The Royal Academy of Bards

Criss-Crossover graphic that looks like a crossword puzzle proud to present:

The Bard Challenge #17: Criss-Crossover

X-XO 1 - Following the Evidence by Enginerd
X-XO 2 - Disconnect by Sassette  WINNER
X-XO 3 - Frozen Stiff by Geonn Cannon
X-XO 4 - I guess sometime’s you just gotta fall… (but on a sword?) by Feral
X-XO 5 - Once in a Lifetime by Akiela Xal  MOST PAIRINGS
X-XO 6 - Legends Continuing by T. Walker
X-XO 7 - Star Light, Star Bright, Is There a Chakram in the Sky Tonight? by Aurelia  HONORABLE MENTION
X-XO 8 - L Word Spins - or - Subtext Does Matter by ME Tudor

Non-competing: Strange Interlude by RedHope

Two of OZ's favorite crossover stories from the Academy:

3 Winners (top in each category, plus an honorable mention in category 1) will get some nifty prizes from the Academy Vault, as well as a gift certificate from their choice of one of several popular online retailers. Top in each category will also receive a special Munchkin designed Tile Box commemorating their win.

The winner of the Punzle Contest is Claudia!

Summer 2007 Picture Punzle Challenge

Here are the answers:

The background hinted at the theme of pairs
1-23 shake and bake
2-35 beauty and the beast
3-30 bats and balls
4-38 fish and chips
5-17 heart and soul
6-43 Chuck and Di
7-40 ham and egg
8-13 yin and yang
9-20 P's and Q's
10-47 surf and turf
11-37 good and eeeeevil LOL
12-29 rock and roll
15-28 black and white
16-36 nip and tuck
18-41 Ken and Barbie
19-34 salt and pepper
21-27 in and out
22-44 Smith and Wesson
24-31 Guns and Roses
25-46 skin and bones
32-39 Mickey and Minnie
33-42 warrior and bard
14-26-45 planes, trains and automobiles (yes, I know and yes, we are evil)


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