Solstice Memories

by Mickey Minner

"We really should do something about this road,"Gabrielle grimaced, her hand securely gripping the hand-hold above her seat as the Ranger bounced along the rutted and rocky road.

"I kinda like it just the way it is. Keeps out unwanted guests,"Xena smirked, yanking the steering wheel over in a futile attempt to avoid one of the deeper pot holes in their path.

"Well, you could at least slow down a bit,"Gabrielle pleaded as the pickup lurched across an uneven patch of ground. "And with the shape this road is in, it keeps out our invited guests also. That's why we're spending Solstice alone again this year,"she groused.

Xena eased off the accelerator as they approached the highway that would take them into town. She had to agree the road from the highway to their home was rough and seemed to worsen after each winter, perhaps it was time to do something about it. "Maybe come spring I'll see if Mike & Ike would be willing to bring their grader over,"she offered.

"Thank you,"Gabrielle reached over and squeezed Xena's thigh. "I would really like to have our friends visit more often."

Xena stopped at the edge of the highway, she carefully checked for traffic in both directions. "It'll probably cost more than this truck but I guess we could put up a toll house at this end,"she smirked. "Only way we'll be able to afford to make it nice and smooth."

"That's not funny,"Gabrielle giggled.

Xena leaned across the cab. "I promise,"she smiled, pressing her lips against her lover's for a quick kiss. "Next summer, we'll have a nice smooth road."

"Doesn't have to be smooth, Xe,"Gabrielle smiled, her lips still tingling from her lover's kiss. "just one that isn't such a jawbreaker."

"You've got it,"Xena pledged as she eased the Ranger onto the paved surface of the highway. She was thankful that traffic was light and set the cruise control at the speed limit. "Can't waste any time in town today,"she said, studying the sky. It was late morning and what had started out as a clear day was rapidly changing as storm clouds moved in from the west. "We'll have snow before long,"she declared.

"I know,"Gabrielle agreed, pulling her jacket tighter around her shoulders. "I can feel the cooler air already."

"I want to get home and unloaded before the snow starts."

"Shouldn't be a problem, if we stick to our plan of just going to the market and the hardwood store we should get back home in a couple of hours."

"Good,"Xena flipped off the cruise control as they passed the sign announcing they would soon be entering town.

"We could save some time,"Gabrielle thought out loud, "if you go to the hardwood store while I get the groceries."

"Alright, I'll drop you off."Xena pulled into the parking lot of the market and drove to the front of the store. "I shouldn't be too long. I'll come find you when I'm done."

"Okay,"Gabrielle leaned over, kissing Xena on the cheek. She opened the door and climbed out of the cab. "Don't get too distracted,"she reminded her lover just before she shut the door. "Remember, your tool shed is already overflowing with thingamajigs and whatchamacallits."

"I'll try not to,"Xena promised, half-heartedly.

Gabrielle shook her head as she watched Xena drive away, resigned to her lover's habit of visiting the hardware store whenever they were in town. The various tools and gadgets intrigued the ex-warrior and it wasn't unusual for one or more newly discovered treasures to occupy the bed of the Ranger whenever they returned home. She turned to walk into the store but was distracted by the sounds of a strange howling coming from the trash dumpsters along the side of the building. For some reason, she felt a need to investigate.

"Goodness,"Gabrielle said to herself, the awful howling growing louder as she approached. "What in the world could sound that bad?"She peered between the trash receptacles to see the oddest looking creature sitting back on its haunches, its head cocked skyward and its jaws opened as the screeching escaped its mouth. "What's the matter?"she asked the animal. "Are you hurt?"

The howling stopped at the sound of her voice and the animal twisted its head towards her.

"I think you're a dog,"Gabrielle murmured as she considered the options. "But you are the oddest one I've ever seen."

The dog stood up and walked boldly towards her, plopping down to sit at her feet when she didn't move.

Gabrielle couldn't help her snickers as she took in the animal's appearance. The dog's legs were long and skinny and seemed to move independently of each other as it walked. Its chest could only be described as chunky and its ears were askew with one flopping backwards and the other flopping forwards. Its coat, matted and dirty, was multi-shades of brown and covering its breast was a strange blotch spotted with lighter dots. And atop its head was a big hunk of hair sticking straight up. Yet it was the dog's eyes that held Gabrielle's attention. They seemed to reflect a look of genuine adoration for her.

A long forgotten memory began to float about the fringes of Gabrielle's consciousness. "Weird,"she addressed the dog, "but you seem to remind me of someone."The dog barked and Gabrielle believed he actually nodded in agreement. "Okay,"she shook her head to chase away the unnerving thoughts, "I've got shopping to do and I don't have time to mess with you. You don't appear to be hurt and by the looks of that belly, you haven't missed too many meals. So I guess there's nothing for me to do for you,"she said, turning to walk back to the store.

The dog trotted after Gabrielle.

The teasing started as soon as Gabrielle turned the corner of the building, the dog following behind.

"Whoa, lady,"a young boy cried out, "where'd you get that dog?"

A teenager laughed at the ungainly dog. "Looks like he got chewed on by the rest of the litter including the runts."

"Oh, Henry,"a lady pushing a baby carriage shrieked at her husband, "look at that dog. That is the absolutely oddest looking dog I've ever seen. Take his picture with baby Ruth so we can send it in to that funniest videos show."

"Keep him there while I grab the camera,"the husband yelled as he ran for their car. "Heck, that mutt could be worth one hundred grand,"he cried jubilantly as he hustled across the parking lot.

"Nerds,"Gabrielle muttered under her breath as she entered the market. The dog was unusual looking but she didn't think he needed to be teased and photographed because of it. 'Hope he's smart enough to run before they get their camera,' she thought as she pulled a shopping cart from the rows parked at the front of the store. She wheeled around and spotted the dog.

Ignoring the people surrounding him, the dog was sitting quietly just outside the door. His head cocked to the side and his unhappy eyes watching Gabrielle.

'Well, Xena has been talking about getting a dog,' the bard thought as she headed down the produce aisle.

Xena spotted Gabrielle exiting the store with a shopping cart full of bags as she pulled into the parking lot. She pulled the Ranger into an empty spot then hopped out to meet her lover walking towards her.

"Good timing,"Gabrielle smiled as Xena neared.

"Did you leave anything in the store?"Xena asked, indicating the overflow of bags in the shopping cart.

"Not much,"Gabrielle laughed, letting loose of the cart just long enough to exchange a couple of hugs and kisses with her lover. "What about you?"she slipped her arm around Xena who was now pushing the cart. "Did you buy out the hardware store?"

"Nah,"Xena shook her head. "Nothing much new from the last time I was there."

"Ah, poor baby,"Gabrielle teased.

"Honey?"Xena asked.


"What is that thing following you?"Xena had seen the dog sitting beside Gabrielle in front of the store but had thought it to be just another stray. Now that it was trailing her lover she thought she better find out why.

"Oh, sweetie,"Gabrielle smirked. "It's a dog. You must remember what a dog looks like, we had them in Greece."

"Funny, bard,"Xena snarled. "I know what a dog is. What I want to know is what that is?"she jerked her thumb over her shoulder. "And why is it following you?"

"Well, to answer question one,"Gabrielle grinned. "It's a dog."She turned her head to take a quick glance at the animal, "I think. As for question number two, I haven't the faintest idea."

The women had reached the Ranger and Gabrielle continued her story as Xena placed the bags of groceries in the cab behind the seats.

"I heard the most horrible howling and went to see if something was hurt. And there he was."Gabrielle turned to study the dog sitting at her feet. "Xe, does it look familiar?"

"Nope. Never saw anything that strange looking before. Why?"

"I don't know. Just a feeling I have. Almost like it's somebody I know."

Xena finished putting the last bag inside the Ranger before responding. "Somebody?"she asked, puzzled.

"Yeah,"Gabrielle shivered involuntarily.

"Cold?"Xena asked, worried that her lover was reacting to the day's falling temperature.

"No,"Gabrielle shook her head. "There's just something about the way he looks at me. Something familiar but I can't quite place it."

"It doesn't really matter, does it? I mean, it's not like we're taking him home."Seeing the look on Gabrielle's face, she added, "are we?"

"No, I guess not,"Gabrielle slumped down into the passenger seat. "He probably belongs to somebody anyway."

"Right,"Xena agreed, she started to shut the passenger door but found the dog was sitting too close to the pickup to accomplish the task. "Go on, boy,"she gently shooed the dog aside. "Go on home now."

Grudgingly, the dog scooted out of the way of the door but remained next to the truck, whimpering softly.

"Persistent bugger, isn't he?"Xena commented as she slipped into the driver's seat. Wanting to take Gabrielle's mind of the dog, she offered, "what say we stop at the drive-in over on Fifth Avenue and get some hot tamales for the drive home?"

"Alright,"Gabrielle agreed, unenthusiastically. She watched the dog out the side window as Xena backed out of the parking spot. "Think he'll be okay?"

"He looks well fed so I'm sure he must be taken care of. He probably got loose from that breeding place at the end of town. You know, the M and M."

"You mean the Myrtle and Marvin Champion Canine Breeding and Training Academy?"

"Yeah, them."

"Sweetheart, he hardly looks like a champion bred dog."

Xena smirked, sheepishly. "Guess he doesn't, does he?"

"You're such an air head at times,"Gabrielle laughed. "Come on, let's go get those tamales and go home. There's the first snowflake,"she pointed at the windshield.

As Xena drove the few blocks to the drive-in, Gabrielle couldn't stop thinking about the dog. Or what it was about him that bothered her so.

"Look at the crowd,"Xena interrupted the bard's thoughts. "They giving the food away?"

Gabrielle looked at the line of cars backed up in the drive thru lane of the restaurant. "Must be payday,"she frowned. "I think the whole town must eat lunch out on payday. We could just go on home,"she frowned, her stomach growling in protest of the suggestion.

"Nope,"Xena drove into the small parking lot and pulled into a spot near the door. "You sit tight and I'll go in and get them. Won't take long, they always serve the people at the counter first."Before Gabrielle could protest, Xena hopped out of the Ranger and disappeared inside the building.

When Xena came out a few minutes later, the dog was resting beside the pickup. "Dang,"she said as she spotted the dog. "How'd you get here?"

The dog replied with a soft whimper, cocking his head to gaze up at her.

"Gabrielle's right,"Xena muttered, "there is something about that look that seems awfully familiar."She walked around to the back of the pickup. Dropping the tailgate, she called to the dog, "come on. Keep your head down back there, it's gonna get cold,"she told the dog after he jumped into the bed. She slammed the tailgate shut; making sure it had latched securely.

"Change your mind?"Gabrielle asked when Xena settled back into her seat.

"If he's going to insist on following us, he might as well ride,"Xena shrugged. "I'd hate to have him run all the way back to the house,"she explained.

"We better stop at the pet mart,"Gabrielle grinned, pulling a hot tamale out of the bag Xena had handed her. "We're going need some stuff for him."

"Like food?"

"I was thinking more of soap and flea powder."

An hour later, the women headed out of town. The dog was happily curled up in the bed of the Ranger surrounded by several bags of dog food. The snow began to fall in earnest before they were halfway home to their log house and, by the time they arrived, there was already several inches covering the ground. They hurried to carry their purchases inside.

"Looks like we just made it,"Gabrielle said as the snow began to fall even heavier, her steps between the house and Ranger accentuated by the crunch of fresh snow under her boots.

"That's the last of the groceries,"Xena said, handing the final bag to Gabrielle. "I'll put the dog food on the porch and get the truck put away in the shed before it gets any deeper out here."

"Where's the dog?"Gabrielle asked as she turned back to the house.

"Thought he was inside,"Xena lifted a bag of dog food onto her shoulder before carrying it to the porch.

"Nope. I'd thought he was out here with you,"Gabrielle started to look around the yard. "Hey, dog,"she called, "where'd you go?"

"Come on, boy,"Xena called out as she returned to the Ranger for another bag.

"Xena, look,"Gabrielle spotted the dog bounding about in the growing mounds of snow that was enveloping their yard. "What a goober?"she chuckled.

"Goober?"Xena asked as she dropped the last bag of dog food on the porch.

"Yes, goober. Nimrod. Fool. Whatever you want to call someone, or something, doing that,"she pointed at the dog rolling in the fresh snow.

"I don't know,"Xena laughed as she climbed into the Ranger to move it into the shed. "That looks like fun. And he's getting the bath you wanted him to have."

"Come on, dog,"Gabrielle called. She was pleasantly surprised when he trotted towards her. "Fun, uh? She's as much a goober as you are,"she told the dog as he leaped up onto the porch. "Just my luck,"she laughed, "I'm spending Solstice with a couple of goobers."

"Goober. Nimrod. Fool,"Xena repeated as she pulled the shed's doors closed. "Who else do we know that can be described that way?"She mulled the question over as she walked back to the house.

"You give him a bath while I finish putting the groceries away,"Gabrielle told Xena when she entered the kitchen a few minutes later. "Then we can decorate for Solstice."

Xena rummage through the items they had purchased in the pet mart looking for the doggie shampoo. "Bet it's not as fun as giving you a bath,"she grumbled as she led the dog out of the kitchen, shampoo in hand.

"Bet you're right,"Gabrielle snickered. She decided to start dinner while Xena and the dog were occupied. Setting aside the pot roast she had bought in town, she made quick work of putting away the rest of the groceries. "Xena,"she called down the hall to the back porch where the dog was receiving his bath.

"Need something?"Xena called back.

"I'm going to start the roast,"Gabrielle responded. "Do you want Boston baked beans or Idaho spuds with it?"


"Spuds, it is,"Gabrielle smiled, pulling a bag of potatoes from the pantry. She cut up the potatoes, throwing them in the pan with the roast. Added a generous helping of carrots and some mushrooms then placed the covered pan in the oven and set the temperature. "Now for the decorating,"she pulled two beers from the fridge before leaving the kitchen.

Xena and the dog walked in from the back porch at the same time Gabrielle entered the large, open living room from the kitchen.

"All clean,"Xena announced. "Thanks,"she smiled when Gabrielle handed her a beer."

"Whoa, he cleans up pretty good,"Gabrielle approvingly appraised the dog as she reached down to scratch his head. His coat, no longer matted with dirt, was fluffy and soft to the touch. "Almost as good as you,"she teased.

"Grrr,"Xena playfully growled.

The dog stepped in front of Gabrielle and growled back at the warrior.

"Looks like you've got yourself a protector there,"Xena looked at the dog, quizzically.

"It's okay,"Gabrielle patted the dog's head. "She'd never hurt me."

The dog cocked its head, as if to consider Gabrielle's words. Then seeming to accept their meaning, he trotted over to the fireplace and claimed a warm spot on the hearth.

"Interesting,"both women said at the same time.

"There's definitely something familiar about that dog,"Gabrielle took a swallow of her beer.

"Maybe so,"Xena watched the dog fuss and turn until it found just the right position to curl up in, undisturbed by the krackel of the fire just a few inches behind him. "Maybe if we don't think about it, it'll come to us. Why don't you put on some music while I start opening these boxes?"she suggested. The room was full of boxes of Solstice decorations the women had collected over the years.

Gabrielle padded over to the stereo and put a CD on the turntable. Soon the room was filled with the sound of their favorite singing accompanied by a symphony orchestra. Gabrielle hummed as she padded over to where Xena was sorting through the decorations. "You put the lights up around the windows and hang the wreath on the fireplace and I'll start putting out the small stuff."

The dog got up and trotted over to see what was happening, his tail swishing back and forth as he pushed his nose into the open boxes.

"Watch out,"Xena called out just as an errant tail swept across the coffee table.

A white, porcelain dove teetered on the edge of the table for a heartbeat before crashing to the floor. At the sound, the dog made a fast break for the opposite end of the room where he huddled behind a recliner, trembling.

"Hades,"Gabrielle surveyed the shards of porcelain on the floor. "You bought me that the first year we were here,"she sighed, dropping onto the couch dejectedly.

"I remember,"Xena sat beside the sad bard. "It was the day we went for a ride just to see what was in the valley and we ended up in that little town when we took a wrong turn and got lost."Xena wrapped her arms around Gabrielle, pulling her close. "We had lunch in the café then walked around. Town wasn't very big, remember?"

Gabrielle nodded against Xena's shoulder.

"Just the café, a gas station with no gas, and that odd knick-knack shop. While you were looking around the shop, I happened to see it tucked back in the corner of that old bookcase and I just had to buy it for you. I'll never forget the smile on your face when I showed it to you."

"Now it's gone,"Gabrielle sniffled.

"The dove may be gone, honey,"Xena wiped a tear from Gabrielle's cheek. "But we still have the memories."

"When did you get so sensitive?"Gabrielle tilted her head up to look at Xena.

"Can't help it,"Xena bent her head to place a loving kiss on her lover's lips. "After all these years of living with you, you've finally rubbed off on me."

"I have, have I?"

"Yep,"Xena smiled. "How about I cleaned up this mess while you get back to the decorating?"

"What about him?"Gabrielle tipped her head in the direction of the still cowering dog.

"Let's let him stew for awhile,"Xena whispered. "At least, if he's over there he can't break anything else."

"Good idea."

"Say, what was the name of that shop?"Xena asked as she headed into the kitchen for a broom and dust pan.

"Don't think I remember,"Gabrielle pulled lengths of colorful garlands out of a box and set about laying them out on the window sills. "But I'll never forget the name of that little café."

"I've forgotten,"Xena said, returning with the items in hand.

"Really?"I don't think I'll ever forget it, I thought it was so clever. We should go back there this spring."

"Okay. But what was the name of it."

"Take 5. Don't you think that was a clever way to get people to stop and spend time there?"

"Sure worked on us,"Xena chuckled. "Now I remember. Once you saw the name, you just had to stop and..."

"Take 5,"Gabrielle laughed.

"Dinner smells good,"Xena said as she caught a whiff of the aromas coming from the kitchen.

"Oh, that reminds me,"Gabrielle laid out the last garland then hurried for the kitchen. "I want to put a bit o' honey on the carrots, just like you like them."

While Gabrielle was in the kitchen, Xena hung the lights and wreath and placed several of their Solstice decorations out on tables and shelves. She smiled as she recalled the memories that were attached to each one of them.

"Hey, dog, come here,"Xena crooked her finger, urging the dog from its hiding place.

Timidly, the dog eased out from behind the recliner and slowly walked over to the waiting warrior.

Glaring down at the dog, Xena snarled, "you break any more of our memories and you'll be on a one trip back to town. Got it?"

"Woof,"the dog barked weakly.

"Keep that tail of yours under control."

"Woof,"another weak bark as the dog dropped to the floor, sitting on its tail.

"Good,"Xena nodded.

"Honey?"Gabrielle poked her head out of the kitchen door. "You want to eat now or after we trim the tree?"

Xena stepped over to the window and looked outside. The sun had dropped out of the sky leaving a cover of blackness in its place. She was surprised to see that the snow had stopped falling and that a few stars were twinkling in the darkness. "Will it keep?"


"Then let's take care of the tree. It stopped snowing."

"Really? I thought it would snow all night."

"Me too,"Xena agreed. "I'll get our coats while you finish up in there."

"Won't be but a minute,"Gabrielle popped back into the kitchen.

With coats, hats, and gloves keeping them warm, the women stepped out on the porch. The clouds had magically disappeared after dropping their burden of feathery light snow and the moon's light danced in reflection off the blanket of white. In the middle of the circular drive a spruce tree grew in the spot it had been lovingly planted the first year they had lived in the house. Not wanting to cut down a tree for Solstice, they had decided to plant one close enough to the house that it could be enjoyed both inside and out.

Carrying arms full of lights and decorations, the women stepped off the porch to cross the driveway. The dog bounded down the steps behind them, yelping happily as he explored his new home. They worked quickly and soon had the tree encircled with lights. Xena popped the cover off the electrical box she had concealed near the tree and plugged them in. Working in the illumination provided by the moon and colorful lights, they hung ornaments on the tree and capped it off with a starburst Gabrielle had made from Amazon feathers.

"Beautiful,"Gabrielle smiled, stepping back to admire the decorated tree.

"Yes it is,"Xena stood beside, their arms entwined. The dog trotted over and sat at their feet, his head cocked as he appreciated their work.

"Look,"Gabrielle pointed skyward. "A shooting star."

Xena looked up just in time to see a star race across the night sky, its long tail marking its path through the Milky Way.

"I like it here, Xe,"Gabrielle adjusted her position so she could lean back against her lover and pulled the warrior's strong arms around her.

"I like it here, too,"Xena tightened her arms around Gabrielle's waist.

The women stood like that for several minutes until Xena felt Gabrielle start to shiver.

"Let's go back inside,"Xena offered. "I'm starving."

They turned to return to the house, the dog racing in front of them. As he made a leap for the porch, his paws slipped on the snow and he collided nose first with the top step. The shock of the abrupt landing sent him tumbling backwards where he landed in the snow with a thud.

"Goober,"Gabrielle laughed at the dog's antics.

With a whimper, he struggled to his feet and shook the snow off his coat before trying the steps again, this time at a more leisurely walk.

A memory of long past time flooded into Xena's thoughts and she smiled as she recalled another taking a similar tumble. "Can't be,"she whispered.

"What can't be?"Gabrielle asked.

"Oh, nothing,"Xena reached for Gabrielle's hand and led her back inside.

During dinner, Xena split her attention between the conversation Gabrielle was trying to have with her and watching the dog who was sitting next to Gabrielle's chair. His head was cocked to the side and he was gazing at the bard with the goofy look he had exhibited before. Bits and pieces of memories kept popping up from Xena's unconscious and she smirked as she recognized them for what they were.

"What's so funny?"Gabrielle asked when she saw the smile on the warrior's face.

"Oh, nothing,"Xena yawned. "It's been a long day. Let me help you with the dishes and then we can go to bed."

"You've got yourself a deal,"Gabrielle agreed instantly, not about to turn down an offer like that.

Gabrielle was wiping her hands dry while Xena placed the clean dishes back in the cupboard. "That's that,"she said, tossing the dishcloth at Xena. "Ready for bed?"

"Yep,"Xena caught the towel and slipped it over the oven handle. "Come on, Joxer,"she called to the dog, half asleep under the kitchen table, "time for bed."

Gabrielle was halfway to the bedroom before her tired mind absorbed the meaning of Xena's words. "What do you mean, Joxer!?"she demanded.

The dog, hearing its name, scrambled up to the bard. He yelped excitingly as he pranced around her legs.

Looking down at the dog's silly behavior, Gabrielle suddenly had a flashback. "Oh, no,"she shook her head violently, "it can't be. Not him! Not JOXER!!"

The dog began to leap in the air, barking loudly.

"You coming to bed?"Xena stood in the doorway of the bedroom, a grin spreading across her face.

Gabrielle made her way to the bedroom as best she could with Joxer matching her every step.

"Xena, please tell me that's NOT Joxer,"Gabrielle fell into Xena's arms. "Please."

"Sorry, love,"Xena tried to soothe the bard, "but it seems to be."

"But how? Why? HOW!?"

"Don't know."

Joxer, deciding he had waited long enough, high stepped it into the bedroom past the warrior and distraught bard.

"Oh, no you don't,"Gabrielle leaped into action. "You are not sleeping in here with us. No way. No how. Uh, uh. Not today. Not tomorrow, never. Joxer or no, you get your mangy old worm eaten hide out of this bedroom right now."She snarled at the dog, pointing at the doorway with her arm so rigid Xena thought it might snap from the pressure.

Knowing this was not a good time to argue his position, Joxer backtracked out of the bedroom.

Gabrielle slammed the door so hard, Xena wondered if they'd ever get it open again.

Xena stepped up behind her lover and hugged her. "I'll build a nice, heated dog house on the porch,"she told the upset woman.

"Of all the people we've known,"Gabrielle whimpered, "why Joxer? Why not Ephiny? Or Pony? Or even Ares?"For an answer, she felt the chuckles building deep inside the warrior's chest. She knew it was only a matter of time before they broke loose and Xena's laughter filled the room. "I swear, Xe,"she whirled around to glare at her lover, "if you so much as crack a smile, you'll be sharing that doghouse with him."The tone of her voice told the warrior that she wasn't kidding.

"Not me,"Xena struggled to maintain a straight face. "Joxer,"she shook her head in mock disgust, "of all the people."Her lips began to twitch.

"Xena,"Gabrielle growled, "I'm warning you."

Unable to contain herself any longer, Xena started to laugh. When Gabrielle tried to pull away from her, she tightened her hold and fell back on the bed. "Come on, baby,"she snickered, "you've got to admit, this will be a Solstice we'll never forget."

"By the gods,"Gabrielle cried as Xena planted kisses all over her face and down her neck, "Joxer?"

A low, howling began on the opposite side of the bedroom door. Startled by the awful screeching, the women looked at each other then at the door.

Curled up on the floor, his body pressed against the bedroom door, Joxer smiled as he sang. "Joxer, the mighty..."


Individual candies used = 37

Total with multiple uses = 49

List of candies: air head; baby ruth; big hunk; bit o honey; boston baked beans; chuckles; chunky; crunch; dots; dove; fast break; fifth avenue; goobers; hot tamales; hugs; Idaho spuds; jawbreaker; kiss; kisses; krackle; m&m; mike & Ike; milky way; mounds; nerds; oh henry; one hundred grand; payday; rocky road; runts; snickers; starburst; symphony; take 5; toll house; treasures; whatchamacallit.

And I did mention an Amazon or two. Not to mention an Amazon Queen.


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