The Royal Academy of Bards

is proud to present

The Bard Challenge #26: Quoth The Raven, Nevermore



Figure out what the PUN-tastic pictures represent and send us a list of your answers or at least your best guesses. 



1) Mittens and Chestnut are acceptable answers but not Stockings (we used it in another picture <.g.>).

2) Turkey

3) Sleigh

4) Cards

5) Cider

6) Wreath

7) Scarf or Stuffing are acceptable answers.

8) Wine

9) Santa Claus (Senta Berger with really long nails)

10) Cocoa (Coco Chanel)

11) Cookie (Cookie Rojas)

12) Lights, 3 Kings or Boxes are all acceptable answers.

13) Ornament

14) Gingerbread

15) Carol

16) Bows

17) Reindeer

18) Mistletoe

19) Holly (Nash of The Hollies)

20) Angel (Mr. Angel: Rod Carew)

21) Stocking (stalking)

22) Doll (Arlene Dahl)

23) Wrapping Paper

24) Trees

Background: Grinch



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