The Royal Academy of Bards

is proud to present

The Solstice Challenge Graphic Puzzle

1. Betty Crocker graphic - H from Hallmark logo
2. Cool Whip graphic - E from Betty Crocker logo
3. Hallmark graphic - V from Visa logo
4. Butterball graphic - S from Mrs. Smith logo
5. Mrs. Smith graphic - I from Fisher Price logo
6. Visa graphic - I from Birds Eye logo
7. Schweppes graphic - W from Schweppes logo
8. Birds Eye graphic - L from Butterball logo
9. Fisher Price graphic - OO from Cool Whip logo

Buwahahahahaha...<.ahem.> I mean Buwohohohohohohohoho...tis the season and all that.

Just when you thought it was safe...Evil J and I are back with another graphic puzzle for you. In this one, you will find several letters that we snagged from product logos. These products are very popular during the holidays.

Of course, not one...I mean two... to make it too easy...we mixed them up for you. You need to identify ALL the products/logos and how we mismatched them AND you need to answer the question. Guesses/Answers go to: by December 24th. Please put graphic puzzle in the subject line when you send your email. One winner will be drawn from the correct entries, if there are any. Heh.

Good are gonna need it.

Evil Oz


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