The Royal Academy of Bards is proud to present

The 2008 Solstice Challenge (BC #20): A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.

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The challenge is to choose one of the twenty pictures provided <go to pictures> and write a story about it.
You can uber-ize it, Xena-tize it, Amazon-ize it or original-ize it.  It’s up to you. 

The catch? 
You only have a thousand words.

Uh huh.  No more. Just a thousand.  1000
You may write less if you wish but you cannot exceed the thousand word limit.

Also be aware of these possible bonus opportunities:

  1. Writing a “holiday” story will get you three bonus points.
  2. Including “known”  XWP ‘verse Amazons in your story will get you a point for each Amazon in your story (up to five points max).


There is only one category of competition this time:  Best overall story (voted upon by the public)

ROOOL #1a: ROOOL #1a: Participants may enter up to twenty stories….one story per picture.  Please indicate clearly on your entry which picture you picked.

ROOOL #1b: For the episode screen caps…please do not think you have to rehash the episode.  Take the picture in any direction you like.

ROOOL #2: All competing entries will be posted anonymously. 

ROOOL #3: If you choose to participate but not compete in the voting category, your entry will be posted with your identification on it.  Since it is not anonymous, you are allowed to include any characters that belong to you (from previous posted stories).  Please indicate, clearly on your entry whether or not you are competing.

ROOOL #4: Competing stories must not exceed a maximum of 1000 words.  OH and your disclaimers count so I suggest the following:

  1. (XWP/UBER)    DISCLAIMER: Story mine, Characters not.  You still have 995 words to use.
  2. (ORIGINAL)      DISCLAIMER: Story mine, Characters mine. Again you still have 995 words to work with.
  3. (WTF?)             DISCLAIMER: Story not mine, Characters not mine either.  Write as much as you want, you are disqualified. <.g.>

ROOOL #5a: If you are competing, please do not reveal your participation to anyone who has the potential for being a voter…the only exception being…

ROOOL #5b: You may use a beta reader, but please keep the number of beta readers to a reasonable limit…anything more than three will be considered a violation of…

ROOOL #5c: Posting any of your entries on any other sites or lists (private or public) before the end of the contest is a BIG NO NO. 

We ask that the entrants who are only participating and NOT competing to voluntarily obey this roool for the duration of the contest.  Once the contest is over and the winners are announced, feel free to post EVERYWHERE,

ROOOL #6: There is no number six.

ROOOL #7: Please do not stuff the ballot box or lobby for votes...we at the Academy have gotten very good at identifying this behavior.  We won't publicly embarrass you but we will quietly eliminate you from the contest.

The Academy folks are everywhere and know everything…we will find out.

The "Roools Committee" aka the Munchkins and I, reserve the final say on everything and anything concerning this challenge. 
It's our sandbox <.Nyah.>

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS December 15th…Send it to:
I will acknowledge receipt of it within twenty-four hours, if I do not…please send it again to or contact me at

The WINNER  (plus an honorable mention) will get a personalized framed tile, any Academy T-shirt and a gift certificate from their choice of one of several popular online retailers.