seemed so natural they should continue to touch. They washed each other's backs and hair, and massaged sore shoulders under the water blasting from the showerheads.

Penny quickly learned she was popular for more than her personality. She felt hands from every direction stroking her body. The young blonde closed her eyes and imagined the caresses were from Chief Truitt.

The company commander impatiently looked at the clock on her office wall. Why was it taking the recruits so long to shower? Did they think they were at Turkish bath? She'd have to hurry them up. The tall woman walked through the head and stood at the shower room door, her open mouth ready to give an order.

Nothing came out of her mouth. Unseen by the recruits, she gaped into the shower room. The chief thought she must be dreaming as she watched the recruits move through the steam. Her legs shaking, she stepped back into the head and shouted. "Get out of the shower and get dressed."

The recruits poured out of the shower room grabbing their towels from the racks. They avoided the chief's glare, that is all except Penny.

Finally the day had come. The women of Recruit Company H had finished boot camp. Tomorrow was the graduation ceremony. Hundreds of relatives and friends would gather on the stands at the parade field and watch company after company of new sailors march by.

It was the women's first liberty night in 45 days and they were celebrating at the enlisted club. They swapped boot camp memories, gulped down pitchers of beer and flirted with men. Penny tried to share their excitement but instead felt lonely and sad. She would miss Chief Truitt. Sure the young blonde had six more months of advanced training at Pompey. She doubted though she would have much opportunity to see the chief.

Needing to escape the cigarette smoke that filled the club she stood up. "I'm going outside for some fresh air."

Penny left the club and strolled in the hot, muggy night to a nearby pier. She walked to its end and stood enjoying the moonlit bay.

A low sexy voice behind her asked, "Want some company?"

The young woman felt hands on her waist and a mouth nuzzling her neck. She spun around and pushed Chief Duncan away from her.

"Keep your hands off me!"

"Who are you thinking about? Chief Truitt? Do you want her like she wants you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Let me tell you something about Libby. The love of her life left her for me. It didn't take much convincing to get her to leave Libby. Hey, where are you going?"

"To find Chief Truitt."

"Not while I'm here."

Denny grabbed Penny and kissed her on the lips. It was a hard kiss, like a man's.

"Owwww. You hit me! I'll have you court-martialled!" The chief clamped a hand to her right eye.

Years of throwing hay bales on the farm had given Penny a powerful punch.

"Just try and bring charges against me. Now get out of my way!"

The young woman pushed by Chief Duncan and quickly walked to the company barracks. She found Chief Truitt in the barracks office and watched silently from the doorway as she shuffled through papers on her desk. The company commander wore running shorts and a T-shirt. Her black hair was down and flowed around her face.

Penny stepped into the office. "Libby."

Startled, the chief looked up. They stared at each other, the only sound soft music from a radio somewhere in the room.

"Libby, kiss me."

The tall woman stood up, in two quick steps reached Penny and wrapped her arms around the young woman.

They locked their lips together in a kiss so searing they thought their bodies would melt together. They pulled apart with a gasp, the heat of desire flushing their faces red.

Penny enjoyed being in charge. "Let's get naked." She ordered.

Libby's shorts and T-shirt came off quickly. Penny stared at the tall woman's lush full body and felt her command presence slipping away.

"Your turn." The chief purred in a voice husky with desire.

Libby pulled the blonde's web belt open, pulled the trouser zipper down and listened to the clink of the metal belt buckle hitting the linoleum as the uniform trousers slid to the floor.

"Ohhhh, red bikini panties. How sexy."

Penny silently thanked the Blackhawk Wal-Mart for carrying the Pamela Anderson brand of lingerie. The uniform shirt took longer to remove. Libby cursed the Navy's insistence on putting so many buttons on its uniform shirts. And small buttons at that! Finally it was off revealing a frilly, lacy bra. Penny watched the tall woman's face thinking first thing tomorrow she needed to send Marge a thank-you note.

Libby quickly unhooked the bra and once again stared at familiar breasts. "Let's go to the sofa." She whispered. "I can't stand much longer."

Penny hesitated. "You're so experienced. I don't know, I don't know if I can satisfy you."

"Don't worry, you'll do fine." She took the young woman by the hand and led her to the couch. Libby lay down on her back and pulled Penny on top of her. It seemed like their mouths and tongues, and hands roamed for hours before the volcanic eruption of release.

Exhausted they lay on the couch in each other's arms. Wow! Libby thought. If that's her first time I can't wait to see what it's like in a month.

"Libby, I need to get back to my bunk bed for the others return."

"I know. Think there's time for a quick shower?"

The young blonde smiled at her. "There's plenty of time for that."

And they both knew that from now on there would be plenty of time in their lives for each other.

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