Xena from Paradise Lost, when she was all gross.  She's got a look like "huh?" on her face.



PUNzle Graphic Contest 2006

Or as we refer to it, "EVIL J runs amuck with OZ egging her on."

You will find several...ummm...things represented in the picture below. How many is for you to determine.

It's an even number if that helps any. <.g.>

What they are all pun graphics of...is, well, for you to determine also. All of them should be well known to you...the loyal Academy reader.

If you get the toy soldier one...you get bonus points, however. That one is particularly EVIL.

OH and when you get ALL the answers...go back and figure out which one or ones do not belong with the others and why. It should be obvious...really...if you think about it. This will be the tie breaker if necessary.

In case we still have a tie, after all that, the winner will be chosen randomly from the tied entries (those with the most correct answers).

You have until December 18th midnight (pick a time zone) to send your answers to academy_contest@yahoogroups.com. Please put Graphic Contest in the subject line.

Good luck...you're gonna need it.


This is the official graphic for the pun contest.

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