The Jolly Rancher

by TexasRainbow

All candy references can be found here (so ya's can check and make sure I didn't cheat!) In this story, I talk about Escaramuza, which is a traditional way of riding horses side-saddle in the Mexican tradition.

This story is dedicated to the holder of my heart, my daughter, and all the horses in the world.

"Look and see what I got Shadow for the Gumball Parade!"Destiny was practically wriggling as she looked in delite at the bag of goodies she held in her hand. Her friend Nicole looked on in amusement at her best friend. They were planning on taking part in the Christmas parade that was taking place down the road from them in Thelma, Texas, along with Destiny's daughter's horse drill team. "Ya know, the parade is not for another three weeks – what's your hurry?"

"Oh, well, ya know, after Thanksgiving all the stores have a big sale on Christmas decorations, and well, I guess I went on a slight shopping spree...". As her speech trailed off, her cheeks blushed a slight cotton candy pink. She is so cute when she blushes, Nicole thought. Huh? Cute? Um, yeah, okay.

Nicole brought her attention back to her friend. "So, what all did ya get the big gum drop?"She asked inquiringly. "Hmm...lemme see...I got a Christmas tree skirt to go under the saddle – see? Destiny held up a large tree skirt that was red and green, and had little peppermint sticks and dots all around the edging. Nicole nodded approvingly. I also got an elf hat to go over his ears, two lengths of silver tassel to wrap around the reins of his bridle, jingle bells to go around his feet,"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down, ya big goober! What did you do, buy out the store?"she chuckled as her friend again had a good blush going.

"OK, OK, maybe I went a little overboard...but ever since he was injured, he has not been able to take part in many of the activities around here, and since he is getting better, I just want to make it fun for him"Destiny broke off, her voice full of longing. Her horse, Mi Sombra (My Shadow in English) had been severely injured in his right shoulder by another horse kicking him over a year ago. For almost a year, he was hardly able to walk – his method of movement was more of a three-legged hop, like a dog does when it has an injury. Destiny and Nicole had taken him to some of the top veterinarians in the area, including the race track vets at 5th Avenue Race Track. The most any of them could tell her is that at best he had a slight case of Navicular (horse arthritis) going, that he probably would never recover from the shoulder bruising, and that it would be best to put him out to pasture as a pasture ornament, or putting him to sleep. Destiny refused to do either, stating emphatically that as long as Shadow could eat, drink, and poop, well, that was good enough for her. Almost a year later, he was able to have full use of his shoulder, and Destiny had been taking him on small trail rides along the highway. The last time they had ridden, she had ridden Shadow over twelve miles, and he did not limp once.

"Hey, it is totally due to you that he is still even around. Remember how many people told you to put him down, that he was never going to be well again? And how many people told you that you were just wasting your money on an old, broken down horse? Look at him, now! You are a Life Saver for him! He is full of energy, is walking, trotting, and loping without limping – he is doing great. If you think all this stuff will make him happy, I say go for it!"Nicole casually put her left arm around her friend's shoulder and asked gently "Now, what else did you get the big hunk?"

"Well, I got...."Destiny's voice trailed off as the two friends slowly walked back into the feed room to get ready for the evening feeding of the horses.

"Hey, mom! Did you see my-" Destiny's daughter Analisa burst into Destiny's bedroom and broke off as her mother pointed at the sombrero (Mexican hat) hanging on the nail on the wall to her right. "Are you ready for the parade, sweetie?"Destiny asked her daughter as she ran her hand lightly through Ana's honey blonde silky hair. There were only three days left until the Tamale Fest, and the Christmas feeling was in the air. "I sure am! It is always a lot of fun, and I love throwing candy to the people on the side of the road!"Ana had been riding horses for two years now, and this year would be riding her horse Covre (Copper) in the parade for the first time. Destiny had gotten Covre for her daughter when it looked like Shadow would not be rideable for a long time. "I'm really looking forward to the bonfire after the parade, and Mr. Guerra telling cow tales beside the bonfire!"The fifteen year old grinned charmingly at her mother through metal braces, which would be coming off in about six months. "You are such a smoothie, young lady! I know you are just anxious to go look at all the pregnant mares that Mr. Guerra has getting ready to have their little sugar babies in the spring!"Ana laughed along with her mother, and wryly acknowledged the truth of the statement.

Changing the subject, Destiny asked "Did Rose get all the decorations for the girls that you are going to use this year?"Rose was the Director for Ana's horse riding team. Ana rode on an all-girls Escaramuza (skirmish in english) side-saddle drill team. The Escaramuza tradition had formed in the 1800's, when the women of Mexico rode alongside the Charros (Mexican cowboys or soldiers), and had evolved into being used as entertainment in Charreadas (Mexican rodeos). An eight girl horseback team, riding along, flowing dresses, sombreros, elegant riding boots and spurs, rode to choreographed music, weaving delicately in and out of each other, doing all kinds of maneuvers which left the spectators breathless, sure the horses and riders would ultimately crash into each other, but split second timing, and a keen sense of trust in each other and their horses combined to put on a dazzling display of horsemanship and eye-pleasing entertainment.

Ana had put great effort into her riding capabilities. She was, at age 15, as more than one person had remarked, a "natural". She could get on practically any horse, regardless of its' level of training, and was able to control and master the horse which was quite amazing to see. "So, mom, are you going to ride Shadow in the parade after all?"Ana asked curiously. "Yes, my little peach bud, I am. Shadow is far enough in his rehabilitation that he can do it. We are almost at 12 miles now, so a little three mile parade won't hurt him a bit". Destiny smiled down at her daughter (which, while Destiny stood 5' 5 inches, her daughter, at age 15, was already 5'4, and growing. Destiny smirked to herself as she imagined telling a 6 foot tall daughter to go clean out her horses' stall. "Wanna help me start the cookie dough for the cookies I volunteered to take to the pot luck after the parade?"

"Sure, lead the way, Mom!"An eager 15 year old was doing a happy dance at the thought of her mom's homemade baking.

The day of the Tamale Fest, Destiny, Nicole and Ana were at the stables, getting their horses clean and shiny so they would look their best for the parade. The other members of Ana's riding team would be tricking in over the next two hours to get their own horses ready. Since the arena where the parade would start from was only about a mile down the road, some of the group such as the three friends was going to ride their horses over, and then ride them back after the event was over. They would be riding in the dark since the parade did not even start until night fall, but all three were well familiar with the road, and what to watch out for. As the road was well lit, they were not worried about any cars along the highway not being able to see them on the side of the road. "Hey, runt,"Nicole said to Ana, "Make sure your decorations are tied on good and tight. The last thing we need is something falling off and making Covre or own of the other horses spook". "I will,"Ana replied, but I think it is Mom you need to worry about."They both looked over at Destiny, whose face was screwed up in concentration, the tip of her pink tongue sticking out just a bit, making Nicole feel warm in parts that had been pretty cold just moments before. Oooooh, what I could do to that tongue, she thought. Huh? Tongue? What? "Aaahhhhh, I think I am going to head over to the market over on Rocky Road. Rose said she needed a few dozen more tamales for the potluck tonight, and, I, ah, told her I would go."With that said, she tied her Peruvian Paso horse Chica to the convenient pole close to her, and practically ran for her truck. The thing mother and daughter heard was the sound of Nicole's truck racing down the road into town, as if the ghost of Christmas Past was chasing her. "Wonder what's wrong with her?"Destiny mildly asked. Ana just shrugged her shoulders and continued making sure all the decorations were affixed tightly where they needed to be.

"Oooh, look at that starburst", one of Ana's team mates, Jen exclaimed. "Yeah, that was really pretty", agreed another friend Meghan, as they waited for the parade to begin. "Hey, Jen said, "my mom said she saw Nicole heading into town earlier. She said that it looked like Nicole was upset. Does anyone know what happened?"

"I don't know", said Ana she came walking up to the small group. "She, my mom and I were getting the horses ready, and we were talking, and all of a sudden her face got really red, and she said she had to go into town for some more tamales."

"Hmmm", said Jen, "I hope she is not coming down with the flu that is going around. That would be really rotten timing, with Christmas just around the corner."The girls looked at each other. "Hey, Ana, Jen, Meghan! Come on! It is time to line up for the parade!"Looking over, they saw the rest of the team getting lined up in the proper spaces that they were allotted for the parade. "Come on!"Let's go!"

Destiny and Nicole got into their places in the parade with their friends from the Cow Tales trail rider group. Destiny found herself behind Nicole and her horse, watching the gentle sway of her best friend's hips and rear as they rode along. "....Destiny? Destiny? Are you listening to me?"Destiny turned her head quickly, almost falling off her horse in the rush of motion. "Were you talking to me, Beth?"

"I was, but I am pretty sure your mind was on something else"Beth said, as she watched her buddy regain her equilibrium. "Huh? What do you mean? Destiny asked as she tried to regain her composure, meanwhile thinking 'Why does looking at the back of Nicole affect me like that?' "Ohhhh, nothing, m'dear, just that you looked like you were thing about chocolate when you were staring at Nicole's butt"she said slyly as her friend started to blush. "Hey! She is my best friend! So – what do you think about Shadow's decorations?"she asked as she tried to change the subject. "Oh, they are really nice. I like the way you used the garland down his mane...very nice"Beth said, smirking to herself as she allowed the topic of conversation to be changed.

The friends continued chatting about the different decorations on the horses and riders as they continued their way along the parade route.

Back at the play day arena where the parade had started, bonfires and hot chocolate (as well as spiced cider for the more mature of the cold riders) waited for the riders upon their return.

Destiny rode up to the group her daughter stood chatting with, asking brightly "Hey you guys, did you all enjoy the parade?"Ana looked smilingly up at her mother. "We sure did! We can't for next year's parade, right ya'll?"The rest of the girls smiled and agreed. "I'm glad you enjoyed it ladies – now I am going to go unsaddle Shadow and get his blanket on him – I am not sure which one of us is shivering more!"As the girls laughed in understanding, heads nodding up and down, Destiny rode away, intent on performing a few "warm up"chores for Shadow before she herself made herself a little warmer and more comfortable. 'I wonder what Beth meant about me staring at Nicole – I don't think of her in that I?' she mused as she rode along. 'She is my best friend, someone I can trust with all my secrets and longings...if I felt that way towards her, I would know it...would'nt I? I mean, she and I have seen good and plenty of each other over the years...through relationships, through when I had Ana, through the divorce...she has never acted inappropriately towards me...has she? I mean, that one time we were riding, and she called me a slo poke and challenged me to a race, and the winner would get to see the loser swim naked in Medina River...that didn't mean anything but some old fashioned rivalry...right? And all those hugs and kisses didn't mean anything more than best friendship...right? As she continued musing to herself, she was unaware of being watched by a pair of green eyes that closed halfway, in pain.

God, I wish I could bring myself to tell her I love her. I just can't do this anymore. She has never shown me that she feels anything romantic for me. Joe up in Abilene told me he has a job for me anytime I want it. I can just put my notice in at the ranch, and I can be there by the New Year. There, she thought in satisfaction. New Year, new life, new me. Destiny is better off without me anyway. Remember that guy that wanted to ask her out, and I pretended to have a stomachache so that Destiny told the guy we had to get back to the ranch? Why did I do that? Just couldn't keep out of it...just do not want her to be with anyone but me....yep, a new life and a New is better all the way around. With that decided, but with a heavy heart that felt like it was breaking, Nicole turned around and headed toward the bonfire and some much needed liquid warmth.

As Nicole stepped up to the bonfire, she automatically put on a tight smile, as she canned the area for Destiny. She spotted the short blonde horse trainer on the other side of the roped off area, chatting with are ranchers, holding a cup of spiced cider, that steamed gently in the cold night. As she watched, Destiny's head came up, as if she heard something. She looked Nicole's way, and her smile brightened as she saw the rancher standing there. Destiny extended a hand toward her, and said "Hey you old Goober, come on over here and warm up."As Nicole's hand brushed Destiny's, they both felt an electric charge run up their arms from the touch. Two pairs of eyes widened in recognition of the moment. "Nicole, I"

"Destiny, I"they both spoke together, and then both stopped. "After you"Destiny smiled at Nicole. "No, no, you first."Nicole grinned bashfully at her friend. "Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you come over for brunch tomorrow after you feed the horses, and we can talk then? I'm so cold I think my teeth are going to come rattling out with the cold!"Destiny suggested ash she looked up at her tall friend. "Sure, I can do that"agreed Nicole. "I'm gonna go get some cider – you need a top off? "No"said Destiny "I still need to load the horses in the trailer, and get them bedded down. Poor thing, Shadow was so cold I already put his blanket on, and made him a warm mash – he is probably snoring right now."The two friends laughed amiably, and Destiny went off to find her daughter and horse so she could get them all home, and in from the cold.

The next morning Destiny woke to find the sun in her eyes, streaming in from her bedroom window to hit her squarely in the face. " was right, I should never have wanted to be a rancher. Should have been a banker or something...."She snuggled under the covers, and then threw them back away from her body as she strained to look at the clock. 'Oh my gosh! It is after 8:00! Nicole will be here soon! I don't have anything planned for brunch! And the horses haven't been fed yet!' she jumped out of the bed, wincing as bare feet touched the cold oak wood floors...darn it! Where are my slippers? She looked around, and then under the bed. Aha! She triumphantly withdrew her worn (but sill warm!) horse head fleece slippers, and hastened to the rest room to clean up and get dressed to go feed the horses.

Dressed, she flew down the stairs and through the first floor of the house. Throwing open the back door, she abruptly came to a stop as her daughter Ana stepped into the doorway. "Arrrgh! Mom! Whoa! Slow down! Where's the fire?"Destiny jumped back, and stammered "Horses, feed...hay...brunch...what?"Ana looked at her mother in concern. "OK, mom, just how much spiced cider did you have last night?"Hands on her slim 15 year old hips, Ana looked like a stern mother scolding her wayward child. "No! Umm...I mean – I only had one glass! And then we came home. That's all. Why?"

"Well, mom, ever since we left Mr. Guerra's, on the way home, and putting the horses up, you have had a really goofy look on your face. And this morning you are acting like a lemonhead. What is going on with you?"she asked as she regarded her mother with concern. "I don't"she babbled helplessly.

"Ah, OK, I see it is time we had the ole 'Daughter-Mommy' talk. Come on, I already fed and watered the horses, the cattle have hay, and we need to talk."

Numbly Destiny followed her only child back into the kitchen, closing the back door behind her. She sat down at the breakfast table and watched as her daughter efficiently brewed coffee for Destiny and hot coacoa for herself. Destiny neatly placed the two steaming mugs on the table, one in front of her mother, and one at the chair where she also took a seat. "OK, mom, what I am about to tell you may shock you, but I think it is time you hear it. I am not getting any younger, and will soon be off to vet school. I want you to be taken care of, and well, I think Nicole is the one to do it."Destiny looked at her daughter as if she had just thrown her an atomic fire ball. "What on earth are you talking about, Ana? Of course Nicole will still be here when you go off to college, but I can take care of myself just fine, young lady."Hurt and for some reason feeling embarrassed, Destiny sat back and regarded her daughter. Ana calmly looked back at her and said "Yes, Mom, I do think that Nicole will be here. And yes, I know you can take care of yourself. But you need a companion, someone to share your life with. Someone to watch sunsets go down with, to snuggle with at night."Destiny regarded Ana with confusion. "OK, so what does sharing my life with a companion have to do with Nicole?"

"Mom! Do I have to spell it out for you? You and Nicole love each other, and belong together! For the rest of your lives. Even a tootsie roll can see that."

The rancher was still confused. "OK, so tell me what that has to do with Nicole and I?"Ana groaned in frustration. "M-m-m-o-m-m-m....I mean that you love, really love each other. As in Death-Do-Us-Part, do ya get it?"Destiny shook her head. "No we don't. Even if we did, how do you know? I didn't even know it myself."As the words left her mouth, she moaned in frustration. Ana smiled knowingly. "See? I was right. Now all you two have to do is admit it to each other, and live happily ever after."The rancher looked at With that, she finished her hot cocoa, got up, and put the mug in the kitchen sink. "Good. Now that that is all settled, I am going to go saddle up Dancer and go for a morning ride. Did you notice it snowed last night?"With that, she danced merrily out the back door, waving merrily, leaving her mother in somewhat of a shock sitting at the kitchen table. "Oh, mom?"Ana popped her back in the doorway. "I won't be home until tonight. I am riding over to Jill's and we are going to go on a lonnnnnnnng trail ride."She winked at mother, and left again.

Destiny mentally shook herself, and got up and put her own mug in the sink. 'OK, now what do I want to make her? Something can brunch be romantic? I know, maybe some candles, soft music, maybe some flowers? Oh, don't be silly....candles during the day? And where the heck would I get fresh flowers in the middle of winter?' She smacked herself on the back of the head, and went to the refrigerator to see what was available. "Hmmm...eggs, bacon, potatoes for hash browns – what else? Ooooh, I know – Nicole loves my home made rolls with strawberry jam."With that, she happily took out the mentioned items, and started whipping up a terrific brunch for the woman she <gulp> loved.

"Hey, something smells great!"Nicole came in the back door, having a heard a faint "Come In"answer to her knock. She grinned at the rancher, who was just finishing pulling out a tray of homemade rolls. "Oooohhhh, are those...?"Nicole's voice drifted off as she gazed in hunger at the tray of rolls. "Yep, made 'em myself with these two little hands"Destiny smiled as she held out her flour-covered hands to her friend. "So, you want me to set the table?"Nicole offered as she forced her gaze away from the hands that she wished were covered with her instead of the flour. "Umm, sure, you know where the dishes and silverware are."Unsure of what had caused her friends sudden discomfort, she bustled around the kitchen, checking the coffee brewing, and any other item she could see that needed checking.

"Ohhhhhhh...that was great, Destiny! I am stuffed!"Nicole rubbed her full tummy, and stretched back in her chair. "You really know how to cook!"Destiny smiled, and said, in a tentative voice, " you want to freshen your coffee? We can go into the den and have that talk we were going to have last night."

"Oh, uh, sure, let me get yours too."Gracefully the horse trainer rose, and picking up both mugs moved to the counter and freshened both mugs with fresh coffee. The two amiably moved into the den, and settled themselves on a well-worn leather sofa.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?"The rancher asked nervously. Now that the time had come, Nicole was not at all sure she could do this. But she had decided that it was best for both of them – right? "Ah hem"she cleared her throat. "Well, uh, I have been doing a lot of thinking..."

"Yes?"Destiny asked, looking away from her friend. "Well, see, Joe up in Abilene – you remember, the guy with that back arabian horse breeding spread?"At her friends' nod of remembrance, she continued, "Well, he offered me a job, and well, I think I am going to take it. This place is going well enough, and that guy you took on last year has really learned the ropes. Joe really needs someone, and offered me a great opportunity."Destiny felt her world crashing down around her. Here she had finally admitted she loved Nicole, and now, when she was finally ready to admit it to both of them, now Nicole was leaving? "Oh, well, OK, that is a good move for you"Destiny smiled waveringly at her friend, willing the tears she felt welling in her eyes to not dare spill over. "I think that is a good opportunity for you, and while we will miss you, I know you must be looking forward to a new challenge..."her voice trailed off, and she could not look at the horse trainer any more. "I, uh, have some chores I need to do. When were you planning on leaving?"She asked, her back turned from her friend, praying she could hold herself together long enough to get through this conversation. "Well, I thought I could get the new guy more involved with the way the billings and finances are run around here, and probably be ready to take off around the first of the year."Destiny nodded numbly, and said in a faint voice "Oh, that soon...OK...well...I'll see you for dinner, OK? With that, she made her way blindly out the door and up the stairs, throwing herself on her bed, and finally allowing the tears that had threatened for so long to fall and melt into the pillowcase.

Nicole moved dully around her cabin, aimlessly picking up and discarding things she needed to pack for her move up north. "I am doing the right thing"she told herself. She does not love me that way, and I cannot bear to be around her anymore without that love. I sure am going to miss this place, though. She sighed as she sat heavily down in her favorite rocking chair, remembering the many times she and Destiny had sat in this very room, talking about their futures and plans for those futures. Well, her future is in her hands now, and I do not have any right to wish I were going to be in that future. She sighed again and got up to resume her packing.


"Mom, I am so sorry things did not work out with Nicole. But she is still your have been avoiding her for the last two weeks like she is the Black Plague. That is not fair. Did she even tell you why she doesn't feel the same way as you do?"Ana looked at her mother in concern. "No, the subject never even came up."Destiny mentioned dejectedly. "WHAT? You didn't even tell her? For such a smartie mom, you sure act like a Squirley Nut sometimes!"Hands on her hips, Ana regarded her mother with dismay. "So, what, exactly happened? I didn't ask before, because I thought the two of you would come to your senses, but I can see that is so not going to happen anytime soon."Destiny looked at her daughter sadly. "Well, we went to the den after brunch so we could talk. Just as I was about to tell her I love her, and want to spend the rest of my life with her, she told me that she had gotten a job offer, and was going to take it. How can I rob her of such a good career move? I just want her happy."Ana walked over to her mother, and took her in her arms. "Mom, you are the BEST person I know...and also the dumbest. You would sacrifice your happiness for is love."She hugged her mom, and told her she would do the evening feeding of the horses and cattle. "Go up and rest, will all work out. I just know it."Shooing her mother out of the room, she sat back down on the sofa and pondered 'Now, how am I going to make that happen?'

Nicole turned from the luggage she was loading in her 2005 GMC Jimmy 4X4 when she heard her name called. She smiled when she saw Nicole striding towards her. "Hey, brat, you come out to see me off?"the horse trainer looked back beyond Ana to see if she could see Destiny, and was disappointed when she did not. "No, I really didn't, but I do want to talk to you. Do you have time before you leave?"

"Sure, come on in the cabin, it is pretty nippy out here."The two walked into the cabin, where the horse trainer offered Destiny some hot cocoa or coffee. "No, thanks, this is not a social call."Destiny sat down, and waited for Nicole to join her.

"Ummm...well, then why did you come to see me? She asked a bit nervously as she watched the sadness in Destiny's eyes start to change into something else – anger?

"Nicole, I need to ask you something, and I need an honest answer."Destiny started out. "Nicole blinked her eyes and said "Of course. I have always told you the truth, even when I knew it would hurt you."OK, here goes. "Do you love my mom?"

"Of course I do! Why ever would you think I didn't?"

"Then why are you leaving her?"Getting up, Destiny paced back and forth in the small room, growing more agitated as she paced. "Did you know Mom has spent every night in her room crying her eyes out? That she is thinking about moving into the city? That she loves you with all her heart? And that you, by leaving, are breaking that heart?"As the words spilled out, she sat down, suddenly afraid she had said too much, or that she might not have said enough. "She...she loves me? How can that be? She has never said anything...she never...SHE LOVES ME!"But..."But if she loves me, why didn't she tell me? Why is she letting me leave without telling me? It isn't that I want to leave, but it is tearing me up inside, knowing that I do love her, and that I can never tell her that because she could never love me that way."The horse trainer looked over at Nicole pleadingly. "Now what do I do?"

"Get over to that ranch house and show her how much you love her! Ya big Lemon Drop!"

Foregoing her truck, Nicole took off on foot to the ranch house, joy and amazement fueling her every step. 'I can't believe it! She loves me! ME!"she stopped abruptly as she got to the back porch door, seeing it swing open and her heart's desire enter the doorway. "I love –" "I love –" both sentences were silenced as the two met, their bodies melting into a searing kiss. Swiftly moving inside the house, and continuing the kiss, and giving herself no more time to think, Nicole reached out and slowly undid the top button of Destiny's shirt and looked into the beautiful blue eyes. With a nod, Destiny let her know that her answer was yes. This was all the confirmation Nicole needed as she continued to unbutton the rest of the tall woman's buttons. Finally, as she finished, she reached under the flaps at the bottom of Destiny's shirt, she allowed her knuckles to softly graze the soft, tight abdomen of her future lover as she reverently slid the shirt over Destiny's broad shoulders. Nicole's mouth went completely dry as she gazed at the delicious treasure before her. She had never seen such a beautiful form, as was standing before her. The full firm breasts were perky and a delectable shade of brown. Destiny's nipples were a darker pinkish brown that turned darker as they puckered into tight buds while the blonde slowly watched and licked her lips. It took all the strength Nicole had not to throw herself on the darkly tanned woman and ravage her.

The way Nicole was looking at her made the last doubts that Destiny had about rushing things fly out the door. Without any further hesitation, Destiny shrugged out of the rest of her clothes and let the small blonde woman look her fill. That one step of trust resurrected Nicole's spirit that had been buried for so long, and she realized that this tall, dark, beautiful woman was the keeper of her heart. With no other hesitation Nicole stepped back, allowing Destiny to see as she dropped her clothes to the floor. Both women were totally in awe of what they saw before them. Slowly they stepped into each other and, with perfection, their bodies molded into one as they entered into a new passionate kiss.

Destiny pulled back slightly and gently led her love the last few steps to the bed. The blonde fell back as the back of her knees hit the bed, pulling the taller woman down on top of her. The slow burn of lovemaking turned quickly into a passionate fire. While making her way down Nicole's body with small kisses, Destiny's body was going into total burnout. Destiny felt the soft moans and gasps of her lover all the way to her now stiff clit. Her blood raced and it took all of the rest of her strength not to quickly bury her mouth into Nicole's apex and bring them both to fulfillment. Meanwhile, Nicole's shuddering body had other ideas. With her senses and hormones raging out of control the blond turned the tables on the brunette. Before Destiny knew it she found herself flat on her back with the voluptuous, firm, muscled blond on top of her.

Gasping, Nicole looked into the rich blue orbs of the delicious woman underneath her and settled between the brunette's thighs. She shivered slightly as she looked at the curly dark hair adorning the heart of her lover's sex. Slowly, she settled Destiny's legs over her shoulders as she breathed in the spicy, musky scent of her love's arousal, her face only an inch from the source. Slowly wanting to glory in the taste, she stroked the flat of her tongue through the soft, silky heart of her heart's desire. Loudly she moaned as the slightly salty taste of her lover's arousal hit her taste buds. There was no way on earth she could slow her tongue even as her lover cried out with ecstasy. Nicole lapped all of her lover's arousal as if she was a starving beggar. Destiny was doing everything she could to stop the impending orgasm, but even as she tried to think of baseball and other things there was no way she could stop it. As her clit started twitching her lover made her tongue as firm and pointed as she could and thrust the muscle into Destiny's opening. A

ll at once, Nicole heard her itself forced the blonde's body into a soul screaming orgasm. Finally, Nicole was able to slow her tongue down so she could feel the continuing small quivers of aftershocks of her lover's orgasm. Slowly Nicole drew her face back from the warm haven of her lover and smiled lover scream out and felt her body start convulsing as an orgasm shot through Destiny. Destiny kept her eyes on the blonde, drinking up the love shining from the beautiful woman that had brought her a piece of heaven as she slowly moved the blonde into the bend of her shoulder. Never before had she felt this way. She heard her lover's breathing slowly returning to normal as Destiny stared straight ahead, it was if she could actually see their two souls and hearts entwining together in the air above them. Slowly she bent her head down to look at her love it was then she noticed the pretty face looking back at her. Lovingly the two women looked into each other's eyes and spoke the most endearing words the two had ever heard, I love you. With this, their minds, bodies, hearts and souls were now at peace, their spirits had found their home within each other.

The end....for now...

Total candy word count: 33


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