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Joxer's Solstice Quest




Disclaimers: Written for fun not profit. The characters are borrowed not owned. All mistakes are my own. No copyright infringements or offense intended

Notes: There is an implied loving relationship between two female characters. They are soul mates.

Summary: Joxer has Solstice presents for all his friends.

It's beginning to look a lot like solstice everywhere I look… Joxer sang as he went about his quest. Joxer the mighty was out delivering Solstice gifts to all his friends and warrior chums. Ah , my first delivery thought Joxer as he entered the temple. He walked up to the alter and placed a package plus a bouquet of daisies he had dried in the summer. Aphrodite appeared in a flash. Ooh Prezies., the blond Goddess squealed. She opened the gift. Inside she found a mirror made out of a large oyster shell. Aphrodite vanished when she reappeared she snapped her fingers . There was a cape and boots in her hands. I had Hephie make these for you. He lined them so they will keep you toasty warm on your long journey. She leaned over and gave him a kiss. She disappeared as Joxer hit the floor. Upon waking up Joxer left the temple. On to my next stop.

I'm dreaming of a white Solstice… Joxer sang as he entered the tavern. Welcome to the Raging Bull. My name is Amber. Hi, Amber is Meg here? Oh Girls it's Joxer. The girls all lined up. They began to sing the Joxer The Mighty song. Meg came out of her office. What's all the noise. The Athenian Army coming? Meg, How are you? Joxer come over here, My Sweet Bubba. Happy Solstice Meg. Joxer takes a cloth wrapped package from the sack he was carrying . I got something for you. He hands the gift to Meg. She lifts her eyes at the sight of the purple fur lined handcuffs. Joxer come into my office. I'll give you your Solstice gift. Three candle marks later, Joxer resumes his Solstice Quest with a smile on his face and a limp in his walk. But that's another story.

All I want for Solstice is my two front teeth… Joxer sang as he walked into another Inn. There sat his pals, Hercules and Iolaus. How goes it my Warrior Friends? Hercules looked up as Joxer puts the bag he was carrying down on the floor. Fine Joxer. Hercules answers. How are You? Fine Fine. Iolaus had seen Joxer enter, Is there something wrong with your leg? Joxer blushes. I just gave Meg her Solstice gift. Hee Hee. Hercules and Iolaus just shook their heads. I have Solstice gifts for you guys.

He gave Hercules a large package. Hercules opened the gift, inside he found a pair leather Pants. He gave Iolaus a pair of suspenders with four throwing knives attached. Joxer sit. Share a meal with us. After eating Joxer got up to leave. Hercules stopped him. Joxer it is getting late. We got you a room. It is our gift to you. Thanks Guys. Joxer wondered up to his room. This is great. Good night. Joxer entered his room and shut the door. Early the next morning Joxer bids his friends goodbye. Well I'm off. I have more Solstice cheer to bring.

Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle all the way… Joxer comes to a small house. The sign outside reads Widow Twanky, Dance Teacher Extraordinaire. Joxer knocks on the door. Widow Twanky opens the door. Joxer picks up a small fuzzy ball of fur. He hands Twanky the small Siamese cat with a red ribbon tied around its neck. Happy Solstice. Oh my a kitten. Isn't it adorable. Come in dear boy. I have a gift for you. The merry widow taught Joxer how to dance. Well she tried. She then cooked him a fine meal. It was wonderful Joxer stated. I must be off.

Oh Solstice Tree Oh Solstice Tree… Joxer walked into Cyrene's Inn. At last , he thinks. I started out on this quest 42 days early so I could make it to Amphipolis for Solstice eve. Cyrene walked over to him. Joxer it is so nice of you to come. Have a seat while I get you some mulled cider. Would you like some dried fruit. I have a plate here. She placed the platter in front of him. There was dried apricots, cherries, apples and candied watermelon. Cyrene I have a gift for you. Joxer took out a large package. Cyrene opened the gift. It was a dartboard with six darts. Thank you Joxer. I know the customers will like it. Every Inn should have one., Joxer said. As Cyrene picked up the dartboard a small package fell out on to the table. Cyrene picked it up and opened it. She found a tortoise shell hair pin. It's lovely Joxer. Let me give you a free room and meals while you are here. My Solstice gift to you. Cyrene while I was walking through the forest, I saw a strange bird frolicking in the snow. Cyrene thought about it. I've no idea. I do know others have seen it, but I don't know what it is. Oh okay, Is it alright if I leave for a little while? I need to see my best friend. Sure your meal will be here whenever you come back Joxer. Joxer left for Xena and Gabrielle's hut.

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer Going Home From Our House Solstice Eve… Joxer sang. He only had a few gifts left. He knocked on the door. HAPPY SOLSTICE, Joxer shouted as Gabrielle opened the door. A piercing cry resounds through the whole cabin. Gabrielle looked over to the crib by the bed. Xena looked from the crib to the door and back again. She picked up the crying baby. The baby started to calm down. Gabrielle said Quietly Joxer, Xena just got Alexandria to sleep. Xena mumbled Joxer you are a dumbbell. What did she say? What she said was Happy Solstice. Xena sat in the rocking chair and quietly sang an Amazon lullaby. I have got gifts for your daughter. He takes out a small gold crown every Amazon Princess should have a crown, right. Oh look Xe isn't it adorable. It looks just like mine. Xena gently puts their sleeping daughter in the crib. Ephany helped me with the crown. Xena looks at the tiny crown. It's lovely Joxer. He hands Xena a pair of baby booties he knitted himself. I brought you some dog biscuits for your dog. Joxer we don't have a dog. You do now. He gives Gabrielle a squirming puppy. Every kid should have a puppy. Gabrielle handed the puppy to Xena. She walked over to their Solstice Tree. She picked up several packages. Joxer, We hoped to see you. Gabrielle gave Joxer three gifts. The first was a new sleeping fur. The second was a set of cooking utensils. The third was a painted wooden egg filled with honey candy was a hand painted wooden egg filled with honey candy. Hey I have a question. Gabby I saw a funny looking bird in the woods as I was coming into town. What was it? What color was it? It was black and white and waddled when it walked. It's called a penguin. Autolycus liberated it from a kings palace in Sumeria. Xena just chuckled. What did you get for Solstice Joxer? I got free rooms and meals, drinks, dance lessons and Meg gave me a tattoo. A tattoo, let me see it. Are you sure? Gabrielle shook her head. If your sure. Joxer lowers his pants on his left buttocks is a tattoo. Property of Meg surrounded by a heart. Xena raised her eyebrow, Good thing Meg learned to read and write. It's wonderful Joxer. I need to get back to Cyrene's. Oh wait I almost forgot. He starts to pat down his body. He pulls a scroll from his armor. Here I met a messenger from the Bard Academy. He had a scroll for both of you. It's more a Solstice gift for Xena. They are having a new festival in the Spring. It's called The Festival Of Heroes. Last year was the first festival. It was for Hercules. They called it a Hercules Convention. This year they are honoring Xena, with a Xena Convention. They ask all your friends and family to come and tell stories. They give you some award and everything. Joxer bids farewell and leaves. Xena is stunned. Gabrielle just smiles. Happy Solstice Sweetheart. Happy Solstice my Love. .

I hope you enjoyed the story. It was fun. If I had a Solstice wish, It would be for a Xena Convention close to Omaha, Nebraska. What am I saying, I want a Xena Convention in Omaha, Nebraska. ;]



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