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Bard's Challenge #23

Take Me Out To The Bard Game...



EVIL J and I, as we like to do, themed the PUNZle to the current challenge. In this case…baseball. But then, y'all knew that. Right? And y'all caught the batsignal in the Gotham sky. Right? So that could only mean…Gotham City Batmen. Uh…what?   All of the answers were nicknames related to players who at one point in their career played for New York baseball teams….the Yankees, the Mets, the Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers.    

1-Russell Bucky Dent

2-Daniel Rusty Staub

3-Ron Gator Guidry

4-Dwight DrK Gooden

5-Mike Moose Mussina

6-Rich Goose Gossage

7-Leo The Lip Durocher

8-Reggie Mr October Jackson

9-Howard HOJO Johnson

10-Phil Scooter Rizzuto

11-Willie Say Hey Kid Mays

12-Sid ElSid Fernandez

13-Kevin Big Mac McReynolds

14-Ron Rocky Swoboda

15-Alex A-Rod Rodriguez

16-Ed The Krane Kranepool

17-Lawrence Yogi Berra

18-Jim Catfish Hunter

19-Frank Tug McGraw

20-Mike Pizza Man Piazza

21-Joe Joltin' Joe DiMaggio

22-Edward Whitey Ford

23-Graig Puff Nettles

24-Enos Country Slaughter

25-Derrel Bud Harrelson

26-Joe Ducky Medwick

27-Frank Sweet Music Viola

28-Darryl Straw Man Strawberry

29-Harold PeeWee Reese

30-Edwin Duke Snider

31-Roger Rocket Clemens

32-George Herman Babe Ruth

33- Dave Kong Kingman

34-Hideki Godzilla Matsui

35-Gary The Kid Carter

36-Lee Italian Stallion Mazzilli

37-Lou Iron Horse Gehrig

38-Tom Tom Terrific Seaver

39-Nolan Ryan Express Ryan  <>groan<>

Yes, we went there…read it as Ryan ex (as in LL's maiden name) and press (as in lift)

UH HUH…we are STILL that evil.

Oh and I find it highly ironic that the winner of the PUNZle is admittedly a HUGE Boston Red Sox fan. LOL



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