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by Salina


Disclaimer: Just a note these are my characters although I have never posted any of the stories for these two women at the academy or anywhere else for that matter. I would like to change that, so perhaps after this little entry I can pop my head out and finish posting the story for this one. Thanks to OZ et al who do these Bard Challenges as an avid reader they are the boom!

Seasons Greetings, Happy Holiday's to one and all. May it be as wonderful as you can make it? After all ain't we responsible for our self?



Long tapered fingers reached down into the box and picked up the lone star for the Christmas tree.

“Well this is it Brandy, our first bona fide Texas Christmas tree.” Alex voice caressed the amused words she spoke.

With a pinch to her lovers butt, perfectly situated due to stretching her long frame to set the star on top of their Christmas tree. “You hush; madam or you'll never get a visit from Santa!”

Laughing the taller woman steps back wrapping her arm around her lovers shoulder looking with pride at their 6 foot Christmas tree. “Baby let me go plug it in so we can really see what all our work created.”

“Hmmm…” and almost sub vocal sound of pleasure escapes Alex's mouth when Brandy bends over to plug in the lights. “I can hardly believe we actually are living in our own place and getting the place ready for a Christmas party with family and friends.”

Lights reflected in eyes so light they seem to be iridescent; twinkling in pleasure at the clap and squeal of delight when Brandy stepped back to see their handiwork.

Red, white, and blue wooden Texas shapes along with other Texas themed ornaments hung on a tree with lights blinking, and the star on top seemed to shimmer from red to white to blue and again. “Merry Christmas!” they said together.

Two women smiled as they left for the dining room where the table was waiting to be draped with cloth, and food.




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