The Royal Academy of Bards


is proud to present

The Bard Challenge #28: You Have Been Chopped



Okay, we know you are puzzle lovers (you did click on the Punzle link, after all) but are you a foodie too? In the picture you will find the eyes and noses of 24 famous chefs. ID them. Go's a piece of cake.

The PunZle WINNERS are: Dawn Gerrets (of Team FlyBigD) and Claudia.



Here are the answers to the PunZle:

1 Anne Burrell2 Alton Brown3 Julia Child as
portrayed by Meryl Streep
4 Wolfgang Puck5 Michael Symon6 Giada De Laurentiis
7 Robert Irvine8 Jamie Oliver9 Guy Fieri 10 Gordon Ramsay11 Mario Batali12 Rick Bayless
13 Graham Kerr14 Rachael Ray15 Nigella Lawson16 Ina Garten17 Martha Stewart 18 Masaharu Morimoto
19 Bobby Flay20 Paula Deen21 Todd English 22 Alex Guarnaschelli23 Aarón Sanchez24 Cat Cora

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