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101 Aurilian Nights series

A collection, an erotic anthology, that was begun by Felioness. It's titled, 101 Aurellian Nights and is already making a 'name' for itself ....

Blood Benediction - Redhawk
Ever wanna meet a vampire?! Redhawk heats up the dance floor with her submission <g> to the 101 Aurellian Nights series
Dolls, Dames, and Skirts - Tragedy 88
Short story set in the 30's. Jack is a PI in the seedy underbelly of Chicago, and Lois is the blue-eyed dame in trouble.

25 Years Without - Jaden
Another Plot? What Plot? story about Xena and Gabrielle's need to be close together following the season 5 ender "Motherhood".

1944: Year of the Mandolin Wind - AC
What would you do for love? This is the story of two women who would do anything for a chance to be together. WARNING: NC-17 for violence. Takes place during the Holocaust.

A Beginning - Grit Jahning
Just as the title says.....this is a beginning. Taking a day off Xena and Gabrielle use this opportunity to enjoy some quiet time together.........and sometimes all it takes is a kiss..........

A Day in the Reel Life - Cheeyah
Xena returns home after the first day's shooting of the show that bears her name.

Abend - Keket (aka Tragedy 88)
The dark haired, beautiful Mahu is a desert Tiva. Her life was relatively simple, till Jordan showed up on the edge of her Clan's land, with blood on her hands and a dead body in her arms. Can they save themselves and the world from GLOBAL, an organization bent on taking over the world? Or will they fall?

About Artemis - BL Miller
Winner of the Second Xenite Bard Contest in 1997, this story features Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and protector of the Amazons, losing her godly powers after violating a sacred rule. Now mortal, the former deity is forced to depend on Xena and Gabrielle to help her solve the three mysteries and recover her godhood before time runs out...for all of them.

About That Kiss... - BardGirl
In a story taking place following the quest, Gabrielle wonders about the kiss until finally questioning Xena about it.

Above and Beyond - Annemaart
The story is written in the form of a letter, left behind on Christmas day. And that's all I can say about it, really, without giving away parts of the plot, so you'll just have to read it if you're curious ;).

Academy's Finest (The) - Sandra Barret
Dray, a top cadet at the Terran Pilot's Academy, has finally managed to capture the attention of Jordan, the only other cadet who can match Dray's pilot skills. But Dray has little time to explore her growing attraction to Jordan before their academic world is thrust into the middle of the smoldering Vtaryn war. The two young women must give the best of themselves to the Academy and to each other to protect what is most dear to them.

Addison Black series - MJ

Black's Magic - British secret agent Addison Black is assigned to rescue the kidnapped daughter of an American research scientist, but the straightforward mission is soon complicated by old enemies, the threat of global bio-terrorism and possibly a traitor from within. It's not just a simple case as Addison finds she is increasingly attracted to her objective, the intriguing Skyler Tidwell.
Addison Black and the Eye of Bastet - Top British Agent Addison Black is back and this time M.I.5's latest recruit Dr Skyler Tidwell accompanies her on an assignment that takes them from the undiscovered tombs of Egypt to the deepest jungle of Sierra Leone. On an undercover mission to assist investigating into the murder of a team of archaeologists, Addison and Skyler discover not only the resting place of Egypt's most legendary architect, but also priceless artefacts, precious gems, deadly retribution and a plot to bring down and hold the world at ransom.

Adventures Of Gabrielle (and some other person) (The) - Claire Withercross
This is a parody of how the dynamic duo first got together. It's likely to be the first in an occasional series. A young woman ventures into the big bad city and applies for a job as a sidekick. However, the hero may not be all she at first seems!

After Midnight - Firefly
Janice is in a romantic mood.

After the Siege - UDK_Bard
A playful little vignette where Gabrielle wants Xena to explain her comments at the end of the episode "Amphipolis Under Siege". PG 13-15 maybe.

After the Volcano - Mary Morgan
A Swollen Bud winner, this story is about a father seeking revenge against Xena meets a bard looking for a loved one lost in a natural disaster.

After Work Stress Reliever - Heruda
Two women find a way to relax after work.

Aftermath of Betrayal - Wolfie
After being betrayed by those that were supposed to love them, can two women put aside their fears to find one another.

Afternoon Delight - EO
This is a short story written for a JM Dragon site challenge. It follows the song afternoon delight need I say more?

Afternoon Meanderings - Xenalicious
Pure smut <g>

Again - Lariel
A romantic story that takes place during Christmas and New Years. It's A Christmas Carol rewritten with an unforgettable twist.

Again - Kim Pritekel
They were best friends in college, roommates for over three years. Laurel had fallen in love. Caden didn't know what was. From different backgrounds, the scenario of the wrong side of the tracks. Caden gets pregnant, and must abandon her dreams to submit ot a life of motherhood and marriage to a man who doesn't love her. Ten years pass, and Laurel, a successful photographer in San Diego, gets a call. Caden wants to see her before Caden goes in for surgery to have a brain tumor removed. Can they rebuild the past, or should it be left alone?

Agoraphobia - Fedelma
Deirdre is a newcomer to the Xenaverse. Phoebe is an ardent fan. What can they learn from the Warrior Princess?

Airwaves - Zee
What happens when you use to be a big fish in a big pond and now your a little fish in a little pond but still have the big fish attitude? Jessica is going to find out. Coming from a cushy news anchor job at a large market TV station and sinking to the small time news host position at the local NPR affiliate might just drive Jessica insane, but to top it off the only one who will work with her is Sean Wildeman. Sean has the ability to grate on anybody's nerves.

Alias Smith and Jones - T. Novan and Advocate
Two con women are conned themselves and set out on a mission to give back a lifetime of ill-gotten gains. In this off-the-wall comedy where the insane collides with the divine, Delilah and Dixie figure out that going 'straight' isn't as easy as it looks.

All But The Heart - Apollo
A restless Conqueror on a quest to regain the spark that drove her for so many years finds more than she ever dared to dream of in a simple farm boy and an Amazon Queen.

All For A Moment's Memory Loss - Cheeyah 
To make amends for having forgotten Gabrielle's birthday, Xena agrees to do something she absolutely dreads.

All Hallow's Eve - L. Crystal Michallet-Romero
On All Hallow's Eve, Gabrielle plans a very special night with her warrior, in hopes of pleasing the spirits. But their night of camping under the stars doesn't go as planned as the spirits play some good old fashion tricks on the two lovers. All Hallow's Eve will never be the same for the Gabrielle and Xena.

All Hallows Peeve - Phantom Bard and Chelle 
This story is a Halloweenish misadventure, involving an inept vampire in New York City.  It features guest appearances by characters from Chelle's "Alternative to Uber", and Phantom Bard's "Real Vampires".  Disturbed humor for adult readers; a collaboration written for Halloween 2003.

All It Took Was You - Ali Vali
You knew there had to be a sequel to How Do You Mend A Broken Heart, and here it is. Harry and Desi are busy building a life together after Byron and his family have been shipped off to the Angola State Penitentiary. The happy couple are expecting a baby and happy ever after, only in "All It Took Was You" they get so much more.

All or Nothing - Leslaureate
This romance novel relates the love story between two professional women in their thirties. Told from both of their perspectives, the book, poignantly and often humorously, conveys the unique character of lesbian relationships. More particularly, the confusion many lesbians experience in attempting to date without becoming enmeshed in the relationship.

All That Jazz - Bluedragon
The sequel to Mississippi Blues.

All That We See or Seem  - Zuke
[Academy Halloween - 2002] The city is experiencing a killer heat wave and Robin has the flu.  Can the day get any better?  Well, when she meets her neighbor Sloan, it gets stranger, that's for sure.  This might be the story of the end of the world. It might be the story of two souls reuniting.  I'm pretty sure the answers are in the story, but you'll have to read it to decide.

All the Time in the World- Ri
Xena and Gabrielle try to figure out how the events of Between the Lines will affect the rest of their lives.

All the Way to Heaven: Or Lesbian Parlor Games - S. Berry
A shy, closeted girl goes to a party because her object of obsession is going. Sound familiar? But wait, there's more. Throw in a secret society, a conspiracy, and a baker's dozen of Kansans and you get a happy ending or an infomerical, I forget which.

Almost a story... no, really! - Carola "Ryuchan" Eriksson
Never underestimate the power of the Yellow Rubber Bath Ducky! A parody

Almost Over - Denic
A melancholy look at the end of a relationship. Very well written short story.

Alone - frotu
Kate is a little shy. Too shy to talk to that cute woman she sees in the bar every now and again. Will she find the courage to talk to this woman or any other woman for that matter? Or is she destined to be alone?

Alternative to Uber - Chelle!
This is a story about Stephanie Walker and her friends. She's someone we can all relate to, even if she is a bit...odd. She's a little delusional, regarded by her peers as a lunatic, a hero, and a drunk, but she's really a pretty nice person. Her story is not without drama and heartache, but whose isn't? At least she finds love in the end, and a place in a world that she helps to create.

Always - Grit
Taking place after Never. Gabrielle is still on the ship that is headed to new beginnings. But sometimes waking up alone is the hardest part...

Amanda Ellis Series - Pat Winterburn


Jennifer Cassidy - DesceasedSummary Pending


Snow, Hot Chocolate, and YouSummary Pending

3. Word to the Wise (A) Summary pending...  

Taking in StraysSummary pending

5. Detective Amanda Ellis - part 5 of the Amanda Ellis series
6. Detective 6 - summery Pending
7. In God's Hands On A Monday Morning Amanda and Sandy's world is shattered when the hospital is attacked by terrorists.
8. Mending Fences Along the Way - Some intimate time spent with Amanda and Sandy and Mitchell and Deb.
9. Phone Call (The) - Amanda's home sick with a cold. After falling asleep, she starts to dream about a certain phone call.
10. Through Kevin's Eyes - Amanda and Mitchell are sent undercover to a spa in Tucson Arizona. Feeling like the police department's whores, both women have some choices to make in their lives.
11. Don't Mess With Texas - Part 11 of the 'Detective Amanda Ellis' series
13. Desert Secrets -Wizard Productions <g>, Amanda and Sandy, Mitchell and Deb, Kevin and .........."woof" yes, you to Whiskey, wish to thank everyone for your e-mails over this past year. These characters have been like family, and I hope the ending has made them happy.
14. Amanda Ellis and the Little Christmas Spirit - Father Christmas needs help from the spirit of a golden dog, in order to save the future for Amanda and a little girl. Some times the greatest gift given can be love.
15. A Visit From Satan On St. Valentines Day - It's Valentines Day and Amanda and her friends should be out celebrating with roses and love. But instead Satan returns from the dead, to spoil their lives once more.

Amarice - Phantombard
Bard Challenge #11

Amazons' First Christmas Tree (The) - Pat Winterburn
[Academy Solstice 2004]

Amazon Queen series - L.M. Townsend

1. A God-Thing - Ares asks Xena to help his Amazon daughter
2. Rite of Caste - Ares' Amazon daughter helps Xena realize that letting Gabrielle follow her heart will not disturb the fact that they are soulmates.
3. Family Matters - Ares goes after his sister's daughter to make her into Xena's 'Successor'.
4. Battle Cry - Old enemies are out to destroy the Amazons and with the help of Xena, Gabrielle, and Ares, Melyse must face the darkness of her own past to defeat them
5. Unveiled Truth - Xena takes Queen Melyse to Amphipolis to visit her son, and receives a surprising revelation about Cyrene's past.
6. Destiny's Children - Xena receives an even more startling revelation in Themiscyreia, capital city of the Amazon Nation, where Melyse fights to get her cousin on the Throne, despite heavy opposition.
7. Dragon's Curse - Gabrielle does the "bard thing" to help Melyse get her cousin on the throne, while Xena's bid to add "Dragonslayer" to her list of many skills is thwarted by Melyse's desire to save the Dargons.
8. Amulet of Persephone - Gabrielle fends off Romans in Ephesus, while Xena and Melys meet with Persephone in Eleusis to obtain an Amulet which will protect the Amazons from Rome.
9. Centaurs' Tale - Ephiny and Selen fight Dahak's evil in the Amazon Village while their mothers face him in Rome.
10. Solstice Tale - The story takes place between "Battle Cry" and "The Unveiled Truth". Xena and Gabrielle are back on the road to try to save Amazons from being sold as slaves, while good news awaits Xena back at the Amazon village.
11. Malatyra - Selen' is kidnapped and the three queens travel to Britannia and the Land of Farie to rescue her, encountering new adversaries - and at least one old friend. (Explicit maintext) (Co-authored with Becky Love)
12. Malatyra (2) - "Non-Explicit " version of previously posted Part XI.
13. Totem (The) - After 'Ryn and Tecmessa's Joining, Melysœs Totem spirit takes her on a soul searching journey, while a worried Xena and Gabrielle go searching for her.
14. Warriors and Mothers - While Aryn adjusts to being Joined, the Three Queen's find themselves having to make adjustments of their own.
15. Legacies - While visiting her father, Tecmessa is held hostage by Pharoah, and Aryn finds out just what she inherited from her mothers. Meanwhile, Ares may be up to his old tricks and it's up to his sister to get him back on track.
16. Warrior...Bard...Priestess - With the babies' impending birth, Melysa is troubled by some unfinished business in Britannia - and even more troubled by secrets from her own mother's past.
17. Warrior...Goddess of War?Summary Pending
18. Cyrene's Tale - Summary Pending
19. Source of Darkness - The Amazons are dying of a horrible plague which Melys discovers is caused by a curse. Only by releasing the soul of an ancient warrior can this Darkness be lifted - but the Amazons most ancient enemy is afoot - can the Three Queens lift the curse before the Nation is destroyed?
20. Daughters of Ares - Summary Pending
21. Once and Future Queen - Summary Pending

Amazon Way (The) - Barderella
So just what were Ephiny, Solari and Eponin like when they were younger? Let me put it this way....Ephiny was not always so diplomatic, Solari was not always such a tease, and Eponin was not always....well ok, yes she has always been sorta stoic and grumpy, but she's sensitive too! (hehe) Follow their adventures as they learn all about life, love, friendship and "The Amazon Way".

Amazonia - Ali Vali
"The acts of the one for the good of the many." This is the motto first adopted by the Amazons centuries ago and still upheld by the warriors of current day Amazonia. In "Amazonia - Book One," we meet Princess Bebo of Leon as she sets off on her first diplomatic mission on behalf of her mother, Queen Audrey. On a cold day in Washington D.C. the tall warrior finds her path in the soft eyes of Annie Paddio. The only problem is, Annie is already committed to someone else.
"Amazonia - Book One" brings to life a modern day warrior and the quest for her destiny. Join in the adventure as the ancient world of the Amazons is brought to life in the 21st century.

Amazons of Fletalin Valley (The) - Cornwel
summary pending

Amulet (The) - D. J. Belt
Xena and Gabrielle are enlisted by the goddess Artemis to join an old acquaintance of Xena's on a mission to unravel a dark mystery involving the missing remnants of the Amazon nation. Along the way, Xena is assailed by deep remorse and self-doubt, Gabrielle suddenly vanishes, and her old friend may offer the key to the puzzles which plague her.

Anam Cara - Moon Child
Anam Cara is a gaelic expression for "friend of the soul." It is the story of an ex-patriot Irishwoman named T.J. who after leaving her "revolutionary" days behind, starts a pub in San Diego. She runs into Camryn, the cute blonde photographer who turns T.J.'s world upside down. Life could be great, if only T.J. can keep her ex-husband and his drug dealing friends out of her bar and her life. And if only she can admit that Camryn is more than a pal, she is truly T.J.'s Anam Cara.

Ancient Amazon Secret - Dreamweaver
A short Star Wars/XWP CROSSOVER PWP story.

And Baby Makes ... - Carole Giorgio
This new story is Not a continuation of the New Beginnings series - even though it seems like it is because it starts where the series left off, but this will be either a stand alone or a mini series in and of itself (if I continue on after the birth.)

And It Continued With A Skunk - Alexiares
Thraso is as hapless as ever, this time travelling with her girlfriend Eumache to Arboria on a diplomatic mission. The little Party soon picks up not only Xena and Gabrielle, but also Cyrene with her supply of pastries and mischief. No meeting between Thraso and Xena can be an ordinary one, and revelations and mayhem are the result.

And It's Only Love - Kamouraskan
Xena and Gabrielle attempt to return a child kidnapped by his father 8 years later. Hanky Alert.

Angel in My Eyes - Paully Adams
It is a love story told from Gabrielle's point of view.

Angelique - DJ Belt
Laurie, aide to a U.S. senator, is suddenly thrust into the world of international espionage when she is marked for assassination. Rescued by a mysterious figure whom she only knows as Angelique, she must attempt to resolve the riddles of why she's a target and what motivates her strange guardian angel to protect her. Could it be... love?

Angry Man (The) - Rab Donald
Xena and Gabrielle have to deal with an angry Spartan soldier.

Anna's Christmas - KG MacGregor 
In this very short holiday vignette, we revisit the characters of the Shaken series. Anna Kaklis has a whole new perspective on Christmas this year, as she takes stock of the impact five-year-old Andy has had on her life with Lily.

Another Amazon Princess - MyOsage
Let's step back again to a time where Gabrielle is a content, competent Amazon Princess and Xena is every amazon's fantasy. Can they can ignore their instant mutual attraction? I think not…..

Another Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood - Littlespit
This is a follow-up to "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood". Darlene and Teri take the commandment "Love Thy Neighbor" to the extreme!

Another Chance - Nalysia
The sequel to Welcome Home. Taking place after Motherhood

Another Day - Mythe
An immortal Hercules (Gen. Wright) and niece Sierra Rai (Col. Hunter Rai) are officers in the Union army. Sierra's burnt out on her neverending life and all the death that surrounds her. Until, the day she meets up with Xena's reincarnated soul.

Another Day II - Mythe
Same story with a different ending.

Another Day In The Life - Jay
What happens when a grouchy Warrior Princess with insomnia and her long suffering sidekick stumble across some alternative XWP fanfic? Set after the end of season five.

Another Day in the Life (How Gabrielle got her Pink Nighty) - Barbara Davies
In which Xena and Gabrielle face yet another giant ... and Gabrielle acquires a new nighty.

Another Lonely Day - Xfjnky
Long buried hurts resurface...

Another One of Those Nights - Rab Donald
Summary Pending

Anybody Listening - Harpy
Xena and Gabrielle are snowed in and avoid talking about what's on their minds.

Another Time, Another Solstice Eve - Beowolf
Already responsible for two of my favorite Solstice stories ever, Solstice Eve and Solstice Morning Beowolf brings us an absolutely BEAUTIFUL new offering set exactly one year after those two earlier stories. This time Solstice finds the warrior and bard in a very different place under very different circumstances with Xena feeling horribly guilty at the life she is giving Gabrielle. The little bard, however, has different thoughts on the matter, knowing full well from where her happiness truly comes. This story is very much based on the sense of love and family and hope the Solstice season celebrates. It is reaffirming and deeply poignant. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [PLEASE make SURE to read afterwards Beowolf's story Crossings] 12/25/97

Another Vacation Attempt - DS Bauden 
After their last vacation fiasco, Charlie tries to create a memorable trip for Terri. What they find on their journey brings forth a better understanding of these women as they continue to grow in their relationship.

Any Day - Minerva
A Halloween story that explores the darker side of love and the supernatural.

Anytime - KT
Two women meet at a bar...finally!

Apartment (The) - Lena
An Alternative Uber story of the hurt/comfort genre. A retired nurse with failing health and love of life takes in a nursing student to help her to the great benefit of both.

Aphrodite's Gift - My Osage
To appease Artemis, Aphrodite agrees to bring Gabrielle and Xena together romantically. But when her plans go awry as Xena refuses to cooperate, Aphrodite decides to give the stubborn Warrior Princess a unique gift.

Aphrodite's Got A Secret - Lena
This little story takes place after the ep. Motherhood. It's one of those "What if....." stories.

April Fools, Charlie Brown- Kim Pritekel
Summary Pending

Archaeologists, Warriors, and Bards, Oh My! - Verda Foster
Ever wonder what happened to Mel when Xena took over her body in the XENA SCROLLS? Your questions will be answered in this clever story that finds Mel in a rather compromising position in more ways than one as she gets up close and personal with a certain ancient bard and has to deal with the infamous reputation of her deadly ancestor.

Ares’ Plan - Black Dragoon & Amy
Ares thought he had a brilliant plan to get Xena back but that plan backfires with some humorous results.

Ari Speaks Out - Crystal Michallet
The sequel to Sins of the Mother

Arrival of the Future - Mary G
What happens when a modern woman is sent to the ancient world and meets up with the Warrior Princess and her Battling Bard?

Artist's Dream - Gerri Hill

A Valentine's Day story

As If - Wakar
Vignette of a swim by Xena in a river.

As the Camera Turns - Claire Withercross
Ted Raimi introduces a short programme of out-takes from the filming of my story "As The Stomach Turns". See the actors have trouble with their lines, props, and flatulence. Discover how Kevin Smith gets paid; be amazed by the eloquent use of the words and in the same sentence; and find out which of the stars forgot their underwear. Also features footage of a scene that never made it to the final version of "As The Stomach Turns".

As The Stomach Turns - Claire Withercross
Gabrielle, convinced that she is dying, recounts one last adventure. A mission where she and Xena unite two nations through the love of a prince and princess. A tale of love, a tale of gods, a tale of vomit!

Astarte in your Life - Rab Donald
Xena and Gabrielle become lost in thick woods and find shelter in an abandoned Temple of Astarte. (Phoenician Goddess of Love) Trapped by an old adversary, Xena discovers that her companion has resourcefulness and skills well as love.

As Good As It Gets - Kamouraskan and Lariel
In an affectionate homage to ubers, in time for April Fool’s, we give you the Anti-Uber

Ashes - Firefly
Cyane's story

Ashes to Ashes - Cherokee
Leaving the land of the Pharaohs and making that long journey homeward to return her fallen warrior's ashes to their final resting place in Amphipolis, Gabrielle meets a stranger and finds answers to questions she didn't ask, and questions to answers she didn't expect.

Asked and Answered - Mavis Applewater
the sequel to Questions & Answers Devon explains what happened after her affair with Andrea ended.

Ares Last Sword - Patricia Winterburn
A tribute to Kevin Smith. This is Xena and Gabrielle's last favour for the God of War.

At Charon's Dock - Kate
A sensual tale of love, longing and sacrifice; set after 'The Rift' - as an alternate end to the tragedy of "Maternal Instincts."

At First Sight - Colleen
Can a blind woman fall in love at first sight? Can a woman blinded by her past open her eyes and her heart to true love. Erin and Jamie find those answers as their paths cross on the way to their future.

At the Crossroads - Medora MacD
A chance encounter with a traveling medicine show and a clash with slavers make an already complicated situation even more challenging when Gabrielle issues an ultimatum to Xena regarding their relationship. Set early in Season Three, before the Rift, this PG-13 tale is the first in what bard Medora MacD anticipates will be a four-story arc.

At Your Word - Phair
An American arbitrator falls into the hands of rebels on an island nation long exploited for its hidden treasures.

Auction (The) - Killing Joke
This is a short story (about 5 pages long) I wrote for some contest for DAHX (Dutch Association of Herculeans and Xenites). It ended 2nd and wasn't published anywhere, so it's safe to say I can post it here among you fine fellow Xenites. What would happen, who would show up when our dear beloved warrior princess would be auctioned off to support an orphanage...

Avery Stevens Maintenance Wizard - Pat Winterburn  
It's summer in the City of Toronto and Avery and Alice find themselves involved with guns and hostage taking, paddle boats and falling in love. It's a summer of new beginnings and forgetting the past.

Awakening (The) - Lena
This story deal with sexual abuse, it's aftermath, and the healing power of love.

Babes Behind Bars - Halls
[Pulp Fiction Contest 2002] - Summary Pending


Baby New Year Missing - Debbie Dee
Baby New Year is missing. Can Noel and Tracy find him in time or will it be the same year forever. Follow the continuation of Noel and Tracy's relationship from A Gift From The North as the New Year rapidly approaches.

Backup Plan (The) - Beowolf
Your face may permanently freeze into a grin after experiencing this marvelously delightful little tale. Fed-up with Joxer dotting on her like a love-sick puppy, a VERY frustrated bard comes up with the perfect solution to discourage him - one destined to prove PURE torture for a certain Warrior Princess >:) This is well-written, a ton of fun and just BEYOND cute! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 12/29/97
AWARDS: "Fooling Around" Swollen Bud Award (May 1, 2000)

Bad and Beautiful - girlbard
Two con artists who decide love is better?

Bacchae Night - Jim Yuen
This has been kicking around my head for two years, so I decided to put it to paper in time for Halloween. For background, this is post-Japa. Mistophene, aka Myst, is a young amazon traveling with Gabrielle from a prior story.

Balances - Shadowriter
With Jesse in a meltdown, Trey brings Nix back from Toronto to fix the situation. Their efforts are foiled, though, by fake vamps and a night stalker with very sharp teeth. Walking the icy streets of New York City is hard enough, they find, but impossible if you've lost your balance. To survive, they'll need to find it again -- fast.

Banshee's Honor - sHaYcH
Azhani Rhu'len was one of Y'dan's greatest warleaders, until accusations of betrayal forced her to flee the land she loved. With her beloved Ylera dead, will Azhani have the courage to go on, and clear her name, or will she let the forces of evil steal her honor?

Bar Girls - Jules Kurre
Keagan Donovan is a taciturn, brooding English major. Keeping her emotions under control has always been second nature to her until one evening when the aspiring writer meets fellow English major Rudy in the local bar. The two students find that they have a great deal in common and begin spending time together, but Keagan's insecurities keep them at arm's length. Will Rudy have the patience to deal with Keagan's inconsistent behavior? Sequel is The Guardian.

Bard Challenge III - Alex
A grumpy executive learns about the true spirit of Christmas from her ever-patient assistant. A retelling of "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens.

Bard in a Cage - Barbara Davies
Gabrielle discovers that fame as a bard brings its own problems - an obsessive fan.

Battle for Mars - Windstar
The Battle for Mars was one of the turning points in the war against the Bak'ra. There are times when the small battles are the most important of them all.

Battling Herodotus - Lindsey
After a visit to Potadeia goes wrong Xena and Gabrielle visit the Amazons. When Herodotus decides to pay a visit in attempts to force Gabrielle to return to the village with him and start a normal life with a man she barely even knows things start to get a little hectic. What ensues is a little bit of violence, an Amazon Queen who lays down the law and Xena on her knee in front of a whole lotta women.

Beach Encounter - Mickey Minner 
After an unexpected breakup with the woman she thought she would be spending the rest of her life with, Sandy Craft returns to the town she grew up in to attend her high school reunion. And to give her broken heart time to heal. There she meets Marcie Toffee and begins to wonder if, just maybe, the true woman of her dreams isn �þt the woman she met at the end of an old fishing pier. Would she return home with more than just memories of a weekend spent with a new friend? Sometimes good things can come out of a bad situation, will this be the case for Sandy?

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (A) - Littlespit
Darlene and Teri have been neighbors for months. Both Teri and her infant daughter LucyÝadore their attractive neighbor. This is the story of how two neighbors become bosom buddys and much much more.

Beaver Hunt - LZClotho
The Florida Everglades comes alive with the magic of a millenial-old bond.

Because I Love You - KnightSkye
A short, romantic tale.

Bedtime Story - Brian Davis
What happens when a certain blonde bard runs out of stories to tell.

Before Our Journey's Through - Simahoyo
Could you travel on foot from Illinois to Wyoming through conditions like: 4 feet of mud, fever, dusty trails, lack of water and snow in the Rocky Mountains-all because your neighbors wanted you dead? Would you be able to endure racist or bigoted remarks about you, as well as outright attacks that put your life in jeopardy and forbade your culture? How would you react to a legal system that not only kept you from voting, but made you the property of someone else? 1847 was a particularly bad year for Mormons, Indians and Women. This book is about all three.

Beginning of Forever (The) - Nanaabelle
If FIN didn't happen or if it did and a way was found to bring Xena back, how would it all end? This is a kinder, gentler ending to the greatest love story of all time.

Belle of the Mist - Ali Vali
Harry and Desi, from 'How Do You Mend a Broken Heart', attend a Halloween party dressed as a notorious land pirate and the plantation wife who captures her.

Being Everything - Xena's Little Bitch
A kinky first time story taking place directly after "Eternal Bonds." Protecting Xena and Eve brings out Gabrielle's butch side... Sigh...

Beneath The Surface - Barbara Davies
'A life on the ocean wave, tra la!' When Piper Redmond joins Capt. Cordie Bellamy aboard her swordfishing boat, what should be a routine fishing trip soon becomes anything but....

Best Friends - DK Ward
Summary Pending

Best Friend's Magic (A) - Advocate
Do you believe in magic? Join a very youthful Xena and Gabrielle in this children's tale about a fairy, faith, and the power of friendship.

Best of Intentions (The) - XFBARD
Xena and Gabrielle arrive back in the Amazon village after their honeymoon. Xena is recruited to help with a hunting party and leaves the bard to her own devices for two weeks. A stranger comes to the village, but all is not as it seems. Xena arrives home to find her wife the object of another's affections and her protective streak kicks in, is it warranted? We shall see.

Bet (The) - Verrath
This was inspired by the infamous "Triple XXX Review", performed by Alexandra Tydings and Claire Stansfield at the 2001 Pasadena Convention. Let's just say that Aphrodite finds herself compelled to seduce a rather unlikely person... Classic Xena, Alt, therefore rated PG13

Betrayed - Fantasy
A blurb about the episode Friends In Need. I imagine there are spoilers but I kept my eyes closed while I coded it <g>.

Better Than Ruling The World - Xena's Little Bitch
In this slightly alternate timeline, Xena avoids Caesar's original betrayal and focuses on pirating, causing her to meet Gabrielle a few years earlier than she otherwise would have. They sail the seas and get to know each other, until Gabrielle decides she wants to study at the Athens City Academy of The Performing Bards...

Between a Memory and a Dream - LA Tucker
Some people have been alone so long; they've forgotten that there is any other way to be.

Beyond Melosa's Shadow - MyOsage
Melosa is gone, leaving a beautiful, grieving lover behind. When the amazon turns to Xena for solace, and possibly more, Gabrielle realizes she doesn't want Xena to find another lover. And Ephiny hopes for Xena and Gabrielle's happiness. But what about her own unfulfilled desires?

Beyond the Edge - WhymZ
The struggle of one womans faith and anothers soul.......Khrys and Skyler find their happiness in each other..the world be damned.

Big Ju Ju - Saggio (Sage) Amante 
PWP. Destiny brings two women together ... or is it Ju Ju? Originally penned as a writing exercise at BardsVillage, this story has been revised for the Academy.

Billie & Cat series - kd bard

1. Commitment (The) - Summary Pending
2. Family in Blood (A) - This is an Uber-Xena story which occurs in modern day time. I am one of the believers that the descendants of our favorite two ladies are destined to find each other and fall in love. I have been asked by several of you to write a sequel to "The 'Commitment'", so, here it is. This one may not make a lot of sense to you it you haven't that one first. I hope you enjoy it, and please keep the feedback coming!
3. Personal Preferences - The Charland family move into their dream house in a beautiful suburban neighborhood. Soon, they encoutner unexpected prejudice from their neighbors, and danger from a familiar foe. Through a dramatic turn of events, the Charlands ultimately survive, acceptance is realized, and lasting friendships are forged. Kleenex rating - 1.5 boxes.
4. Fighting City Hall - Billie proposes to Cat just as she finishes law school and prepared to make a legal commitment to Cat and Tara. In her first major case as a lawyer, she challenges the state on her own behalf as she literally fights City Hall for the right to marry the woman she loves. This eposide raises serious questions about todays laws, prejudice and the rights we sometimes take for granted. Kleenex rating - 1.5 boxes.
5. Visions in Paradise - Cat & Billie finally take a belated honeymoon as they take advantage of the trip to Aruba their neighbors gave Billie as a graduation present. Their cruise turns out to be more than the simple adventure they bargained for. In this highly suspenseful tale, the warrior and bard appear as well as an old enemy, testing the love Billie & Cat share is tested as evidence points to something amiss onboard the ship. Kleenex rating - 0.5 box.
6. What's in a Name - Cat & Billie are forced to deal with that very question as their daughter Tara is teased at school for having a different last name than her brother. This raises heart-rending questions and revelations, resulting in Cat & Billie decided to legally acopt eacha other's children. They hit a roadblock when they realize the biological fathers would have to give up their rights. What follows is a series of events that places the family in danger, Billie on the defensive, and tests their love and resolve once again. Kleenex rating - 1.5 boxes.

Birthright - LM Townsend
Xena and Gabrielle escort a magic wielding princess and her oathsister to locate a lost child. The group finds themselves snowed in at the castle of a sorceress who is not what she seems.

Black Jar (The) - Dreamweaver
This is a post FIN fiction (which I swore I would never do), can't say too much without giving it away as it is so short. A 'what if' story. It won't depress you, I don't think. No more subtext than the show.

Blazing Dreams - Larisa
Brandy moves into her late aunts dilapidated house on the Harpers Ferry Mountain. Her curiosity is piqued when the neighbors warn her of the tall dark hermit across the road from her. After meeting the silent neighbor she quickly befriends her and hopes for more than just friendship.

Blessed - Onesockbard
(post FIN) After the events of "Friend in Need II" Gabrielle sacrifices herself to regain Xena's life, leaving Xena to do some soul and soul mate searching. A happier ending.

Blind Faith - Ken Rogers
Gabrielle's near death injuries, during a conflict with slavers, leave Xena to show the way. (Post FIN).

Blind Faith Revisited- Mikki Hibbens
A First time romantic alt-fic epilog to the episode Blind Faith.

Blind Side of Love (The) - Dreams
Summary pending...

Bliss of Another Kind (A) - Ellis Acton Bell and Cornwel
Petra just loves to hang out with the new couple she met at the Whole Foods store, her wife Jules would rather them do their own thing. The unlikely quartet meets for dinner, a Floridian lesbian power couple, and our heroines of a questionable proffesion who argue all the way. A short dark story with a surprise ending.

Blizzard - Kim Baldwin 
Beth Williams regrets her decision to take that shortcut on the map, when a blizzard drives her off the road and leaves her in a perilous situation. Trapped by the storm in a stranger's home, she discovers she has much in common with her host. And that's even before they begin compare tastes in reading material.

Blood Red Scream - Tragedy88
A young hacker's past comes back to haunt her. Can she quit her life of crime? Can she fight for the greater good? She meets a woman through the internet, that could change her life forever. Together they will fight the ultimate evil, or die trying.

Blown Away - Kim Baldwin 
A muggy spring day in Michigan unleashes a fury of tornados. Two women are in the path of one of them: volunteer firefighter Gable McCoy and teacher Erin Richards.

Blue Holes to Terror - Trish Kocialski
Following in the wake of Forces of Evil, Blue Holes to Terror brings the readers another story involving Lieutenant Colonel Deanna Peterson and Special Agent Katherine O'Malley. After witnessing a near tragic "accident" on I-35, in which a retired British MI-6 agent was targeted for elimination, the pair is asked to unofficially investigate, and runs headlong into a terrorist/mercenary initiative designed to sabotage a multi-national military exercise. The action begins in Washington, DC and culminates on Grand Bahama Island in the Caribbean. Our heroines have to rely on their ingenuity, physical skills, and a little help from their growing circle of friends to succeed in stopping the terrorists from achieving their goals.

Blue Oblivion - JP
It's uber, it's alt, and it's not for the kiddies on account of the violence. The gist: A singer and a gangster's sister start an unlikely romance admist dark pasts, unpromised futures, family vendettas and the crimes of youth.

Blue Scrolls (The) - Bacchae2
Jan & Mel/Xena & Gab walk through each other's dreams across the ages in order to perpetuate the "ineffable mystery" of a love so great it transcends time itself.

Bluest Eyes in Texas (The) - Linda Crist
Kennedy Nocona is an out, liberal, driven attorney, living in Austin, the heart of the Texas hill country. Once a player in the legal community, she now finds herself in the position of re-evaluating her life - a position brought on by a personal tragedy for which she blames herself. Seeking redemption for her tormented past, she loses herself in her work, strict discipline of mind and body, and the teachings of Native American roots she once shunned.

Dallasite Carson Garret is a young paralegal overcoming the loss of her parents and coming to terms with her own sexual orientation. After settling her parents' estate and examining her failed past relationships, she is desperately ready to move forward. Bored with her state of affairs, she longs for excitement and romance to make her feel alive again.

A chance encounter finds them inexplicably drawn to one another, and after a weekend together, they quickly find themselves in a long distance romance that leaves them both wanting more. Circumstances at Carson's job develop into a series of mysteries and blackmail attempts that leaves her with more excitement than she ever bargained for. Confused, afraid, and alone, she turns to Kennedy, the one person she knows can help her. As they work together to solve a puzzle, they confront growing feelings that neither woman can deny, complicated by outside forces that threaten to crush them both.

Boar Hunt - Xenafyre
Bored with life at her castle, Xena the Conqueror embarks on a boar hunt while Darphus, her second-in-command plots his takeover of the throne. Injured during the hunt, Xena meets one of her subjects who ends up having a profound effect on her life.

Body English - Cephalgia
A sequel to the PWP "The British Invasion"

Bonding - Rab Donald
Xena and Gabrielle exchange some rather revealing little stories from their younger days.

Borrowed Reality - Siel LeDain 
"Somethings are just not meant to be. No matter how hard you fight, sometimes fate would sneak out its horrible hand and slap you over and over... that was Grace's story. Some other times, when you don't seem to find the answer to something, you choose to consciously forget it, to erase it from your memory..., but the imprint is always there. That was my story. And this is the story of how both Grace and I faced our demons together, as it should have been from the beginning. But, as I said, somethings are just not meant to be."

Boy - AC
I have this friend who has this problem. Everyone thinks she is straight. Not a person in the world looks at her and thinks "lesbian." She is just another girl in the world. In a man's world. Sometimes I wish that I had that problem. Well, in a way I do...

Boy Next Door (The) - D_Exphagus
When a tall, dark and handsome boy moves in next door to Ashley Carter, he captured her heart straight away. However, is Sidney Walters what she is looking for in a boyfriend, or more?

Bozeman - Mickey
Bozeman continues the story of Jesse and Jennifer started in Sweetwater and continued in Bannack. Jennifer's father arrives in Sweetwater to take her back east to an arranged marriage. Can Jesse keep her family together? Will Jennifer fight her father only to loose something more important?

Bracelet - Brandie
This short story is about what happens when Callisto makes a threat Xena can't refuse. Gabrielle is made to bear the consequences! Please see intro before reading :)

Brass Ring (The) - Mavis Applewater
A young med student meets the woman of her dreams or does she?

Break Out '99 - Barbara Davies
Three go mad in Wales. What are Jen, Charlie, and Darren doing stranded in the middle of a rainy Snowdonia, dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz? They only wish they knew!

Brave - jh
Bravery takes many forms and can be found in many places. This is a story about woman's bravery..

Breath of Change - Katrinna
Summary Pending

Breathe - Minerva
A Valentines story of two women finding their way back to each other. Guaranteed to open your eyes and warm your heart.

British Invasion - Cephalgia
A PWP.....whew..........

Brush With The Law - Jaden
A Plot? What Plot? story about a young woman who meets a great looking cop on a lonely stretch of road.

Bumblebee - Emily First
When Helen Scott wakes up alone,she discovers that her partner has had a dream...Will they be able to decipher the cryptic clues before disaster strikes? A True Story.

Burden of Existence - SB Zarben
I can't really say what this is about, its not even really fanfiction of any kind so I'm not even sure why I'm posting it. It's what came out when I sat down in an attempt to write something and get the creative juices flowing. I guess it's a reflection on people, life, and whatnot. Just read it. It isn't even two pages long. Won't take but a minute. I swear.

Burning Candle (The) - AH-Ladis
Xena is on a mission in Syria when a sudden injury changes her into a woman with a mind of a child. Gabrielle finds her and soon afterward they are both captured to be sold as slaves in Baghdad. This is a total Gabfest as the spunky bard must find a way out of their predicament and help bring back the Xena she knows and loves. Contains violence. Read warning first as some scenes are disturbing.

By the Manor Owned - Phair
The sequel of To The Manor Sold finds Tess and Jordan continuing their pursuit of freedom and each other.

Cabby (The)- Kim Pritkel
Nic is a cabby, driving on a rainy night when she picks up the fare of her wildest dreams.

Cabin (The) - BL Miller
Xena and Gabrielle are kidnapped and tortured by an old enemy of the Warrior Princess. After being rescued by Hercules and Iolaus, the pair are left alone in a private mountain cabin to recover. Their time alone is the catalyst to the opening of their hearts and feelings, but just when they think that happiness is theirs, Gabrielle's duties as Amazon Queen threaten to separate them forever.

Callisto's Challenge - MyOsage
When she switches bodies with Xena, Callisto cleverly issues a challenge that will test the love between the bard and her warrior.

...Came A Seed - Lead Fox
Xena and Gabrielle are called to Corinth, to act as character witnesses in the trial of Autolycus. When facts prove hard to come by, devine intervention is suspected. Gabrielle comes to terms with her love for Xena, at the most inappropriate time.

Caitlin's Rescue - Dana L'Wood 
summary pending

Camp Reunion - Kim Baldwin
Kerry is full of nervous anticipation as she nears the place that harbors her most precious growing-up memories: the all-girls camp where she spent every summer until she graduated college. She didn't realize it back then, but it was also the place where she met the woman she believes is her soulmate. The question is, will the object of her long-held crush attend the upcoming Camp Reunion? And if she does, can the chemistry that bonded them as best friends be rekindled into something more?

Camping with Joxer - Oversoul
This story had been lost and thanks to Lunacy, we've brought it back to the web. "A story which CLEARLY reveals why the warrior-wannabe should NOT be traveling with a certain Warrior Princess and her bard. Lots of humor in this and lots of heat - none of it due to a campfire mind you ;-) Do not even THINK of glancing at this at work - don't do it! I warn you! >:-)" (synopsis courtesy of Lunacy as well)

Canopy for a Happy Ending (A) - A. Valdivia

A Valentine's Day story

Captain of Her Heart - W. Brad Danbrook
Summary Pending

Capture My Heart - Ali Vali
A story set in Egypt about Ramses IV a female pharaoh. She falls in love with a Hebrew slave named Sarah and her son Samuel. It is the beginning of a new era in ancient Egypt and the first story about the love shared by these two women.

Cards Anyone - BL Miller
One of my 'naughty little romps' (see also The Show and The Cloak) about Gabrielle and Xena admitting their feelings. A cave, a rainstorm, a deck of cards, and nothing to bet with except their clothes. This story earned Lunacy's famed "Do not read at work" warning.

Careful What You Wish For - RD Elliott
Xena wants Gabrielle to keep quiet and do what she says and gets that wish with devastating results for both of them.

Carnival - Lariel

A Valentine's story

Case of Beer and a Kiss (A) - Tara Kerry
A writer for a travel magazine meets a female adventurer who comes to her aid in South America.

Castle Walls - D. Jordan Redhawk 
In a conquered kingdom, a princess escapes and joins a travelling troupe.

Cat Burglar (The) - D.K. Ward
Summary Pending

Cat's Meow (The) - BardBQue
This is a little tale of murder and intrigue. Well, no not really. It's just a short story about love and... stuff... told from a cat's point of view.

Caught in the Storm - Kim Baldwin
Marcy Winchester resigned herself to a solitary existence when she moved to a remote cabin in the North Woods. But a sudden storm brings a familiar face back into her life, and ignites a fire within her she thought long dead.

Caught in the Trap - Claudette E. Dillard 
Story of Sam and Charlie. Sam, motivated by the upcoming wedding of her brother is determined to have her six year relationship with Charlie openly acknowledged by her parents. This story is full of laughter and some pain.

Caution Under Construction - Vertigo
Summary Pending

Chained - Lariel
Gabrielle and Xena's relationship has taken a sudden and unexpected turn - Gabrielle's reactions to the after effects.

Chakram Toss - Stacia Seaman
A night of fun and games ensues when the bard has a little too much wine.

Chalice (The) - The Norm
Takes place after the India Arc.(Spoiler alert) Xena & Gabrielle must find the Chalice of Hemera.

Champion - Kamouraskan
Gabrielle and Xena meet in a different way, and Gabrielle is already an Amazon.

Champions - Kamouraskan
A sequel to Champion. In an alternate reality, Gabrielle faces Velasca in a fight to the death to become Queen of the Amazons, and is forced to use a certain ex-warlord to gain an advantage.

Chance Encounter - Littlespit
A story about how a chance encounter can ultiimately fulfill every fantasy...and then some!

Chance Encounter - Ronica Black 
Twenty-six year old Rachel Owen is excited about her long awaited trip to London, but as she settles into her flight, she's more than surprised at who's sitting next to her. Her long time crush and former teacher, which forces Rachel to deal with the feelings and desires of long ago.

Choices - Ladyhawke


Choices - Kathleen had been alone in life for as long as she could remember. With an overbearing family she had found an escape in her work of being a photographer and journalist. She was happy in her own way. Then Carrie came into her life, she showed her how to be loved and opened her world up into the incredible new adventure of what life should be. Kathleen came face to face with a choice, a choice which would change everything.
Where one simple action would spiral out of control and turn her world of calm and love into a tempest of consequences. This is Kathleen's story to show that not everything is always so cut and dried.

2. ChancesA year has past for Kathleen since she lost the love of her life due to choices made. Her only source now is her work as a photographer. With memories still raw and a heart that won't seem to mend she finds herself up against a new woman who wants nothing more then to help. Will Kathleen let her in or will the walls that now protect send her running again?
3. Challenges - Now after nearly two years Kathleen has survived her choices and rebuilt her life through chances. In front of her finally lies the challenge. Will she now face Carrie and find answers to the questions that have plagued her and drove her to destruction. Or will what she finds send her running again?

Chances Are: Murphy Was An Optimist - Saggio Amante
Talley and Andrea learn that even when everything goes wrong, it can turn out just right.

Change of Heart (A) - Kawai
With the arrival of her new roommate Michelle, problems erupt in Alex's quiet college life. Can a budding friendship overcome her past and help her accept love again?

Change of Romance (A) - T.E. Brehm 
A short little piece derived from a personal fantasy...all shopping trips should end this way.

Change in Season (A) - JLynn
The frozen snowscape of a New York Christmas literally throws Elen out of her old life and into the warm arms of ...

Channel Surfing - Tara Kerry
AJ and Chase planned to just sit on the couch, eat popcorn and watch a marathon of scary Halloween movies. But those plans are drastically changed when AJ's new satellite system zaps the girls into some popular television shows, and they find themselves wondering how to get home.

Chaps and Hat to Go - S. Derkins
Another flight of fancy intended to entertain a friend who fancies cowgirls. Meet Jo, a gruff Montana rancher who stumbles upon a damsel in distress.

Charbonneau - Saggio Amante 
A B/D tale. Marq and Welles meet and find that they have more in common than either bargained for. This tale is a prequel to " Wednesdays at the Troquedero ," but each story stands on its own.

Chemical X - Zee
Emily is feeling down, she's beginning to hate her friends and herself. Then her roommate gives her something to make her loosen up and have a good time at the bar. Chemical X makes Emily realize some inner truths about herself.

Cherished Second Chance (The) - Chancercmp
This little story was inspired by my view of the friendship shared between Gabrielle and Xena, and the sacrifices they make for each other from day to day

Child of Love - Psyche_b
Two women brought together by fate establish a life, home and family together. Together they work against all that try to tear them apart.

Chilled Out - Mindwalker 78
A lonely cottage, two people, the perfect place to do just that - chill out.

Choice (The) - Jan V
A post-Friend In Need piece that brings Xena back to life.

Choice of Weapons - Julia Swan
This is a post-FIN tale. In debt to Aphrodite for a favor, the spirit Xena must find a way to get rid of Ares forever. She gets a little help from Gabrielle and an unwitting Aphrodite. The story fills in some holes in the XWP mythology.

Choices - Black Dragoon
A young woman struggling with her sexuality and her family's non-acceptance finds help from a magical inn and a mysterious woman.

Chosen (The) - Verda Foster
Set in a mythical, medieval world where a sadistic sovereign rules the land; A world of extremes where you are either slave or master, and women have little say in the course of their lives. When Lord Athol sends his only daughter to meet the man he has chosen as her husband, fate intervenes and she is caught in the middle of a slave rebellion that will wrench her away from everything she has ever known. Roslin finds herself strangely drawn to the leader of an army of rebel slaves and terrified they will discover that she is not only not one of them, but the daughter of the man they hate most in the world.

Christian's Faith - D
A Valentine's story

Christmas Eve - Wakar
Janice and Mel happily celebrate the holiday even though their plans go slightly awry.

Christmas Fantasy (A) - JM Dragon
A scruffy dog who reunites two women.

Christmas for Santa's Little Helpers - Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson
A very short story about a sad little elf in Santa's workshop, a Christmas wish, mistletoe, and why it really isn't much fun to be a Bad Girl.

Christmas Magic - Sheri B
[Holiday Havoc Challenge] Ward, a homeless person with a beautiful singing voice, is enchanted with Lynne a children's choir director.

Christmas Solstice (A) - Lena
A new Xena/Gabrielle short story. It follows shortly after Return of the Valkyrie. It is Winter Solstice, Xena and Gabrielle return home to Greece in search of Eve. Rate this a strong R or weak NC17 for Sex.

Christmas Special Delivery - Lois Kay
Sam and Jody have invited their friends and family to celebrate Christmas with them, at Murrook Farm. But do all the guests that show up have an invitation? Some of them are a little...unexpected. Others are struggling with...things, to be able to...make it at all. But they all have one thing in common: they want to be home for the Holidays, to celebrate a special Christmas together.

Christmas To Remember - J. Gardner
Mel and Janice have their first Christmas

Christmas Tree (The) - Anne Azel
Sort story for the season

Circle - Brian Davis
What if Xena and Lao Ma's relationship had not fallen apart, and Xena had reformed at that time in her past?

Circle II- Brian Davis
A sequel to the author's original alternative timeline story.

Cityscape - Casi Eve
A writing assignment brings Shelby to Chicago where she discovers a new side to the city and gets more than a tour guide in Taryn. If only every trip was so productive...

Claiming (The) - Emily First 
On a World far away,just nearby, Andrea Black has returned from Washington to Inbhir Nis after an abscence of 2years. Unaware that the Moerae are about to take advantage of her actions,she heads down into the city to meet her friend Cindy.(Kind of PWP)

Clean Up on Aisle 9 - BluDreamscape
How a mundane trip to the grocery store can become an extraordinary one

Clever Too - Wakar
Xena has a little heart-to-heart with her mother after the events in THE FURIES.

Cloak (The) - BL Miller
A short little story (I'm sure it'll remind you of Cards Anyone? and The Show) that pays tribute to that old saying "Some women look great in anything". A cool evening finds Gabrielle in her cloak and Xena discovering why sometimes less is more.

Clones Alone- Aah Shee
Xena and Gabrielle face the 21st Century as clones and try to adjust to their new surroundings. But, just as they begin to settle into a peaceful existence, old adversaries rear their ugly heads and wreak havoc upon their lives. A soulful vampire, named Angel, must come to their assistance. In the process, Gabrielle and Xena must reflect upon their past relationship and try to forge a new bond in this "Brave New World"! This is a first time story, within a story.

Clueless - BL Miller
Set after the events in the episode FINS, FEMMES, & GEMS, this story gives the ladies a chance to relax and recuperate after foiling Aphrodite's plans. The go to the local town, not expecting to run into a relative of Gabrielle's...or the secret she's kept hidden for so long. A secret that will forever change the relationship between Xena and her bard.

Cobb Island - Advocate
Cobb Island offers not one, but three romances in this uber set off the coast of Virginia. Marcy and Doug have had only sporadic contact since Marcy's family moved away a year ago. Their older sisters agree to supervise the lovesick teens during a week-long stay in an eerie island house that has been in Marcy's family since the late 1600s. But who will chaperone the chaperones? Sparks fly between them almost from the beginning, growing into lightning-size bolts when Liv notices that Kayla is answering her questions before she has even voiced them. It is Liv's training in translating foreign languages, however, that proves to be the key that unlocks the house's secret history -- and the story of a tragic love begun and ended four centuries earlier.

Coffee - Jenna Dixon
A story of the first meeting and growing love between an English Professor and a writer

Cold - Midgit
This is a story of an upper class woman in London who is drawn to a homeless young girl.

Cold Winter Night - Nickie
Gabrielle is as stubborn as ever. She doesn't listen to Xena and ends up sick in a cave.

Come On Home - Irish  
Summery Pending

Comic Book Life - Zee
Remy probably holds the record for the worlds longest crush. When she was 6 she fell in love, now as an adult her life through comics may just give her a shot at the object of her crush. That's if she can survive television production, midgets, and wondertits... um, just read the story.

Coming Home - Redhawk
A PWP sequel to 'CyperEpic' and the pair are celebrating Dusky's birthday.

Coming Home - Patty S.
A very small vignette about two souls coming together at last. It's an uber tale, but not what you are expecting. But give it a chance. The ending may surprise you.

Coming of Age - Touchsilent
Coming of Age is a story everyone can relate to - from the occasional feelings of worthlessness to wanting to escape to your own bizarre world. Rachel does this after flunking out of her freshman semester of college and makes some interesting discoveries as a result.

Confession - Sais2Cool
Gabrielle charts her passionate relationship with Xena, which leads her to reveal a secret that has tortured her conscience for years. ***Warning: This story contains a non-graphic sex scene which can be interpreted as non-consensual.***

Confessions - Kim Pritkel
And who said sitting around a campfire telling stories can't get you anywhere?

Connections - Advocate
An attorney's first venture into criminal law leads her on an investigation where she encounters an interesting psychologist who changes her life.

Connecting Hearts - Cephalgia & MJ
The devastating illness of a loved one prompts an online meeting between British poet Denise Jennings and American nurse Randa Martin. The professional relationship that begins continents apart changes to one of trust, friendship and more as they deal with some of life's most difficult circumstances.

The Conqueror Series - LJ Maas

Journey's End - For those not familiar with this continuing story that started on the Ex-Guards Mail List, this Xena is not the dark ruler from many Conqueror stories, so some will not care for it. It is more the story of that same dark Warrior after she has ruled for twenty years or so. She has come to the point in her life where she is trying to change, for many reasons...enter slave, Gabrielle.
Petal of the Rose (The) - This Xena is not the dark ruler from many Conqueror stories. It is rather the story of that same dark Warrior after she has ruled Greece and the surrounding lands for twenty years or so. She has come to the point in her life where she is trying to change, for many reasons...enter slave, Gabrielle. The Lord Conqueror's new slave, a submissive and frightened young woman, holds the power to change Xena, if only she can muster the spirit.
Time's Fell Hand - As always, the Conqueror is rather like having a Bengal tiger for a pet. She has come a long way since meeting Gabrielle, but Xena will never be considered tame, by any means. She has her ferocious moments just as she has the domesticated ones. Lying just beneath the surface of this complicated woman lies the Beast, Ares' curse upon the one-time Warrior Princess.

Conquered - Leslie Ann Miller
Xena the Conqueror is defeated in a rebellion and imprisoned on Shark Island. Gabrielle, historian, poet, and active participant in the uprising, goes to get information from Xena in order to finish her histories.

Consequences - KarenK
Ashley and Terry have to face the consequences of the actions they each took in the past. There is no time for regrets as the decisions they make now will affect any future they have with each other.

Convergence - L.A. Tucker
A short Über story where 'Fractured Fairy Tales' mixes with 'The Twilight Zone' when strangers meet in a small town. The impossible becomes the possible when all the right ingredients come together. These characters may be revisited in future stories, their boundaries seem limitless. I felt rather ... inspired to write something about unlikely acts of heroism, and the unlimited possibilities of the human spirit -- and beyond.

Conversion - Warriorjudge
A lover affair between two nuns, Sister Gabrielle and Xena the Prioress, which takes place in a convent in 18th Germany.

Conquering Heroine - CN Winters & Amy
This is unlike any other Conqueror out there and took two years to make. A wide cast of characters in this unique piece with so many twists and turns it'll make your head spin

Conqueror & Amazon - romansilence

1.  Towards A New Life 
2. Echoes of Darkness Sequel to "Conqueror and Amazon: Towards A New Life". The story picks up one moon after 'Towards a New LIfe' ended. Add a village full of Centaurs, another bunch of prickly Amazons, Cagnine, Ares, and Cyrene - and you have the ingredients of a very Xena-like story. At least I hope so.

Conqueror's Harvest (The) - ArdenTly
Dark in both deed and desire, Lord Xena held her empire in a painful grip, determined to have her reign go down in the annals of history as not only the most powerful, but the most fearsome as well. Into her stronghold was brought a young woman naive in the ways of the world but learned in the ways of the heart. Her fierce determination to change the cold and heartless Conqueror would have both women in a battle of wills, pitting both against each other, the truth, and life as they both knew it.

Considerable Appeal - KM
Jess and Robin are back in this sequel to "Undeniable". The story picks up about one week later and follows the junior partner and the associate as they seek to strengthen their bond amid the potential conflicts of family, friends, work and their own personal demons. The question is, can they maintain their relationship without risking everything?

Conspiracy of Swords - Shadowriter
FBI agent Alexia Reis joins forces with ex-CIA assassin Teren Mylos to find out who's behind the murders of several left-wing activists and politicians. The mystery deepens as they uncover a conspiracy involving the far-right, old Nazis, new Nazis, and a hoard of looted gold.

Constancy - Xena's Little Bitch
Ever wonder what Gabrielle was thinking that year she was lying on the rock, protected by Grunhilda's flame? Or what might have happened if Xena and Gabrielle had their first time just after "Return of The Valkyrie"? Look no further!

Corrina - Artemista
Science fiction. Before birth, Kristen Collins underwent routine genetic alteration to fix a number of errors in her DNA. Years later, a chance occurence at a university-sponsored production of Hair and her feelings for a beautiful actress lead her to suspect that the alterations were not successful.

Courageous Hearts - T. Stratton
Dell Marshall had her life turned upside down. First the woman she loved leaves her and then her family is killed by a serial killer this all happens in the span of a couple of days. Almost killed herself Jay goes on with her life moving to a new town. When after a few years her ex-lover moves to the same town not knowing Dell lives there also and they meet by chance. Then the killer who slaughtered her family escapes from prison bent on finishing what he started.

Covington's Kid - Simahoyo
A look at the early experiences which molded Janice Covington.

Coward (The) - Mark Annetts
A rich kid from California falls into a stoical British private-eye's arms and the two of them are off on adventures taking them to the south of France and, um, well, back to London again.

Creative Accounting - Mazrat
Xena and Gabrielle have some fun with numbers after the Warrior Princess's embarrasing little secret is discovered in a very public place. Gabrielle demonstrates her surprising prowess at figure-handling after some interesting Amazon University study courses.

Crimson Snow - Advocate
In this sequel to "Connections," a former patient threatens Amanda and the people she loves.

Crossing the Fire - Linda Crist
(Xippy and Bard's Challenge winner) to quote MaryD, "Gabrielle ponders what went wrong in her relationship with Xena as she watches her warrior play with the baby Eve. Xena also wonders what happened and with a little help from the Goddess of Love, a mystery is solved. Xena and Gabrielle finally have that talk about what went wrong in their relationship."

Crossings - Beowolf
This was posted long ago in the NetForum as a separate story but in fact it is part of the series Beowolf began with Solstice Eve and later continued with Solstice Morning . CROSSINGS is one of my favorite vignettes ever - a simple yet incredibly powerful little tale that with only a few lines will make you feel more than novels hundreds of pages long. It is plainly put - a story about a love that cannot die and will endure forever. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This story contains no explicit scenes. 7/11/97

Crouching Dragon, Hidden Xena - Spike
Want to know what happened after FIN I & II? I like to refer to this tale fo grief, love and resurrection as the "lost" final episode. (1st Place Winner of the Bards of the Xenaverse Writing Award for the "Restoration Project")

Crush - KG MacGregor

A Valentine's Day story

Cry For Help (A) - Debbie Dee
Thoughts of a middle age woman thinking about her life and wondering..WHAT IF.... she had done things different

Cry Wolf - Mary Morgan
Gabrielle is forced into a very uncharacteristic role and Xena must control all her natural impulses under threat of tragic loss.

Crying in the Rain, Dancing in the Sun - Leigh McEoghan
The events of 'Thank You' from Murphy's point of view.

Culture Clash - Malaurie Barber
The sequel to the highly acclaimed A Year in Paris

Curse of Higuchi (The) - L. Crystal Michallet
Gabrielle, alone and mourning the loss of her soul mate, finds herself amongst a group of people whose language and culture is very different from her own. Misconceptions and differing social beliefs lead the bard into troubles which only she can get herself out of. Now alone and making her way back home, the bard must either learn to live without her soul mate, or find a way to bring Xena back from the dead.

Curves - Emyster
Curves, what are they all about?

Cyber Epic - Redhawk
The meeting of a dark young nomad leader and a foreign courier set against the backdrop of the future Second American Civil War.

Daggers of Meggido (The) - Xenafan911 & Jean
Damien Thorn has built a time machine. His destination, the village of Meggido. A simple mission to retrieve the ancient daggers--the only known weapons that can destroy him. Simple...until a hero came along to stop him. Her name was Xena...

Dakota - Ri
This four part story has been compiled into one file: Dakota was a very successful gambler who was having a reoccurring dream every night. Would the innocent Jackie make it come true? Dakota takes Jackie home to meet her beloved Father and defend Jackie against a threat that could steal her love forever. Happily settling in to life together Dakota and Jackie help Dakota's oldest friend find his happiness. Several surprises are in store for the family when a group of Marauders hit several towns and villages nearby.

Damage - Sparky 
Jay Rollins is a crime tech at the Johnson County Crime Lab. She faces some of her most difficult challenges, professional and personal when she gets called in to help with a murder in her hometown of Lawrence, KS.

Da Nang - Larisa
During the Vietnam war, MSgt Zachary is a secret Ops organization that America won't admit to being a part of. With one gaze into the sea green eyes of a 91st Eval surgical nurse Mickey Jardian, those secrets are spilled.

Dance (The) - KarenK
The mystery of a relationship - a dance of love and pain - unfolds in a hospital after a writer crashes.

Dance After (The) - KarenK
After a month and a half, is it time for Lauren to let go? Will she ever let go? Sequel to The Dance

Dancing In the Moonlight - Xena's Little Bitch
first time story taking place immediately after the events of "Lyre Lyre, Hearts On Fire," Who wasn't inspired by the way Gabrielle looked in the beaded go-go outfit?

Dark - Carola Eriksson
A short and somewhat dark fic. Someone is imprisoned in the dark, with only her thoughts for company. But is she really alone?

Dark Prophesy Fulfilled - Gabby's Hope
Fulfilled In the distant future, Dahak has ruled the known world for thousands of years. Hope, known as the Grand Empress, controls the mortals according to her father's wishes. When she discovers a plan to alter her own history, she must travel back in time to stop a warning of dark future of mankind.

Darkness and the Light series - Mikael Helbo Kjaer

1. First Steps - Gabrielle after A Friend In Need as she handles an adventure in Egypt, discovering more about her soul and other secrets hidden in the shifting sands of the great desert. It is all seen through the eyes of a bed ridden Xena as she reads Gabrielle's scrolls.
2. Heritage - Xena, still reading from the scrolls left in Greece by Gabrielle, finds out about her bard's return to her family, while Poteidaia is on the verge of a deadly war.
3. ExodusThe 3rd story sees Xena beginning to follow the over two years old trail of her beloved Gabrielle and discovers the true reason the amazons disappeared from Greece. Her travels allows her to discover, what brought Gabrielle back to the once again beleaguered amazon nation, a nation suffering from both threats from the outside world and stagnation inside.

Darkroom (The) - Emyster
Proof that anything can develop in a darkroom.

Dashing Thru The Snow - Mavis Applewater
A reporter and her camerawoman find themselves trapped in a snow storm. PWP. Winner of The Bards Village Snowed In Challenge.

Date To Remember (A) - Barbara Davies
Two women decide to picnic in a WWII coastal watch tower and uninvited guests join in.

Daughter of Egypt - Shadowriter
Daryl Bromley is an English orphan on the streets of Cairo, who is forced to steal to survive. After being caught with her hand in the wrong pocket, she is rescued by Ashayt Kemshet, an Egyptian who is more than she seems. Ashayt offers Daryl a proposition -- steal something for her, and she'll never have to go back to the streets. It's a deal that will not only change Daryl's life, but her entire perception of reality.

Day After (The) - Insane Englishwoman
Summary Pending

Day in Algiers - DJ Belt
In this fourth in a series of Mel and Jan stories (after The Tomb, The Tears of a Goddess, and The Legacy of Britannia), Jan Covington and Mel Pappas chase a stolen artifact to Algiers and find themselves pitted against none other than Ares, god of war, in a fight which threatens Jan's life, her reputation, and her love with Mel.

Day in the Endless Life (A) - Xena's Little Bitch 
It's 2004 and Xena and Gabrielle are living in the United States. Their obsessions with the war and their past lend to some interesting revelations.

Day of the Warrior (The) - Rab Donald
With the bard away, the warrior spends a challenging day at an inn missing her partner.

Day Off (A) - Lariel
Our warrior and bard are all set to enjoy a nice, restful day off from saving the world...but Gabrielle decides to liven up Xena's fishing holiday with a little diversion of her own. How does a fishless Warrior Princess deal with a bard high on hallucenogenic berries, and bent on mischief?

Day Lucy Broke Down (The)- Damnation
A light hearted romance. It seems that it's on the day that Lucy broke down that Kelly's love-life gets a jump start.

Deadly Challenge - Trish Kocialski
Dean and Katie return to Virginia after their week of rest and relaxation in the Bahamas. Katie is starting a new job with the DEA as an instructor at the training center in Quantico, while Dean returns to the Pentagon and her Intelligence work. Trying to organize things in their new routine, their lives are soon turned upside down, when vicious acts of violence target their close friends and attempt to tear apart their personal relationship. As the women try to decipher all of the pieces of the puzzle, their search is complicated by the demands of their careers and an unexpected request from Dean's estranged father. Dean is forced to accept a deadly challenge and race against time to find her lover, as the action escalates to a thundering climax at Niagara Falls.

Deal (The) - Paully Adams
In an alt-time period, the "Twilight" is about to happen. Xena and Gabrielle ask Ares to help them. He will....for the right price.

Dear Booger - Zuke
A series of letters between friends about an adventure whilst on vacation.

Dear Diary - Hermes
A tale is set as if the series had simply continued on into another year beginning in Egypt since that was where we were told Gabrielle and the spirit of Xena was headed for. The author describes Gabrielle's life while accompanied by Xena's ghost. However it is Gabrielle who does most of the work. But not all. It is written in the form of a diary kept by Gabrielle.

Death of a Hunter - Robin Alexander
PWPish. Brette lives for one night stands, until she meets a woman who makes her want to change her ways. The second half of the story is just my sick sense of humor running rampant

Decisions - Beowolf
Xena and Gabrielle help a village fight raiders even as they are struggling against misunderstandings concerning their feelings for one another. 4/23/97

Deep Black Water - Lariel
On a dark and dreary evening, Emmy Day takes a shortcut home through the park, and meets Sarah Walker. It's a decision that will change her life, forever. This story will blow you away!

Deep in the Woods - Xena's Little Bitch
A humorous, romantic fairy tale that is also a slightly kinky first time story.

Deep Water - Wakar
A mysterious woman and a young god who's a chip off the old block, help Xena and Gabrielle come to terms with their feelings for one another.

Deeper Waters Than Most Think - Alexiares
Like many fanfic authors, I've always found Eponin very interesting... probably because RenPics never did get around to building up her character, apparently because the woman who played her disappeared from the acting industry after playing the role. I bet she's running a dojo somewhere, because she sure could do wild things with that staff. Anyway, this story gives a bit of a life story of Eponin, and explains a few details from other stories, although you don't have to read them to understand what's happening in this one.

Deer (The) - Mary Morgan
A story which offers an explanation of why Xena and Gabrielle's names are not known to history.

Deja Vue - Dee
Once Sarah met her, there was no denying the spark of passion and undeniable attraction that changed everything so unexpectedly. Her world was suddenly filled with love and happiness, having found someone so special. There is only one problem with Sarah's perfect life, her perfect lover, her dream come true. . But you will have to read this romance to find out the whole story.

Déjà Vu - Alec Rene
The memory of one lover to another. A recollection of an ecstasy fulfilled fantasy shared between the two. Detailing just what can happen between two lovers on a stormy night when a fantasy is unleashed.

Delta Sucks - girlbard
A story about a much needed vacation that is disaster prone.

Desert Hawk - Archangel
Dylan Hawke is a young Military Police Officer with deadly fighting skills. But nothing could have prepared her for the mission she was about to face. Death is all around her, will her training be enough? Lura Grant was young writer, trying to prove herself. Brought up a gentile Southern Belle with a backbone of pure steel, she was out of her element. When these two women meet in the midst of desert turmoil will they be strong enough to survive? Will the love they discovered survive as well?

Desert Wind Rising - Tragedy88
Georgia's plane crashes in the desert and as she crosses it, on the edge of death, a nomad rescues her. Together they flee from slavers, and run to the city. Where a curse from the past could destroy their future.

Desiring Deborah - Texas Hottie 
Lee is a woman going through the motions of life. Until the day she met a young woman who would literally shake up her life.

Desperate Measures - Candy
Mystery writer, Dru Warlord, finds out that researching an old murder case can be hazardous to her health and those she cares about. Kasey Lovett, a struggling proof reader meets the writer at a publishers' party. Her agent, Gregory Michael, needs Dru's latest book on his desk as soon as possible and feels she needs some help, and thus recruits Kasey to help the stoic writer. Sparks fly.

Destined By Gods - Inyx
Set in the times of Ancient Ireland, the fiery young Rhiannon Kelan believes she is never destined to find a true love, until she meets the dark and powerful Lord of Teyrnon, Caitlin O'Brennan. Soon they find that their lives are not only intertwined with chosen Gods, but with the magic that is the very core of Ireland itself.

Destiny's Bridge - Carrie Carr
Was it the storm damaged bridge or destiny that brought Lexington and Amanda together?

Destiny Conquered - Linda Crist
(Bard's Challenge winner) - a conqueror story. Xena has conquered Greece and has her sight set on Rome. She meets a slave, Gabrielle, and her world is turned upside down. Please read the disclaimers. It is violent and graphic.

Dex and Nellie's Halloween Story - Lizzy Tendre
Dex, a Secret Service agent, must guard the President's daughter

Diana - S.Berry

Bard Challenge #11

Divine Desecration - D. Jordan Redhawk
What seems to be a walk in the woods turns into a surreal nightmare.

Did You Know - DS Bauden
A new X/G first time story that was inspired by the Pasadena Convention.

Discovery in Thisbe - Ronica Black 
Find out what awaits Xena and Gabrielle when they venture to an all women village.

Dixie Stampede (The) - Ponigirl
This is a sweet love story set during the Gold Rush. Both women must learn to trust and over come the boundaries that society has placed on them.

Documentary Evidence - Rab Donald
Adopting the role of 'storyteller' in an affluent, peaceful town, Xena revives hidden emotions. The effects on both her and Gabrielle will be far reaching...

Dog Days - Bluedragon
Über narrative set in the present. Its the story about how two women met thanks to a very special and unusual matchmaker.

Dog Days - JH
This is a simple story about a girl and her dog. It's also a story about what happens when the girl and dog meet another girl and dog.

Doggie Door Follies - nyrdgyrl 
Here's a story that will help Doggie Door Redux make more sense.

Domesticity - Friend
Summary pending but had one of the best submission letters to date <g>

Dragon's Tail - Osito
This is a XWP alt story. It is a first time story taking place after the events of Debt II after Xena destroys Lao-ma's evil son Ming-Tien. Our heros are being celebrated for their actions, but not everyone in the kingdom is happy about their success.

Dreamer (The) - SDerkins
Okay, this time pizza with hot pepper gave this writer bizarre dreams. The writer dreams of a writer, dreaming about her character coming to life...or does she? PWP

Dreams and the Reality (The) - Monkey
A short PWP...

Dregs of Summer - Cephalgia
The end of summer just may be the beginning of a new life for Toni and Rae.

Dress Blues - Goesome
This is a story of life in the aftermath of 9/11 and the business of trying to move on with a life you didn't expect to lead. Although obviously full of angst, it's also a love story that chronicles the lives of Sarah and Kelly from the day they met until the present.

Dress Blues - Amelia Sedley
A young Army recruit catches the eye of her drill instructor.

Duel of the Hearts - Kwipinky
Nightmares torment Gabrielle until she is near emotional collapse. She heads home for answers. Xena awaits but has no idea how bad the situation is. Aphrodite steps in to help.

Duality - Emily Mills
As Auset goes off on a job that she's pretty sure means trouble, she reflects on a time in her past that was less-than pleasant and helped send her on her current path. Reese, left in Auset's apartment alone, gets a call from her brother about some very distressing news and has to go back home to deal with it. Trouble lies ahead for both of them, but in the end, the goal is for them to come out on top of it all together. Easier said than done....The sequel to Rising Into Consciousness

Duster - S. Derkins
A Quasi Sci-fi about a female prisoner falling for the new guard Hey, don't we all love those cheesy B movies? *G*

Dying Woman's Lust - T. Walker 
A young cowgirl falls in love with a dying woman in 1976.

Dyke and the Debutante (The) - Alex Tryst
Two different worlds come together in this story about the senior year of college. Old friends reunite, but will there be more? Will the Homecoming queen fall for the charming all-star softball catcher? And will they even survive to make it to graduation?

Earth's Song - LH Miller  
Summary Pending

Echoes From The Mist - Advocate
The sequel to Cobb Island!

Echoes of a Lost Soul - Silence
A conversation after the episode, To Helicon and Back.

Edge of Nowhere (The) - Annemaart
A Conqueror story with a twist. Three years after the events of Armageddon, Xena has settled down in her role as ruler of the world. The Empire is peaceful and prospering, crime is at an all time low... In other words, the Conqueror is bored out of her mind. Which is why she quickly agrees to personally solve a "minor" problem reported to her by the regent of Macedonia. The minor problem turns out to be a handful however, and the face off sets in motion a cascade reaction of changes.

Eight Days in October - Kim Pritekel
Summary Pending

Elana's Legacy - Patricia Winterburn
In this very short story Xena and Gabrielle get a gift from a couple of old friends.

Elemental - jtd
Set immediately after the events in ONE AGAINST AN ARMY, this "first-time" story is an emotional excursion. It is on Lunacy's Must Read list and I would have to second that notion!

Emotion - Idryth
Emotion concludes the story arc that began with Insight and continued in Realization. Kris and Sam have come to terms with what they mean to each other, now can everyone else? And, will the danger that seems to haunt their every step continue to plague them? Read Emotion to find those answers and more.

Em's Song - Laststarlite
What songs do you remember that were a balm to your soul when you lost the most important thing to you?

Empress,Warrior, Woman - T. Novan and Murphy
A different twist of "When Fate's Collide."

Enchanted Beach - Ronica Black 
Jordan Schaefer is devastatingly beautiful and tragically lonely. But when her friends bring Lori along on their beach vacation, Jordan finds the lonely walls of heart beginning to crumble.

Encounter Series - Anne Azel
five interrelated stories take you traveling around theworld with some really dynamic lovers.

1. Amazon Encounter - Come explore the mysteries and wild world of the Amazon Basin through the eyes of a young female doctor and her beautiful and dangerous guide
2. Turkish Encounter - Travel in an ancient, exotic land and discover the roots of a mystery and an eternal love.
3. PNG Encounter - Explore the last frontier with two feisty women bounded bylove and divided by their past
4. Egyptian Encounter - Journey to the temples of the pharoahs and the Valleyof the Kings as two women find love is stronger than hate.
5. Peruvian Encounter - Hike to Mache Pachu and study the ways of the ancient Inca as two women learn to trust love again and help end an ancient rift.
6. English Encounter - Tour the south of England as six brave women must faceand fight an ancient evil.

End of Our Journey (The) - D.J. Belt
In this "what-if?" story (what if Xena had lived? What might their end have been?), Xena and Gabrielle find themselves growing old and seek to settle down in obscurity and quiet, desperate for just a little peace. Xena, however, still has a Roman price on her head. They are betrayed into Roman hands, only to be rescued by a most unlikely friend and ally, one who sees them to 'the end of their journey'.

Endgame - Meghan O'Brien  
Delaney, a self-confessed cad and commitment-phobe, meets a woman she shouldn't play. However, it's also the one woman she can't resist.

Endless Summer - Cephalgia
In the sequel to The Dregs of Summer , Toni and Rae continue with their new business partnership and personal relationship

Endless Twilight - Rainbard
Three thousand years ago, Ares tricked Xena into immortality. The only way she can become mortal again is to destroy him, but so far she has been unsuccessful. In present-day New York City, Xena at last has a weapon that can kill Ares, and she finally tracks him down in a very unexpected place. But when she discovers that Ares' current wife, Alison Carter is the reincarnation of her eternal soulmate Gabrielle, things get rather complicated.

Ensorcelled - Lady Savay
A party goes horribly wrong and results in a exorcism of a spirit to retrieve past memories.

Enter the Dragon - Ken Rogers
The most feared and hated warrior in the east keeps an uneasy peace, which is threatened by a northern horde. (Post FIN)

Entre Nous - S.X. Meagher and Anne Brisk
Eleanor is at dinner with a co-worker when she notices a table of young women, one of whom catches her eye. They begin to flirt as they each wonder about the other.

Ephiny - TaraKerry
Bard Challenge #11

Eris - Kayrna

Bard Challenge #11

Eternal Night - Red Raven
As immortals, torn apart by jealousy and hatred a few hundred years ago, Xena and Gabrielle are about to see in the new millennium. Will they destroy each other, or rediscover what they lost? How will they face the hunters, looking to rid the world of them, especially with the discovery of a new and lethal weapon? Will they be aided by their human allies, the mystical Talisman Circle?

Even in Death - Xequinn
Xena has to come to terms to being dead. [post-FIN]

Ever - Grit Jahning
The third part in a postFIN series

Everlasting Love - Erin Jennifer
Xena and Gabrielle have a minor argument which causes them to go their separate ways. With some help from the goddess of love, and despite the interference of the god of war, they find their way back to each other and discover that their feelings run deeper than mere friendship. Inspired by the movie, "Moulin Rouge"

Everything - Midgit
Being attacked by mercenaries is nothing new for Xena and Gabrielle. But it _is_ a surprise when it turns out the thugs are not after the Warrior Princess, but the Amazon Queen -- who is being abducted in revenge for the Amazons' destruction four years earlier of the town of Tarynth. Gabrielle knows that Xena will come after her as soon as she recovers consciousness. But will she arrive before the bard succumbs to the torture being inflicted upon her by the embittered townspeople? And if she doesn't, will Xena remember the promise she made not to avenge Gabrielle's death?

Everytime - KarenK
Everytime Lane closes her eyes, she sees Angeline's face. And everytime she cries, she sees her angel's smile. A night of forbidden passion tore them apart... now, what would bring them together again?

Evin's Series - B. Soiree


Million Dollary Lady (A)Bards Academy Contest story. Summary Pending.

2. Evin's Revenge - A fiercely competive attorney, Evin seeks revenge on her partners for hiring petite Elizabeth Montagieu, her rival. The two men have fled town for the Christmas holiday, whisking away their families in the hope of avoiding Evin �þs wrath. But can they avoid detection? And what about this new hire with the soft Southern drawl and iron will who now has set her sites on the tall beauty? This is a sequel to A Million Dollar Lady.

Little EmA Valentines' Day story

Exam (The) - Black Dragoon
The definition of 'doctor/patient relationship' was liberally broadened in this PWP tale of a medical examination. [munchkin note- do NOT read at work...whew!]

Extreme Measures - Candy
Needing a break, Dru Warlord and her friend, Kasey Lovett, accept an invitation to a writers' retreat. Iggy Pinkerton would be their hostess. No one suspects what would befall them. Another mystery unfolds for the writer and proof reader. Dru's phobia of closed in spaces would be tried to its limits. At the same time both women realize the depth of their feelings for each other.

Eye of the Needle - Annemaart
A young convict, being transported to Australia by ship, nearly meets her end at the hands of a brutal sailor, but is saved just in time by the dark haired captain of an attacking vessel. A long journey starts for them both as they are tossed between friendship and hatred, while suffering through shipwrecks and seabattles. The sequel to this story is Mutiny.

Eyes of the Past - Taleweaver
A sleep-robbed lawyer and a brutalized psychic come together and discover a bond neither expected. Xena and Gabrielle help them bring up a son who changes their lives. Warning...tissue alert here!

Faerie Folk - Carola "Ry chan" Eriksson
At night the faeries sing the song of life, breathing magic into the forest and love into the heart of one young Brownie.

Fairy Ring (The) - Carole Giorgio
A young woman desires to prove that fairies exist. So on All Hallow's Eve she begins a journey to observe the gathering of fairies and gets far more than she bargained.

Fairy Story (A) - Mr Valentine
A dream about what is good and what is beautiful and what is valuable, as the dreamer is taken through Fairyland to enjoy its hospitality and learn about its games.

Faith's Crossing - Carrie Carr
Lexington and Amanda's faith in their future lead them across country, determined to fulfill their destiny of being together.

Faith’s Heart - Vertigo
A continuation of "Private Dancer" and "Reece's Faith", the couple is set to celebrate Valentine's Day and Reece is anxious to have Faith all to herself.

Fallen (The) - S. Derkins
The story of Lona and her alien mate Tashalia continues. Their child is due soon and Lona's enemies plot their revenge.

Fallen Angel - Zuke

A Valentine's Day story

Fallen Angels - Phantombard [alt/ ber, horror, for mature readers]
Having been given free will in the moment of their creation, the orders of angels had the capacity to make choices. Among these was that of entertaining pride and ambition. It is said that one even went so far as to ascend in aspirations to enter heaven by right of his own will and become the equal of God, to usurp His prerogative of Creation, and to take a station above all other angels. For this, God banished Lucifer from heaven, throwing him down into hell, and with him fully a third of the angels, being those who had followed in the footsteps of his rebellion. These became numbered in latter days as demons under the dominion of Satan. Among the fallen were a Hashmalim of the Angelic Order of Dominations, separated from her beloved Tarshishim of the Order of Virtues. And having lost heaven, what greater misery could follow a fallen angel down the ages?

Falling - Web Bard
Beth and Reese meet and through a series of "falls" soon realize that they are falling for each other. Prequel to Falling Stars

Falling Stars - Web Bard
Beth and Reese travel to the Grand Canyon for a writing assignment for a magazine. Over the course of several days, they take their relationship to new levels and begin several adventures in the Grand Canyon, including horseback riding and a night under the stars. Sequel to Falling.

Families We Make (The) - Linda Crist

A Valentine's Day story

Family Aboard - Ri
Waiting to pick up her best freind at the Airport after a year of seperation she get the shock of her life, will their freindship survive the surprise her best freind brought back with her?

Family Connections- MJ & Cephalgia
In the sequel to "Connecting Hearts", Randa and Denise cope with new problems in their lives as well as unexpected problems from out of the past.

Family Establishment (A) - K Darblayne

A Valentine's Day story

Family That Love Built (The) - Psyche_b
The continuing struggles of Danni and Brie as they try to raise their growing family.

Family Ties  - Amanda Calkins
Sequel to Remembering Genevieve. Genevieve and Demitria have a little baby girl, but in the middle of all there happiness something goes terribly wrong with Genevieve's mother.

Family Values - Helen Smith  
The year is 2050, a little over a month after the events of "Hunting Season." Quinn and Ariel, ably assisted by the staff of Thanatos Security, set out to learn the fate of Ariel's niece, missing and presumed dead at the hands of a serial killer, who just may be her brother, Scott. Join the hunt, through strip joints, cafes, churches and bars, as they painstakingly assemble evidence that leads unerringly to a murderer.

Fan (The) - Lena
How can your biggest fan turn into your worst nightmare? Ask Anna. She knows.

Fan (The) - Midgit
When an injury sidelines Xena, Gabrielle puts their stay in a small town to good use telling stories in the local tavern. She collects a lovely stash of dinars as a result -- and an ardent admirer, a young man who ....

Faster Pussycat, KILL KILL KILL! - Creme Brulee
Beware of women in fast red cars ... they may be offering more than a ride.

Fate - Kaia
Lauren is a history major in the city of Seattle. After much begging and pleading on the part of her landlords, she agrees to enter her painting of a woman from a dream into a local charity auction. Imagine her surprise when she bumps into a woman who could have been the model for her painting. Is it Fate? 

Fate Accompli - W. Bradley Danbrook
After Gabrielle destroys the Loom of Time at the conclusion of When Fates Collide, the world is restored, but what sort of world is this? Everything has been turned topsy-turvy in this weird scary Wonderland. The story features Xena, Gabrielle, Ares, Aphrodite and two small surprise cameos.

Feast (The) - Emyster
This is not a story of a Thanksgivings day feast. But it is a feast. Lots of kink. Enjoy!

Fenced Fields - Dee
The tale of two long time friends driven apart, only to rediscover so much more to their relationship in the small Virginia town where they grew up.

Festival Story (A) - D
The story uses her characters, Randi and Gwen, first seen in "A Valiant Heart". You don't need to read it to enjoy this one. But if you haven't read it...I suggest you run, don't walk, to the Academy (click on the link above) and check it will be ever so glad you's a great story and a terrific read.

Fetchin' Cousin Minnie - b.soiree
On her way to retrieve her saucy Cousin Minnie in Sacramento and bring her back to her ranch, Gaine Sargos, Sheriff of Barden's Corner, meets a green-eyed stranger on the stagecoach who completely changes her life.

Fever (The) - Xesbard
Racked with fever, Gabrielle experiences a different side of Xena's character.... a side known as the Conqueror.

Fiction - Ana Ortiz
How do you make life meaningful once you discover you're a fictional character? Xena somehow has to manage this both for herself and Gabrielle in the wake of Friend in Need.

Fields of Gray - Redcat
Alt uber, but very tame. Keep a handkerchief handy for this one!!

Fighting the Good Fight - Temora
(summary from swollen bud)
Been there, seen that -- and that is what makes Temora's "Fighting the Good Fight" so entertaining. Written in the form of an episode, complete with commercial breaks, it is a hilarious take on a typical Xena episode, lampooning the fight scenes, love interests, evil warlords and other aspects of the show we love. It's a light but well crafted concoction perfect for enjoying on a lazy, hazy summer day.

FIN: The Proper Ending - Hermes
A short tale that takes place on Mt. Fuji beside the Fountain of Strength.

Final Battle - UDK_Bard!
A very dark piece. Expect the worst. Just as the title says, this short story is about Xena and Gabrielle's last battle. Doesn't quite fit in the timeline of the series. Gabrielle fights with a staff AND her Sais. Rated NC-17 for violence and language.

Find of the Century - Ri
P.J. just wants a life of peaceful study. Then Kitty and Baby enters her life they not only turn it upside down but she has never been happier in her whole life.

Finding Honor - Windstar
Sometimes when your past becomes your enemy you have to flee. Sometimes you find your salvation at the hands of your enemies, in the place you least expect. Sometimes that salvation can kill you. This is the story of how a hunted woman found a new future with someone her people had sworn to kill.

Finding My Way Home - Kerry Hurley
Our girls establish a new level to their relationship through somewhat ordinary circumstances...or as ordinary as these two can get.

Fire and Ice - Kim Baldwin 
In this sequel to "Blown Away" , volunteer firefighters Gable McCoy and Erin Richards face new perils on the job and in their relationship

Fire Ignited Within (A) - Nanook
This is a first time story. It is a story of a fire fighter (Alex) and a newspaper reporter (Cassandra) who are thrown together and end up together in spite of a few jealous people.

First - Kim Pritekel
Lover, best friend, confidante, and simply next door neighbor. Beth has died, and now Emily must find some understanding and peace behnd their estrangement.

First Date - Seana James
Conceived originally as a "First Blush" anthology story, "First Date" didn't germinate quite soon enough to go to Jane Doe Press' collection of short stories. The story was meant to show that we often meet our soul mates in very ordinary circumstances-- not in some blinding flash of insight or instantaneous connection-- and that it takes time for even the most confident of us to work up the nerve to ask out someone we're attracted to-- weeks, not minutes; months, not hours. The story is complete as it stands, though I did leave myself some wiggle room if Jo and Mia decide they want the rest of their story told.

First Lady - Blayne Cooper & T. Novan
In the sequel to Madam President we learn the trials and tribulations of trying to maintain a relationship, merge a family and still have time to be the leader of the free world.

First Look - BCBard4U
When Police Lieutenant Joyce meets Christina, the Granddaughter of a robbery victim it seems like love at first sight. But will that First Look be their last?

First Sight - Lessa 
This is a prequel to my first story, "New Year, New Beginnings." I've decided to write a series of short stories each one a moment in time. It's the age old classic - girl meets girl - story.

First Solstice - Linda Crist
Xena and Gabrielle share their first Solstice together.

First Time for Friends (The) - Nativebard 
Julie has found the perfect roommate for her friend Nicole, but what happens when it turns out to be someone from her past?

Flames of a Soul - Larisa
When a multi car pile up involving a gasoline tanker happens on Eastbound Rt. 70, every firestation with in miles is called out. Jake isn't what the you would call the perfect firefighter, rules were made to be broken and she breaks them continuously. On every call she risks her life for others, waiting for the day when the flames will consume her and end her pain. Going against a direct order, she wanders off and finds the flames that will consume her. In the fiery green eyes of a trapped accident victim.

Flashback - GabGold
A woman is driven to distraction when she meets a former classmate.

Flashpoint - Ardently
Zeen Zinopolis, a Chicagoan firefighter, survives a brutal warehouse fire and has to come to grips with physical injuries sustained. By her side is her lover Abby Dean, a young woman who only wants to love and protect Zeen. However, for someone used to relying only on herself, the offer of safe haven is refused. The two battle with their own strengths and weaknesses and try to keep their relationship going strong. Zeen has to face some hard choices - to accept the love and help offered, or to forge on by herself, turning her back on both lovers and friends. Abby has to face some pretty hard choices, too. Will she be satisfied to accept Zeen in her present physical state? Zeen has been badly burned - both mentally and physically - can she look past both injuries and still stand by her woman? The story is rather harrowing in its descriptions of fire, the aftermath, and some medical jargon on injuries sustained in a chemical fire. There are lots of scenes of hurt/comfort, and many times when you'll hate the main character. It is for adult audiences only. Please see the disclaimers before reading.

Flea - Lois Cloarec Hart
A whimsical Christmas story about a tiny, enthusiastic Guardian working in a children's hospital, who tries to help a doctor and a nurse along the road to romance, only to find, much to her surprise, that she's on the same path.

Flight 461 - Nickie
A very short uber story of how to occupy your time on a long flight.

Flight of Shadows - Windstar
Sequel to Long Nights. The prince of darkness has a master plan to turn the Earth into a part of hell. Can Gwyn and Sarah figure out what that plan is, as well as learn to trust each other despite Gwyn's angelic secrets? Throw in a love sick werewolf pushed into a corner, the rest of the Legacy Houses, and just pray somebody figures out what Lucifer is up to before the end of the world.

Flirt! - WhymZ
The warrior and bard get playful during the events of A Day in the Life.

Flood (The) - Patty S
Teri Allen is about to get her chance at network news. A night of rain and danger makes her question whether leaving Sheriff Shay McCallister behind is the right choice.

Flygirl - BJ Gale
A PWP about just how friendly Officer Friendly can be.

Focus - Idryth
A look into the lives of Kris and Sam after the ordeals of the recent past. Some questions are answered and several more are asked.

Fool Again - KarenK
The companion story to Everytime. This is as much Angeline's story as Everytime was Lane's. Angeline was made a fool, not just by Lane but by others after her. But she cannot forget what Lane is to her, so can she forgive instead.

Fool for Love - Erin Jennifer
The quest for true love is filled with pitfalls and hidden dangers. Tired of the journey and alone on an empty beach, Kara Pavlovich was on the verge of ending it all when Faith jogged into her life. This is their story.

Foolin' Around - Idryth
Two Canadian police officers face 'just' another day in their very busy lives.

Foot Fetish - Minerva
A woman indulges in a little fantasy while shopping.

For Art's Sake - Ri
Two artist are drawn together by their work and find they have more in common then their talents.

For the Love of Miss Bard - Crow
It's the first day of school for Samantha Trout, and when her mommy meets Sam's kindergarten teacher...she'll do anything for the love of Miss Bard.

For Which the First was Made - eToh
Love is the answer to why. We answer the hows by doing.This story had been released in parts, this is a single file of the previous chapters plus the conclusion

Forces of Evil - Trish Kocialski
Forces of Evil takes place in New York state in a small Catskills resort town. As the story unfolds, two female undercover agents from separate agencies meet, and join forces to try to decipher and stop a diabolical plot of world domination from reaching its climax. As they find themselves falling helplessly in love, adding a new dimension to their jobs, and another set of priorities, the team races to a cliffhanger conclusion.

Forest (The) - Ri
Clone fiction...

Forever - Dee
Anna was a young writer living near the coast of Maine, who met a dark beauty on a windy cold night while walking home late. What she discovered about the woman and herself changed her forever. The story is told in first person narrative style.

Forever - Destacain
After returning from Japa, Xena and Gabrielle are still adjusting to their new way of life...or rather Xena's lack thereof. The duo decide to head for Egypt to show the land of the Pharaohs what a girl with a chakram can do. However Gabrielle, discontent with Xena: Warrior Ghost, harborers secret plans to revive her lover. An escapade ensues involving mystery, treasure, magic, love and adventure.

Forget the Moment and Reflect - EpTalk
An early brisk morning walk leads a young woman to meet a little old lady with quite a tale just waiting to be told. Annie has a story of ancient times and talks of legends. More important is that she has a story of love to share and an ending that will surprise you. Sarah's life will be forever changed from her morning walk and taking time to hear this story.

Forgiven - Robin Alexander
This short story is the mental ramblings of a woman who is returning to her unfaithful lover.

Forgotten Heart - Trigar 
Xena is dead...Long live Xena! Has Ares finally won? Find out in this tale of death and rebirth as Gabrielle desperately tries to win back Xena's very soul.

Forgotten Sister - Amity
Having stayed with Yakut and the Northern Tribe, Amarice finds a new life for herself. A tale to bring a completion the unfinished story of the young Amazon.

Forgotten Way - Tragedy88
Alex lives in Bluerock, a tiny farming town, where nothing different is accepted. So, who should come to town but Dusty? A loner...a drifter.... Two women will meet, gain friendship and love, even as those around them protest it, and try to kill it. Can love really overcome all?

Forever and a Day - Debbie Dee
This is a FIN story. It take place after Xena's death. It is about how Gabrielle is dealing with it. But with help from Ares and Aphrodite Xena might have a chance to come back from the dead.

Fortune Favors the Brave - Xena's Little Bitch
Xena is the Conqueror, bored, angry, and full of self hate. After hanging the agitator Gabrielle from a cross and breaking her legs, she realizes it might behoove her to take her down and heal her, so she does.

Foundations - David Duncan
In this piece, Dave launches his "Community of Tolerance" when he, Angie, Eve, Francesca, and Nick welcome several special students to the university campus. However, several dark threads are developing which will trouble everyone in subsequent stories.

Fragments - Grit
Rayne, a tall British, who owns a bar in Lubeck a town in the north of Germany and Liv, a young Swede, who is a student at the University of Lubeck, meet for the first time as Liv is on her way to apply for a part time job as a waitress in Rayne's bar. And they both know pretty much from the beginning that there is something special between them - something that feels a lot like coming home...........The story covers five years in their lives and the love they share. A love that's gonna survive the difficulties they have to face.

Free Falling Fate - Wizzy
Sequel to Steel Free Fall. The continuation of Brieannah and Tarie’s story – a love story filled with the passion and fire we all desire in our relationships – but with all the pitfalls that can betray love. This sequel is the continuation of what our two beautiful women companions’ life and love bestows upon them. Children come into the picture, along with the mix of emotion and business. Will Tarie have her way in this before the story ends? A powerful entanglement too enticing to miss!

Freedom's Heart - Amber
During a routine skirmish against bandits, Jessica Da Gran, the daughter of a local lord-knight, meets Kaleah, a recently released slave-turned-warrior. Sparks immediately fly. Jessica is determined to befriend the dark-haired stranger, and while Kaleah at first stubbornly refuses her kind overtures, eventually she cannot fight against her own desire for companionship. Their friendship quickly grows stronger and deepens into love, then desire. But there are problems each will have to overcome in order for their love to grow, and stirrings of war that will threaten the lives of those Jessica has sworn to protect.

Friendly Skies - Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman
Two women bond during a plane ride.

From the Heart - Anglerum
Short vignette about a woman who overcomes her fear and conquers it with love.

Further Adventures of Janice and Mel (The) - ArdentTly

Resistance and Resurrection
Resistance and Resurrection is the second in the Jan/Mel series which has Janice being shipped off to Holland after being drafted. After a short stint in Special Ops, it's decided that a woman of her intelligence and skills can best be utilized working with a small cadre in the Dutch Resistance. Things begin to go wrong for Mel as the thefts continue and she finds herself fending off the advances of the museums new curator, Hudson Callisto. A past enemy escapes from prison and sets her sights on both women. Jan limps home from the war, a little worse for wear and finds death and destruction in her very own home.
Grecian Affair
The Grecian Affair takes the reader out of the established cannon and has the two women meet on the island of Cyprus. Miss Pappas has come down to meet the daughter of the infamous Harry Covington. It seems both men had been working on the Xena Scrolls but had been murdered mysteriously. Taking the bit between her teeth, Janice Covington decides to do a bit of sleuthing herself. The more time she spends in the company of a certain tall, dark linguist, the more entranced she becomes. Things come to a boil as both women are kidnapped and find their lives in peril. Just who is stealing Greek antiquities at the museum where Janice works? Who is this mysterious Hudson Callisto and what part does she play in having Janice black balled?

Furkids and Lovers - Patricia Winterburn
Love comes in many forms, and when a stray dog came into Bette's life, who knew what that it would grow into a friendship and love with a certain other dog lover.

Future Tense - Carrie Carr & AJ
A feel good ending to the series...or is it the end?! Prequels - Past Tense and Present Tense

Gabrielle and the Scholar - Fedelma 
While staying in Athens without Xena, Gabrielle spends an extended stay at the Athenian Academy, and becomes involved with a scholar/inventor with a mysterious past.  This story occurs sometime before "Destiny".

Gabriel Journals (The) - Inyx
How can the evil in the world survive if there's no good left in it? A tale of a young woman, vampyres, good and evil, threaded in history of the Gabriel Journals... Or as it was put to me Anne Rice meets Jane Austen... I think that about says it all.

Gabrielle, Bard in Bondage - TC O'Neil
Looking for a X/G Alternative Fan Fiction story with no plot but involves a mixture of love and tenderness with spanking and bondage? Well, here it is. The end of the story answers a question we have all wondered about or, my theory anyway.

Gabrielle's Destiny - Candideyes
Xena and Gabrielle come back from Japan only to find out that Greece is under seige by an amazon princess. They are suprised to find out who the amazon is and are faced with some hard decisions as they reconcile some old feelings created by past mistakes and try to save Athens from destruction. This is the story of Destiny. Find out why she isn't just another villian and learn which hero she is related to.

Gabrielle's Dream - My Osage
In Amazonia, Gabrielle begins to experience some very vivid dreams. And Xena may have to stay awake until she can understand the meaning of the bard's erotic dreams or her own unsuspected feelings.

Gabrielle's Faith - Phantombard
After Xena's death in Japa, Gabrielle is disenchanted with the Greater Good, having had to choose between it and her love for Xena, and feeling that she has lost both. She travels through the known world, hoping to find something that will bring her a new sense of completion. Her journey is driven, at first by unremembered dreams, and later by recognition of her destiny. She follows the path that will lead to the achievement of both, finally defeating a challenge to her promised future lives with Xena.

Gabrielle's Faith - PhantomBard *revised version*
This is the story of Gabrielle's life following the disastrous mission with Xena in Japa. A badly disillusioned Gabrielle travels the known world, searching for something to restore her purpose and her faith in life. Along the way, she becomes aware of a threat to the eternal destiny that she was to share with her soulmate, and a future too horrible to accept. Bound to her destiny with Xena is the destiny of her descendants, her ancestors, and the Amazon Nation. She must use all the lessons she learned from her teacher, become all her soulmate tried to be, and serve the Greater Good on a scale that even her beloved Xena had never imagined. The innocent farm girl from Potidaea will become the greatest hero the ancient world has ever seen. (Revised Version 4/2003, Original Version posted 5/2002)

Galveston 1900: Swept Away - Linda Crist 
On September 7-8, 1900, the island of Galveston, Texas, was destroyed by a hurricane, or "tropical cyclone," as it was called in those days. This story is a fictional account of two women who lived there, and their lives during the time of the "great storm."

Games of Life - Ri
Jackie had everything she was beautiful, tallented, smart the only thing she lacked was someone to beleive in her till Tash stumbled into her life.

Gaslight Series - Nene Adams

1. Black by Gaslight - Lady Evangeline St. Claire, an unconventional Victorian woman and friend of her mentor, Sherlock Holmes, rescues prostitute Rhiannon Moore from the deadly clutches of Jack the Ripper on a foggy night in Whitechapel. He escapes and the killing continues - soon both women find themselves investigating these terrible murders and unexpectedly falling in love. Their romance is threatened by a shameful event from the past, however, and the race is on to uncover a fiendish killer and expose the secret hidden deep within one woman's heart. Can they solve the mystery in time? Will they discover a soul-mate within each other? And can they survive discovering the terrible truth behind... BLACK BY GASLIGHT
2. The Devil's Advocate - Is the Madman's Tarot merely a valuable bauble or does this antique curiosity contain powerful occult forces? Is there black magic at work in London? Mysterious disappearances may have a connection to a revival of the notorious Hellfire Club - and there's much more going on in the shadows than meets the eye. When Lina and Rhiannon investigate, they uncover long-buried secrets of murder and more, hidden wealth and a fabulous treasure that one obsessed man will gladly kill to obtain. Will they lose their lives to the Dark Lord? Will their love be strong enough to survive? Can they confront the hideous fate that awaits those who tamper with... THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE
3. The Banshee's Wail - When an unexpected legacy from a long-lost relative summons Rhiannon to Scotland, what she and Lina find there is much more than a holiday honeymoon. An ancient curse called down upon the family members of an ancestral castle may be responsible for the death of a kindly old woman who happens to be Rhiannon's aunt - or it might just be part of a hideous plot conceived by someone with an eye towards a hidden legacy. To save lives and bring a killer to justice, Lina and Rhiannon are called upon to investigate the strange, seemingly supernatural events and terrible mysteries that surround... THE BANSHEE'S WAIL
4. The Hour of the Jackal - Lady Evangeline and her lover, Rhiannon, go on a journey to Cairo, expecting to explore the mysteries of ancient Egypt during their holiday trip down the Nile. But they find much more than they bargained for when their lives are threatened by an unknown assassin who seems intent on wrecking revenge for some unknown crime. A dreadful secret from Lina's past resurfaces, threatening to destroy them both, and only a love as strong as theirs can possibly survive. Can Lina and Rhiannon uncover the identity of their attacker in time? Will they escape from the deadly fate that is in store for them? Or will they be forever trapped in the never-ending nightmare of fire, death and eternal vengeance that is... THE HOUR OF THE JACKAL
5. The Mystic Dragon's Curse - On a quiet day in London, Lady Evangeline St. Claire recounts to her lover, Rhiannon Moore, this extraordinary tale of magic and murder, in a case she was involved with long ago. In a crowded theater, a Chinese illusionist dies on the stage in full view of a horrified audience, and its up to Lina to figure out whether it was accident, suicide or something infinitely more sinister. With her mentor, Sherlock Holmes, as an unwilling accomplice, can Lina dispell the lies and illusions to uncover the truth behind the mysterious - and all too public - death of one of the foremost magicians of his time? Or is this just another puzzling case of... THE MYSTIC DRAGON'S CURSE
6. The Changeling's Moon - A mysterious painting and a 20-year old murder may hold the key to one man's descent into madness and another man's darkest secret. With Rhiannon beginning to recover from a soul shattering act, and Lina forced to reassess the mistakes she has made in their relationship, the healing process continues as the lovers begin a light-hearted investigation into the circumstances surrounding an artist's insanity and his final masterpiece. But curiosity killed the cat, and all too soon both women are drawn into past events, unravelling a conspiracy of silence that reaches the highest levels of government. Will they be forced to conceal their findings in order to preserve national security and allow a killer to go free, or can they at last shed light on the horrifying events that are a chilling part of... THE CHANGELING'S MOON
7. Fall of the Phoenix (The) - Nene Adams
The seventh novel in the Gaslight Series.
The Alabaster Hand - A special Halloween tale! When Lina and Rhiannon are invited to Countess Orosz's Halloween party in London's fashionable West End, they have no idea there are going to be more tricks than treats when a woman is murdered... presumably as a result of an ancient Egyptian curse! Is a statue of Anubis, god of the underworld, reaching out from the grave? When a second victim is found, both women find themselves in a race against time, desperately trying to unravel the riddle behind... THE ALABASTER HAND
The Poltergeist Puzzle: A special Halloween tale! Lina and Rhiannon are asked to the haunted house of the rich American matron, Mrs. Terwilliger, who is being terrified by strange noises in the cellar which she believes are being caused by a poltergeist. These disturbances seem harmless enough, but is something more sinister going on? The partners lay a dangerous trap to uncover the solution to... THE POLTERGEIST PUZZLE
8. The Eyes of the Idol
summary pending
9. The Disappearance of the Devil
Summary Pending
10. The Body Serpentine
Summary Pending

Gauntlet's Domino Effect - Ri
Its an X an G story set after the India arc but before The Play's the Thing. It is about the effect the choices she made after the gauntlet had on others and how she reacts to the change.

Georgia On My Mind - Alex Tryst
Summary Pending

Getting It Right - KG MacGregor
Wynne Connelly is a marketing manager from Baltimore, traveling regularly to her company's headquarters in Orlando. Paula McKenzie is the night manager at the Weller Regent, the downtown business hotel where Wynne stays. They belong together -- you know it, I know it, they know it -- but secrets, obligations, and ambition make it nearly impossible to get it right.

Ghost (The) - Ri
A ghostly figure had been stealing things from an old building for years. Not a single business or floor had been neglected. Rickie and her partner were hired to look into it. When Rickie was crawling through the vents after the ghost she fell down a shaft into strong arms. She would never have thought her life would change so much so fast as she looked into the piercing eyes of The Ghost.

Ghost Writer - Crow
It's the first day of school for Samantha Trout, and when her mommy meets Sam's kindergarten teacher...she'll do anything for the love of Miss Bard.

Gift (The) - Kristien Damon (a.k.a. Lawlsfan)
Gabrielle receives a very special solstice gift from the most unlikely and surprising of sources.

Gift (The)- Kim Pritkel
Sarah is doing double time as Santa's elf in the mall this Christmas season. She see's a beautiful woman who changes her life forever, turning her lonely, lost life into her dreams.

Gift (The) - Cruise
Sometimes love the times you least expect it. Friends find a new depth to their relationship.

Gift (The) - Meghan O'Brien 
An erotic fairy tale, of sorts, about a warrior who is given a night with a body slave as a reward from the King she serves.

Gift (The) - Taylor Rickard
A little bit of Christmas angst, a little bit of southern chauvinism, and a happy ending.

Gift (The) - Idryth
In this sequel to"Focus", Sam and Kris are now enjoying life, whether rescuing kittens, or enjoying nature, they are just glad for the gift of each other.

Gift From The North (A) - Debbie Dee
Tracy is a young woman with two daughters. She has encountered many problems in a short period of time. She has just gone through a divorce, lost her job, is out of money and Christmas is only two days away. Has a miracle arrived in the form of a friend named Noel or do miracles even exist?

Gift Horses - Rab Donald
Some things are too good to be true, others just too good to miss...a simple tale of love.

Girl and Her Gift (The) - Flame, Dani, Emyster, Slick, Spawn and Princess 
What would you do if you received a mysterious toy in the mail? What? Nothing exciting like that ever happens to you? Me either. *sigh* But it happened to Angel Dupree and her life was never the same again....

Girl with a Chakram - JLynn
Post FIN

Girl with a Chakram in Egypt - Starry Glyph
In this post-FIN story, Gabrielle journeys to Egypt to continue the fight for good. However, she encounters more trouble than she bargained for but also receives aid from a most unexpected source. In the meantime, Xena finds that being dead isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Gladiator - Carola Eriksson
It's about two different people, a meeting and fate. If you loved WFC, then this is definitely a good read. Dark, but with light at the end of the tunnel.

Gloria's Inn - Robin Alexander 
Hayden Tate thought it was a dream come true when she inherited her aunt Gloria's half of an Inn located on Cat Island in the Bahama's. Upon her arrival at the island she found things not as she had expected. The one bright spot aside from the beauty of the island was her aunt's former partner. Lurking behind the natural beauty of the island was a dark secret that would change Hayden's life forever.

Glow Sticks and Jelly Beans - Emyster and Professor 
Sylvia and Gretchen...what one day can do in their lives?

Going Home - LZ Clotho
Rating:R. Post-"Xena Scrolls" story. Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas brave deceit, duplicity, and love, on their journey to the States from Macedonia.

Going Home - Patricia Winterburn
Patricia wrote the following about her story:
Like most Xena fans, the ending upset me. I just couldn't let it go. So, I wrote a short story depicting my feelings on how Gabrielle would continue her journey and find a way to bring Xena back. It's always nice to have friends in "high" places.

Golden Dove (The) - Jane Fletcher
Harrenwick is such an impoverished dump. It seems impossible that the town could contain anything worth stealing. However, when an attractive damsel in distress calls on Corrine's help to steal the valuable Golden Dove, how can she refuse?

Golden Tiger (The) - Radclyffe
Drew Clark -- martial arts master, army combat instructor, tormented warrior. Can her hidden wounds be healed by a student's love?

Golden Time of Day - Cherokee
It is a Post FIN (Alternative) story and centers on Gabrielle's life after Xena, her continued spiritual journey, and her quest to create a place for herself in the world. This story is heavy on Gabrielle with very little Xena in it.

Gone Fishin' - Rab Donald
Instead of a synopsis, we have reviews of the story-- "A poignant tale of love" - The Amphipolis Gazette. "Based on actual parchments...this early love story of Xena and Gabrielle is a real page-turner." - The Pyros Times. "An OK story but not nearly enough fish" - Angling Weekly

Goodbye, Again - Lariel
Following on from "Deja Vu All Over Again", Mattie and Harry talk about their future.

Grave Robber - Jane Fletcher
Corrine doesn't believe in ghosts. So what problem could there be with retrieving a box of treasure from a crypt?

Great Voice (The) - Cephalgia
A post Friend in Need piece in which the Warrior Princess is returned to the living by Gabrielle, Eve and a mysterious new Supreme Being. Xena and the bard must face off against a shape-shifting embodiment of ultimate evil. In the balance hangs the very survival of mankind and the future of the earth.

Greatest Gift (The) - Carrie Carr
Finally happily together, Kay and Randi have started their new lives. But will outer forces pull them apart, or bring them closer? Is love the Greatest Gift, or the biggest heartache? Sequel to Something to be Thankful For

Greetings from Reykjavik - Zuke
"Greetings from Reykjavik" takes place after the whirlwind summer romance of Jaz and Olivia. Is Olivia sane? Are nuts really necessary in chocolate chip cookies? Where the hell is Reykjavik anyway? These and many more questions are answered in this sequel to "Dear Booger"

Grind - Minerva
A day in the life of an exotic dancer, Willow takes an interesting turn when she meets a woman, Randi, she can't handle.

Growing Pains - Ri
As Veba and Rickie's relationship matures and deepens they are challenged by an assignment to protect a prize fighter from an enemy who knows him better then he knows himself.

Growing Up Together  - Ri
Veba and Rickie continue to grow in their relationship as they tackle their toughest case yet.

Guardian - Midgit
A young writer retreats to the countryside only to find herself pulled into an age old witch hunt.

Guardian Girls - Robert Chiclo
Taken from earth and left on what was supposed to be an inhabited planet, Gail Green thought she had plenty to do to keep her head and survive. Then she was mistaken for a Guardian. Apparently the Guardians were a legendary race that went around making sure war did not break out in the galaxy. Now she had two choices: Convince everyone she wasn't a Guardian; or live, the best she could, the life of a Guardian and hope she did not run into any of the real ones.

Guilt - Ali Vali
[Academy Halloween - 2002] Mordecai Sydney O'Shea, a young aggressive prosecutor in New Orleans, deals with evil on a daily basis. Sydney plays it by the rules - always, it's what's put her at the top of the prosecutorial heap in sin city. But what happens to that strict moral code when evil comes to visit the people she loves? Can she turn her back on the law that she lives her life by? Only the women in Sydney's life have the answer to that question of Guilt in the Twilight Zone.

Gun Shy - Lori Lake
Summary Pending

Habáname - Ana Ortiz
An unconventional doctor travels to the controversial island of Cuba to help solve a mysterious epidemic of blindness (based on true events in the early 1990s) where she meets an unconventional sex worker. Against the backdrop of a crumbling Havana that hasn't lost its heart, they have to decide where to place their loyalties.

Half Moon Before & Two Summers After - Portia Richardson
Xena and Gabrielle are with the Amazons for an Initiation ceremony when Gabrielle sees a woman who looks exactly like an old friend from Poteidaia. She is reminded of a time just prior to meeting Xena and how her life suddenly changed. This is a Xena and Gabrielle "first time" story and takes place between Seasons 2 and 3. NC-17.

Hall of Killers - Ri 
Amanda gets a dream job her interview with the manger went well and she was very excited to start. She changed her mind quickly when she found out where she was to work in the Hall of Killers.

Hallmark Moment? (A) - Emily Duncan
A poem about all the exquisitely glorious nuances of love.

Halloween Memories - Jenah
Samantha and Tina from 'Our Reunion' recall past Halloweens.

Halloween to Remember (A) - Tara Kerry
A young news anchor is invited to a halloween party in which guests must traverse a maze.

Hammer and Nails - Lucid
This story is about a construction worker named Bernadette and a surf shop owner named Jump who meet when Jump dates Bernadette's brother.

Happy Anniversary - Emyster and Okie
Join Abby and Lucinda as they celebrate a special anniversary with a very special surprise. PWP.

Happy Ever After - Lena
Post FIN

Harvest - G.E. Birch
Set in the mid-west The Harvest is the story of 2 women (Carolyn and Elise) whose lives connect in a seemingly random way. After Carolyn's maiden aunt passes away, leaving the farm to her, Carolyn finds herself unexpectedly plunked in the mid-west. There - urban out lesbian meets an isolated asexual farmer. As the two women are drawn together each struggles with her own past to come together in the present to harvest desire.

Hate Storm - BluDreamscape
A woman learns to live again.

Have a Disney Day - UncagedAmazon
Short and silly story of a girl looking for her crush who happens to be Disney's Cinderella. She finds her and a whole lot more in the tunnels underneath the Magic Kingdom's Castle .

Have We Met Before On This Halloween Night - Pat Winterburn
It's Halloween night and the girls are going out to a party for the hospital's annual charity banquet. Except this year our four friends encounter some ghosts from the "roaring 20's", making this year a blast from the past.

Hawkeye's Trip - Ri
[Mash Crossover]
Hawkeye wakes up after he is injured to find that he is not in Kansas anymore. When he looks into compassionate Ice blue eyes and sees the ancient clothes he sure he has gone over the rainbow.

Hawkrun Chronicals - Skippy

Welcome Home - Skippy
It is a story about a woman who returns to the small town in which she was born. The woman's name is Maggie, the town is Hawk Run, Ohio, and in the course of the story love blossoms, murder is done, and Maggie finds a place where she belongs. I think it is a funny and an interesting story. and I do hope that you will want to read it.

Healing Journey (The) - Simahoyo
Xena learns that Gabrielle's world is dangerous for the uninitiated too.

Heart's Desire - Idryth
When danger threatens the land of Rhyllen, two childhood friends must face heartache and peril to obtain the greatest prize of all.

Heart of a Leopard - Verrath
The story of an unlikely friendship set amidst the harsh beauty and unforgiving cruelty of the wild jungle. Men have come there intent on hunting for leopards. Raised among those men since she was a kitten, Ginelle is innocent in the ways of the jungle but she senses that they plan on using her as bait to draw in the male leopards nearby and it's a plan she does not want to be a part of. Unbeknownst to the hunters, they are themselves being hunted by a dark, prowling, living nightmare whose hatred of man is perhaps second only to her hatred for the pampered slave cats they keep.

Heart of the Matter - Cephalgia
Crystal O'Brien and her son become the subjects of nurse Lauren Cook's Master's thesis. The boy's serious heart defect is the subject, but it just might be Crystal's heart that is affected in the end.

Hearts and Flowers Border - fingersmith
A visitor from her past jolts Laura Stewart into memories �þ some funny �þ some heart wrenching �þ but she needs to deal with all of them before she can open the door to allow her past to shape her future.

A story starting in the present day, narrated by a woman who needs to retell her past before she can move on with her future. There is no fantastic underlying plot, just a simple retelling of events leading to the present day. Most of us will recognise the uncertainty of youth and the first flush of love.

Heat Wave - Trish Shields
[Mel&Janice] Summary Pending

Heaven in Her Face - Nene Adams
In this Regency romance set in 1816, highly impressionable Emma is awash with romantic feelings for the divine Marianne Pye. Her brother wagers that Emma can't remain true for a full month as she is notoriously in and out of adulation. When Marianne must accompany her mother to the aid of an ailing relative, Emma comes into contact with Marianne's more staid sister, Penelope. Reluctantly, Emma finds herself slowly drawn to Penelope and learns that she has many strengths worth admiring.

Hell for Pastime Series - Nene Adams

1. Hell for Pastime - Captain Anne Bonney, commander of the submarine USS Sabre, is on a collision course with CIA's top wet ops agent, Amelia Emerson, as they race to stop a madman's mission under the sea. Along for the ride is Rohan Tarnach, a shipwreck survivor with a taste for adventure.
2. Dead in the Water - Capt. Anne Bonney and CIA Agent Amelia Emerson team up again on a classified mission in a race against time and neo- nazis to find a lost U-boat with such deep, dark secrets that may change the course of history as well as be the death of Rohan Tarnach.

Hell on High Heels - Carrie's AJ
A woman lusting after a beauty ... will they come together?

Hellcat Western series - Barbara Davies

In Contention - Deputy Zee Brodie's task seemed simple enough: to escort her prisoner onto the Yuma train. Then she met Miss Christie Hayes, and things got a little more complicated ...
A Prior Engagement In the sequel to In Contention, Deputy Zee Brodie comes back to Contention with more than retrieving her horses on her mind ...
Silver Lining - A train robbery interrupts Zee and Christie's attempt to get better acquainted. Sequel to A Prior Engagement.
Stage to Phoenix - When Zee and Christie take the stagecoach to Phoenix for an impromptu honeymoon, the journey turns out to be more exciting than they had anticipated. Sequel to Silver Lining.
Home Sweet Home - The fifth story in the Hellcat series. Zee and Christie move into their new home in Benson, but, as usual, things don't go quite as planned.
In-Laws for an Outlaw (aka The Hellcat and the Chivaree)- The final story in the Hellcat series. (Sequel to Home Sweet Home). Zee decides to help Christie mend fences with her brother Blue, but asusual, things turn out to be more complicated than she expected.

Her Blade - JenX
After a battle, Xena and Gabrielle have some difficult emotions to work on. This is PWP (Plot? What Plot?) in which the women find comfort in each other's arms.

Her Majesty's a Pretty Nice Girl - Vivian Darkbloom
Claire is crazy. Ruth is crazier. Can their love surpass the challenges posed by obtuse law officials, commitment phobia, enraged parents, flat champagne, and the ultimate April Fool's joke?

Her Majesty's Pleasure - Cephalgia
Follow up to the stories The British Invasion and Body English. It continues and concludes Holly and Gina's story.

Her Sole Desire - BS Raven
Catskill's Sheriff Kate McGuinness has exiled love from her life forever, but 'forever' ends late one summer when Dr. Carling Reed arrives to do forensics pathology work on two unsolved crimes, and defiantly walks through Kate's heart's door, a heart with walls, memories and secrets. Together, they're an unlikely team, but their meeting was fate. Fate when an older woman's feelings for a younger one are the results achieved by the process of discovering one's sole desire. Kate goes through some light inner conflicts involving her personal self-discovery issues, including age difference, a previous love, and Carling's job challenges. The happy ending story has a few doses of humor, some of the younger woman's dreamscapes and a couple of mysteries. It is a story where the two women's union becomes ecstasy! Or does it?

Here Comes The Sun (was Fire & Ice) (now known as First Light) - D
Nia is the manager of Fire and Ice, a bar in the centre of Manchester, England, and is finding the shady undercurrents that come with her job a little too much to handle. Into her life walks Jake, a dark, imposing figure who seems to promise her the protection she needs, and perhaps a great deal more. But Nia is to find out that things aren't always the way they appear...

Heaven & Hell series - Minerva

Heaven Can WaitSee both sides of infidelity, finding forgiveness, and self in this two story arc.
Hell is Here - 2nd part and the conclusion of the series

Here With Me - X2
Two proud coaches find each other in this medium length piece of fanfic.

Hero Within (A) - MyOsage
Together for ten years, Xena and Gabrielle enjoy a rich, fulfilling life. Can an evil rogue amazon seeking revenge shatter their utopia?

Hidden Desires - Vertigo
Summary pending...

Higher Power (A) - Mavis Applewater
A Valentine's Day story

Hiker (The) - Fritz
This is a little romantic tale, with a few complications along the way. The owner of a country inn is intrigued with her mysterious guest, and she decides to explore those feelings. Are these two willing to face the risks inherent in searching for true love?

Hippie and The Punk (The) - An ber Story - Monkey
summary pending

Hitchhiker (The) - Anais
In a sequel to "Make A Wish", this time Jess and Andi decide to take a vacation on Halloween. Only their plans hit a bump in the road.

Holiday Havoc - Anon2
The extended version of 'Holiday Havoc'...

Home - DS Bauden
Meet Kelly Cavanaugh and Susan McGovern. Kelly is a Regional Manager for Saks, a posh chain of clothing stores. Susan, formerly homeless due to her prejudiced parents, is now working for ForOthers, Inc. a company helping others like herself and others still living in the streets. It’s the tender story of two women fighting internal battles of abandonment, loss and love. You continually pass by people who may or may not enter your life. What if the person you are destined to love, sits on the very corner you pass everyday?

Home Again - Kim Pritkel
Xena and Gabrielle are struggling with their feelings for each other as they head back to visit Xena's mom in Amphipolis. Will a surprising outsider help them to see what Cyrene sees plain as day?

Home Fires - Christine "Roo" Toups
This story takes place six months after the episode Xena Scrolls. Mel has left Janice with a terse "Dear John" letter and the good Dr. Covington has gone in search of a damned good explanation.

Home Front - LZClotho
Rating: R. Home isn't easy as Janice tries to land a job and Melinda finds she's not fitting in perfectly anymore as a danger from Europe follows them to Raleigh. Sequel to Going Home

Home for Christmas - Insane Englishwoman 
I wrote the original version for the academy contest last christmas, it was my first ever submitted work, but I rushed the ending a bit and it didn't really go where I wanted it to go. So I rewrote it.

Homes Don't Really Exist- RG Heller
A bartender named Kel tells about running into an old neighbor who is back in town due to unfortunate circumstances.

Homestretch - Girlbard
A racehorse trainer and jockey form an unlikely partnership down the road to the Triple Crown

Honeymoon - Lena
Don't read at work. It is very NC17. Afterall, it is their honeymoon.

Honor Series - Radclyffe
Above All Honor - Assigned to guard the President's daughter, a secret service agent finds duty warring with desire.
Honor Bound - Secret Service Agent Cameron Roberts and Blair Powell, the President's daughter, return in the sequel to Above All, Honor. Against Blair's wishes, Cameron accepts reassignment as the chief of the security detail assigned to guard her. Amidst political intrigue and a menacing threat to Blair's safety, these two unusual women struggle to find their way back to one another. Can love survive when fate seems destined to stand between them?
Love and Honor - In this third book of the "Honor" series, Blair Powell, the President's daughter, and Cameron Roberts, the commander of her Secret Service detail, return amidst a climate of international turmoil and political unrest. The two women find their love and Cam's career on the line as they become the center of intense media scrutiny and a clandestine plot to destroy the President.

Hope's Path - Carrie Carr
Destiny brought them together, now Lex and Amanda follow a rocky path to their future, with hope in their hearts for a life full of happiness for themselves and their loved ones.

Hostage (The) - BL Miller
Thanks to the petty games of the gods, Xena loses all memory of her time with Gabrielle and believes herself to still be the ruthless "Destroyer of Nations" that once terrorized Greece. Now she has the Queen of the Amazons as a hostage in her bid to rebuild her army. Only Gabrielle's love and bardic tongue can keep Xena alive after the Amazons demand justice. Side note:? The fanfic indexes consider it a novella. Don't try to read it all in one sitting.

Houdini's Box - Girl Bard
This story is the continuation of the story of two strangers that have met, fallen in love, formed a friendship that can withstand just about anything, and may or may not live happily ever after. And not necessarily in that order. Sequel to "I Know This Bar."

House of Lao - Xena's Little Bitch
Travel to an alternate timeline where Xena and Borias stayed in Chin and ruled it with Lao Ma. Needless to say, Gabrielle shows up eventually, and nature takes it's course.

House on Sandstone - KG MacGregor  
Twenty-five years ago, Carly Griffin left Leland, Kentucky, sure that it held nothing for her future. Now weary of livin overseas on one consulting project after another, she's glad to have two months back in Leland to relax with her aging parents. What she didn't count on was running into Justine Hall again, an old friend of hers, who was now divorced and walking a fine line between sanity and hell. But Carly's biggest surprise was Leland itself.

How Am I Suppose to Live Without You - Paully Adams
Joxer gets an invitation to a special wedding which causes him to deal with his feelings about Gabrielle.

How Do You Mend A Broken Heart - Ali Vali
Do you remember your first love? Harry Basantes did. She remembered with vivid clarity the way young love could break your heart leaving you empty inside. Would seeing the object of her pain and desire sixteen years later drive Harry to forgiveness, or would it be her turn to walk away without explanations? Only one way to find out.

How Hard Can It Be? - DJ Belt
On a visit to Amphipolis, Gabrielle forces Xena to confront the two demons she fears most: explaining to her mother exactly what the relationship between her and Gabrielle is, and working for an evening in her mom's tavern. As the evening degenerates into one hilarious fiasco after another, Xena learns a newfound respect for her mother, and Gabrielle gets in touch with her 'dark side' as she discovers the answer to her question about tavern-keeping: "How hard can it be?"

How to Celebrate Solstice in the Appropriate Manor - Alexiares
Two women must endure the idiosyncrasies of their relatives at a holiday dinner.

Hubris of Champions - Xena's Little Bitch
It's just after "Motherhood," and Xena's acting out. Gabrielle and Eve chat about morality and the 5th season in an effort to get her to communicate with them.

Human - Silence
A story about Xena being human.

Human Interest - Cephalgia
Journalist Cass Kendall has met her soulmate. She discovers that true love can be the greatest and worst thing in her life as she ponders her own fate.

Human Interest 2 - Recovery - Cephalgia
This is the sequel to Human Interest. Cass Kendall has survived a traumatic time in her life, but now she needs to learn how to live again

Hunger in the Night - Allyson Heisey
Bacchus is dead. Or is he? Having the last laugh, he throws Xena and Gabrielle into a future timeline, where they must use their intelligence and skills to survive. Once again, as the fates would have it, the two women meet and outwit Bacchus for good. A tribute to "The Hunger" 1983, Starring David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve, and Susan Sarandon A classic fiction that takes place after Season 6 (Post Finale).

Hunt Safely - Jules Kurre
A vacationing hunter discovers a new kind of prey.

Hunting Season - Helen Smith
North America, 2050. Ariel Pedersen, controversial prize winning author, has survived one assassination attempt, thanks to her lover, security consultant Quinn Thanatos. But in a world where guns have proliferated, public executions are commonplace and Christianity has migrated far afield from what it's founder intended, writers who speak their minds on thorny issues must be prepared to pay the price. Someone wants Ariel dead, and Quinn is determined to catch the would-be killer before the unthinkable happens.

Hypatia's Shadow - AH-Ladis
In a former High Priestess's wake, dire doings abound in the Vestal Virgin's secluded cloister. A new, non-X&G, original fiction after a very long hiatus.

I'm Only Human - Ri
On her Birthday Pru is given a magical amulet that could make all her dreams come true.

I Can't Do This Alone - Kamouraskan
A short story that tells what happens when you really have the opportunity to listen....

I Did Not Die - Amber Andersen
A young woman, Abbi Sheever, writes letters to a nameless individual as she stays in a mental institution, and remembers her relationship with her lover, Claire.

I Drove All Night - KatharosXG
As their anniversary approaches, Erika and Megan have a fight just as Erika is leaving for yet another business trip. Read how they spend their time apart and how their thoughts invariably travel to one another.

I Found My Heart in San Francisco - S. X. Meagher

  Book One: Awakenings
Join Jamie and Ryan on the beginning of what promises to be a long and very exciting new series. S. X. Meagher is definitely a new name to look out for!
  Book Two: Beginnings
Jamie and Ryan go forward in their relationship and get ready for the fast approaching AIDS Ride
  Book Three: Coalescence
Jamie and Ryan are on their honeymoon at Jamie's grand Pebble Beach house. Our gals work through issues that put a strain on their relationship, as well as spending lots of time in the horizontal position.
  Book Four: Disclosures
Summary Pending
  Book Five: Entwined
SX continues following the lives of Jamie Evans and Ryan O'Flaherty told in her wonderfully unique descriptive style.
  A Christmas Vignette
Summary Pending
  Book Six: Fidelity
Summary Pending
  Book Seven : Getaway
Jamie, Ryan, Catherine and Caitlin spend a few days at Disneyland. Mother and daughter discover their true feelings towards one another.
  Book Eight : Honesty
Summary Pending
  Book Nine : Intentions
Summary Pending
  Book Ten : Journeys
Summary Pending
  Book Eleven: Karma
SUmmary Pending
  Book Twelve: Lifeline
Jamie & Ryan attempt to deal with their recent trauma.
  Book Thirteen: Monogomy
This is the halfway point of the wonderful books detailing the lives, love, and passion of Ryan and Jamie and their friends and families.
  Book Fourteen: Nurture
It's been 3 months since the trauma of Karma, and both Jamie and Ryan would love nothing better that to return to the halcyon days before their lives were turned upside down. But, the return to normalcy isn't as easily obtained as they'd wish

If Only in My Dreams - Zuke 
While Major Briana Richardson waits to go home for the holidays, she remembers Christmases past.

I've Never - DS Bauden
The sequel to Ready for Take Off

I Know This Bar - Girlbard
Two strangers meet, fall in love, form a friendship that can withstand just about anything, and may or may not live happily ever after. And not necessarily in that order.

I Never Knew - KG MacGregor
Mel and Janice iron out the terms of their new partnership and return to New York to show off their find: the Xena Scrolls. Now with their wings clipped by the war in Europe, they find adventure on a different front.

I Propose - t.e.brehm
Gabrielle is having a hard time trying to propose marriage to Xena...she gets by with a little help from a friend.

I Try - Amity
Set before 'Ides of March', Ephiny finds her lover dead at the hands of Roman soldiers. A short vignette of loss and acceptance.

I Will Remember - Claire Withercross
An old woman reminisces about an old friend.

I Won't Be the One to Let Go - Irish
A Post-FIN story that involves a test of faith, new friends, old friends and enemies. It's time for Xena to come back, but can Gabrielle and friends pull it off.

Icing On The Cake - Mavis Applewater 
A pastry chef does a little decorating on a client. 

Ignorance is Bliss - Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson
Dash is a very unusual turtle. Not only is she very dangerous to any and all male turtles in the vicinity, but she tries to give her human friends some dating advice... it really isn't her fault that humans keep forgetting the important parts, is it?

If the Tights Fit - Mr Valentine
The superheroes of Hellenic City find themselves face to face with a new villain. Who is the mysterious Conqueror? What are her evil plans? Why do sidekicks have such godawful names? Why do fools fall in love? None of these questions will be answered in this exciting adventure!

If You're Gone - Xenickz
Beth and Cole - childhood friends and soul-mates. A realistic view of how life can tear at the very fabric of a relationship. Can they find their way back to one another?

Imagery - J.W. Heart
A short, very short, piece of hopefully artistic PWP. You have two women, a storm and toss in a couple of gods and there you have it.

Images - Wakar
Janice remembers the first time she saw Mel.

Immortality & Greek Wizardry - Patricia Winterburn

Part 1 Immortality & Greek Wizardry - Patricia Winterburn
This story is a what would happen to Xena and Gabrielle, if they were stuck in the 21st century after Send in The Clones.This is also what happens when your really bored at work and your obsession, fantasy and insanity start to become a reality
Part 4 Gabrielle & the Owl - Pat Winterburn
It seems Gabrielle and the wizard are sharing the same nightmare. After missing for 400 hundred years, a small snowy owl returns to bring Tapesus into the one realm that brings death and destruction to Gabrielle and her Amazon nation. Will the wizard have to sacrifice Xena's life in exchange for Gabrielle's?

Imperfect Past - Jessica Casavant
Detective Jamie Saunders always held on to hope: hope that she could find missing children; hope that she would be able to be the protector she had been sworn to be; hope that she could find the predators that lived in her city. But this new case made it difficult to believe in hope; they only made her believe in hate. Imperfect Past is the third in the Boston friends' series by the author of Twist of Fate and Walking Wounded.

Imperfectly - BardBQue
Re-vamped and completed, the story of two young women who meet in a painting class and fall, reluctantly and imperfectly, in love.

Importance of Being Ordinary (The) - Evelyn C
Appreciating an ordinary day.

Impulse - Mezzo
Friends since childhood, Victoria Hull and Brett Montgomery share a bond that has always existed. Though the confusion of adolescents tears them apart, their love for one another cannot be denied. Impulse is a continuing story of two friends building a life, sustaining love that will carry them through the happiest of moments and the most trying of times.

Book 1 (Impulse) After All Is Said - Mezzo
Book 2 (Impulse) It's Just the Beginning - Mezzo
Book 3 (Impulse) Full Steam Ahead - Mezzo
Book 4 (Impulse) Moving On - Mezzo  

In All The Empty Places - Janneen Brownell
This is about two women who rediscover each other. Two years ago Victoria lost Alec because of a past Alec couldn't or wouldn't explain. Fate brings them back together and once Victoria learns the truth, she has to decide if they can have a future together.

In Her Image - Emily Reed 
Summary pending...

In Her Wisdom - Irish
Two women, both alone in their own way, meet on a cruise and develop the beginnings of friendship. Someone tries to keep them apart forcing one to look beyond the facts and instead believe what's in her heart.

In The Blink of An Eye - Carrie Carr
A Halloween short story. Randi Meyers returns to her home town to attend the funeral of her namesake, an uncle she barely remembers. With the help of a new acquaintance, she finds more than she bargained for - perhaps something that's been missing for her entire life.

In the Heart of the Siege - Kamouraskan
Sometime in the second season, Xena is captured, and Gabrielle finds herself forced to take desperate measures or be caught between three opposing armies, Ares, and even a reluctant Xena herself. My attempt to see how far Xena and Gabrielle would go for a still unspoken love.

In the Kingdom of Horses - Mary Morgan 
Xena and Gabrielle answer a summons concerning a ruthless episode from the former warlord's past. Driven by her guilt to attempt to resolve dire consequences for which she feels responsible, Xena finds that not only is the survival of the Kingdom of Horses at stake, but her own and Gabrielle's destiny as well. (This story won a Swollen Bud award.)

In The Name Of Love - Claire Withercross
Xena's word is her bond, and when she vows to kill an enemy the next time they meet, she means it. But that was before she met Gabrielle. Now, after turning away from her evil past a reformed Xena and her former enemy meet. Will Xena keep her word? She wants to, and she's not alone in that wish. But the outcome of keeping her word could have far reaching consequences.

In Transit - SB Zarben
A short little interlude with Janus and Barker, serving as a bridge between Amicus Humani Generis and the soon to be written sequel.

In Your Court - Cephalgia
Summary Pending

Indiscretions - Cruise

  Prequel : Provenance - Cruise
An attractive Secret Service Agent encounters a blonde haired, green-eyed up and coming actress while on assignment protecting a Senator, who also happens to be the actress‚ father. There‚s an instant attraction between the two women, but Rayne Donovan is reluctant to go out with the persistent actress, Lark Morgan. She‚s fighting feelings from her past and is not sure she wants to go down that road again. Lark sees what she wants, Rayne, and refuses to accept Rayne‚s rebuttals of a date. She sees a spark of hope in the women‚s piercing blue eyes and won‚t give up so easily. Will Rayne put her feelings aside and take a chance on love again by agreeing to a date with the alluring beauty?
  Indiscretions - Cruise
Secret Service Agent Rayne Donovan reluctantly accepts an assignment she knows she will regret later on, but can‚t walk away from it. A life is at stake and the tall, raven-haired agent is forced to protect a popular celebrity, Lark Morgan who happens to be a former lover. The attractive blonde actress is happy to have her former lover back in her life, but Rayne isn‚t pleased at all by the woman who betrayed her as well as her heart months ago. The sparks fly with these two women when they are forced to come to terms with their feelings of anger, denial, betrayal, and love for each other
  Sequel : Ab Initio - Cruise
The truth of Lark's previous Indiscretion is revealed and Rayne frantically tries to meet up with her before she leaves for Greece, but misses the plane. Lark arrives in Greece alone, thinking that Raynes answer of forgiving her is no, but little does she know that Rayne is on her way there. Lark is hurt and relieved to find out that she wasn't unfaithful to Rayne. The pair share a loving, tearful reunion and Rayne has a surprise for Lark regarding their future together that she reveals in a very special and romantic place in Greece. Will Lark respond to that surprise positively and will these two lovers be able to fulfill their dreams, together?

Infidelity - Warriorjudge
Perdicus wasn't killed by Callisto. After one year of marriage, Xena comes to pay a visit to Gabrielle.

Infinite Possibilities - Cate Swannell
This is a Xena: Warrior Princess/Star Trek: Voyager crossover yarn. Captain Janeway and her crew belong to Paramount and their use here is not intended for profit. They're just visiting me for a bit. Xena and Gabrielle, who belong to RenPics and Studios USA, among others, don't actually make an appearance here, but two women who bear a physical resemblance to them do. Cass and Lis belong to me, but their use is not intended for profit either. This is just a bit of fun.

Initiation - nyrdgyrl
It’s trial day and everything is on the line in the ancient battle between DuMarquette and Kenner. Will Shayna's love carry her through to victory, or will she be destroyed by the demands of her quest?

Innocent Heart (An) - Heike Freudenmann and G. S. Binkley
"An Innocent Heart" is about a woman's disillusioned quest for love. After giving her heart to another ten years earlier, Robin Hart decided to shun love forever. But an unexpected reunion with an old friend tests her resolve and gives hope to the beautiful Kim Patakas who has troubles of her own. When Robin intercedes between Kim and her boyfriend, the young woman tries one more time to find the key to her true love's heart. Both Robin and Kim have to search within, melting away the layers of insecurities and doubts that they will only be able to do with each other as they pursue their own quest for love.

Innocent Hearts - Radclyffe
In 1860's Montana Territory, Kate Beecher, a young woman from Boston, faces the hardships and hard choices of life on the frontier. Jessie Forbes, a fiercely independent rancher, finds in Kate a passion she never dared dream. This is the story of their struggle to love in a land, and time, as cruel as it was beautiful.

Inside Out (The) - LA Tucker
Sequel to the Uber, The Light Fantastic. Will be updated weekly, in parts. Chloe, Sara, Marcy and a cast of oddball characters the author has trouble keeping track of return to wreak mayhem in the small lakeside town of Stonecreek, PA. Now it's an insufferably hot summer, the golf course is struggling, and Sara and Chloe are getting on each other's last nerves. Screwball romance always goes bump in the night, and day, in Stonecreek.

Insight - Idryth
A random act of violence brings two women together. They allow their friendship to grow and become something neither knew they were looking for, in a tale of murder and mayhem.

Interlude - Beowolf
In parts this story is physically PAINFUL to read is also very well written - offering a different perspective on the events which took place during and immediately after the episode RETURN OF CALLISTO. Beginning just after Gabrielle's marriage to Perdicus, it is based on the premise that Callisto did not succeed in killing the man on the day after his marriage. In this story Xena saves the one-time farmer and soon finds herself in a living Tartarus - traveling with BOTH Gabrielle and the bard's husband - desperately trying to keep her feelings for the young woman hidden while searching for a way to separate their lives forever. Gabrielle soon recognizes in her own heart the feelings reflected back at her from pale blue eyes only now vows to another stand in the way, vows which may keep her from grasping the happiness that has been within her reach all along. Emotionally gripping, this story is going to make you thank the gods for Callisto >:) 10/22/97

Interwoven - Stacia Seaman
A Vigenette in which Xena looks after a very tired Gabrielle.

Intimate Strangers - The Flophouse
Summary Pending

Into The Dark - Sharon Smith
Summary Pending

Into the Flame - tchase
This is a PWP story where an instant messaging session turns into something more.

Invading My Dreams - Ri
For Kate the force was her life till she answered a domestic dispute case. She went to a neighbor to interview them and was greeted by a woman who had haunted her dreams. How will she be able to balance this new discovery with the life she had created?

Invitation to Egypt - My Osage
When the Queen of Egypt offers the Amazon Queen an invitation to Egypt, Gabrielle finds her place in history and Xena finds that she is more than one queen's object of desire.

Iowa - Xenalicious
A blonde Texan doctor drives out to Iowa in order to avoid an impeding mental breakdown and there comes across a tall, dark-haired stranger on a horse.

Iron Rose Bleeding - Anne Azel
A spunky archivist is drawn into the activities of a mysterious organization that records and sells knowledge. Courtney is drawn into a web of deception by her attraction to the beautiful and powerful Tyler Alexander Punga -Tap- she soon finds herself caught up in exploding events that will change her life and that of the world forever. Partly futuristic, partly mystery, and all romance, this story takes you on an exciting and thought provoking ride.

Irresistible Flame (The) - DJWP
An evil sorceress bent on revenge, steals Gabrielle's infant soul thereby altering Xena's fate. Trapped in the future, Gabrielle is irresistably drawn into a dream world where she meets the warlord Xena and is continually drawn back to aid her.

Isabelle - Dee
This is a hurt/comfort story about two remarkable women, whose lives inspired the author to retell what has been learned about them for a broader audience.It does deal with a difficult issue, breast cancer, but also of a transcending love.

Island of Beasts (The) - Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson
The Island of Dr Moreau, über version. Mike has reached absolute rock bottom in her life when she's brought ashore on the small island that would be the focus of her nightmares, and what she finds might just turn her life around.

It All Began With A Trout - Alexiares
A look at Xena and Gabrielle, from an outsider who isn't carrying a 747 worth of baggage. Weaponmaster Thraso has a quicker mind and wit than most would expect, and some difficulty walking in a straight line without tripping. The trip to her home village leads to some surprising results, and a rousing game of 'Slap Your Neighbour.'

It Continued With A Skunk (And) - Alexiares
The hilarious squel to It All Began With a Trout!

It's Nice to Dream - Sophie 
A young Gabrielle dreams about adventure.

It's Our Anniversary (A Noem Vignette) - Katia N. Ruiz 
The women celebrate their anniversary.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Xena and Gabrielle - Pat Winterburn
This is a first attempt at a children's bedtime story. It's also Hallowe'en, and it seems some old friends of ours are concerned about a certain little boy.

It's the Single Life Wouldn't Buy - S. Berry
Summary Pending

Jack, the Seduction of Carol - Erin O'Rielly 
Standing here in the back of the very auditorium where I first saw her I can still hear her voice. Every fiber of my being screamed out as I listened to her speech and when I saw her I knew I had come home. I understand that you are wondering why I didn t make Carol my own and bed her. Hmm...I think you need to know more about me before I answer that question. need to understand everything...

Jamie James - Arkonia
Can a rock idol find love and happiness after a tragic accident destroys her life? Will she ever stop running and listen to her angel?

Joke (The) - Anais
A short story.

Joke's On You (The) - Tara Kerry
Summary Pending

Journeys Series- Anne Azel
Travel the world in search of love.

A story of an ancient, proud land and two women on a journey to love.
Two strong-minded and adventurous women struggle to rekindle a lost love against the majestic background of wild Africa. Can these two find the spark to set their hearts on fire or will the dangerous politics and social pressures of today's Africa tear them apart once again?
  South Africa
Cultures and worldviews collide against a background breathtakingly beautiful.
  An Artic Story
An ice cold background and a red hot love collide.
  A Christmas Story
A street kid is touched by the courage and faith of another.

Judgement - Kamouraskan
As a Montrealer and a human being involved all my adult life in rights organizations, the 10th anniversary of the Politechnic Massacre was extremely painful. There were still commentators willing to call it the act of a nut without any political reflections. Then I read the latest crime statistics for Quebec. Over half the deaths in the province involved the killing of women and children by their ex's. This piece was written in very cold anger after many tears. It was supposed to ask: What will it take?

Judy - Unnamed Bard
A story of Remembrance

Just An Ordinary Day - Scout
The perils of ordinary life are brought home to Xena when Gabrielle is nearly drowned.

Just Business As Unusual - Bluedragon
This is the story of a lovely lady who was busy sorry wrong story this is the tale of how the past can change the life of ....maybe I should add heroic symphonic music before saying that. ok, how's this...this is the story of how a routine business trip became anything but business as usual for one woman and how that weekend changed her life.

Just Do It - K. Lee
It's about a woman just having a rough day.

Just Like Jesse James - Amanda Calkins  
When Jesse James hears a rumor that her old flame is in a near by town she finds the love she has been searching for for six years has changed very dramatically, but then again so has she, the question now is, will it work?

Just Like Old Times - Carrie Carr
Delaney is wondering why she let her lover Gib leave over what now seems to be petty things. Can they get back together?

Just Maybe - Rab

A Valentine's story

Just My Luck - Warrior Nutcase
Set in the neon-soaked casinos of Nevada, where lady luck reigns with a warped sense of humor. A story to prove that sometimes you have to lose a little to win big.?

Just One of those Things - Mavis Applewater
An unexpected business trip and a chance encounter turns Olivia's world upside down.

Just One Perfect Weekend - Asgard
Hayden has been secretly attracted to her beautiful, straight friend Kelly since they first met. She is heading over to watch movies with Kelly while Kelly's kids are away for the weekend. For Hayden it may turn into one perfect weekend. Well, a girl can dream can't she?

Just Your Extraordinary Christmas... - Miri
Two women celebrate the holiday season.

Justice Series - Radclyffe

1. Shield of Justice
While a serial rapist terrorizes the city, Rebecca Frye, the detective sworn to stop him, must learn to trust a woman who awakens her long buried needs. Dr. Catherine Rawlings becomes her reluctant aide, and together they find themselves caught between loyalty and love.
2. In Pursuit of Justice
Detective Sergeant Rebecca Frye and Doctor Catherine Rawlings return in the sequel to Shield of Justice. Rebecca's obsession with finding her partner's killer and her involvement in a multi-jurisdictional investigation of an international child pornography ring threaten both her life, her career, and her new relationship.

Justice Deferred - Alex P
Cam Brusard was the stuff of jailhouse legends. She was a loner from day one, avoiding any affiliation with the gangs that flourished in the prison environment. She earned her respect the hard way, by taking down one of the most dangerous women when she was first incarcerated. Physically, she was an impressive 6'1" in her sock feet, with a narrow waist and broad shoulders. Sculptured muscles that a body builder would envy, she had earned them after spending hours on the free weights in the prison gym... So, what could possibly cause a woman of ice to melt? Cam never let anyone get close to her heart... no one that is until Cheryl Killian.

Kara's Moon - Gerri Hill  
Ginny Harrison wasn't ready for marriage so she left Seattle and Phil behind to live with her grandmother in the Wenatchee mountains of Washington, hoping to figure out what was missing in her relationship with Phil. There, she meets up-and-coming artist Kara Morgan, who is renting a cabin for the summer. An unlikely friendship develops between the two. Kara, a loner by nature, intends to spend the summer sketching and painting. Instead, she finds herself increasingly attracted to the younger woman. Ginny, too, is drawn to the quiet artist and finds her thoughts moving in an entirely different direction than friendship. She finally finds what's been missing in her life.

Keeper of my Soul (The) - Alex P
Due to the natures of their callings Xena and Gabrielle are forced to separate for a while to take care of pressing duties. They agree to meet in a minor river port called Ciros in a few weeks. Gabrielle arrives first and is taken by marauders. This is not only the story of a rescue but the handling of it's aftermath that threatens to destroy the relationship that has survived the interference of human prejudice and even Gods.

Kendal - Claudette Dillard
The story of two women, Kendal and Nicole, who meet under trying circumstances. The do the usual relationship dances during their courtship with a slight twist since Kendal is pregnant.

Key (The) - Patty Schramm
Valentine's Day story

Key (The) - Emyster
Waking up can be a pleasure.

Kicker's Heart - Lois C. Hart
Kicker is given the chance to overcome her family's poverty and becomes a stable hand at a young ladies Academy. She is sent to fetch the new teacher, Madelyn who is taken with Kicker's honesty and innocence. When the young master shows interest in the teacher, Kicker's heart begins to awaken to feelings she thought she would never have.

Kiddie Corral - Sheri B 
[Academy 101 Story Premise] The star and creator of a local kiddie show is about to get a new producer, one with whom she has a past.

King of the Beach - Cate Swannell
A former assassin turned pleasure boat captain who becomes enchanted by a senator's aide.

Kiss & Tell - Darkone
Gabrielle finally mentions the part (from "Comedy of Eros") about Joxer kissing her.

Kissing You - Paully Adams
Xena and Gabrielle's wedding day in Amazonia. Joxer gives a gift of song ot the couple. Another sappy, romantic piece of fluff.

Knew It Was You - Heartbrkn Bard
Summary Pending

Küssen Des Banditen - L. A. Tucker
A prelude in which Chloe and Marcy drive around through eerie neighborhoods on their way to a Halloween party.

Lad of Moss - S. Derkins
Based very loosely on an ancester captured in the Battle of Dunbar in 1650, comes a young lass named Alexia. Her family slaughtered by English raiders, she disguises herself as a man and joins the Scottish army.

Lady Knows When To Leave (The) - Temora
Ares offers Gabrielle the chance to be everything she's ever wanted to be in Xena's eyes. Has he finally chosen the right way to win her over?

Laguna Nights - Carole Giorgio
Alexis Dorian may have been born with a silver spoon in her beautiful mouth, but that doesn't guarantee success in her love life. Just as she is about to give up on the hope of ever finding her elusive soulmate, Samantha Riley materializes one summer's evening, right before her eyes, on her private beach in Laguna, California. The vivacious blonde catches the eye and then captures the heart of the solemn raven-haired executive. Drawn together by a force neither can explain, they follow their instincts, as their immortal souls reunite.

Language of Love - Shortbard
Can a modern day archaeologist and a warrior from ancient Greece establish a meaningful relationship when they don't even speak the same language? If the language is Love, anything is possible.

Last Battle - Simahoyo
Xena's last battle.

Last Conqueror (The) - Lariel & Kamouraskan
The Empire is crumbling and a struggle for power is about to begin. Dark forces are converging, and crucial choices have to be made. But which choice is the right one? And what difference can a streetsmart kid from Corinth and an insane prisoner make anyway, against forces which draw their power from the evil of the earth? Added the first two sections.

Last Episode (The) - Unni Wohlen
Xena's past finally catches up with her in this suggestion for last episode ever of XWP. Alternative (first time), short.

Last Hurrah (The) - JW Heart
Well after a long wait its finally here, the 4th and last installment to the Trace and Shannon series. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in to hear about Trace and her friends as well as a few new additions to the "family". This is a part of a series so it would probably be best if you started at the beginning with Summer of Need, Meanwhile Back at the Ranch and Winter of Discontent. Have fun and don't try this stuff at home.

Last Letter (The) - Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson
The tale of a female King, and how she had spent her life loving the woman her father arranged for her to marry, only to one day realize that her bride may never come to share those feelings.

Last Night - Lariel
Charlie and Emily are reunited after some time spent apart, and the two lovers spend the night together reliving their relationship. Will things ever be the same for them, when morning comes?

Last Night I Slept in a Dreamless Sleep - The Fallen
Mel makes arrangements for Janice's funeral and pays a visit to her lodgings. A follow-on story from And A Nightingale... and Who Was Going To Miss An Angel Or Two, Anyway?

Last Stop to the Thames - J. Gormley
In the depths of the London below the city many know and love, mischief and mayhem abound when an ambitious journalist meets a few interesting characters.

Last Train Home (The) - Advocate
Starting out in the slums of the Lower Eastside of Manhattan, The Last Train Home follows the adventures of Virginia Chisholm, a young factory worker, and Lindsay Killian a drifter who fills her days riding the rails, as they journey to reclaim Ginny's family. Thrown together by fate and tragedy, Lindsay and Ginny build a solid friendship strong enough to endure the trials of an impoverished existence in 1890's America and a quest from which neither one will back down. It's those same bonds that form the basis of a tender, and very unexpected, romance.

Lazy Loving Morning (A) - BL Miller
Think of The Show, Cards Anyone? and The Cloak. The title says it all. Be sure to order your Amazon Ice BEFORE you read. This was also my last XWP fanfic story.

Leader (The) - Storm
Xena, the Conqueror, rules in a very harsh way. A resistance movement tries to oppose her power, but one of the members is captured. Xena dares the leader of the resistance to surrender, to save the captive's life. And a blonde woman arrives at Xena's palace..

Leap (The) - Jane Fletcher
Rowena, Earl of Northwold, was not having a good day. The Queen's impossible demands were bringing civil war ever closer. It was Rowena's intention to keep Northwold out of it for as long as possible, however events were working against her. The last thing she needed was for the Queen's marshal to appear, bringing a prisoner who would stir up old memories and bring new problems.

Leather - S. Berry
It was a hot summer night. Love was in the air. Well, actually, it was cigarette smoke, but darn it, it's my story and I'll call it whatever I like. Two women meet. They dance - vertically *and* horizontally. And one is decked out head to toe in tight black leather - what more could you want?

Leather and Lace - Greek Warrior
After terrorists threaten a US Ambassador, Captain Chandler a member of an antiterrorist organization, is assigned to protect the Ambassador and his family. The Captain and Kris, the Ambassador's daughter, are attracted to each other. Can the two women, thrown together under less than ideal conditions survive the terrorists and Kris' family long enough to find love?

Leave A Light On - Darkone
A bitter-sweet tale that has Xena going against a warlord who once almost destroyed her and this time is determined to do so. The one thing helping the warrior to survive is the bard she knows is waiting for her and a love which can make all horrors go away. Well-written and very passionate. 7/21/97

Leave it to Chance - Dana L'Wood
summary pending

Lederhosen, French Toast and Telemarketing - dabkey
On a ski trip in the mountains of Colorado, a chance encounter with the Scott family changes Darcy Max's life forever, despite unpleasantness between Darcy and Kim Scott. Five years later find Darcy and the Scotts together again, with Darcy and Kim working to make amends for past misunderstandings.

Legacy (The) - Simahoyo
Gabrielle's unscrupulous cousin enlists Xena and Gabrielle's help to claim a family treasure.

Legacies - David Duncan
When Clark is exposed to a strange cosmic virus, can Xena, Gabrielle, Eve and the others get him a cure in time? (xover--Forever Knight, Andromeda, Mutant X and Smallville) (R)

Legacy of Britannia (The) - DJ Belt
In this third of a series of Mel/Jan stories (after The Tomb and The Tears of a Goddess), Mel and Jan travel to England, where they join their old friend Mack in a frantic search for Sallie, who has disappeared while excavating the subterranean chambers of an ancient castle. They soon find themselves embroiled in a titanic struggle between good and evil as they strive to solve the mystery of Sallie's disappearance and lay bare the hidden secrets of the ancient fortress---secrets which are astounding even to Janice and Mel, and which further confirm the truth of the Xena Legends to a skeptical world.

Legend of Ambrosia (The) - D.J. Belt 
In this seventh in a series, Mel and Jan reunite with their old friend Alais, go after the legend of ambrosia, and find themselves tangled in a web of ancient dangers as Jan discovers the final answer to a heartbreaking question that's plagued her for years.

Legend of Faith (The) - Mavis Applewater
What if Gabrielle had a second child by Dahak? Takes place post season five.

Lesser Evil (The) - Pam Wilson
The Lesser Evil continues the journey from A Simple Matter of Trust and takes place right before Endgame. You will find new characters as well as old. There are new battles to be fought, new demons to defeat, more questions answered and healing to be done, all under the shadow of Xena's disturbing visions of The Ides of March.

Letter to America - Emily Duncan
A rather dark piece that focuses on the feelings of a woman imprisoned in a refugee camp at a time of war. Warning - the imagery and language used, and the emotions expressed, are not pretty.

Letter to my Lover - S. Lee
*Do Not Read at Work*
Musings on a rainy night wishing my lover were with me. Is it written for anyone in particular or just a general lover? I'll let you make that conclusion.

Lexicon for the Sunday Morning Sleeper (A) - Vivian Darkbloom
The sequel to Narcoleptic. Kate chooses an unusual form in which to categorize her thoughts on a variety of topics, including the events of 9/11. The only problem is that every letter of the alphabet leads back to Danny.

Library (The) - Emyster 
A small story about the library...with some unusual studying going on.

Lie (The) - My Osage
A small tweak at the ending of Xena's season finale would have made all the difference….

Life Class - Littlespit
A school project turns into a life changing experience. Sometimes life comes and smacks you in the the best of ways!

Life's Little Edge - Roselle Graskey
Callan O'Malley is everything Terri Barclay knows she should be afraid of. O'Malley freelances as a gun runner for a biker gang and Terri is hiding her own secrets. Thrown together by circumstance they find their lives turned into a certain chaos.

Life's Twists and Turns - Gypsy and EpTalk
This Uber story is about a producer and his actress wife who's final season of a successful TV series is a major concern as season five concludes. It shows a compromise of how family pulls together and it show that three women on a mission, save the day (or capture their faces for all time). The story defines where the pictures of Xena and Gabrielle come from and they match up nicely with Gabrielle's scrolls by a story-arc of a new character named Portraya.

Lifetime Employment - Crow
Megan and Jodie are back but this time the setting is a small town outside of Los Angeles and considered a first time tale. Megan is a mechanic who comes across a stranded woman (Jodie). Megan helps her out but ends up getting more than she bargained for.

Ligara - Midgit
Summary Pending

Light Fantastic (The) - L.A. Tucker
This is a humorous and romantic present-day Uber, set in a small Northeastern town on the shores of Lake Erie.Sara D'Amico has reluctantly returned to Stonecreek after a decade-long absence hoping to heal and rediscover her inner strengths. Immersed in the oddest of situations with an equally peculiar set of family members, plus new and old friends, Sara helplessly falls for the charms of the somewhat unpredictable local librarian.This story touches on the varied musical themes of 'We Are Family', 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go?', 'I Touch Myself', 'Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'.........and especially, that we are all a little 'Crazy.'

Light in her Eyes (The) - Debox
This character driven story follows the journey of two passionate women, through their loves and losses, and the pain and joy of just living. Rae Crenshaw and Evon Lagace both believe they have had, and lost, their chance for true love in the world, and are committed to never again exposing their vulnerable hearts to the same emotional devastation. But as fate would have it, they haven't met each other yet....

Like Daughter, Like Mother - Kwipinky
Alti summons of Xena and Gabrielle results in disaster for the shamaness, but a meeting of two people answers a few questions.

Like Old Times - Carrie Carr
Summary Pending

Like Pegasus - Barbara Davies
Argo to the rescue (in spite of Gabrielle's whistled commands)!

Like Porcupines - Anon2
Here's an expanded updated version of my 'bard challenge' story the actress-1, revised and complete w/new title, disclaimer, and epilogue. Hope folks enjoy it.

Like You Really Like It - Xena's Little Bitch
This story fits into that well-loved category of First Time Hurt/Comfort Stories Taking Place In A Cave. It occurs just after the events of "The Ides of March."

Lila - Ri

Bard Challenge #11

Linger - Minerva
Two women down on their luck and the world in general find hope in each other.

Little Echoes - Carola Eriksson
A short and sweet little story with season two's Xena and Gabrielle. Xena's in deep thought and Gabrielle senses that something's bothering the warrior. Little does she now that she's been on the warrior's mind all day...

Little Piece of Paradise (A) - Midgit
Real estate agent Eden Gallagher succeeds on first try when Tori Conrad asks her to find a cottage that the tall, dark woman can rent near the historic city of Bath, England. Building a relationship with the troubled heiress won't be nearly as easy. The two women have to surmount everything from the misunderstandings to which all lovers are prone to malicious parents and an assault with deadly consequences. This contemporary uber tale offers the angst characteristic of most stories by Midgit -- as well as an insider's look at the intriguing city of Bath.

Long Nights - Windstar
The world we live in is a lie. Below it is the truth, that which we don't want to see. Some people don't have a choice, those who hunt the things which lurk in the dark corners, or those who have no memory of what the world should be like.

Long One (A) - Ardently

Long Road Home (The) - Kim Pritchel
Sean, a successful bookstore owner, has run from her past her entire life, and now is going to her father's funeral, dreading the demons she knows she'll face. Jenny, an abused housewife for the past ten years is trying to run from her present. Together, maybe, just maybe they can find their future.

Long Time Passing - Simahoyo
This beloved classic Xena and Gabrielle story shows their lives as older women.

Longest Night (The) - LH Miller
Xena has gone with the setting sun leaving Gabrielle alone on the mountain. What did she do? How did she face the world without her best friend...her partner? This short story attempts to explain the gap of time from that last light of Xena's life to Gabrielle's sailing away in the dawn of a new day. From my heart to the readers eyes, this is what I imagined happened.

Longing (The)- L. Crystal Michallet-Romero
An eternity of life alone leads an immortal to search for a companion in the form our her mortal soulmate.

Lone Stranger (The) - Zuke
Lone is itching for some peace and a good dinner, which she gets in spades when she enters the town of Last Gulp.  It isn't long before a bunch of rowdies start causing trouble and Lone comes to the aide of a young redheaded woman.

Lorimal's Chalace - Jane Fletcher
The quest for the stolen chalice is just a sham - an excuse to get rid of Tevi, and save her clan further embarrassment. She finds the outside world a dangerous and confusing place, especially once her arrival triggers a chain of events she has no control over. Monsters, sorcerers, murder and a long hidden secret all await her. If this isn't enough, Tevi will have to overcome her own inner demons and figure out exactly what she wants from life.

The Exile
The Sorcerer
The Traitor
The Chalice

Losing Touch, Gaining Touches - Rab Donald
The warrior and bard teach others tolerance and in the process end up learning about themselves.

Lost - Erin O'Rielly
Life can throw us curves when we least expect them. Just when we think everything is as it should be, an event occurs that rocks our world changing our lives forever. It is then that life altering decisions must be made. We find ourselves drowning in an undertow that has sucked us below threatening to pull us down into its deepest recesses. Surfacing, will we cry out take me or will we struggle to stay afloat desperately trying to find safety? And, if we do find safety, will anything ever be the same again?

Carol Barngate was in her fifties wanting nothing more than to live out her life basking in the glow of family and friends. For her, life had been good both personally and professionally. She considered herself happy until an innocuous meeting started her on a journey to self discovery that she never thought possible.

Lost & Found: Generation Next - Fantasy

A spin-off of the"Lost and Found" series. The new one is "Lost and Found: Generation Next". Some new twists in Becca and Stace's lives. Stace is going through a mid-life crisis. In short, she thinks she's getting old. The body is starting to "go south", she's not sure she wants to continue at the trauma center, etc. The fact that there has been an "addition" to the family doesn't help her outlook on life. And of course her "little voice" isn't helping her frame of mind.

Lost Heart - Patsbard
Summary Pending

Lost Hearts - Sophie
The story of unrequited love, and one person travelling the world to stop the same mistake happening again.

Lost Souls - ladyhawke
Ash had been plagued by visions and memories of her lover Laura, ones that are driving her insane. She is offered the chance of finding out the truth and answers to all. But even she wasn't ready for what unfolded before her. This is a story of love, pain and loss. When souls become lost to each other, can they ever be rejoined?

Love After War - D_exphagus
Set after the 1st season ep 'Is There A Doctor in the House?'. Xena and Gabrielle discuss their feelings after Gab's 'accident' at Thesally.

Love, Amazon Style - Anais & Idyrth
X& G try to go on vacation.

Love and Cheesy Poofs - Tara Kerry
A Valentine's Day story

Love Has No Pride - S. Lee
The sequel to Three Days and the second in the Kat and Beth trilogy. The story picks up thirteen years later and Kat has become a mega-superstar. She and Beth have two daughters. Kat succumbs to the temptations of extreme success. Can the couple's marriage survive as Kat deals with her demons?

Love, Honor, Duty -  Anais

A Valentines Day story

Love in a Strange World - Carola Eriksson
Timeline Stranger In a Strange World revisited...and altered a bit.

Love in Photographs - Alex Tryst
Two lives collide with a chance meeting at a photo shoot. When the photographer falls in love with her model, will she dare try to make her move, or will she adore her from afar? Find out in this romantic drama about finding your soul mate and realizing your destiny.

Love, It’s a Flower - Zuke
An old woman enters a convenience store on Valentine's Day in the hopes of finding a flower to give to her love.

Love's Journey - Carrie Carr
Lex and Amanda embark on a new journey as Lexington rediscovers the love her mother's family had for her, and Amanda begins to build her relationship with her father. Both women face their journey united despite the pressures from those who would deny them their happiness.

Love Me - Amber Andersen
After Xena's death in A Friend In Need, she reflects on her first realization of her love for Gabrielle, and how she saved her village from pillaging warlords as a young eighteen year old. Uses quotes from "Is There A Doctor In The House?" and assumes that Xena and Gabrielle are lovers, though the relationship is depicted in this vignette as rather subtextual.

Love's Melody Lost - Radclyffe
When the music deserted her, she lost her passion, her heart, and ultimately her soul. In a gothic setting of silence and secrets, a woman came to awaken her desire.

Love on the Lam - Sarkel
In this "unbelievably unconventional love story" Bailey and Etain meet in a most unusual way. They go on the lam from the law and who knows what else!

Love On The Ocean Wave - Claire Withercross
A tragic tale of doomed love aboard ship. Xena and Gabrielle want to relax and have fun, but the arrangements the bard made includes providing entertainment. Meanwhile, love is in the air as various passengers fall for the charming and beautiful bard, (that's Gabrielle, by the way). There is also a serial killer on board, and the feisty young blonde, (Gabs again!), is determined to catch him before the body count gets too big.

Love's Rendition - Tragedy 88
Grace, a young woman who waitresses at a cafe has had a long and hard life. Both her parents and brother are dead and she is on her own. Left with no one where to go she is forced to live on the streets under a bridge. Eventually she makes her way out and finds an apartment she shares with four other roommates. There is the one thing that keeps her going. Allison on the other hand was born into money and owns an art gallery. She stumbles upon Grace one day in the park sketching a picture of her. She is intrigued and offers Grace a job. Slowly things progress and a friendship is born. A lot of things happen in this story mainly revolving around Grace and her hardships of life, but Allison is there to help. Will Grace accept her help or think she's just giving charity? Will her past of being homeless interfere with their friendship?

Love That Heals - Thrace
Xena, after finding healing in Hercules' love, must end two wars: one between two states, and another within herself. Additionally, her other friends rally around her, including Gabrielle, Iolaus, Auto, Joxer, Salmoneous etc, all supporting her when she is both emotionally and physically hurt. While Hercules works to recapture her heart, Ares works to wipe her off the face of the earth.

Love Thy Neighbor - A. K. Naten
How 'neighborly' can you get with people who live close to you, especially when you discover that what you think you know about them is wrong? A story about finding hope and love in unexpected people and places

Love the Way You Love Me - Paully Adams
Xena, during the early morning hours, takes a moment and thinks about the way she feels about her Bard. A feel good, romantic piece of fluff.

Love Therapy - Heartbroken Bard
Summary Pending

Love's Many Blessings - Psych B
The sequel to The Family That Love Built; Danni and Brie pull together as the birth of the twins nears, while forces continue to try to rip them apart.

Love's Pyre - Amity
A 'by the fireside' story where Amarice reflects upon her feelings for the Warrior Princess.

Love Therapy - Amy VanDyke
The story of Chris and Terry and their search for stability in a world of jealousies and insecurities.

Lovestruck - Damnation
This sequel to The Day Lucy Broke Down picks up about four months after the original story. When Mach broke into a boat on a dare, spending the next five days with her ex-girlfriend was the last thing she had expected. Will they survive this journey together, or would they end up at each other's throats?

Loving the Conqueror - Mythe
The Conqueror is advised by her Oracle (Gab) to ally with the Queen of the Amazons in order to change her destiny.

Luck be a Lady - Nyrdgyrl 
summary pending

Lumberjack (The) - Vree
A woman meets a lumberjack in the woods after an accident. They fall in Love. Songfic Parody.

Lykos series - Katharsis9

  Lykos - Katharsis9
After barely surviving the first encounter with Najara, Xena releuctantly heads home to Amphipolis with a worried Gabrielle. Soon after they arrive, strange things begin to happen.
  FREAKS - Katharsis9  

Lyrical Ballads series - damnation

  Lyrical Ballads: Eyes on Me - damnation
Let's face it: life outside the world of fiction sucks. So, when struggling writer, Chase, tries to make something out of her lot, she wasn't expecting to go very far. Then, at a place she least expects, she finds her inspiration.
  Lyrical Ballads: Hero - damnation

M'lila's Destiny - MyOsage
As Gabrielle and Xena decide to expand their relationship, they get a vivid reminder from Xena's past love. Will Xena finally let go of her past and embrace her future with Gabrielle?

Madam President - Advocate and T.Novan
It's the year 2020, and the future is here at last. America has its first woman president, Devlyn Marlowe. President Marlowe, a compelling woman of heart, mind and spirit wants her term in office chronicled, and she wants it done by an author whose voice has always captured her, Lauren Strayer.

Maestro - Patty S.
Two women. One night. Two souls reunited.

Magic In Your Heart - Debbie Dee

1. Keeper of my Heart - Debbie Dee 
Sam Knight knew the minute she met Cricket Jones that she was someone special. She found out how special when Cricket did her Magic of being able to move and seen things no one else could. 1st in a series.
2. Power Of Your Heart - Debbie Dee 
Sam Knight knew the minute she met Cricket Jones that she was someone special. She found out how special when Cricket did her Magic of being able to move and seen things no one else could. What deep secret is Cricket going to find out now that they are close to the kidnappers. Could it cost one of them their lives. This is Part 2 in my The Magic In Your Heart Series

Major Connection (A)
(formerly Bar Girls) - Jules KurreKeagan Donovan is a taciturn, brooding English major. Keeping her emotions under control has always been second nature to her until one evening when the aspiring writer meets fellow English major Rudy in the local bar. The two students find that they have a great deal in common and begin spending time together, but Keagan's insecurities keep them at arm's length. Will Rudy have the patience to deal with Keagan's inconsistent behavior? Sequel is The Last Test.

Make a Wish - AH-Ladis
A terminally ill girl named Jenny is transported via her dreams to ancient Greece. It is here she finds a grieving Xena who blames herself for Gabrielle's death. Yet in Jenny's own timeline a grim nurse unwittingly becomes emotionally involved in the young woman's life. A three hanky story.

Make A Wish - Anais
Jess, an animal control officer, and her best friend, Andi, find themselves on a rather unusual assignment. All is not what it seems when the women attend a 'mass' at a local church. On Halloween, no less. They soon discover, however, that this is not your usual garden variety church service. Jess and Andi make a hasty escape only to realize that they've lost Andi's treasured locket, an heirloom, and , must return to the scene of the....of the what? I won't reveal that:} You must discover this for yourself. Go on I dare you. Anais writes with a fluid, descriptive style that often times leaves the reader feeling like they're watching a video tape instead of reading a story. Curl up on the sofa to enjoy this short tale. To find out the fate of Andi and Jess head over to The Academy. And after you've read what becomes of them....Please Encourage The Bard.

Making Your Way Home - Anne Brisk & SX Meagher

A Valentine's Day story

Making Up - Jaden
Following events in Egypt, and the season 5 episode "Antony and Cleopatra," Xena has one miffed Gabrielle on her hands, and has to figure out a way to make right between them again. Xippy winner.

Maleficent Beauty - Creme Brulee
Conqueror/Sleeping Beauty crossover - a Xenaverse fairy tale for Halloween.

Malicious Pursuit - KG MacGregor
Ruth Ferguson wants a chance at a new life for her daughter and herself, and she's willing to risk everything to get it. Spencer Rollins wants to stay alive long enough to bring her friend's murderers to justice. When their desperate lives collide on a rainy night, each one's fate is delivered to the other's hands. This is a tale of action and intrigue; trust and sacrifice; and above all, friendship and love.

Man Who Killed Xena - Richard Franke
The ancient Celts feared a Bard's wrath more that almost anything. A samurai discovers why.

Mantles are Heavy - LZClotho
Gabrielle and Xena's arrival in the Amazon village isn't as welcoming as the young queen thought it would be.

Many Happy Returns - Annaria
A first time story about a special birthday gift the bard has in mind for the warrior, who hates surprises.

Mark of the Mermaid - Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson
A dark and gory tale about the curse of the mermaid's flesh and the poor unfortunate souls that fall under it. The lure of eternal life comes with a heavy price, and even for those that attain it, an eternal life in solitude is no gift to cherish. So all that remains is to wander through life in search of the one, that one person that can share that.

Mask of Courage - Who Mumbles
Summary pending.

Masks - Minerva
A Halloween story with a romantic twist.

Masquerade - Darkone
On the way to a masquerade, Xena and Gabrielle are joined by Hercules and Iolaus

Master of the Sword - DJ Belt
Xena and Gabrielle, on a visit to Potidaea, find Lila immersed in a dangerous liaison which draws them into politics and intrigue and may prove deadly not only to Gabrielle and Lila, but to Xena's redemption from her own dark past.

Match Made in Heaven - Robin Alexander
Two women meet under humorous and trying circumstances.

Material Gift for a Material Girl - Sage Amante
PWP. What do you give the girl who has everything? Lor's best friend is about to find out.

Matter of Trust - Radclyffe
An enigmatic internet security consultant and a sophisticated, high-powered business woman join forces to battle corporate espionage. Their professional relationship soon threatens to create even greater personal challenges as their association awakens unexpected needs and desires.

Meaningful Encounter - Jules Kurre
Can a chance meeting change everything?

Meeting (The) - Hermes
This story describes the meeting of two women from totally different lifestyles who find their lives are joined and that they are fated to face lifes dangers together. One is being condemned by her family for what she is and the other is condemned by outsiders -the people she trades with- because she doesn't live her life as they think she should. As the title indicates, it is only the beginning of their new life together that is described here. I leave it to the readers to decide if there should be a continuation.

Meg - K Darblyne
Bard Challenge #11

Mel & Janice Meet an Amazon Princess - Crow
Mel makes arrangements for Janice's funeral and pays a visit to her lodgings. A follow-on story from And A Nightingale... and Who Was Going To Miss An Angel Or Two, Anyway?

Meleager - Rab Donald
Bard Challenge #11

Memories of Love - Leslaureate
Jessica McElroy turns to the Internet looking for love. But is she looking for love in all the wrong places? There she meets Cynthia Jarvis, who seems too good to be true. Jessica's past, present, and future all collide, leaving her to learn to trust, love, and laugh.

Mended Hearts - Alix Stokes
Two young girls meet in a hospital and become best friends. They are separated by tragedy, but fate will bring them together again. Dr. Alexandra Morgan, a gifted cardiac surgeon, is confident, beautiful, and at the top of her profession. Bryn O'Neill is a pediatric intensive care nurse, and thrives on the challenges of caring for her patients. After 24 years, can they renew their special bond? Even more important, can Bryn help Dr. Morgan overcome the devastation of her painful past?

Meridio's Daughter - LJ Maas
Tessa (Nikki) Nikolaidis is cold and ruthless, the perfect person to be Kar, the right-hand, to Greek magnate Andreas Meridio. Cassandra (Casey) Meridio has come home after a six- year absence to find that her father's new KarÍ is a very desirable, but highly dangerous woman.

Set in modern day Greece on the beautiful island of Mykonos, this novel weaves a tale of emotional intrigue as two women from different worlds struggle with forbidden desires. As the two come closer to the point of no return, Casey begins to wonder if she can really trust the beautiful Kar. Does Nikki's dark past, hide secrets that will eventually bring down the brutal Meridio Empire, or are her actions simply those of a vindictive woman? Will she stop at nothing for vengeance...even seduction?

Mess At The Amazon Village - Nyktosia
After three months of being apart Xena and Gabrielle meet up at the amazon village. There the whole mess erupts. The warrior thinks that Gabrielle is in love with an amazon named Nysa, Gabrielle thinks that Xena is in love with an amazon named Rena and the whole village thinks that Xena and Gabrielle are sleeping together. Total mess!

Message in a Bottle - Saggio Amante
Marina and Lizette learn that time can heal old wounds and love can conquer all.

Metamorphosis - Amy Van Dyke
is what happens when I am left alone with my typewriter too long.

Midnight Musings - The Norm
A vignette. Gabrielle reflects on the first three seasons while Xena sleeps.

Midnight Oil - Carrie Carr
While burning the midnight oil in an office high-rise, Monica and Geri finally take their attraction to each other tonew heights.

Million Reasons (A) - Ali Vali
[Academy Valentine- 2005]

Million Ways (A) - Xena's Little Bitch
An explicitly erotic first time story taking place sometime during the fifth season. Xena just can't stop fantasizing about getting it on with Our Gabrielle. Will she have the nerve to act on her fantasies? Hmmmm...

Miriam and Esther - Belle Sherry
The title characters in MIRIAM AND ESTHER find each other in the most unlikely of places, a small Texas town called Cool Lake, and together they become the heart and soul of this likable romance. Miriam escapes the big city on a quest to regain her sanity after Dr. Grace, the "conductor of evil," emotionally destroys her. She makes a new life for herself in Cool Lake only to discover that just below the surface, the town hides a wicked secret of its own. Unlike Miriam, the challenge of self-employment and the hope of success brings Esther to Cool Lake, where she toils to expand on what she believes to be a good thing, twinkle lights and all. In the chapter titled "Yes ma'am. I sho does hope thay's fish fries in Heaven," romantic possibilities build for Miriam and Esther after an entertaining evening at the Starfish Inn and a little nudge from Maddy, an adorable match-maker who simply loves love.

MIRIAM AND ESTHER is loaded with well-rounded adventure, taking the reader from the Ft. Worth Stockyards to Dallas' Lesbian Mecca, Cedar Springs, to the laid back atmosphere of Cool Lake, Texas. Moving easily from sinister deeds to country charm, this lively romance has something for everyone. Everyday life is portrayed by such colorful characters as Laverne, who's more country-fied than usual, having been born, bred, and corn fed in Cool Lake. And also by Sammye, Miriam's ex-girlfriend turned Good Samaritan, who comically challenges the lesbian cliché that fosters the claim: ex-lovers cannot be friends under any circumstances. Cool Lake is a charming place to be, an animated town where Miriam drives her Falcon down brick-lined streets to the Piggly Wiggly grocery store and the Some Like It Hot coffee shop as described in the chapter titled "Chunky Chocolate Cappuccino." And where Franklin J. Curtis III finds himself in grave danger at the Smithey Bros. Funeral Parlour, in "Beyond This Pointe, Thar Be Dragons."

Misplaced People - Devize

What's the connection between drug dealers, a missing woman, council business, Welsh architecture and Sleeping Beauty?

Striker might have made a connection between two of them... But she came to London to forget and to hide... and to seek. She had other riddles to solve. But an encounter at a hospital's Accident & Emergency department turns her priorities, her life and her heart upside down.

Miss Amphipolis - Xenalicious
Pretty much no plot...a wonderful PWP that will help those spoiler free stay that way for a while longer <g>

Missing You! - StaceyX
Xena and Gabrielle have been apart for a while and are reunited.

Mississippi Blues - BlueDragon
An alternative über story starring two ordinary women who meet in a small college town in South Mississippi. A chance meeting at a concert turns life upside down for the two, but they realize the ride is worth it.

Mistake Number ... - Robin Alexander 
Very short PWP.

Modern Crusaders: Adeptus Major - PsiDraconis
While touring Europe, Evelynne deMolay, heir to the throne of Atlantis, is saved from an assassin's bullet by a mysterious young woman who is more than she seems. While helping to nurse each other back to health, they will each be forced to stretch their minds, and see the world in a new way. The world, however, is not always so accommodating. Adeptus Major is the first in a planned series.

Moment of Peace , A Moment of War - Fedelma
Queen Gabrielle and her general Xena reach a new level in their relationship as they help the Amazon Nation prepare for war with Rome, and their conflicting roles and duties test the strength of their commitment to each other.

Moment in Eden - CasiEve
While taking a trip to New York, travel writer Shelby Macgregor revisits her youth and rediscovers her true self within the walls of the city and the arms of the aspiring young comic, Taryn Osbourne. (Sequel to "Cityscape")

Momentary Storm - Alison Burke 
A rainstorm prompts a woman to look at a friend in a different light

Monsters in Love - Zee

A Valentine's Day story

Montana Journey - Amelia Sedley
It's 1910, and Jesse Tyson is working a man's job in western Montana for the newly created Forest Service. Jesse isn't happy when she's ordered to guide a woman writer from the East to Lost Soldier Butte. Reluctantly she travels to meet Annie Thomas and their horseback journey across Montana begins. They're not long on the trail before they recognize their growing attraction for each other. Together they face trigger happy cowboys, a murderous trapper and a huge forest fire.

Moonlight Wonderings - J Gardner
summary pending

Moonstruck - S Berry
A sweet, funny, love story about chasing the one who wishes you'd go away, and the power of dreams. Won an honorable mention in Minerva's first challenge.

More Than There Are Stars - LouBug
Two souls find one another and a love as eternal as the stars around them. Destined to be together, Robin and Sarah will face there greatest enemies, and bask in the joy and abilities that only true soul mates can share. Join them in a fantastic outer-space adventure.

More Unlimited Sexual Favours - Cephalgia & MJ
This is the sequel to Unlimited Sexual Favors. It follows Darcy and Wilder as they further explore their new relationship and reinforces the idea that to the victor, goes the spoils.

Mortal Trade (A) - Mary Morgan
Xena and Gabrielle battle against an ancient evil which is greedy to possess the warrior's soul.

Most Cherished Dreams - D
A Pirate on a treasure hunt...for a lovely pair of green eyes.

Motherhood Revisited, Again - Lena
Another look at the XWP 5th season episode, "Motherhood". This one offers an alternative, and much better (in my opinion) ending..another great read!

Mothers - BL Miller
Written around Mother's Day in 1997, this story has Cyrene and Hecuba (Xena and Gabrielle's mothers) kidnapped by an Amazon bent on forcing the young queen into a challenge for the throne. Some light-hearted moments occur when the two parents are left alone with nothing to talk about except...their daughter's most embarassing moments! Every daughter can relate to this one.

Mountains to the Sun - Amelia Sedley
Sequel to Montana Journey. A gang of poachers is causing big problems in Mountains to the Sun National Park. Annie and Jesse are assigned the job of stopping them. They quickly discover poachers aren't their only challenge as they join a pack trip of dudes in the park.

Ms O'Connor Goes to Washington - S. Lee
Follow Jordan O'Connor on the campaign trail to the U.S. Senate and to love with her ex-partner and publicist. Can she survive scandal, a new relationship, and get elected as an open lesbian candidate from Texas?

Mulligan series - KG MacGregor

  Mulligan - KG MacGregor
Summary Pending
  Mulligan II: In the Rough - KG MacGregor
It's a sequel! Mulligan II follows Marty & Lou to the North Carolina mountains, where their romantic adventure continues.
  Mulligan III: Teacher's Pet - KG MacGregor
In this third story in the Mulligan series, Louise confronts her regrets about hiding her true self from those around her for virtually her entire life. While she vows not to make that same mistake with Marty, a former student inspires her to undo the secrecy of her 31 years with Rhonda Markosky.
  Mulligan IV: The Cart Path Not Taken - KG MacGregor
Marty and Louise enjoy a trip to Palm Springs for The Dinah. Watching history unfold on the LPGA tour, Marty can't help but envy a young golfer with a bright future, and an old friend with a ringside seat.

Murder at Bardcon - Chicago - GS Binkley
Murder at Bardcon is filled with deception, intrigue, jealousy, murder and sex played out in the high stakes arena of the ultimate fandom as writers and fans converge at the Bard’s convention in Chicago. While Cale confronts her haunting past and Lindsey faces her own secret desires, they find love in the midst of all the mayhem.

Murder by Association - Tonya S. Coley
When young lesbian prostitutes start turning up dead on a Wilmington, NC beach, Detective Johnetta Green vows to find the killer. Things suddenly take a turn for the worst when the killer strikes to close to home. Will she be able to perform her duty and protect the woman she loves

Murder Has Two Faces - Tonya S. Coley
The sequel to Murder by Association. This story pits Johnnie against a former rival, Wilmington's mayor Alexander Ballantine. Ballantine sets his sights on a now retired Johnnie Green, falsely accusing her of wrongdoing. All hell breaks loose when Ballantine is murdered, and all fingers point to Johnnie. Is she capable of killing him? If so, what could drive her to do so?

Murder For Sale - Katia N. Ruiz
Ixtchel, a killer-for-hire with unnerving cat-like eyes, is approached by a woman to kill her lover. By accepting, Ixtchel might have gotten more than she can handle.

Murder Most Foul - Lois Cloarec Hart and C. Paradee
This story opens in the summer of 1961, a time of intolerance and danger for women who dared to fall in love with other women. The events of that fateful summer dramatically alter the lives of two such lovers, Delia and Patricia, and will change the lives of two other women, Jaye and Lindsay, forty years later. Both mystery and romance, the story tells of the undying devotion between one pair of lovers, and the nascent love between much younger women brought together by a gruesome murder that is only the end result of a long-ago tragedy.

Murder Mystery Series - Anne Azel
This series is about the life and work of the forensic anthropologist, Doctor Aliki Alberta Pateas. Come discover the bare bones of murder.

  Dead Fall
Planes don't fall from the sky but this one did. Dr. Aliki Pateas comes home after a long time to find herself caught up in an unsolved mystery and meets two females that will change her life.
  Dead Funny
There is nothing funny about the serial killer that is terrorizing the Toronto area. Dr. Aliki Pateas is under pressure to identify the Fire Clown before he strikes again. Will the Fire Clown's next victims be those that Aliki loves the most?
  Dead Aim
Dr. Aliki Pateas and Dawn are invited to Aliki's half sister's wedding but the uninvited guest turns out to be a skeleton!
  Dead Duck
The finding of a strange alter where ducks had been sacrificedleads Dr. Aliki Pateas on a hunt for a killer. Trouble brews when Aliki's love
  Dead Right
Nearly, five hundred people murdered in a single act. Aliki fights for her own sanity as she faces true evil knowing she can only prevent more deaths by being dead right. (story file to come)
  Dead Ringer
A mummy conference in Chile becomes the background for the hilarious unwrapping of a murder mystery

Murky Waters - Robin Alexander
Claire Murray just relocated to Baton Rouge, La. After receiving one of the most coveted positions within her company. She would finally be able to begin her life anew leaving all the problems of the past in her hometown of Houston, Texas. Everything seemed perfect until one of her problems re-surfaced. Distance had not hindered her stalker.

Murrook Farm - Lois Kay
This is a sequel to The Reef. Jody and Sam are married and are enjoying each other, their life and being close to their family and friends. But a sudden turn of events brings danger to them all. Is the love strong enough? What about the friendship? And the nerves...?

Music (The) - Emyster 
Life is to be listened to and lived thoroughly.

Musical Chairs - Ah-ladis
Nora and Wendy work at a silent movie studio that has just begun to usher in sound. A minor incident during filming one day sparks off a chain reaction of emotional ups and downs for both women.

Mutiny - Annemaart
This is the sequel to Eye of the Needle. After three years of sailing the seas, the former Torment of the Southern Seas is called back to Port Jackson to help catch a group of mutineers, heading down the Australian coast. The job seems easy enough but when they do find the mutineering ship, it turns out the situation is a bit more complicated than they'd imagined...

My Cup of Tea - dikern
Summary Pending

My Dearest Friend - Barderella
A very short and tender vignette.

My Dilemma - Greek Warrior (Joan)
Do the changes McKenna made to her life entice Emma to return? Or does she think McKenna will grow to regret them? Continuation of the short story No Guarantees. Told from Emma's POV.

My Guardian, My Friend - D.S. Bauden
Every good butch needs a story written about them and everyone needs a protector at least once in their lives. This is the first of a possible series.

My Heart - Lynn Ames

A Valentine's Day story

My Knight - Ri  
Summary Pending

My Sisters Keeper - Mavis Applewater
The past and present collide for Jenny Jacobs when she is reunited with her first love and the only woman she can never be with again.

My West Coast Love - Heruda
Jo and Brenda headed for California to find a new life. What will they find and how will their lives change.

Naked Warrior - Sapphic Warrior
Xena has a fever but the bard also gets extremely hot and bothered as she listens to the warrior's lewd, delerious rantings. When Xena comes round it's to find her dream being presented to her on a plate.

Narcoleptic's Guide to Romance - Vivian Darkbloom
A not-happy story that briefly chronicles the endgame of the not-happy relationship of Kate, a religious narcoleptic, and Danny, a cute boozehound with a trust fund. Told largely from Danny's POV.

Near Miss - Meghan O'Brien
Two strangers meet and connect when they both narrowly avoid injury during a traffic accident.

Nearest Distant Shore (The) - Little Mac
Can Federal Agent Morgan Sumners, faced with the most clever serial killer of the century, keep her mind on the case while the beautiful niece of Janice Covington launches her own assault on Morgan's heart?

Needing Her - frotu
Jessica's new in town and gets introduced to Laura by a co-worker. Hang out in Jessica's mind while they get to know each other and fall in love. To quote my beta reader "it's a good, old fashioned, getting the girls together romance."

Neer - Troubleshooter

A Valentine's Day story

Neighbors, Capers and Heroic Type Things - Allyson Scott
A heaping dose of hostile neighbor and a horrible prank gone awry chart a downward spiraling day in the life of Torrence Clark.

Never - Grit Jahning
Takes place right where "Friend In Need" ended. It is something that was running around in my head ever since I saw the episode...and that's what I came up with. Gabrielle is on a ship heading west but she is she really alone?

Never a Fighting Chance - Cheeya
This story depicts the doomed relationship between Gabrielle and Perdicas even before our sheroes ever met.

New Adventures of Xena - Ernie Whiting

  A New Day - Ernie Whiting
"In a time of modern technology, politicians, and terrorists, a world on the brink of nuclear Armageddon cried out for a hero. She was Gina Ryan, United States Marine Corps..." Brought together with Gabriella Duncan, United States Navy, by mysterious and compelling forces behind a shared and recurring dream of the days of ancient Greece, they find themselves embroiled in a mission of utmost urgency--the prevention of all-out nuclear war. Their only weapons are their own hearts and souls...and a supersonic stealth helicopter code- named Ares.
  Return of the Warrior Princess - Ernie Whiting
First, they prevented World War III by blowing up an Iraqi breeder reactor that was producing plutonium for their nuclear missiles. Then they stole a top-secret combat helicopter code-named Ares and went AWOL. Next, they flew it to Greece and found the ancient Hall of Ambrosia. So what did they do after that? Well, since you asked...
Just Like Old Times - Ernie Whiting
Plot? What plot? Gina Ryan and Brie Duncan simply take advantage of some down-time between missions for a little shared quality time, and some very much needed emotional healing. And then there's the reintroduction of an old ally...
What Friends Are For - Ernie Whiting
Summary Pending
  Meet The In-Laws - Ernie Whiting
Summary Pending

New Angels - Amity
A short piece set that explores a missing scene in 'Fallen Angel' where an angel Callisto asks for Gabrielle's forgiveness.

New Beginnings Series - Carole Giorgio

1. A Place to Heal
A Place to Heal begins a few days after the episode 'Motherhood' ends. There are still questions needing to be answered as to why Xena found it necessary to throw the chakram at Gabrielle ~~ their relationship is definitely suffering the consequences of the warrior's actions. As Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve head toward the Amazon Village the answers are found in a most unusual of settings and a romantic reunion ensues.
2. What a Difference a Day Makes
Summary Pending
3. Our Village, Our Home  
4. Royal Proposal (A)  
5. Xantheia  
6. Reunions - Amphipolis  
7. Wedding Preparations  
8. Royal Amazon Wedding (A) - Carole Giorgio
Summary Pending

New Day (A) - Phalkon
After Xena's death, Gabrielle aimlessly wanders the countryside until she faces a fearsome warlord who is not what she seems.

New Day Dawns (A) - Ri
Two people meet during the chaos of natural disaster thinking that they would never meet again. What are the odds they would meet in the same city thousands of miles away? What do the fates have planned?

New Life (A) - Kim Pritkel
Imagine that Xena never met Hercules. She never saved Gabrielle from Draco's men. This story is a twist on the episode 'Sins of the Past'. It's a story of how Xena and Gabrielle may have saved each other without any outside influences.

New Life - A.K. Naten
How many chances does a person get at a 'new life'? 'Period piece' set in the 1850's Oregon territory; Drama; Angst.

New Lover Lust - KG MacGregor
After six relationships in twelve years, Shelley expects nothing of her lovers beyond the New Lover Lust. "Arrested development," she explains. She had one chance to learn about love and it walked out the door with Frances.

New Moon (The) - Ri
Xena is worried about her new friend, she's not acting like herself and she is determined to find out why.

New Season (The) - Kim Pritkel
Jenny, a Minnesota college girl's hockey star, has come home to take care of her sick mother. After meeting a mysterious woman at a party, and dealing with her mother's inevitable death, her life changes forever.

New Season (The): Joei's Story - Kim Pritkel
Same story: just from Joie's point of view

New Territory - LZClotho
Xena and Gabrielle cross into eastern Greece and while stopping a warlord, finally take a chance and change the nature of their relationship.

New Year, New Beginnings - Lessa
Summary Pending

New Year, a New Life (A) - Sunflower
An unexpected guest may change Alison's life forever. The complications of an ex-lover, a new one and adopting a child prove to be thrilling but not too much. Tag along on the story of two almost strangers who are put together, by the power of fate, in hot Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, around New Year's Eve. After all, the hope of a New Year and a New Life is always fueled by true love.

Newest God of Olympus (The) - LM Townsend
Ares asks the other gods to allow the actor who portrayed him to join them on Olympus. The gods discuss the TV series which has brought them back to the attention of mortals and try to decide if this is reason enough to reward the mortals who portrayed the characters in the show with a place in the sacred residence of the gods.

Nice, Comfy, Sensible Slippers - The Norm
Xena & Gabrielle help a new Goddess find her place in Olympus.

Nice Quiet Evening (A) - MyOsage
A nice, quiet evening turns into something very different when a surprise attack catches the bard off guard.

Night at the Beach (A) - Crow
It's a short one. It takes place between episodes "Who's Gurkhan", and "Legacy" Xena and Gabrielle talk about the loss of their parents, and love they have for each other Well they show it more than talk about it.

Night to Remember (A) - MikkiDee
This is a rock & roll fantasy in which a gorgeous singer and the love of her life finally come together with a little help from a (sort of) Fairy Godmother.

Nightkiss - Elad Avron
Summary Pending

Nightmares From the Past - Paully Adams
After two years, Sophia, Gabrielle and Xena are reunited once again. This time to deal with a dark secret that the Bard has kept hidden from her soulmate. WARNING: This story focuses on child abuse: physical, sexually and mental. As my beta reader Virginia said "[The stories] were intense but not so that a reader would be squeamish." If you think you would have trouble with this story or that this story will cause you discomfort, please find something else to read. I've suffered enough discomfort writing this for the both of us.

Nights of Silk and Sapphire - Amber
Dragged from a homeland of strict moral order, Dae is marched - her kidnappers into a harsh world of desert dunes and wind-carved stone. The rescue she prays for, however, may not offer respite from her fate, as she finds herself in the harem of a mysterious, dark-haired woman with flashing, seductive eyes of pure sapphire – the Scion Zafirah Al’Intisar. Plunged into a world of decadent morals and utter sexual freedom, Dae struggles to come to terms with desires she has never felt before in her life. As love and lust collide, these two women slowly forge a one learns to listen to her heart, and the other hears the call of her awakening body.

Night to Remember (A): A tale of self-discovery and love - ricersanfriscotreat [alt/ ber/complete]
sex is only on their minds, maybe one curse word, please be 18+, no infringement intended, and blah blah so on. Source: Me! This little fantasy was born from one of my favorite 8x10 glossies of the series XWP. Warning, this is my first attempt.

Nine Minutes - Loic Cloarec Hart
Flying from Halifax to Toronto to visit her daughter and grandchildren for Christmas, Joan regrets leaving her long-time partner behind. However, her daughter has made it clear that she won't accept her mother's partner, and once every two years Joan takes the path of least resistance, leaving Corrie behind in Nova Scotia as she visits Toronto. But this flight will bring a dramatic change to all their lives, as a crisis drives home the fragility of life, the need to cherish those we love, and the true meaning of 'family.'

No Fool Like a Young Fool - SX Meagher
Summary Pending

No Ocean Deep - Cate Swannell

This story is the sequel to my first novel, Heart's Passage. It would probably be a handy thing to read it first, though I'm confident No Ocean Deep will stand alone just fine.

No Regrets - Idryth

A Valentine's Day story

No Turning Back - Mary G
Part three of the series. An invitation to an Amazon bonding ceremony brings a welcome change of pace. But then again when do things with the Amazoms ever go exactly as planned?

Noemi - Katia N. Ruiz
When Noemi lost her pregnant lover in a horrific accident, she thought her life had ended completely. She turned to alcohol and lives her life in a dead existence. Terri Bledsoe, a poor runaway mistakenly placing her trust on Noemi's brother, Anthony, ends up pregnant with his child and angry. When he leaves her high and dry after he finds out about her pregnancy, Terri has no choice but to try different channels in order to make sure her baby has the proper care...Asking the Leone family for help is the last thing she wanted to do, but she has no choice. Initial misunderstandings frame the beginning of a friendship that soon turns to more...

No Fool Like a Young Fool - SX Meagher
Summary Pending

No Guarantees - Greek Warrior (Joan) 
A very short story about a woman reminiscing on her life and lover.

Not So Typical Monday (A) - Texas Hottie 
Mondays use to be the worst day of the week for me. That is until a visit from a vision who just happened to work in technical support changed my opinion of that day.

Noctem Aeternus - L. Crystal Machallet
While camping, Xena is plagued by prophetic nightmares of death. She must solve the mystery of the dark rider or become his victim.

Northbound Love Tolls - WhymZ
"Always be aware of the people you come into contact with everyday."

North Star - Windstar
A war has raged across the known galaxy, destroying an empire, and killing billions. Now the battle has followed the survivors of that empire to an insignificant blue white world. The third planet in a fairly unremarkable solar system. The Earth.

None So Blind - LJ Maas
It's been almost 15 years since Chicago writer, Torrey Gray has set eyes on the woman she fell in love with so long ago. Taylor Kent has become one of the most celebrated artists in the country, and has spent the last 15 years trying to, unsuccessfully, forget the young woman that walked out of her life, stealing Taylor's heart in the process. Best friends forever, neither woman has ever been able to find the courage to speak about the growing passion they felt for one another. Now an unusual, but desperate request will throw the old friends together again, but this time, will either of them be able to voice their unspoken desires, or has time become their enemy?

Not a Stalker - Amy Van Dyke
an odd outlook at love making us all crazy.

Now What - S. Derkins
What do you get when a former fanfic writer eats chili before bedtime? A strange dream, a Muse with a warped sense of humor, and a sci-fi story about a woman stolen from the past then crashlanding on an alien world ruled by women.

Nurturing Souls series - DS Bauden
Nurturing Souls is a story of a young girl, Alicia Mc Kenna, who has lost her parents to a horrible car accident. She moves to Montana from Chicago to live with her Aunt Edna on her ranch to try and rebuild her life. There she meets, Sydney Thompson, an Australian woman who tends to the animals on Edna's ranch. The two become fast friends and soon after, lovers. Alicia must go back to Chicago to sell her parents home. Syd's past comes out to haunt her while in Chicago and puts Ally and Syd's love to the test.

  Fresh Start (A) - DS Bauden
Summary Pending
  In Healing Arms - DS Bauden
Sequel to A Fresh Start

Obsessions - J. Brownell
A story about obsession and how the lives of two women and the people who love them are forever changed.

Ocean - Ogami
Set after the 'Ring' episodes, Xena and Gabrielle are on their way back to Greece. Gabrielle is trying to find inspiration to write a poem for her scrolls.

Oceanbreeze - Scout
A friendship begins in a small Southern college and ends abruptly. Years later, a marriage, a ship, and a cruise stir up memories and hopefully some answers.

Of Captains and Conquerors - Patsbard
A cross-over story (Voyager/Conqueror Xena). Something to make these cold days *much* warmer!

Of Love and Betrayal - Erin O'Rielly
This is the sequel to Possibilities. Many people go through life with the feeling something is missing. They can look around them, see their families, jobs and possessions, and wonder why they aren't happy. Happiness relies on making a total commitment to the life one is living and for some that is difficult. Is Kylie and LJ's love strong enough to survive temptations and public opinion? Will their relationship bring them the fulfillment they both long for?

O'Grady series - Phair

The Consult
An all business psychiatrist learns the meaning of life one morning in the ER. This story is the first a series of loosely connected tales.
  The Phone Call - Phair
Elisabeth must deliver the news of Thom's death to the one woman who cares more than herself; his ex wife. This is the second in a series of loosely connected tales.
The Appointment
Dr. O'Grady is back in the third installment of this series. Her work in the ER changed her life once already but by no means is her process of self discovery complete.
Dr. O'Grady continues her path to rediscovering the meaning of her career and life as she helps a troubled Devyn Tannon.

Oh Avalon, My Amazon - B Bard
Summary Pending

Okaaay - Ri
Muriel is swept by the most beautiful unnerving tidal wave she'd ever seen. Will she survive?

Oktoberfest - Redhawk
Off for a vacation in beautiful Europe, Xena and her young lover, Rickie Gardner, are in for a sinister surprise. Sequel to Only One

Old Fool is an April Fool (An) - T. Foolery
Summary Pending

Old Silk Hat - LZ Clotho
Rating: PG. Xena, Gabrielle and Autolycus spend a wintry day dodging snow.

Old Warriors Never Die, They Just.... - Kam, Lariel and Verrath
These bards all went to Brighton Beach and all you get is a X+G comedy? Definitely 'post fin.'

Old Wounds, New Beginnings - Kim Pritkel
Jaime has spent the last 7 years of her life in a Colorado prison, and is getting out. Deciding to start over, she heads to Texas to work on a ranch, and find peace, forgiveness, and maybe even love. How can a harmless day at the beach go so wrong?

Old Yellow House (The) - Koda Greystone
(formerly known as Blue Mountain Smokies)
Rayven a wildlife photographer and journalist returns to claim her ranch, while Jaxon Segreto, Chief of the elite firefighter team Blue Mountain Smokies does some soul searching.

Omega's Folly - Alexiares
Nothing can turn your life upside down quite like being evicted and inheriting half of an ancient house in another country from an eccentric relative. This is something Benton Basilas knows on a personal basis. What she doesn't know is if she has jumped from the frying pan and into the fire. A wild trip in a rattling jalopy will keep you guessing, after all.

On A High Cliff - B.S. Raven
On A High Cliff is a Halloween tale, with a bit of a bizarre twist. The idea of falling in love had never occurred to writer, Jennifer Bauer. That is, until she buys a white cottage on a high cliff bluff and meets a tall, mysterious, notorious Architect named Lian, who regularly strolls the newly purchased estate, without permission, and as if, it was her own domain. The encounters dig up forgotten times, and the two uncover an old secret… A Secret that somehow, concerns their future together. It’s a alluring tale of love misunderstood and its wondrous consequences

On the Road to San Pedro - L. Crystal Michallet
While on a vacation to watch Renée O'Connor's final performance in Macbeth, the author reflects upon the events that occurred during the trip.

On the Wings of Chance - Kim Pritekel
Summary Pending

Once & Future Journey (A) - Temora
Set a few weeks after the events of a Friend In Need 2. Do I really have to say more? ***** SPOILERS!******

Once in a Lifetime - Patricia Winterburn
A short story, about a loving relationship that has ended. It is from the writers p.o.v.

Once Upon an Uber: A Fractured Fairy Tale (A) - TaraKerry
In this fractured fairy tale, Snow White gets help from her Fairy Godmother as she battles nasty trolls and an evil huntress in her search for the sleeping beauty taken away by Prince Charming.

One (The) - Alex Tryst
Two friends reunite after several years apart to find that they are both searching for that special someone. Setting out on a cross country road trip, the friends soon realize that love sometimes is in the most unlikely place, but will either of them take a chance?

One Day the Heavens Opened and Sent me an Angel - JS Connolly
This is the story of Riley, a security guard, who's heart aches for the love she has yet to find, and Cass, a new truck driver who may be the answer to her prayers.

One Flew Over the Chakram's Nest - Stacia Seaman
All the uber cliches I could think of, all in one place.

One Foggy Night - Colleen
One wrong turn leads to a frightful Halloween night.

One in a Billion - Candideyes
This story begins where Waking Up With the Conqueror ended, with Desire' and Danni kissing in a redneck bar in Las Vegas while Mattie and Annie look on. Follow the adventures of these two women as ancient souls reunite and reignite their love for each other until a dark mystery threatens to tear their union apart forever. Find out if they can overcome the terrible secret that threatens seperate them for eternity.

One God of War (The) - Elad Avron
Author's Note: This is my first try at alternative Fanfic writing, and is also my first try at writing a full story in English.
The story is inspired by an RPG (Role Play Gaming) storyline I have from a Star Wars RPG club. Damie and Ricky, my characters (who are as a matter of fact based on Xena and Gabrielle), are two members of the "Aurora Force" squad of the club called "Rebel Squadrons". After traveling together for a couple of years, Damie and Ricky have discovered that their love was more than just a love of two best friends, and then an entire storyline starts that is based on that, and is the origin of the next story, thus I wouldn't tell you anything else about it in order not to spoil your reading. When thinking about the limitations of transferring a Star Wars High Tech Science Fiction universe into the old mythological Xenaverse, I asked myself if I wanted to make this an Uber story or not (Uber means taking the characters to the present day). Eventually, finding absolutely no way to put the storyline the way I wanted to, I have decided to make this an Uber story after all. Also, I define the story as "Alternative". And while it does not contain any extreme sexual imagery, it does contain some sexual imagery. The reason I defined this story "Alternative" is due to its alternative (literally) nature, as well as its way of showing an alternative present. Note that since this story is fictional (well, duh!), all of the "Military regulations and rules" in the story are of course made up. So between my shallow English, my US-military ignorance, the so-called alternative story and the Uber, I hope you enjoy the story! - Elad Avron

One of those Days - Xenalicious
A wonderful über PWP!

One Perfect Rose - Colleen
When Evan steps in for her delivery boy, little did she know that the roses she was about to deliver would change her life. Stunned by the beauty of Lisa, she finagles a way to meet her again and this time delivers her heart.

One Tin Solider - Prince Bryazon
This is a Xena fanfic story based upon the old camp song "One Tin Soldier". In this tale, Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer stumble upon a small mountain village about to be attacked by the people of the valley below.

Only One - Redhawk
The beginning of the Infinity series, Xena is an Immortal in twentieth century Portland, Oregon.

Only You - Amity
In a subtle PWP, Xena submits to a stranger's passions.

Only You - Nancy Hill and KatLyn
Summary Pending

Opening Up - Verrath
A VERY short piece about the importance of trust in ... certain situations ;-)

Operation: Annihilate! - Nene Adams
(Or, A Faithful and True Account of the Thrilling Adventures of the Galactic Super Squad, With Extra Helpings of Big Scary Aliens and Some Gratuitous Sex, Hold the Anchovies)

Our Great Western Adventure - Xenalicious
Randy and Logan's vehement distaste of each other prompts their boss to send them to a Western-style team building effort under directons to 'shape up, or else'. Does it work? Read on.

Our Little World - LJ Maas
New series of short stories chronicling the lives of Katie & Charlie, from the time they are children into adulthood.

Pilot Webisode

Just Like Xena
Written in answer to a challenge on the Ex-Guards mailing list, this modern-day uber is a delightful children's story chronicling the first meeting between rambunctious 8 yr. old Charlie Cunningham and the new girl in school - Katie Tyler, a smart little seven-year-old who's been allowed to skip a grade. A Xena-wannabee, Charlie immediately feels protective toward her new friend and thrilled when instead of laughing at her for playing make-believe, Katie volunteers to be "Gabrielle". Instant best friends, the two are soon faced with a challenge neither quite understands, however, when Charlie's mother, upon learning her daughter's new friend has TWO moms, refuses to let them play - prompting Charlie to make a drastic decision and inadvertently setting the stage for one adult to learn an important lesson about friendship, parenting and prejudices. A story for the whole family with a couple of charming little ubers, this one comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 22 pgs., 7/21/00 (synopsis taken from Lunacy's Review

Webisode 1 Making New Memories  

Our Love is Written on the Wind - JS Connolly
Cass and Riley have been together for two years and as Valentine's Day approaches Riley has a gift for Cass that will change both of their lives. Sequel to One Day the Heavens Opened and Sent Me an Angel.

Our Reunion - Jenah  
Samantha and Tina are old highschool friends who reunite at their class reunion. Will Samantha be able to help Tina overcome her haunted past?

Our Souls series - Tragedy88

  Sing to Me - Tragedy88  
  Destiny Waiting - Tragedy88  
  Finally - Tragedy88
  And She Sang - Tragedy88  

Out of Boredom a.k.a. Can I Kiss You, Xena? - d_exphagus
A first time story. As Xena and Gabrielle settle in for the day, Gabrielle gets bored and invites Xena to have a little fun - with something else in her bardic mind of course.

Out of the Mouth of Babes - Littlespit 
Sometimes it takes a child to lead them...

Outcome - Kim Pritekel
Andi Littman, school brain and wallflower gets the chance to meet Haley Corregan; smart, beautiful, when Haley needs help with a class. They soon form a bond that may just tear them apart.

P.S: Send Help - Zoe C.
Maura's Appalachian Trail diary...

Paradise Found - Cruise & Stoley
Is it possible to put the ghosts of the past behind you and find the strength to believe in love again? Jordan Milano didn't believe it would happen to her anytime soon and had become quite complacent in her single life. The green-eyed blonde didn't expect her life to be changed so dramatically by the tall, blue-eyed woman she met in the tropical island town of Key West for their annual women's festival. The arrogant athletic beauty, Bly VanDewark caught a glimpse of Jordan and knew she had to meet the attractive blonde, but her pursuits were halted by her forward approach with the woman. She was accustomed to making conquests instead of relationships and Jordan's brush off forces her to take a good look at herself and her motives. This was going to be no simple conquest for an evening and Bly knew this in her heart, and it scared her. Here, amidst the passion of a tropical paradise playground it is easy to fall in love and play a game of make believe. But, what about tomorrow and the realities of the present? Will they find the way through the darkness of their own insecurities to their Paradise Found?

Pardoner's Path Series - Enoon Erehwon
This is a twist on Conqueror fanfic. In this series, Gabrielle is the Conqueror.

Part I : Well Worn Path  
Part II : Bridge of Cinder  

Partita - Vivian Darkbloom

A Valentine's Day story

Partner Trap (The) - Scully
This story brings together on a vacation in Provincetown two popular sets of characters Dar/Kerry and Harper/Kelsey.

Passion and Romance - Kris Johnson
Xena must stand aside when the destiny of a bard must be fullfilled when Passion and Romance is all the world has left.

Passion's Bright Fury - Radclyffe
Saxon Sinclair, the broodingly secretive Chief of Trauma at a busy Manhattan hospital is less than pleased to learn that her new resident is going to be the subject of a documentary film. The arrival of Jude Castle, a fiery independent filmmaker, soon sets sparks flying as the two driven women clash both personally and professionally. On the battleground between life and death, passion strikes without warning.

Passion's Fool - Kim Pritkel
SWP - sex with a plot! Do not read at work

Passion's Plaything - Sally Budd
Anything is fair game in this parody of alternative fan fiction, which was written round robin fashion by the lunatic fringe of the committee collectively known as Sally Budd. Their intent, they say was: "to commit, in as humorous a fashion as possible, every faux pas to which fan fiction is prone; ALL the errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling are deliberate. (That's our story, and we're sticking to it.)

Passion Tense - ArdentTly
Mel & Janice

Past and Present - Niki
Kelly is a hard-working reporter sent out to report a murder-story, but she soon finds out that the murderer isn't nearly as interesting as the cop she meets and immediately has a fight with. Sydney is a cop doing a job she isn't sure she can do anymore, but she soon finds out that that seems to be the least of her worries when dealing with the complications a reporter can bring into her life.

Past is Present - Zee
A bodice ripper or sweeping epic, either way its a ripping good tale. A time of college students and strippers. Two women with a past history struggle to find love together in the present, despite baggage and a psycho ex. While their friends sit on the sidelines making snide comments.

Past Tense - Carrie Carr
Carrie *finally* tries her hand at Xena and Gabrielle fanfic! Sequels - Present Tense and Future Tense

Paternal Instinct - PhantomBard
From her earliest days, the hand of the God of War was a factor in the life of the Warrior Princess. But what is a father's love, and what lengths will a soul go through to right a wrong done long ago?

Patient Troubles - BluDreamscape
This is just a little PWP.

Paying My Penance (graphic) - FC Barnes
A farm girl home from college and a Minister. Neither Heaven nor Hell could keep them apart.

Paying My Penance (mild) - FC Barnes
A farm girl home from college and a Minister. Neither Heaven nor Hell could keep them apart.

Pearl Had to Die - Cephalgia
There are people in your life you love and there are people who...well, Jen knows one of those.

Peas in a Pod - Doc
Xena and Gabrielle stop in a small village for a brief rest. Gabrielle, being Gabrielle, finds herself in a 'stinky' situation.

Pendragon Cove - Barbara Davies
April in Cornwall. Violin maestro Claudia Holbrook is teaching her first master class at the Pendragon Cove Musicians' Seminar, and it isn't going well. Can Bethany Tredinnick turn discord into harmony and in the process bowl over the prickly woman she calls 'Miss Snooty'?

Perfect Moment (The) - Anne Azel
Alexandria has gone all out in preparing the perfect setting and dinner for her girlfriend Emily on Valentine's Day. Fate seems to have other ideas and plenty of frustration for Alexandria.

Persistence - Alex Tryst
Two women trying to find their place in the world while longing for love, and one blonde's determination not to give up on the love she has for her hero.

Perspectives - Idryth
A short story involving Xena, Gabrielle, Argo, Amazons, a kidnapping and a rescue. Add in a traitor and you end up with a bit of a different view on things on a very rainy day in ancient Greece.

Perspectives Series - Minerva
Cory, a young social worker, clashes vehemently with her new boss, Taylor, on changes in programming that effect the Gary community. Through an elaborate deal, they learn to see through the other's eyes, which eventually leads to respect, friendship, and more.

1. It's All in your Point of View
Cory meets her new administrator for the first time. Taylor comes in and shakes the boat then tips it over, changing a lot of things at the agency. They battle through a war of words and seal a deal that will constantly bring them into each other's path.
2. It's in the Eyes of the Beholder
Taylor follows Cory into her first field experience. They clash and experience an out of the ordinary situation while attending to a client in an impoverished neighborhood.
3. The Eyes Have It
After all that has happened in the office and in the field, things come to a head at the local gym, where Cory and Taylor run into each other, almost literally.
4. Eyes Wide Shut
After the events of the weekend, Cory and Taylor are still tentative around each other. They deal with their own doubts and fears concerning a forming friendship, and they end up dealing with a tragedy that throws them closer
5. See No Evil
This installment (the 5th) takes place about almost 2 weeks after Eyes Wide Shut. Things forever change between Taylor and Cory as they venture closer to each other.
6. Seeing is Believing
This installment takes place right after SNE. Someone comes out of the closet or rather is pushed, and the consequences of it unfurl.
7. Blinded
Takes place about 2 weeks after SIB. Even though they have become close friends, Taylor and Cory still clash in more ways in one. The office is treated to a unforgettable visitor and an unbelievable tragedy.
8. Looking Within
Taylor and Cory deal with the ramifications of the office fiasco, new friends, and each other on a whole new level.

Phantom (The)- Kim Pritkel
Erika gets pulled into going to a Halloween masquerade party, dressed as The Phantom of the Opera. Will she find her Christine there?

Phone Numbers, Lies and Octopi - dabkey
Sequel to Lederhosen, French Toast and Telemarketing The day after is idyllic for Darcy and Kim but the evening after brings something, and someone, Darcy isn't expecting...

Piece of My Soul (A) - Alexiares
This story is a bit of an anomaly in some versions of the Xenaverse. Alexiares didn't care for the Dahok storyline or the whole Eli thing... but this popped into her mind as an explanation for Gabrielle's behaviour in the official Xenaverse. And then it wouldn't go away until Alexiares wrote it down.

Pillow Talk - Claire Withercross
Been there, done that, torn up the t-shirt in frustration; sharing a bed is never easy! You are cordially invited to spend some time in bed with Xena and Gabrielle. Find out what happens when Xena gets a mouthful of hair and Gabrielle's pillow won't shut up!

Pit (The) - AW
Cassie is pushed beyond her normal comfort zone when her lover selects a public place to reward her for completing a special project. Just for fun - don't look for a plot.

Pizza & Wine - Emyster 
Nothing like cold pizza and wine.

Place Called Home (A) - Damnation
Starring Felicity Mitchell and Rei Conrad, this is a tale about a girl who left her hometown to get away from the memory of her recently deceased parents. Along the way, she meets and finds a friend in a college professor and discovers that sometimes, running away gets you closer to the one thing that you're trying to get away from initially.

Place to Dance (A) - Ali Vali
How do you build dreams? For Jolly Andolini it was easy. They started on her drafting table and came alive under her talented hammer. Jolly is an architect who finds her true love at an art exhibit opening, or does she? " A Place To Dance ," is the story of Jolly and the women who make her life both interesting and complete.

Play It Again Sam - Ali Vali
After all the spoilers I've been reading all week, I thought everyone would enjoy a sappy love story.

Playing with Fire - Annaria 
A first time story about a (not so) na ve village girl that wants to learn everything a certain warrior knows.

Poem (The) - Firefly
Short Story -- a present to Gabrielle from the tenth muse turns out much more than that for Xena.

Poetry in Motion - Harley
Is change the antithesis of control? According to Deven Masterson, control has become an illusion and change is a bitch. An expert at controlling herself, situations and those around her, Deven watches as the cherished discipline she has developed over a lifetime slips away through her fingers. Rhian McKenna, a woman in self-imposed exile, steps out one evening at the insistence of her best friend and crosses Deven �þs path in a chance encounter that marks the first of many crossroads she will face. From the moment they face off, Rhian makes it obvious she doesn �þt accept Deven �þs ideas about control and proves adept at taking it away. Seemingly incompatible, both women stand at a precipice of change �þ between burdened past and the unknown future that could transform who they are.

Possibilities - Erin O'Rielly
Events and people who constantly come and go shape our lives. Just as the universe is in constant state of flux so are we. As we continuously change and evolve, that which we swore we would never do, change as circumstances occur that make them possible. Will Kiley Wilcox and Dr. LJ Evans world's are about to collide. The outcome be nothing more than a learning experience or will it alter both lives forever?

Post (The) - GirlBard    
[Academy 101 Story Premise] A 25 yr. old woman documents her travel and service at a border outpost.  She is assigned to guard a dark-haired prisoner with whom she develops a bond ... one that seems to transcend time and space.

Potions - Sam Ruskin
Just a bit of madness inspired by a favorite "oldie but goodie".

Powers of the Queen - Xanjaa and Patricia Wiseroostr!
Xena and Gabrielle first time story with a few twists and turns. Our story begins immediately following the Blind Faith episode in season 2. All the gods are still alive and kicking and several appear in this story. So, if you're looking for a rollicking good time with our favorite gals in a new adventure the likes of which TPTB were afraid to show, then join us. Note: this piece has some graphic loves scenes (ever so tastefully done ), so read please the disclaimers.

Practical Lies - JP
I'll rate this one with a BIG FAT R, pushing NC-17. It's a little raunchy in some places. Anyway, the gist: A smart-mouthed mob enforcer gets stuck with the job of babysitting a so-called politicians' cocky daughter and winds caught in the middle of a government conspiracy and the worst four days her personal history.

Praise You - Xena's Litte Bitch
Ever wonder what Xena was thinking after "To Helicon and Back"? Or what might have happened if Xena and Gabrielle had their first time soon after that! Go ahead and read it!

Presence (The) - BCBard4U
Sometimes a Warrior needs to surrender to win.

Present Tense - Carrie Carr
This series is a kind of filling in the blanks of the last few seasons of XWP. An excellent read of how Gabrielle finds her way back to her warrior. Prequel - Past Tense, Sequel - Future Tense

Price I Paid (The) - Mavis Applewater

Summary Pending

Price of Fame (The) - Lynn Ames
What is the price of fame?  For television news anchor and overnight national phenomenon Katherine Kyle the cost just might be everything.  For Time magazine reporter Jamison Parker, the price could be the other half of her soul.  Follow Kate and Jay as their lives intertwine, leading them on a journey to love and happiness, until fate and fame threaten to tear them apart.

Price of Love (The) - T Novan
Summary Pending

Primal Touch - Amber
Deep in the wilds of the Indian jungle, SOMETHING is stalking the men who come to hunt the endangered tigers. Silent, mysterious, and utterly lethal, it leaves no trace except the mauled bodies of the slain. Ashley Richards is a young wildlife photographer, drawn to the jungle by rumours of a rare white tiger. What she finds instead is something far more unique and unexpected...something that will change her life forever.

Private Dancer - Vertigo
A story of a frustrated club owner who feels something missing in her life until she meets a bartender.

Promise Me Forever - Ali Vali
This is the sequel to "To Capture a Heart." The story starts four months after Sarah and her son Samuel have come to live at the palace with Ramses. They are getting ready to move to the summer palace to prepare for the birth of their second child when tragedy strikes. It is the second story of the woman pharaoh and her Hebrew slave queen.

Promises to Keep - Irish
Devlyn always keeps her promises but for this one she'll need help.

Proposal (The) - S. Lee
At the beginning of their relationship, both Sarah and Neal argued over who would propose to whom. To solve the playful disagreement, Sarah agreed to wait five years to pop the question. During that time, if Neal did not propose, then it was Sarah's turn. Watch what happens on the day the five years is up. Written for Valentine's Day 2005.

Pure Bliss? - Sam Ruskin & Debbie McLain
Xena finally has Gabrielle alone, in a cave, in a snowstorm. What could be better? Right? Not necessarily. [This was originally written as part of a Bard's Challenge at the Bards' Village.

Purest Love (The) - Seana James
The story was prompted by some "gaps" in the story "Chakram" and other episodes and began as a PWP, but, as with life, it got complicated. It's my take on Xena's and Gabrielle's occasionally mystifying pushme/pullyou relationship. It does contain spoilers for several episodes, but it's complete in and of itself.

Push Pause - Fedelma
Summary Pending

Quality Dying Time - Temora
When an accident injures and traps the warrior and bard in a landslide on the side of an isolated mountain, an unpredictable, infuriating and disturbed nine-year-old girl, Tai, is their only chance for rescue. The problem is that Tai doesn't want to get help. She wants to talk. But their time is limited, and it is fast running out... Set towards the end of Season Three, this is a dialogue-heavy piece with some interesting twists. Guaranteed to make you think, or at least creep you out.

Queen Series - LJ Maas

  To Become A Queen - In this "first time" story, a brutal attack leaves Xena and Gabrielle to recuperate in the Amazon village, as their hidden dreamscapes threaten to tear Warrior and Bard apart.  
  Quest For A Queen - Xena must fend off her past against mortals and Gods to rescue the other half of her soul. At the same time, Gabrielle must complete her own Quest to find out who she is as a woman, a bard, a lover & friend, most importantly, as an Amazon Queen.  
  Heart Of A Queen - Before they are to be joined in front of the eyes of the Amazon Nation, an old flame comes back into Xena's life. Will an old lover be able to tempt the Warrior to step across the line of fidelity? Gabrielle must deal with this very real threat to her future, while at the same time the young Queen must also find a way to face her own heritage, finally revealed by her mother.  
  Happy Anniversary, Xena - This is the Bard's present to her Warrior. Turnabout is fair play, as they say, and Gabrielle has a surprise for Xena. We've seen what can happen within the dreamscape when two people try to relive an event in the past. Things don't always go as planned. Gabrielle is ecstatic about the gift that Xena gave her. So, what about Xena's first time? The young Queen begins to wonder what would have happened that summer that Xena turned sixteen, if the bard actually met her wife as that young woman.  
  Happy Anniversary, Gabrielle - The Summer Solstice is Xena and Gabrielle's first anniversary and this just happens to be the Warrior's present to her bard. It also takes care of one of Xena's biggest desiresÖto have been Gabrielle's first lover. So, what would happen if Xena had the ability to go back to that day? You know the infamous one when Perdicus asked Gabrielle to marry him? Would said Warrior finally swallow her pride and tell the bard about her feelings, or will she allow history to repeat itself?  
  Queen of My Heart - A deadly sickness sweeps through the Amazons until even their Queen is afflicted with the unknown fever. The only thing that can save an entire Nation is the Elixir of Life, a liquid with the ability to heal the ills of any mortal or God. Xena, along with her friends Eponin and Autolycus, embark on a quest for the Elixir, which can restore the Amazons, but the potion is being closely guarded on the island of Delos. Along the way, Xena reminisces to herself about her wife. It is through the Warrior's eyes that we get to see how she met and traveled with the young woman from Potidaea, the woman that has become the Queen of her Heart.  
  To Walk the Path of a Queen - The latest entry in LJ's very popular Queen series. Gabrielle and Xena go through a dark period, do they come out of it unscathed?  
  Perfect Gift (The) - In this vignette to the Queen series, Gabrielle's pregnant and learning to cope with her godly powers with Ares as her mentor. Xena is bored and enlistslittle Tai to have a little fun at the expense of Ares. And warlords are making everyone miserable. A typical day in Amazonia.  

Queen of Magpies - Jane Fletcher
A vengeful King, an inane Princess, several sullen guards and a priceless statue - just another day's work for the most famous thief in the world.

Queen of My Country, Queen of My Heart - Alex Tryst
With her father ailing, Princess Alexa is on a mission to find a bride to sit beside her on the throne. Her parents demand she marry the woman they have chosen for her, but an unexpected entrance of a charming lady changes everything as Alexa falls in love for the first time. Will she follow her heart or her designed destiny? Does she have what it takes to be the great leader to her nation in its time of need? And will she win the affections of the woman she loves? WARNING: Angst Alert. You need a full box of tissues for this story.

Questions and Answers - Mavis Applewater
over dinner a woman confides in a close friend of how she first discovered and lost love.

Quiet Survivor (The) - Gabby's Hope
Days after "Sacrifice II", Hope returns to start her father's new following in Poteidaia. Along the way she meets with two unlucky thieves, Discord, Hades, Amazons, followers, Gabrielle's family, her child and eventually.... Xena.

Quitting Time - ultragirl  
After work an ultrasonographer accidentally meets her OB patient's sister in a bar. Are they meant to be with each other or does the past get in the ultrasonographer's way?

Raging Horses - T. Stratton
Jordan Martin realizes that she needs more than work to make her life complete. When she gets a letter from one of her late Grandmother’s friends she decided that it’s a perfect time to visit. Hoping to find some peace and quiet Jordan along with her friend Mary travel to see Marge Wilson. That’s not what she finds after she gets there. Between fist fights and fires she falls in love with a small blonde who just happens to own the ranch.

Raven and Sparrow - Littlespit
The co-winner in the first Annual PWP contest on the Yomavis group!

Ready For Takeoff - DS Bauden
Terri is a young woman nervously waiting to board her flight to Houston. She is seated at the gate, but she feels as though she is being watched. Her mind is racing from confusion and perhaps, arousal. A mysterious woman guarantees that this would be a flight Terri would always remember.

Ready for This - Evelyn C.
When Blair reappears in her life, Ashley is clueless to her attempts to rekindle their relationship.

Realization - Idryth
The continuing story arc of two women thrown together due to an act of violence. More mystery and danger await them as they try to come to grips with their changing relationship. Sequel to Insight.

Realizations - Minerva
A romantic story set during the Thanksgiving season where two women learn that they have each other and many things to give thanks for.

Reason (The) - Jenna Dixon
A tale about new friendships and past struggles

Reason Why (The) - Simahoyo
Xena and Gabrielle fight a fire in a village, Xena gets sick, and Gabrielle takes care of her.

Rebirth - Patty S.
I know soooo many Post FIN stories have been, er, posted, but this one is not like the rest. It is mostly a Gabrielle tale, following the bard back to Greece, where she retires her soulmate's ashes to the family crypt. But is that really the end? Can Gabrielle just walk away without even trying to bring her beloved warrior back? She is, after all, finally doing what Xena told her. But is it the right thing to do?

Rebirth of the Xenaverse (The) - Xenamour
A hopeful look toward the future going into the 6th and final Season of Xena Warrior Princess.

Reconciliation - Phalkon
Xena has trouble dealing with Solon's death causing a rift between her and Gabrielle. It is up to the bard to force Xena to face her pain so they can rebuild their damaged relationship.

Red Line (The) - Ri
Two strangers meet on the subway in Los Angeles and become very good friends little knowing they have something in common that neither would ever dream of.

Redemption - extra22
Two months into their adventures together, Xena and Gabrielle stumble into the tragedy of a war, and both come face to face with the warrior's dark past.

Redemption - Darkone
Xena's love for Gabrielle becomes a shield for the warrior when a deadly avenger catches up with her. A nice reaffirmation of the power of love and redemption. - 4/ 97

Redemptions Song - Blondebard
Deputy Federal Marshal Megan O'Brien is tasked with hiding former mob enforcer Antonia Ferenci until she can testify against her former bosses.

Reef (The) - Lois Kay
A story about love long lost, friendship,hate, greed, choices and courage. Sam and Jody have not seen each other for years, torn apart by dramatic events that changed their lifes forever. Accidently they meet again....will they be able to restore what they once had? Or will they have to be satisfied with being 'just friends'? Who is trying to destroy 'The Reef'? Can they be stopped? At what cost?

Reese's Faith - Vertigo
The sequel to Vertigo's highly acclaimed Private Dancer

Reflections - Wakar
Takes place after the episode "The Xena Scrolls". Janice reflects on her relationship with Mel.

Reflections of Passion - Chariots of Fire
Entering a bar in a small college town, Faith is intrigued by the alluring bartender. What secrets are they both hiding?

Reflections of Passion II - Chariots of Fire
More secrets are revealed, danger is lurking in the shadows. Can Faith and Miranda survive?

Reflections On The Past - Erin O'Rielly
Relationships, if they are to be successful, need to be nourished and cared for with diligence or they are sure to fail. In a world that was unfriendly to their lifestyle, LJ and Kiley worked hard every day to make what they had together thrive. They knew that together they could face and conquer any obstacle in spite of the difficulties in their way.

Reflections on September 11th, 2001 - L. Crystal Michallet-Romero
An original story, composed on the day of a national tragedy, which causes the author to reflect upon the infamous tale of the Zoot Suit Riots which took place in Los Angeles during World War II.

Relativity Theory - Markski
This is a short, light-hearted comedy set immediately after the end of Many Happy Returns, and before the beginning of Friend In Need. Xena and Gabrielle go to return the Helmet of Hermes to Aprhodite, when the goddess lets something slip, something that will change their relationship forever.Note: This was originally posted to MerwolfPack as "A Family Affair, Part II"

Release (The) - Claire Withercross
Gabrielle arrives in a village and finds work at the local tavern to pass the time until Xena arrives. When the warrior turns up she brings news that three warlords are making a treaty that will stop their infighting and strengthen there grip on the country. Can Xena and Gabrielle stop them? Or will Xena´s past get in the way?

Reluctant Love - S. Derkins
This is nothing more than a short story written for a friend who always said she would never, ever, fall in love again.

Remember Me - Midgit
An interlude in Cold finds the pair at a cottage on the estate that is haunted by the ghost of a victim from the dark doings of the original master.

Remember, Never to Forget - Cindy Hart aka Sinful
Remember, Never to Forget - takes place in the earlier days of X & G relationship, back when their emotions and loves were still new and uncharted. While on their way to the Amazons ( Ephiny, Eponin and company) to try to explain the whole, Gabrielle didn't die she just fell in a nitch thing, (Don't get me started on this faux pas - but for my own personal explanation, look to my story Reunion which takes place immediately following Adventure in the Sin Trade.) Well on their way to the Amazons, one thing leads to another and that leads to .... well you know. Anyways,our two heroes separate and are to meet up at the Amazons, but Xena doesn't show up. Matter of fact, she down right disappears and no one not even the Gods can find her. Leaving a distraught Gabrielle to wonder, "where can you go, that even the Gods can't find you?" The answer is an emotional tale of torment and regret, as the young bard from Poteidaia tries to deal with reliving her past once more with a stranger.

Remembering Genevieve - Amanda Calkins 
Demetria Daniels, a hit country artist, goes in search for a brighter future for herself. On the way she finds old forgotten memories of a girl she'll always love. She also finds more than she expects in a woman who she never dreamed could love her.

Rendezvous (The) - Debbie Dee, Shadylady & T. Stratton
Gwen has a chance encounter with a stranger that opens her eyes to new possibilities. Lacy always watched Gwen from a distance. Till one day she got the courage to follow Gwen and history changed forever. Mature audience, consensual sex between two women.

Requiem For A Warrior Princess Part I - Kwipinky
Xena is arrested and tried for the murder of General Marmax.

Requiem For A Warrior Princess Part II - Kwipinky
Gabrielle faces an old enemy and realizes she must work with him to save Xena from Ares' grasp.

Rescue (The) - Kim Baldwin
A gregarious travel writer runs into trouble during a kayaking adventure off the coast of Nova Scotia, and the experience sends her life in a whole new direction.

Resist - S. Berry
Sequel to All the Way to Heaven Or Lesbian Parlor Games

Rest Break (The) - Linda Lockwood
Xe and Gab take a small break from work.

Rest is Silence (The) - Sais2Cool
While awaiting her fate in the jail cell during Ides of March, Xena looks back on a recent incident between her and Gabrielle. Memories and regrets haunt her as she struggles with her conscience and her need to make things right before her time with Gabrielle runs out.

Retreat (The) - Phair
A summer internship at a reclusive writer's colony turns out to be more than Taylor Kendall applied for. She just may have found herself in a Gothic New England ghost story.

Return - KarenK
Dana is looking for Jodie. It's been 2 years since the accident and since she had pushed Jodie out of her life. Now she's desperately looking for Jodie, in hope of a new beginning. What she doesn't know is that Jodie has a little surprise for her.

Return (The) - Tas
A SciFi/Fantasy tale where the lives of two people entwine to continue a Dynasty based on Love and Honor. I don't do angst so there is none and I'm a mushball at heart, read at your own risk.

Return (The) - Ryan Daly (aka XWPFanatic)
Through resurrection, a lesson in life is taught.

Return to Form- Jay and Silent Dee
This story covers the tail-end of "A Friend In Need" and the six months that follow, as The Battlin' Bard and the late Warrior Princess get out of Japan and find themselves in more trouble in the Land of The Pharoes...

Return to Nurrengaard - David J. Duncan
In this work, set some 8-10 years prior to the events in the Crystal Necklace, the wizard Lousain of the Dark Lands attacks Earth and kidnaps Angie, her best friend, and her boyfriend's niece. Now, Dave and Garth Singleton accompany the white wizard, Grimwilkin, back to the Dark Lands to stop the evil at work there. However, what's going on Dave and how will Angie be able to hold up under the stress? This story both answers questions to the current series and sets the scene for the next story, "The Harrowing Road Unwillingly Traveled", which wraps things up in the current story arc.

Reunions ~ Potidaea - Carole Giorgio
Summary Pending

Revolution - Kim Pritkel & Alexa Hoffman
Brooklyn Fletcher is making her way in the world of advertising, comfortable as a copy editor in a large Portland firm. Her boss, and stand-in mother is having trouble with one of her twin daughters, and the other one is the apple of her eye. Can Brooklyn become a good role model?

Revolutionary - SB Zarben
Have you ever started messing around with history and coming up with your own version of things? That's what this story is about. Set in Russia in 1920 it's about two women who meet and happen to change the world while they get to know one another.

Ridded (The) - Phair
The Ridded is a story of a child rejected by one father, embraced by another, and depised by both warring cultures.

Riddle of Sappho's End (The) - DJ Belt
In this fifth in a series (after The Tomb, The Tears of a Goddess, The Legacy of Britannia, and A Bad Day in Algiers), Jan Covington and Mel Pappas seek out and excavate the legacy of the great poet Sappho, dealing with a jealous bureaucrat, tomb-robbers, a "curse", and one of the toughest riddles of their careers: just what caused Sappho's tragic end, and how were Xena and Gabrielle involved?

Riding the Storm - S. Barret
An erotic supernatural PWP. A succubus, a storm-demon, and a hellovah hurricane.

Right Now - GirlBard
A first-time story

Right Thing (The) - SX Meagher
Hennessey Boudreaux is getting ready to leave her beloved South Carolina to travel to Boston to begin college. She's savoring the summer months while working at a local writing program for gifted teenagers. One of the teenagers, Townsend Bartley, is less gifted as a writer than she is as a hell raiser. But money and power talk, and Townsend's mother, a well-known and respected writer, has plenty of both. The headstrong, self-destructive 16-year-old is about to lock horns with her equally stubborn 17-year-old camp counselor. The story that ensues follows these two determined young women as they both try to sail through the murky depths that is young adulthood.

Ripples in Time - Lois Kay & cbar
Limburg, The Netherlands, 100 AD. The Roman conqueror occupies a large part of the Lowlands. Even though times are peaceful, underneath the surface opposition brews and occasionally the Romans have to fight a rebel army. In this setting, Mor and Isa meet, when Isa is running for her life. The dark, seclusive Mor saves Isa's life, not anticipating the impact that will have on her life. She had a mission. Will she be able to carry it out?

Rising into Consciousness - Emily Mills
Fate, destiny, whatever. A chance meeting between two very different people; Auset (a college drop-out, ex-juvie inmate, and hacker) and Reese the student/writer; leads them down a very unexpected path. All sorts of mayhem ensues as Auset's shady past catches up with her, and the two have to get through it all together--all the while struggling to form a very strong friendship.

Rising Phoenixa - Paully Adams

Summary Pending

Rising Sun - Erin Jennifer
This story takes place after the events of "Friend in Need, part 1."

Ritual - Darkone
Xena and Gabrielle get married after "The Quest"

Ritual - Meghan O'Brien
Just a short story about a little family discord, inspired by those people in our lives who seem to have us playing out the same scenes over and over again.

Road Back Home (The) - Lynne Norris
This story is a journey of healing and rediscovery. Emotionally and physically scarred from her injury and brush with death, Alex struggles to reclaim all the facets of her former life. Meanwhile, Regina fights her own battle with the need for her family's acceptance and the love she has for her embattled partner. With their newfound relationship hanging in the balance, they can shut the door and walk away or believe that the strength of their love will guide them shome. Sequel to Second Chances

Road's End - Darkone
Xena and Gabrielle run an Inn

Road From Kilimanjaro (The) - KG MacGregor
For six months, Mary Kate Sasser trained for the ultimate quest of Uhuru Peak, the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro's glacial crater. The small-town Southerner was ready for everything - except perhaps for fellow climber Kristin Addison, who had another summit in mind.

Road To Glory (The) - Advocate and T.N. Novan
The Road to Glory is a romance played in reverse. It's about two women who meet and fall instantly in lust and the bumpy journey they take from there to love. If you liked "The Story of Me", you'll recognize certain characters.

Road Trip - Dee
A story of a young woman traveling on her own across the US, and a troubled soul with whom she is entangled, in an adventure filled with violence, rescue and love.

Rock for Rememberance (A) - Ali Vali

A Valentines Day story.

Romance...or Something Like It - Gerri Hill
Two women are coerced by friends to help them score a date on Valentine's Day. Dana asks Jamie, an accountant, to help her make a former girlfriend, Tess, jealous. Tess has coerced her lawyer friend Kate to come along in her quest to find a date. Neither Jamie nor Kate are into Valentine's day until they meet.

Room at the Inn - T. Novan
Xena and Gabrielle are visiting Amphipolis and love's in the air ... only the Warrior Princess isn't too keen on it being her mom.

Rose In Blue - JP
It's the sequel to Blue Oblivion. Same deal on the ratings and all that. We find Blue and Conner making an attempt live an love outside the reach of mob rule. Good intentions are cast to the side as our girls find themselves caught between people with scores to settle and people that don't appreciate progress.

Ruby's Café - L. Crystal Michallet-Romero
Told in the narrative style, this original tale depicts the time when the author's grandfather attempted to capture the illusive American Dream.

Rude - Lois Cloarec Hart
An tale that explores the supposition about what if your wishes came true and the impact they'd have on you.

Rules - Dikern
This is an alt X&G story with a twist. A loving relationship between two women is explored but nothing too graphic

Running Away - Robin Alexander
This short story is about one woman's desire to step off into the unknown and live the life she only dares to dream of.

Sacrifice for Friendship (A) - DS Bauden
Frankie's life is altered completely with the help of her childhood friend Crystal.

Sacrament series - Morrig

The First Sacrament Absolution: Magali Guerrerro rules a world pulsing with corruption, greed, and violence. A place where life is fleeting, survival tenuous and choices limited. Through the darkness, the light of innocence beckons her, and she finds what she can not give herself in a pair of emerald eyes…Absolution. Be forewarned this is what you should consider a conqueror uber, and is the first in a series. I cut my teeth on this one, and I'm still recovering.
The Second Sacrament Penitencia: Everyone has a cross to bear, a sin to contend with, a penance to serve…some sacrifice it all for another, while others betray. When innocence is shattered and faith torn asunder, who will stand and make amends? Magali's life is a countless toll of mortal sins, and Casey, her Saint, will offer up her own sacrifice in this sequel to Absolution.
The Third Sacrament Confession: A demon Past lies in wait, an unseen predator that bided its time, then sundered and shredded two souls newly reunited, and trapped Casey in its unrelenting claws. Julia seizes the opportunity and summons all of her considerable resources to ensure that the ties are severed forever. Seeking comfort with a phantasm found only in the shadows of her memory, Casey is maneuvered by fate to serve her own penance…one her dark lover may never forgive. The City of Angels--filled with whispers of seduction and echoes of guilt--conspires to keep Magali from reclaiming her beloved; while a darker evil lies in ambush, should she dare to try. Saints and sinners alike will make their confession, but will it be enough to cleanse them, or will it come too late?

Sad Moments- Ken Rogers
Gabrielle's feelings take her into depression then finally overwhelm her when Xena makes a callous remark. (Post FIN)

Sad One - Verrath
Here is my latest completed offering - my own take on the Years After. Like many others, I could not leave the Show the way it ended. It left me wondering how Gabrielle would have fared... here's the result. A tad on the somber side, I might add.

Sad Moments - Ken Rogers
Gabrielle's feelings take her into depression then finally overwhelm her when Xena makes a callous remark. (Post FIN)

Saddle (The) - TC O'Neill
Here's another Plot, What Plot? story that picks up where "Gabrielle, Bard In Bondage" left off. There are no other characters in the story except Argo. Xena and Gabrielle don't need anyone else... but you already knew that, didn't you?

Safe Harbor - Radclyffe
Provincetown has a new Deputy Sheriff -- and when the newly sworn peace officer meets the town's doctor, she discovers what she never realized she was missing.

Sage Advice - Ri 
Xena and Gabrielle meet a great man of Athens who changes their lives in an incredible way.

Salem's Secrets - Sheri
A student who finds more than she bargained on a summer tour.

Same Life, Different Day - Rab Donald
Using the same 'titles' as the classic episode "Day in the Life" It is little more than an exercise in writing pornography. Though it can be amusing, it is *definitely* not to everyone's taste. Sexually explicit. (Xe and Gab not monogamous); graphic with coarse language

Same Story...Three Times - Crow and Barbara G. Smith
Megan is a mechanic happily working...until she comes across a woman stranded and in need of assistance....little does she know how much assistance is needed. There's two sides to every story then there's the truth....

Salmoneus - Mickey
Bard Challenge #11

Sappho's Inspiration - MyOsage
Sappho has a problem that Aphrodite thinks Xena can solve. But the solution may be unacceptable to Gabrielle. Beware of passionate women on the Isle of Lesbos!

Saturday Night Special - Tovie
Two desperate women meet in a pawn shop.

Say Goodbye to Boston - Barbara Davies
"While the rest of the Canary Islands celebrates 'Carnaval', British secret agents Ashley Blade and Jemma Jacobs try to unravel a terrorist plot against the USA. If they don't succeed... you can say goodbye to Boston!"

Scandelous - Minerva
(Follow up to Grind) Randi goes after what she wants and needs. She returns to The Grind.

School's Out - Mindwalker 78
Andy Parker didn't know why she'd never had contact with Chris Chambers before. Maybe it was because Andy came from the other side of the tracks. But, one day, an after school incident brings their lives together, and they discover a friendship that neither had ever believed possible. They feel as though each can fill the aching emptiness in the other's heart. But, just as they begin to listen to their hearts, something devastating happens to Chris. Will Andy ever be able to convince her that she had nothing to do with it? Can Chris ever feel the same about Andy again?

Scream (The) - Medora MacD
What will it take to get publishing executive and outdoor adventurer Althea Ashford to scream at the top of her lungs? That's what biology professor Shelley Solomon has to discover before midnight if she's to win her bet with her twin sister's insufferable (and infernally attractive) best friend.

Scroll (The) - Rab Donald
Gabrielle writes what she believes is her final scroll dedicating her thoughts to Xena.

Sea Moon - Mark Annetts
This is a sci-fi uber set sometime in the not too distant future on Jupiter's moon, Europa. It's a comedy/adventure/drama sort of thing, involving murder most foul, strange dreams, a feisty soldier gal whose name isn't really Dutch, and a tall engineer who likes to solve problems and offer her invaluable assistance.

Seasons - Anne Azel

Autumn Winds - Robbie Williams was rich, famous, and powerful. She thought she was in complete control until she met Janet and her daughter Reb. Suddenly, Robbie's world was way out of control!
Winter Snows - Janet and Robbie's fall romance had sent sparks flying. Then Ryan arrived on the scene. Could they now face the strains and problems in their lives and stay together?
Spring Rains - Janet Williams thought her relationship with Robbie was made in heaven until she discovered that Robbie had a hidden past. Can their relationship survive when it had been built on a foundation of secrets?
Summer Heat - Robbie and Janet had felt that they had come through a year of hell stronger and more in love. They didn't think anything else could gowrong. Then they found themselves facing their worst nightmare.
Indian Summer - Indian Summer is an epliogue to the Seasons Series.

Second Chance - Harpy
A quiet moment at the start of the day in which Xena and Gabrielle reaffirm their love.

Second Chance - Sunflower
When two high school friends are reunited at a plot filled with fame, love and intrigue anything can happen. Kristen and Melanie have worked hard to finally have love and fame, but fate had other ideas for them. Will their love resist? Will the truth be a too expensive price to pay?

Second Chances - Ken Rogers
A nightmare vision of the future changes the future. (FIN III)

Second Chances - Lynne Norris
Alex Marguiles is a self-driven, remote chief attending in the emergency department of a large community medical center. With the annual influx of new residents to the hospital, Alex meets one of her new charges, Regina Kinston, a bright, young, promising doctor. As personalities and professional differences clash, Alex and Regina both struggle with their own personal demons. Coming together in a fast-paced climax, the story is one of friendship, trust and chances regained.

Second Generation - Littlespit
A romantic tale of love and friendship rediscovered, and all by the grace of the gods and a second generation of an angelic, green-eyed blonde and her blue-eyed lonely dark haired new friend.

Sedona Rain - Carole Giorgio
The long awaited sequel to Laguna Nights. Alex and Samantha have affirmed their love for each other, each with an inner feeling that this may not be the first lifetime they have spent together, yet one of them is still battling the validity of reincarnation. Each has been given the gift of the other; neither understanding just how intricately they are connected. Sometimes it only takes a little rain to start you down the path to reawakening old beliefs.

Seeing You Again For the First Time - Colleen
Summary Pending

Selene and Nix - Windstar and Zee
This story contains; mayhem, magic, love, jealousy, and some great fight scenes. Plus as an added bonus if you read this you'll understand Blood and Honor a lot better when we start posting it. So come join Nix and Selene as they struggle to build and keep a society together.

Slow Rise - Evelyn C
Even broken hearts can be mended. Best friends and lovers take the plunge to declare their feelings when unrequited love almost tears them apart.

Selfless Love - Bo Merg
A story of the pain of unrequited love. Very touching short story.

Serendipity - J. Peterson 
Story summary: Ariel Peters reluctantly attends a house-warming party with her best friend. She is not prepared to meet the strangely infatuating Charlie Evans, nor is she ready to find the one thing she was never looking for. Still, the world tends to provide you with what you need, rather than what you want.

Service Call - BJ Gale
***Do NOT read at work!!!!*** A PWP about the benefits of working late when everyone else is at the company picnic.

Serving The Conqueror (The Conqueror Part Two) - Mavis Applewater
Gabrielle & Xena are still struggling to find a place in the other's world.

Sex Education - Greek Warrior
A short story written in response to a PWP challenge. Alison is a doctor on a space station orbiting earth where sex is a forgotten thing of the past, until Piper comes along.

Sex, Wives, and Misunderstandings - Ali Vali
A few months after the birth of their second son, Ram, Sarah and Ramses are having trouble finding time to be alone. The more they try to build on the bond they have, the more misunderstandings there are between them. This is the third chapter in the Nile series, and int he end, well, I'm not going to tell you the end.

Shade - Temora
What happens when a lonely man in an army camp fixates on a certain bard.

Shadows - Ladyhawke 
Lee and Katlin are caught in a situation they never would have dreamed of going near in a million years... But their need to be together ignores the high price and pain it will cause if they are discovered. Together they begin an affair, living in shadows, grabbing and holding on to each precious moment. Two years down the line the emotional cost on both of them is starting to reveal that one of them wants more...

Shadowland - Radclyffe
Set in the leather world of the City, the story of two women drawn together by the power and pleasure of S/M - and nearly destroyed by their own dark secrets.

Shadows In The Night - C. Paradee
Two kittens, one dark the other light, befriend each other and face the rigors of the wild.

Shaken - K.G. MacGregor
Luxury car dealer Anna Kaklis and family attorney Lily Stuart meet by fate and work together to overcome an extraordinary challenge. Can their courage also help them conquer their fears of love?

Shards - Ladyhawke 
What if your past totally controlled the person you are now? When can you draw a line between what you know is real and what isn't? How could you fight against an event that created every fear within you, when it is locked in the past and cannot be changed.

All of these questions live as part of Jo's life and make her who she is. A life of lies, fear and conformity. That is until she meets someone who throws her controlled world into chaos and her rein on sanity begins to slip.

Can Jo face her fear and survive.....

Shattered - Laurel
A Conqueror story: How can one woman make a difference, in the face of oppression, cruelty and fear? How can another woman risk her life to save the ruined remains of an idealistic rebel? And how can hope survive when it grows on the barren soil of the Conqueror's Corinth?

Shattered - Ladyhawke
Synopsis pending...

Shattered - Linda Crist
This story deals with the subject of rape and the aftermath. I have no idea what possessed me to write it. I do urge folks to read the disclaimers. It's not for everyone and it's very graphic.

Shattered Innocence - Tragedy88
Eighteen year old Shane runs a gang called the 'Panthers.' She's tough, wild, angry...until she meets Antonia, the new transfer. Tony's not afraid to stand up to Shane, even thinks she can see the good in the depths of those tortured blue eyes. But who can live and love in the Ghetto with danger all around?

She Is - S. Lee
In the prequel to Three Days, Kat and Beth meet for a Valentine's rendezvous in the Colorado mountains. Enjoy another look into the lives of this loving couple.

She, My Home - Coleskilla
Summary Pending

She Who Talks to the Air - Carole Giorgio
Carole's epilogue to A Friend in Need

Shine - Fragment
The warrior and the bard share a quiet starlit night, and contemplate space travel. I wrote it for a friend who is ever so slightly obsessed with Star Trek: Voyager, although no knowledge of the program is required. It's just a simple, romantic friendship kind of story.

Shinobi - Carola "Ry chan" Eriksson
A Ninja looks back on her life and the woman whose very essence became entwined with her own.

Shopping with the Conqueror - Carola Eriksson
Alt Xena the Conqueror is a mean, evil...well! - We get the idea. What does the Conqueror do when she needs a scribe? Well, she goes to the local slave market, of course! And meets a small, irritating blonde.

Show (The) - BL Miller
This was the first of my 'naughty little romps' (see also Cards Anyone? and The Cloak) involving the warrior and her bard.? Not too much to say about this story except that Gabrielle certainly got to see a Tartarus of a floor show.? This story earned Lunacy's famed "Do not read at work" warning.

Signals - Rab Donald
Parted from the warrior to enter a bards contest, Gabrielle meets an older, wiser woman who's advice becomes invaluable in helping our two heroes form a more 'intimate' bond.

Silence is Never Golden - Xfjnky
After a fearful Xena spurns Gabrielle, she finds comfort in the arms of another. Never fear, though, because our Warrior Princess realizes the gravity of her mistake.

Silver Bullet - KarenK
A hitwoman who uses a silver bullet as her calling card contemplates on letting her lover know the truth about herself. When should she tell her? And would it be too late?

Simple Love Story (A) - WarriorJudge
Summary Pending

Simple Matter of Trust (A) - Pam Wilson
Takes place late in the 3rd season, early 4th, after Bitter Suite It finds Xena and Gabrielle dealing with past demons as well as a few new ones. There are new characters, action, humor, drama, some angst, a few tears, new twists and a few surprises along the way. There is light subtext, no graphic sex.

Simple Pleasures - Bard Girl
Xena and Gabrielle share a quite moment by the campfire.

Sin City Confidential - Cephalgia
A detective hired to find a woman, only to discover that she bit off more than her handbook allows.

Singapore Illusions Or Skeeter and the Amazing Technicolor Ghost Hunt - At3sparky
Dr. Aeron Malone and her new assistant Barbra Taylor are sent to Singapore to investigate the possibility of a haunting in a business hotel.

Sins of Ommission - Lady Savay
WARNING: Please read the disclaimers for this story!!!
'Sometimes it's easier to deal with things left unsaid, but the truth does come out when you least expect it. Snowed in together leaves the warrior and the bard with no where to run from it, or themselves.'

Sinner - Maderin Bidmead
In a land of magic, honor and deceit, where brother fights brother a war has been waged. To the victors the world, the universe. To the losers the shadows, waiting for their chance. Unwilling to let the evil that has conquered her world to spread into another, only one woman has the courage to try and fight it. In another dimension will she find the one who can help save her own?

Sins of the Mother series - L. Crystal Michallet

1. Sins of the Mother - L. Crystal Michallet
Xena must protect her home against her arch nemesis and at the same time, must face a painful memory from the past.

Sister Act - Barbara Davies
Lila joins Xena and Gabrielle on the road. At least it *looks* like Lila! Needless to say, the gods are involved.

Sister (The) -  KG MacGregor
Haley a detective novelist is asked to keep an eye on a friend's sister who just happens to be the latest up-and-coming bubblegum pop singer.  Only she has to sneak past security and its head, Rachel, is less than pleased to learn that the mystery writer is supposed to find the stalker wrecking havoc on the singer's life

Situation - Rab Donald
A desperate gambler in need of funds prompts the warrior and bard to face feelings they've kept buried.

Sleep (The) - D.K. Ward
Summary Pending

Sleeping Xena - LM Townsend
A fairy tale, starring Xena and Gabrielle who set out to rescue a princess with surprising results.

Slice of Heaven - Kim Baldwin
Floodwaters strand TV reporter Lindsey Carter in a town too small for a stoplight, but she's not complaining. Meriwether may not have much, but it has a killer cafe and one scrumptious librarian.

Slow Valentine - Redhawk

A Valentine's Day story

Snapshots - MJ
A brilliant yet introverted photographer, Tess Alexander's life takes a dramatic turn when she undertakes a shoot for the cities Lord Mayor. There she meets his daughter Nikki, a young woman whose visual disability has forced her into a world of over protectiveness. Instantly drawn to each other, neither of them are aware of the lengths one person will go, to try and keep them apart.

Snapshots of a Life Half-Lived - M. A. Ward
Two women in love, in a time and a place where all is against them. Can they make it through .. together?

Snowbound - Queenfor4
A young homophobic writer finds herself convalescing in the home of a lesbian doctor.? Can she overcome her distrust and become friends with the heart-broken doctor?

Snowbound - Margaret A. Helms
Some say you can't go home again, but after fifteen years, Angie Edwards is ready to give it a try. Determined to face her biggest regret, she immediately lands in the middle of the confrontation she's been avoiding for over a decade. But are the demons of Angie's past actually angels in disguise?

Snowed In - Sheri
A young woman who is trapped in a snowstorm and meets a woman refinishing a house.

Solari - Lynn Ames
Bard Challenge #11

Soldiers Peace (A) - SB Zarben
Picture this: What if there was a researcher/reporter whose current job was the only way she could make ends meet after her own plans for the future went spiraling out of control. And what if she was handed one of, if not the largest story of the year? Dealing with a failed Naval mission that resulted in the deaths of many, many people. What if her main source of information was the leader of the Navy unit involved, who also happened to be blamed by almost every paper and form of media in the United States? What if this story slowly started becoming important to her, or more importantly, what if she found yourself becoming friends with the Navy Captain? What if someone else didn't want her to crack this story? What would they do? What would she do? What would you do? This is Captain Dean Ransom's and reporter Ranelle Maloch's story.

Solitaire - Temora
Summary Pending

Solstice Eve - Beowolf
I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek of this story a while back and it's been a personal favorite ever since. Set in the time of the Winter Solstice, it has the warrior and her bard enjoying this magical time of the year while they stay at a village where the annual festival is in full swing. Delighting in all the activities, Gabrielle can't quite believe her stoic warrior seems to be enjoying herself too. What the storyteller does not know is that Xena has made careful plans to make sure everything is perfect for Gabrielle because for once she wants to show the bard just what she means to her. Beautiful. DO NOT MISS!. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See also the sequel Solstice Morning] 7/6/97

Solstice Gift (A) - Lena
Post FIN

Solstice Morning - Beowolf
This story is part of a "loose" series which began with Solstice Eve. Like the first installment, this second tale is a gift for the heart - beautiful and very touching. Still set amidst the Winter Solstice, the story takes place the morning after the events in Solstice Eve and has Gabrielle reminiscing about her time with Xena and then unveiling a little surprise for her warrior. Short and VERY much worth the read. [See also the sequel Another Time, Another Solstice Eve] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 7/11/97

Solstice to Forget (A) - Panda
A holiday goes wrong.

Something I Said - Denic
A harmless (or not) glimpse into what happens when we are unable to keep ourselves from speaking our minds. Some things are better left unsaid.

Something to be Thankful For - Carrie Carr
Randi Meyers returns to her hometown to attend the funeral of an uncle she barely knew. During the graveside services, she's beseeched by a young boy to follow him into the woods to help his injured sister. After coming upon the unconscious woman, Randi realizes that the boy has disappeared. She brings the woman to the hospital and finds out that the woman's name is Kay, and that her brother Jared was killed five years earlier by a drunk driver. Kay has a broken ankle, but is otherwise fine. Although the two women quickly become friends, circumstances and job loyalties force them apart, sending Randi back to her home in Ft. Worth, while Kay starts a new job to support herself. Will the two ever get together? Sequel to In the Blink of an Eye, originally done for the Academy of Bards Halloween Special 2001

Somewhere Down the Line - Paully Adams
A post-FIN tale that tells relates the tale of Gabrielle's death. Nothing violent and overly sad in this tale.

Somewhere in Hollywood - J. Rose
This is essentially a modern day fairy tale. It is necessary to forget everything you know, everything you think you know, and believe that anything can happen in the land called Hollywood.

Somewhere in Time - DS Bauden
This is a "Xena style" adaptation of the movie, "Somewhere in Time".

Song of the Candle - Kamouraskan
"A tale of soulmates, of chances not taken and regretted. The story of two women who lock eyes on a subway, feel something shift inside themselves and know that this is it. The decision made whether to follow an impulse or not will affect the rest of their lives. And if one of those characters is already near emotional breaking point, how long will she wait for her soulmate to battle her own fears and realise that this is their one chance?"

Soon So Far Away - Amity
Post FIN

Sorority Sisters - Dawn Lemanne
Chronicles the mis-adventures of a small whacky sorority that decides to recruit.

Soul Crossing - Web Bard
This tale takes place after "Falling" and "Falling Stars" will eventually take the friends to Greece to trace their common ancestral past. This first chapter deals with a reunion after a short separation. Rated PG 13. Sequel to Falling Stars

Soul's Redemption - Silence
It's about love and true redemption of a soul.

Soul's Rescue - Patty S.
The story is familiar, two souls meeting for the first time in their current lives. But one woman is trapped beneath hundreds of pounds of metal. The other must find a way to free her before time runs out.

Soul Retriever - LM Townsend & Crow
The sequel to "Ghost Writer". Celine and Lisa must travel to Land of the Dead to rescue the soul of a young man taken before his time - the problem? Where is he and can they find him before it's too late?

Soul Searching - Advocate & TNovan
Realizing yet again that running a country is nowhere as thrilling as over-running one, Xena the Conqueror slips away from her castle to travel unfettered through the empire she rules with an iron fist. Her spur-of-the-moment decision turns out to be a date with destiny -- in the form of a gritty inn worker determined to do whatever it takes to support her child. Winner of a Xippy Award!

Soul Vessels - Linda Crist
While camping out at the Beach Kennedy and Carson, from 'Bluest Eyes' encounter the ghost of a female pirate.

Soul Watchers - Berlinpup
A writer who helps her apartment building neighbor.

Soul's Winter - Darkone
Xena has a drinking problem.

Sound of Snow (The) - Stacia Seaman
A short but nicely written story, high in angst.

Southern Comfort - T Novan
Summary Pending

Southern Cross - Windstar
The sequel to North Star. The invasion of earth has begun. Only a few stand between the annihilation of earth and all of humanity.

Spark of Hope (A) - PatsBard
summary pending

Specter of Fear - Erin O'Rielly
Two women's worlds are tested when an unknown person begins a campaign of fear through threatening letters filled with innuendoes. Will their love survive or will the phantom win?

Spellbound - Medora MacD
Two women meet and engage in a Scrabble game at the behest of a benefactor.

Spells Really Do Come True - Di Kern
Long lost friends are reunited.

Spirit of the Soul - Debbie Dee
Dawn can hear a voice talking to her. Is it real or is it just in her head. Could someone just be playing a Halloween joke on her. Dawn is determined to find out the truth.

Spy Who Killed Me (The) - Barbara Davies
Sequel to 'Say Goodbye to Boston' and 'A View to a Kiss'. After their fraught mission in Brazil, British secret agents Ashley Blade and Jemma Jacobs return home to London looking for some rest and relaxation...

Stand by Me: In A Broken Dream - AC
A sequel to 1944: Year of the Mandolin Wind. Sofia and Bekah struggle to rebuild their lives in a new place after World War II, finding that all they will ever need is right beside them.

Stargazing Soulmates - Sam Ruskin
One of those wonderful campfire scenes. You know the ones. The quiet, chatting, stargazing ones.

Starting Again - Sunflower Brazil
After saying their goodbyes in Rio de Janeiro, what ever happened to Alison and Jordan? Tag along to find out how the lives of these two strong women were changed by time and what all it took for them to start again. (Sequel to A New Year, A New Life)

Stashed - Kamouraskan
A thief and a wannabee reporter cross the path of a drug dealing enforcer.

Steel Free Fall - Wizzy
Brieannah never felt true love before, until Tarie. They learn the meaning of letting go to let true love surround them. It is not easy for either of them to overcome the pain they cause each other. Can they survive it? Will fate bring them together or keep them apart?

Stick to the Script - Alex Tryst
Dashing and mysterious Hollywood newcomer Jamie Dean gets the opportunity of a lifetime to work with her favorite actress. Sarah Talbot, America's Sweetheart, wants to stretch her abilities in hopes of winning her first Oscar after years in the business. Together they venture through a suspense thriller, but what happens when the cameras aren't rolling? Is their chemistry only affected, or does the homebody win the heart of the latest ladies' woman? Appearances from the characters of Love in Photographs and Georgia on My Mind included.

Stirred - KG MacGregor
In this sequel to Shaken, Anna Kaklis and Lily Stuart find their new love tested by dramatic changes in their lives.

Stirrings of a Dark Heart - Taleweaver It's a piece written from a warrior's point of view as she reflects on how far her traveling companion has come, and just how much she feels for her.

Stolen Glances - Monkey
summary pending

Stone Walls - S. Derkins
In the sequel to Duster, the relationship between Duster and prison guard Sandra Yunez builds, bringing both joy and heartache. Where they end up depends on the Muse and her readers.

Strong Foundation - Luciddream
In this sequel to Hammer and Nails, Jump and Bernadette find themselves trying to make a life for themselves and Ryan. Things get complicated though when they want to make their little family official. Will their love survive the homophobic social worker and unforeseen circumstances that work to push them apart?

Storm Surge - KatLyn
Alex Montgomery. A ten-year veteran of the FBI. She lost everything of meaning in her life, in the blink of an eye. She has now returned to where it all began, to heal, to rebuild, and to find the man responsible for the hell in which she now lives. Will Alex ever find the peace she once knew? Will she ever find a love like she once had?

Story (The) - Siel le Dain  
Out is best, of course it is. But what happens when you fall for a straight person so badly, you don't even care she might be totally confused and will, for sure, realize she never wanted to have a romantic relationship with you? Ren e didn't want this to happen, so she hid her feelings for almost two years, waiting for them to disappear. They didn't and everything came out in the open. But maybe, she had been so busy looking inside herself that she forgot to look around.very near her.

Story Goes On (The) - Siel le Dain  
This is a sort of sequel to "The Story". Well, actually, more than a sequel is a "what could have happened differently" kind of story. Same characters, same old situation, different scenario.

Story of Me (The) - Advocate
Two women join in a crazy scheme for petty revenge, which leads them on a chaotic road-trip to Las Vegas.

Story of Us - Austin Hunter Daniels
This is tale of falling in love for the first time. It is told from the first person point of view of our heroine as she progresses from falling in love with a straight girl to realising the 'happily-ever-after' may not be that far away. Have those tissues ready.

Strained - KG McGregor
In Shaken, they fell in love. In Stirred, that love was tested and reaffirmed. Now in Strained, LA car dealer Anna Kaklis and family attorney Lily Stuart face new questions about family and future. Very low on the angst-meter. ;-)

Stranger in the Garden (A) - Claire Withercross
This is a sequel of sorts to "Eve's Garden" by Kamouraskan. There are stories that tell of a place far from the hustle and bustle of the world where a person can find peace. Somewhere in Greece a man goes in search of that place, and hopefully, some answers. What he finds are the spirits of two long dead women and a small piece of heaven on earth.

Strength of the Heart - Carrie Carr
In the latest story of Lex and Amanda, the couple attempts to rebuild what was lost while also planning their upcoming nuptials. Things don't go as planned when Lex is arrested, a deadly brushfire gets out of control, and someone close to the rancher dies.

Strike Out - AK Naten
A woman who is unlucky in love meets up with someone who could change her losing streak. Will they get a hit, or will they strike out?

Strings Attached - Inyx
Moody, temperamental, and quite the loner, Kelly never planned for parenthood. Kelly never planned on Jessie. Until one day, she finds that the one she cares about the most is with child. Kelly never planned on falling in love...

Strongest Thread (The) - Rab Donald
Following a surprise ambush and a stupid argument, Gabrielle leaves Xena but soon regrets her decision. Meanwhile, a bewildered Xena is guided by some 'invisible force' that will surely re-unite them both on a more certain path.

Stud - S. Berry
PWP. Two women who meet outside and bar and... well, I think we can all guess what comes next. If PWP doesn't tip you off, do not read at work!

Stud II - S. Berry
Takes place a couple weeks after "Stud". Finally, the secret is revealed.Do not read at work.

Suffer the Children - David J. Duncan
In this piece, the Duboises and their friends try to cope with the GSA attacks. In the process, Xena, Gabrielle, Eve, and the others come face to face with a new enemy. How will they react? How will Dave react? Read on and see.....

Summer Between (The) - Dee
This is a story of an college student working for the summer as a waitress in a small resort coastal town. There she meets new friends and makes the acquaintance of a famous although reclusive artist. The events that transpire are those of personal growth and discovery. It is however primarily a romance between two people, and the fateful circumstances that pulled them together.

Summer Circus - Barbara Davies
When Summer Walsh's struggling circus comes to Cheltenham, novice reporter Alison Carmichael is willing to jump through hoops to get to know its enigmatic ringmaster/owner better!

Summer Heat - MJ
PWP... An intriguing stranger turns Cody's day of escaping from the toils of University life into more than she could have ever imagined.

Summer Love - S. Lee
This is an extended version of the story I posted in the Bard's Challenge. Quinn O'Brien goes to the beach for a summer job before going off to college. She finds more than just work when she runs into the woman she has been in love with for four years, her former high school swimming coach. The two women spend the summer in love, but it comes to an end with the arrival of Fall. Ten years later, they meet up again at Quinn's high school reunion ten years later. Can the two women rediscover the love they once shared?

Summer of Need - J. W. Heart
The need for a summer job leads Trace home. What she finds will alter two lives. What she loses may change her forever.

Summer Reign - kaia
Queen Gwenneth is asked to champion a dark knight, Sir Jordan competing in a jousting tourney.

Summer Reunion - Barbara Davies
Sequel to Summer's Circus. When Alison is lumbered with organising her school reunion, she thinks it'll be easy. Wrong! Fortunately, Summer is on hand to provide a helping hand and a paper plate or two!

Sun Went Down (The) - Ken Rogers
Gabrielle is unable to accept Xena's death and shuns her spirit. Xena is in anguish over what she has done to her soulmate. In desperation Gabrielle seeks a way out. (Post FIN)

Sunday Mornings - Troubleshooter
Summary Pending

Surprise - MyOsage
Gabrielle's temper gets the best of her when Xena's flirtations with a local barmaid cause a chain reaction that have both women finding out more about themselves than they could've imagined.

Surprises Can Be Fun...Or Not - D.S. Bauden
The third installment in the Charlie and Terri series (the others are Ready for Take Off and I've Never) .**Do Not Read At Work!**

Surviving Hope - Ri
Answering some questions about why Gabrielle sacrificed herself. Also how Xena and Gabrielle helped each other heal.

Sweet Comfort Blues - Nene Adams
In 1938, a mysterious blues player vanished under strange circumstances. Decades later, a graduate student searches for the truth, uncovering links to the legendary Robert Johnson, the hoodoo tradition of the Deep South, and a love that is stronger than death.

Sweet Desire - Black Dragoon
This story is a romantic, but explicit, description of Xena and Gabrielle’s loving relationship and first time sexual encounter.

Sweet Surrender (A) - Katia N. Ruiz
A story of unrequited love... Cassidy Monsignor is in love with her best friend, Andrea Cates. Andrea Cates holds Cassidy very dear and suffers the fact that her friend is troubled... Will Andrea ever realize Cassidy's true feelings? And if she does, will she realize that she may feel the same way?

Sweetwater - Mickey
Jesse has been forced to find her own way in life when her parents literally sell the family ranch out from under her. Jennifer has followed her dreams and traveled over a thousand miles to avoid living the life her father had planned for her. When their paths cross in the small frontier town of Sweetwater, Jesse is being framed for rustling cattle and soon finds herself facing a lynch mob. Jennifer feels compelled to come to Jesse's assistance, a woman she barely knows. Can they uncover the evidence to clear Jesse's name in time to save not only her life but also the chance to explore the growing feelings they are experiencing for each other?

Swimming for Shore - Little Mac
In the sequel to The Nearest Distant Shore, has the profiler and her love stalked by the serial killer who they thought was caught. Also compounding the problem is a jealous suitor who kidnaps and rapes the young architect.

Swing - B-Bard
Have an appetite for something new? Read this and find out who Xena's old friend is and how she affectsÝthe lives of our favorite beauties.

Take One Head And Call Me In The Morning - Lariel
Lady Xena was never one to let a little thing like death get in the way of a good relationship... A Halloween story.

Taken - C. E. Gray
The story of Samantha Martin, a rancher with a big heart, and her long-time best friend McKayla Farr, a bank teller who has a nose for trouble. When an accident brings them closer, their feelings turn to something more. Yet another disaester arises - will the women's relationship make it through? (all 5 parts)

Tale from the Haunted Web (A) - Shadowriter
Seems one can mail order a specified ghost over the internet.

Tale from the Haunted Web II (A): - Shadowriter
There are back!!! and this time the ghost is lending a helping hand.

Tale of Woe (A) - Carola "Ry chan" Eriksson
A chilling story about the jealousy and wrath of the mechanical beast to serve as a warning to all - or maybe not.

Tales From The Heart - Lariel
A relationship at breaking point, yet two hearts still wanting the same thing.

Tales of a Librarian - T Walker

1. Tales of a Librarian - (T. Walker Removed at authors request)
Brynn Dobhale's city seems like a perfectly normal second rate mertropolitan area, but when she meets her new lover Hart, the librarian learns that beneath the seams of her fair city is an occult underworld that she is about to discover she has always been very much a part of. In the first story of the Tales of a Librarian series Brynn meets Hart and the two begin the adventure.
2. When Pianos Try to be Guitars - T. Walker
Brynn learns about Bloodsport that hard way, then her favorite singer/songwriter turns up murdered and Brynn is not sure if she herself is the killer.

Talia - Patty S

Bard Challenge #11

Talking Her Down - Angelrad (Removed at Author's Request)
This is a... PWP with a twist, shall we say. What's the twist? Well, this PWP actually has a plot. Go figure.

Tall, Dark, & Deadly - Tara Kerry
A bounty hunter is captured by a woman who doesn't seem the type to skip bond.

Tasting Desire - Dragonspirit
It's about 4 friends.... a vampire..... and one night in New York City.

Taught By Love - Zoe
Against the backdrop of school violence, two women find something to hold onto- each other.

Teach Me Everything You Know - Kristien Damon (a.k.a. Lawlsfan)
A touching narrative of the final moments shared with a beloved friend and companion.

Tears of a Goddess - DJ Belt
In this sequel to The Tomb, Melinda Pappas and Janice Covington are invited to France by their old friends Mack and Sallie, who have discovered a cache of priceless ancient documents, Gabrielle's previously unknown writings among them. Jan is confounded by the shocking content of the writings, and the mysterious specter which haunts her as she ponders their puzzle. The papers disappear and Jan is arrested for their theft. As she languishes in a jail cell, Mel summons help from the shadowy depths of the postwar "intelligence" community. A motley collection of characters emerge to attempt Jan's rescue as Jan unravels the mystery of Gabrielle's latter days and the identity of the odd specter which visits her.

Tell Me series - Verrath

Tell Me, Gabrielle - Man-eating giants and a big siege engine delay two girls on their way to school. Only Xena the mighty Warrior Princess and her mighty steed Argo can save the day (though Argo's wheels do tend to skip and skid on that gravel)!
I'm Bored, Gabrielle - Sina struggles to while away the days until Gabby is ungrounded. This kid just cannot stay out of trouble. And of course, Sina wouldn't be Sina if she didn't find a way to pull little Gabby into it as well.
What's With the Sun? - Sina and Gabby round up all their friends to battle an unseen force that threatens their existence! Will Xena yet again save the world? The premise for that story was taken from a children's tale titled "Someone Is Eating The Sun" by Ruth A. Sonneborn, where a bunch of farm animals experience the same horror. I read that while sorting through some of my old stuff at my parents' house, and found it too cute to pass up. :-)
Pillow Talk - Some serious soul-searching and a pillow fight during a sleep-over at Gabby's.
We Got Him, Gabrielle! - Sleep-Over II - a bad b/w horror movie in the middle of the night has the girls in a stir. Rated PG for messy violence against murdering monster
Summer Slave Camp - Finally! Summer Camp is here! But what would a camp be without proper supervision...? More fun for the kids, in Sina's opinion.
Summer Slave Camp 2 : Slave Hunt - A daring team of adventurers sets out to find a hidden treasure, while a miserable little Warrior Princess is toiling in the kitchen. Maybe the scheduled afternoon activities will bring a few surprises.
Flukes, Fauns & Griffins - Who would have thought what weird and wonderful creatures this world holds...?
Battle Kicks - A wise general always keeps to the back of the battlefield - no matter how badly the battle is going...
The New Kid - Summer is taking a new turn as a huge truck unloads furniture down the road from Gabby's house.
Run Alice, Run! - The hidden horrors of a lonely path through the park unexpectedly work in the girls' favor.
A Hard-Headed Hound - Dogs will be dogs, no matter how many heads they have...
Wardrobe Warrior - What happens when a little bard gets way too caught up in a book? What's a warrior to do? And Sina's mom does have this ancient wardrobe sitting in the attic...
A Bowl of Tsunami - The sea is a formidable opponent. Especially when it's a certain little Warrior Princess who is braving its storms... Rated G. It takes place some time after "Wardrobe Warrior".
Remember When, Gabrielle? - An unexpected reunion after many, many years does not turn out the way either Sina or Gabby imagined.
Always, Gabrielle - Lana discovers that it's not always easy to stick to an old childhood promise when Sina disappears, leaving only a cryptic e-mail message.
As The Dragon Flies - Here is the 15th story in the Tell-Me-Series. Xena and Gabrielle realize it is better to let sleeping monsters lie, and more importantly, not to mess with their toys. Sina, however, refuses to learn ANY lesson at all.
A Friend In A Funk - In this latest "Tellme"-story, we learn what REALLY happened to bring about the Series Ender... <G> This may be a first - an attempt at *humorous* FIN FF - Rated PG.

Temple of Rage - Leslie Miller
(Set in the modern Xenaverse, Berkeley California) In order to become one of Ares' elite Arms Masters, Harmonn Sharpe must kill the leader of the local Elijian Campus Crusade for Peace, Erin Kincaid.

Terreis' Lover - Paranoia
A visit to the Amazons reveals the mystery of Terreis's lover: a woman who hasn't been seen since the day Terreis died. Why did she leave? Where is she now? And why did Terreis give her Right of Caste to a sweet, untested bard? Old choices have long-reaching repercussion in this 'Gabrielle's-mask-gets-challenged-and- Xena-can't-possibly-save-her'story with a twist.

Tethered - Vertigo

Thank You - Leigh McEoghan
A woman reflects on how actions speak louder than words.

That Friend of Mine - S. Lee
Kat makes up her mind to win back the love of her Beth and reunite her family in this romantic conclusion to the Kat and Beth series.

That One Afternoon - MyOsage
Here's your answer to what really happened between Xena and Ephiny during the episode "Hooves and Harlots ".

That Time Of The Night - Harpy
Written for the ex-guards challenge, something has come between Xena and Gabrielle, and on a still night around the campfire they try to come together, but baby Eve keeps interrupting.

That Unfamiliar Activity - Xena's Little Bitch
This story fits into that well-loved category of First Time Stories Taking Place In A Cave; no hurt/comfort here, but there's a pregnant Xena sex scene if that makes up for it. It takes place right after "Back In The Bottle."

The One - Alex Tryst
Two friends reunite after several years apart to find that they are both searching for that special someone. Setting out on a cross country road trip, the friends soon realize that love sometimes is in the most unlikely place, but will either of them take a chance?

There is Something About Dairy - Leigh McEoghan
Two halves become whole at a late night store.

These Dreams - Verda Foster
When Samantha finds out that the mysterious woman she has dreamed about as long as she can remember may be real, she sets out to find her. The search leads her to the Beautiful Tess Richmond, but heartbreak is soon to follow. Aware that a private investigator has been hired to look into her affairs, Tess mistakenly assumes the little blonde asking questions about her is the investigator. She decides to teach her a lesson, never suspecting the terrible mistake she's about to make, and the fragile heart she'll decimate in the process.

These Dreams - Nativebard
Erin finds the perfect woman in her dreams. Will she ever know the real thing?

Thief's Revenge (A) - Jane Fletcher 
As the most famous thief in the world, Corrine has stolen all sorts of things, for all sorts of reasons. This time she's doing it to avenge the wrong done to an old friend. But as she is about to find out, there are some things even she cannot steal.

Thirteen - Nene Adams
A halloween suspense story revolving around the tragic fire at a sanatorium and the nurse who wouldn't leave the ghost of her patient.

Thirteen - Emyster 
Where does thirteen lead us?

This Is a First-Time Story - Temora
Summary Pending

This War is Over - Ré
Xena deals with the loss of her soulmate as she heads home.

This Is A Lonely Life - Beth
A short story about a musician named Laken and a conversation one night in a bar. It grew from listening to the song "Sylvia Hotel" by Cheryl Wheeler.

This Time - Midgit
Seven months after the death of her lover Laura O'Donnell still grieved the loss. But then suddenly Toni was back, and with her came a heap of dangerous trouble. Laura discovers she really knew very little about Toni Lawler, but was determined not to lose her again this time.

Time to Love, A Time to Hate - Sue Hickerson
The violence of bigotry strikes an innocent gay/lesbian subcommunity in a small college town in Montana. Sam Adams is the heroine who fights toÝsave the day, and Annie O'Shea is the new lover who gives her the strength to do it.

Thousand Kisses - Girlbard
The sequel to 'We Do What We Can'!

Three Days - S. Lee
In the romantic first story of a trilogy, Kat Green is a singer/songwriter on the verge of super-stardom.She is away for weeks at a time, missing her pregnant partner, Beth desperately. Kat comes home from being away on the road for a visit and the couple have three glorious days to reclaim and reconnect their love.

Three Piece Heart - Colleen

A Valentine's Day Story

Thursday's Child - Lois C. Hart

A Valentines Day story

Time - Ladyhawke
There comes a time in everyone's life when you must face something that you don't want too. You can't run away and you can't hide, because time will always catch you. This is a short story that freezes one moment in my life onto the page. A moment that I would have given everything to change.

Time: Clock of the Heart - Alex Tryst
This is the sequel to Persistence. Just when Drew and Lola are supposed to live happily ever after, their relationship is put to the ultimate test. Will they survive it, or will Lola lose her hero?

Time Is On Our Side - Stacia Seaman
Xena is awaiting Gabrielle's return.

Time Slip - Bel-Wah
A strange woman accompanies Xena and Gabrielle as they travel through a forest that seems to be full of more than darkness.

TN's Unnamed Story - T. Novan
A young woman gets more than she bargained when she inherits a haunted property in the bayou. She must help the souls of two tormented lovers reunite.

To Be Or Not - Greek Warrior
Victoria's job change moves her to a bigoted town where she meets Catherine. Is Catherine the person to unlock Vic's wary heart or is she just as unscrupulous as some of the other people Vic's had the displeasure of meeting?

To Die by the Sword - Leslie Miller
Xena decides it may be time to alter her path before it's too late (pre FIN).

To Find What I Wasn't Looking For - Nickie
An uber story about a young woman coming to turns with her sexuality in a new city after being driven from her home. She meets up with a band that plays on the different pubs and clubs in the area.

To Live Again - Debbie Dee
This story is a sequel to my A CRY FOR HELP story. This has no violence or sex in it. It is just made up of Thoughts. This was written for every woman out there who ever wondered about her life and what if things had been different. And what can happen when you finally take your life back.

To Love a Dark Heart - Taleweaver
This is the sequel to Stirrings Of A Dark Heart. A look at Gabrielle's motivations and desires, and a peek into the warrior-bard's soul. The beginning of the sub-text.

To Protect and Serve - T. Stratton
Tyler Jones is hired by BJ Stanton to protect her from a deranged stalker. Unable to fight the connection she feels, Tyler falls in love with BJ. Will Tyler be able to keep the woman she loves away from a man who is willing to kill to be close to her?

To Serve a Friend - Irish
Devlyn's former boss asks for a favor which puts her in a serious situation and all Kelly can do is stand by and watch. (Third in a series which follows Come On Home and Promises to Keep.)

To the Love of My Life - Linda Crist
Kennedy and Carson are celebrating 10 years together and enjoying the blessings of a happy family life.

To The Manor Sold - Phair
This is a completed Uber Sci Fi tale. It is a Master/Slave relationship so expect violence, sex, bad language, and leather pants. Tess, the reluctant Master of the Manor, finds her life becomes even more complicated when her brother sells her a stolen slave.

To Rest - Brigit Morgan
"To Rest" takes place about a year after FIN and follows the aftermath of a decision that Gabrielle and Xena have made regarding the Warrior Princess' remains. A decision that while putting one soul to rest, threatens to destroy the other.

Tomb (The) - DJ Belt
Mel and Janice (with a bit of help from their friends) discover and open the tomb of Xena and Gabrielle, but with a twist: unanswered questions are popping up all over, robbers attempt desecration of the tomb, a ghost (?) appears, and the God of War (who is really ticked off) is trying to wreak his vengance on them as they attempt to spirit the remains to Athens. After all, who better to figure out what finally happened to X and G than their twentieth-century alter egos, Mel and Jan?

Tomorrow's Promise - Radclyffe
One timeless summer on a small private island, two women discover the power of passion to heal, and the promise of hope only love can bestow.

Too Far - DS Bauden
Companion piece to Too Much

Too Many Cooks - Doc
Amphipolis is full of surprises as Xena and Gabrielle travel home to celebrate Cyrene's birthday.

Too Much - DS Bauden
Short Vignette

Took You Long Enough - WhymZ
A peaceful evening campfire sets the scene for warrior and bard to surrender to their feelings at last.

Touchdown (there) - Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman
Summary Pending

Touches - RD Elliott
Gabrielle can't speak and Xena is temporarily blinded so the two must find a way to communicate.

Tough Luck - Rab Donald
A soldier seeking vengeance discovers tough luck may be better than no luck at all...

Trace & Shannon series - JW Heart

Summer of Need - The need for a summer job leads Trace home. What she finds will alter two lives. What she loses may change her forever.

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch - After four years Trace returns home. The sequel to Summer of Need.

Winter of Discontent - This is the 3rd in the Trace and Shannon series. I suggest that to fully comprehend what’s happening here, you might want to read….Summer of Need and Meanwhile Back at the Ranch. Be Warned! strong holiday themes ahead. Altercations with vicious elves and children in the thrall of Santa's arrival make for some pretty ugly scenes.

Traaken (The) - Sandra Barret 
Jolyne has lost part of herself in the latest war with the Dex, literally. She must adapt to her new status as a cyber-human, half her body made of electromechanical prosthetics. When a blue-skinned Traakyn female shows her some attention, can Jolyne accept the very human sensations that her cyber-body is feeling?

Transformation - T.C. O'Neill
Transformation takes place about a year before Xena and Gabrielle are thought dead and placed on ice by Ares. Caesar has defeated the combined Greek armies and plans to sweep across Greece and make it part of the Roman Empire. Before he can conquer the city-states one by one he must defeat the Amazon Nation. Queen Gabrielle and Xena go to the aid of the Amazons. The Fates have decreed that both Gabrielle and Xena will be killed defending the Amazon territory unless a champion can come to their rescue. Problems is, the Gods do not want any interference from "Known Champions" such as Hercules. Ares can't stand by and allow Xena to be killed. If he can't bring in a known hero he will mentor one. He solicits Joxer and trainees him in the art of combat. Ares also brings in help from a former Roman battle tactician now a drunkard and a brave Greek cavalryman. Together they must unite the Greek armies and come to the aid of the Amazons and drive the Romans out of Greece. Joxer also meets and recruits a young woman that is a balladeer by profession and an outstanding archer. She has a romantic interest in Joxer. But Joxer's heart belongs to Gabrielle, right? The story is told in the third person by the bard Virgil, that's right, Joxer's son.

Treasure of Serpents Isle - Inyx
On an uncharted island off the coast of Trinidad, set in the mid 1600's where shipwrecks are notorious, one such ship is unlucky enough to sink on the hidden reef leaving only a few survivors to make their way to the shore. Miles to the north a young Carib is taken from the prisons on Jamaica and brought to her new home of the pirate ship the 'Crusader'. Left in the hold the young girl waits to find out her fate.

Tree Huggers, Children & Broken Decoys... - Ali Vali
What happens when a star gazing, workaholic, gourmet coffee drinker comes into an inheritance she wasn't expecting? Add to that an annoying inspector that wants nothing to do with her at first and you get the title to this story.

Triangle - Zoe
A PWP type story.

Trip Around the Sun - KatharosXG
Two women meet at a university faculty mixer. With a little help from their friends, they find a mutual attraction. This is a story about a year in their lives.

Triumph of Love (A) - D.J. Belt  
Orbiting their distant home-planet, space station-keeper Sara and shuttle pilot Jeni are in love. The kicker is that, in their country, their love is forbidden three ways: race, religion, and gender. What will they do when they're discovered and face the prospect of arrest?

Trouble! - StaceyX
Xena and Gabrielle and a PWP.....

Trouble With Ancients (The) - Cephalgia
Alli, a day care owner decides to take a bus tour ... only she ends up with a group of seniors, but Ty the bus driver has a way of enlivening the trip.

Truly, Madly, Gabby - Midgit
With a bit of clever bargaining, Gabrielle buys some extra time to spend with Xena after a wound inflicted by one of Ares' followers kills her before she can say everything she wants to the warrior. But Hades' price is a high one -- spending eternity in Tartarus. Xena convinces the god of the underworld that he has overcharged the bard. But the refund comes with strings attached. Of course.

Truth in Love - Nene Adams
An entry in the Christmas challenge set in 1898 London where a librarian laments being alone and meets an imposing man at their employer's christmas party who has a secret.

Truth or Dare - Meghan O'Brien
Jena is reunited with her college friend and long-term object of devotion, Ryan, at a weekend reunion hosted by mutual friends. She finds it more difficult than she imagined to remain platonic, especially in light of a revealing game of Truth or Dare.

Tumbleweed Fever - LJ Maas
In the Oklahoma Territory of the old west Devlin Brown is trying to redeem herself for her past as an outlaw, now working as a rider on a cattle ranch. Sarah Tolliver is a widow with two children and a successful ranch, but no way to protect it from the ruthless men who would rather see her fail. When the two come together sparks fly, as a former outlaw loses her heart to a beautiful yet headstrong young woman.

Turning Tides - A.K. Naten
Love is rarely perfect... sometimes it seems impossible. A young woman leaves her troubled past, determined to start a new life in a new city. When she becomes hopelessly entangled with a domineering, emotionally embattled individual, she doesn �þt know if it �þs a dream come true, or her worst nightmare.

Twelve Days - Colleen
An ordinary visit to Santa leads to an extraordinary discovery of love. This holiday tale is not just about two people becoming a couple, but four people becoming a family.

Twenty-Three - XWPFanatic
Xena confesses the twenty-three things she loves about Gabrielle

Two Hearts - Colleen
A short Valentine's Day story

Two Parts of the Whole - Allyson Heisey
Xena and Gabrielle visit the city of Alexandria and unwittingly anger a patron diety.? To exact his vengeance, he separates the two women, but they are destined to always meet. In this case, in a bizarre twist of fate. It's up to Gabrielle to solve the riddle and set things right.

Two Souls, One Truth - WhymZ
Summary Pending

Two to Tango - Anon2
[Pulp Fiction Contest 2002] - Summary Pending

Uber Gals and the Mystery of the Hen's Bane - Emily Mills
This short story is a sequel of sorts to the stories "Rising Into Consciousness" and "Duality". It is advisable to read them first. Auset and Reese are faced with a rather perplexing mystery, as dead chickens begin to appear on Auset's front door step. As the usual suspects are all locked up, the question remains, who's doing it and why? Follow our gals on a silly little romp to unravel the mystery all while struggling to spend some quality time with one another.

Uber in a Nutshell - Beth Gaynor
One of the most clever stories I have come across. The fact that it took me but a minute (if even that) to read added to the pleasure! This is a DO NOT MISS story!

Uber Is As Uber Does - Celine
An utterly silly story about someone who really wants to be an uber-Gabrielle and really wants to find her uber-Xena.

Uber Uberalles Ubers - KSP
Summary Pending

Ulysses Revisited - BL Miller
My answer to that annoying episode. Gabrielle, unable to handle denying her feelings any longer, decides that leaving is the answer after seeing Xena's actions with Ulysses.

Ulysses: The Lost Epilogue - Wakar
An epilogue to the episode ULYSSES.

Unbound - Mindwalker78
What could possibly make Xena so afraid that she would leave her beloved Gabrielle? And what did the elegant looking gentleman with the strangely elongated teeth have to do with it?

Unbreakable - Blayne Cooper (Advocate)
Five women - four decades. Can the bonds of friendship and love weather the challenges?

Uncertain Twilight - At3sparky
In the future, a lonely shuttle pilot meets the woman of her dreams; or does she?

Undeniable - KM
This is a simple story centered around a law firm in which a new associate is assigned to work with a newly made junior partner, and the growing attraction that develops between them as they work closely together, overcome past hardships, and their journey as they discover their deep feelings for each other.

Under A Colorado Sky - Patsbard
A western set in the late 1800s. The story of the bounty hunter Ty and Brianna.

Under Seige - David Duncan
When the Duboises go to Smallville in order to help Clark and Lana move, the GSA causes lots of trouble for their friends and ultimately, for Dave and Angie as well. Before they get there, Xena and Gabrielle assist in a rescue operation followed by a lot of other great stuff! To make matters more complicated, it seems that there are other connections in Smallville for Dave as well. Who is the mystery girl and what does she mean to Dave? Finally, why was his previous visit to the town so painful? Read on and see!

Under the Gun - Lori Lakes
The sequal to Gun Shy has Des struggling with the constant danger she and Jaylynn face.

Under the Kenyan Sky: A Romance - Portia
Two PBS personalities are thrown together to work on a project in Kenya. Kate, a no-nonsense animal activist and conservationist meets Serena, a warm and sensitive professional chef. Can these two women find common ground on the Park Reserve? NC-17

Uninvited - Dikern
An arranged marriage sends Danielle, the headstrong princess of France, to Spain. Her promise to submit to her royal duty quickly changes when she meets Maria, the beautiful and brave older sister of the man the king has chosen for her. Danielle and Maria will risk the love of their family and their lives as they fight to give true love the chance it demands.

Unity - Ripley
Xena and Gabrielle find themselves dealing with an evil Samurai warlord, the ghost of an old friend, and the greatest sacrifice of their lives. Faced with a final goodbye, the warrior teaches the bard an unforgettable lesson about the unifying power of love.

Unlimited Sexual Favors - Cephalgia & MJ
Good friends Wilder McNeil and Darcy Gardner make a bet and the heated competition teaches them it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.

Unspoken - Loona
A stream of consciousness piece about an awful awakening: lying next to the one, she loves, but having in mind another woman from the past, the protagonist is caught on the thin line between reality and dream world...

Unsuspecting Target - Trigar
A vacation in Europe was just what the doctor ordered, or so Haley Connors thought. A novelist of some repute, Haley found herself stuck in a bad case of writer's block and was secretly grateful when her sister Elizabeth 'forced' her to take this vacation. But Haley got more than she bargained for. After becoming a witness to a murder, Haley unknowingly comes into possession of a disk with information on it that many people have died for. Kat McGregor, a secret operative assigned to the case, must now do her best to find the missing disk and to keep Haley alive after several attempts on the novelist's life are made. Together they walk through the shadows of life and death where they also discover a budding friendship amidst the chaos.

Until Soon - Indigal
Rated R (with some explicit same-sex love scenes): Andrea, (Andi), a second year English grad assistant at a small New England college, has spent the last few years healing physically and emotionally after a serious injury and a heartbreaking relationship. At a school function, she meets Cara Jane, (CJ), a senior basketball star on the college team, and both women are immediately drawn to each other. Over the course of several months, they discover what it means to make important decisions concerning love and relationships.

Up the River - Sam Ruskin
Five years ago Mickey Lawton murdered Anna Stoner in cold blood. He got away with it…until now. Leaving an eyewitness to two of his most recent murders was not smart. It might, however, have been lucky — for the witness. Alexandra Abigail Stoner, Anna’s twin sister, has been assigned to protect this witness for the next three days. Will the witness make it to the Grand Jury Hearing? Can Mickey Lawton resist the temptation to go after yet another Stoner? Who is the sexy blonde in the fedora and why is she smiling?

Up to the Old Inn Door - Beowolf
Poignantly haunting alt. tale that has Xena and Gabrielle trying to discover what happened to a pair of lovers on a fateful night long ago. - 4/13/97

Unfaithful - Xenickz
A very angsty and surprising look at a night in Xena's and Gabrielle's life. This one will catch you off guard!

Until There Was You - Ri
A belated Christmas tale...

V-Day - Missy Good
Seems everyone is surprised that Dar and Kerry don't celebrate Valentine's Day ... or do they?

Valentines Story (A) - DJ Belt

As the title states. <G>

Valient Heart series - D

Valient Heart (A) A futuristic (or is it timeless?) love story between a duty bound warrior and her soulmate bard. Destined to be together but will war and secrets keep them apart.
Valient Interlude (A) - The sequel to 'A Valiant Heart'...
Valient Journey (A) - This is the next installment in the Valiant Heart Series
A Valiant Life - What the bard wrote: They are on their honeymoon. If you need more summary, you don't need to be reading this story. <g>
What the OZ enhanced: In this sequel, Randi and Gwen are on their honeymoon. Their looooonng-awaited honeymoon. If you need more info, you kinky critter, read the story. <g>

Vampire Hunter Series - Jp

Hunting Clarion - It's an uber and it's R-rated on account of the blood and bad words. The gist...well it's a little too complicated to just say a Vampire Hunter and a Vampire meet up and butt heads, so I suggest just reading it. ;) By the by, this is just book I, there is a book 2 which is still incomplete.
Return of the Prodigal - Our unlikely duo of Hunter and Vampire are on the lam and on the search for a certain Master with special plans for the human race. As always a little love and romance, some fearsome fighting, and lots of help from things that go bump in the night.

Vendetta - Talaran
Nicole Stone is a detective with a painful past. Often reclusive and driven to succeed, she never imagined herself falling in love, but when she meets Carly Jamison, her Partner's sister, her beliefs are shaken. Can Nic open her heart to Carly, while trying to save them all from the clutches of a ruthless drug lord bent on revenge?

Very Merry Turtle Christmas (A) - Carola "Ry chan" Eriksson
Crazy lesbian turtles at Christmas! A Christmas story, Dash and Kiri style. Original, alt, complete though a sequel to the Dash & Kiri stories " Ignorance is Bliss " and " It's a Turtle Life "

Victor, Invictus - Imagine
A short story about passion and will, fortune and fate, a Roman Conqueror called Caesar, and a young pirate captain named Xena.

View to a Kiss (A) - Barbara Davies
Barbara's sequel to Say Good-bye to Boston. This time, British secret agents Ashley Blade and Jemma Jacobs are off to Brazil... where the nuts come from. It's Rio, con Brio, as Ash and Jemma set out to foil a new plot by the Libyan terrorists who caused them so much trouble in the Canary Islands.

Vision (The) - Darkone
Xena and Gabrielle fast for 4 days while on a vision quest and learn more than they ever expected.

Visions - Rab Donald
This tale is set in the aftermath of the ep. "Return of Callisto" A still shaken Gabrielle decides to return home alone and is given help by a mysterious stranger. However the kindness of strangers hides an ulterior motive and soon Gabrielle is given a stark decision to make. ( Graphic sex scene between Xe and Gab)

Visitors - Trish Kocialski
The next story in the Dean & Katie series...

Voices - Ponigirl
This is just another week in the life story of our two favorite heros. Gabrielle is still a wandering Queen, Xena is still her bad *** self and the Amazons, well they are still a bunch of party girls. Several new characters come to play with this wild bunch. This tale is involves love and hate and it's consequences and of course a happy ending. Enjoy!

Voices Carry - Stacia Seaman
A young woman believes she heard the voice of a friend who has gone missing

Voyage Aboard the Queen - Ronica Black 
Two women, who are hot for each other, step aboard a cruise ship. PWP.

Voyages of the Mind - Amy Van Dyke
is about two women who find each other just as they lose their minds.

Wager (The) - Nyrdgyrl
summary pending

Wager (The) - Rab Donald
A first-time story. Amusing little story that has the Warrior Princess making a VERY sure bet. Some fun mind games in here

Waiting - J. Peterson
A college student anxiously awaits the return of her roommate and lover. Just a tiny bit of mindless fluff.

Waiting in the Wings - Ali Vali
G.W. Steinblack is in Paris trying to lure the elusive Gwendolyn Flora to sign with the family's publishing house. While in a cafe for breakfast a young American, Piper catches her eye. A chance meeting allows the pair to talk and G.W. begins to fall for the woman. Unfortunately Piper is on a holiday prior to getting married and reluctantly returns to America. A despondent G.W. finally lands Ms. Flora and returns to New Orleans where she finds out that Piper is her brother's fiancee... or is she?

Waiting to Happen - Claire Withercross
Waiting in the rain seems just like a normal, boring day on border patrol for Ephiny. Only the thought of Queen Gabrielle waiting for her when she gets back is keeping her going. But her life is turned upside down when Xena, The Conqueror, and her army arrive. For Gabrielle has a difficult choice to make when she begins negotiations with Xena. Can she solve the problem without anyone getting hurt?

Wake of Darkness - Wakar
The missing scene following the moment in RECKONING after Xena gives in to her blood lust in the cell and lashes out against Gabrielle.

Waking Up From My Nap - Texas Hottie 
Sometimes waking up can be the best part of nap time.

Waking Up With the Conqueror - Candid Eyes
After 2500 years searching for the last piece of the Chronos stone Aphrodite finds it in a pawn in Las Vegas, NV. She enlists the help of a lonely lesbian XWP fan Desire' Love to help her go back and correct the terrible mistake in Jappa. Desire goes to bed one night and wakes up on judgment day in front of the Conqueror wearing only her Xena T-shirt and a smile. Desire' becomes the Conqueror's body slave and must find the stone, open up the heart of the Conqueror and reunite her with her soulmate Gabrielle all without getting herself killed by the temperamental ruler or without getting her heartbroken over a love that can never be hers forever.

There is a bit of erotica in it, both lesbian and straight and a lot of comedy if you can picture the Conqueror doing the Tush Push or learning baseball and football etc. The hero of this story is an XWP fan who eventually gets it right and finds out that she has an ancient soul that is forever connected to Xena and Gabrielle.

Walking Wounded - Jessica Casavant
When a sudden tragedy turns her life upside down, Alex Ryan resigns as a homicide detective with the Boston PD and goes into hiding to lick her wounds in private. Her self-imposed exile doesn’t last long. Life keeps interfering. Her plan goes awry as soon as she moves into her new home. First there is Megan the gorgeous new neighbor Alex starts to find too distracting, then her best friend Jamie who needs help in solving a murder. That this murder involves Kate a mysterious blond with a dislike for disco, and a newly discovered interest in women, only adds to the confusion. Add in the cavalry of friends who won’t stay on the sidelines for long and Alex finds that even when she tries hard to disengage from life, life has a way of barging in and demanding attention.

Wall of Silence - Gabgold
It was supposed to be an average bust. Minimal backup. Minimal trouble. But everyone has their limit and Foster Everett has just reached hers.

War Zone - Goesome
[Academy 101 Story Premise] Lt. Karen Grant is a good and able leader of her men.  When wounded by a sniper in a war zone, she turns to her Sgt. asking him to contact her love, a sweet woman named Rennie.

Wardens Wish (The) - MyOsage
Memories from Shark Island ignite unexpected reactions when Xena and Gabrielle encounter the former warden, Thalassa.

Warm, Wet Circles - Claire Withercross
Gabrielle takes an injured Conqueror to the Amazons for treatment. The reception they receive is far from warm, but that's only to be expected. While wounds, both physical and emotional, are healed death stalks in the shape of a woman bent on vengeance. (The sequel to Waiting To Happen)

Warrior, Bard, Goddess of Love - Kim Pritkel
How can a harmless day at the beach go so wrong?

Warrior...Conqueror...Queen...Bard - Mark Annetts
This story is set after the 5th season ep "Amphipolis Under Siege". It involves alternate realities, a face-to-face confrontation between Xena and the Conqueror, and Gabrielle and an Amazon Queen of the same name, plus an assortment of Olympians, Amazons and other hangers on.

Warrior For Our Time (A) - Sam Ruskin
A very short, very timely story.

Warrior's Heart - Darkone
X-Files crossover. Ares is after a rock singer's lover who looks like a certain warrior princess.

Warrior Spirit - T Novan
Summary Pending

Warrior, the Witch, and the Nightmare - Verrath
It's Xena, it's ALT, it's PG13 (creep factor!) and it's finished!

Watching Her - Gentle Rebel
A brief story about 2 women and the importance of one moment in time.

Way Things Should Be (The) - Carrie Carr
Set several months after their commitment ceremony, Lex and Amanda try to settle down into a normal life. As usual, things don't go smoothly for either of them. Amanda struggles to come to terms with what she wants for the future, while Lex fights for everything that is important to her.

Watching Gabrielle - GraceH
Set around seasons 1 and 2. Xena reflects on her feelings for Gabrielle and the impact the young bard has had on her life.

Watching River (The) - Monkey
A short piece of fluff...

Way (The) - L. Crystal Michallet
Whatever happened to Gabrielle's staff after she threw it into the Ganges River?

Way (The) Series - TZ


Way of Love - is a post-Illusia tale that has the warrior and bard struggling through some of the still unsettled issues between them


Way of the Wolf - Xena and Gabrielle meet up with a Celtic warrior, Wolf, who was a healer in Xena’s army.  She must help them defeat Dahak who turns out to be her father.


Way of the Amazon - The Celtic warrior, Wolf is recovering from her wounds in the Amazon village after battling Dahak and finds love.


Way of the Bard - a delightful story that has Xena and her bard trying to help a town under a mischievous curse...and then falling victims to the curse themselves.


Way of the Child - the Amazons dreading the conversation they need to have with their wandering queen about a certain duty she's expected to perform.  Only to soon learn their queen and her warrior have beaten them to the punch as it were.


Way of the Mother - the Amazon village is beset by children and the difficulty it poses for the bard and warrior in raising their offspring.


Way of the Family - finds the warrior and bard visiting Amphipolis with their kids and an Amazon entourage. It is a time for Xena to reacquaint herself with the feeling of being part of a family again but the happiness is short-lived as the warrior soon senses the winds of war blowing near.


Way of War - the Amazons are facing the threat of war or at least being in the middle of the one between Athens and Sparta.  Xena must assure the Amazons that her loyalty is to her family and the nation.

9. Way of Honor -  A new addition (after five years!) to the Way of Life series.
10. Way of the Regent - A couple of days in the life of Ephiny, Regent and Second-in-Command to Gabrielle. Highlights the stress and endless duties brought on by the war between the Spartans and Greeks, which is slowly encroaching on Amazon land. It is a bridge story in the Way of Life series (story #10 in the series).

Way of IntrigueAs the Greeks move closer to Amazon lands, an expatriate discovers that they might just have more than Spartans in their line of sight.

12. Way of Treachery - A renegade betrays the Amazon Nation and Gabrielle must lead her warriors into battle against the Greeks.

We Do What We Can - Girlbard
This story follows I Know This Bar and Houdini's Box. This is the third (but not final) story in the series

We Never Say Goodbye - T Novan
Summary Pending

Wedding Story - Paully Adams
Xena and Gabrielle head back to Amazonia to get married, but first Xena has to pass a test that Lila picked out. Comedy and chaos ensues.

Wednesday Afternoon Series - Mavis Applewater

A Day At The MallAfternoon PWP series Maggie encounters a very friendly sales girl while out shopping.
Adventure on the High Seas A pirate and lady enjoy an adventure.
After the Honeymoon sequel to Stewed,Screwed & Tattooed Glenda and Aster are enjoying wedded bliss except for one minor problem Glenda's parents have decided to visit.
All in a Day's WorkRumors at work put a young woman in an interesting situation.
Angel's Heart - Life in prison becomes interesting for Angel when she meets a young imate who needs her help.
Angel Unchained - Angel tries to set LuAnn free even though she doesn't want to let her go.
April Showers - April Fools day leads a woman to view a close friend in a different light.
Beach (The) - A woman finds herself caught in memories from the past while helping her brother repair an old beach house.
Babysitting Charlie (The Body Guard Part 2) - Charlie is once again proving to be a handful.
Bad TimingEvery time Bess enters Annie's life romance is out of the question.
Bedlam - Amanda wins the lottery and loses her mind or does she?
Blair's Bounty - (Adventure On The High Seas Part 2) Blair & Remington are back for another adventure.

Blissful SurrenderTruth Or Dare Part Two, reunites two women who shared a stormy romance in High School, now that they are all grown up can they make things work?

Body Guard (The) - A security specialist is assigned to protect a temperamental actress.
Breakfast With Amelia - Reyna comes home to see her family before she is sent overseas.
By Request An older woman falls for a young college student.
Briars Creek - A saloon girl, a card game and a mail order bride brighten up a dreary mining town.
Businesss Dealings (The Cabana Part 2) Deidre flies to Boston to review Ginny's workplace.
Cabana (The)Ginny is on a business trip and enjoys a poolside encounter with a beautiful blonde.
Cast List - The director of a play falls for her leading lady.

ChangesCan a woman who is the love 'em and leave type really change after a torrid encounter with a woman from her past?

Coffee Break Monica finally has some time only to find herself meeting someone she can't wait to spend her time with.
Cold Fire (Repairwoman Part Two) - Max is back this time she heats things up for Sandy.
Coming Home - (A Short Vacation Part 2) Ashley and Leeanne are home and must deal with their families reactions to their new relationship.
Cora's Gift - Part two of Home Improvement.
Crossing Over (The Threshold Part 2) The real Hilary has found a loop hole and gets her life back, Simone tries to intervine in an effort to keep Hilary from hurting the people she cares for.
Crossroads - Part two of Test Drive.
Cupid's Arrow (Part Five of The Home For The Holiday's Series) Lindsey and Tressa celebrate Valentines Day.
Damsel in Distress
Snowy Night (Damsel In Distress 2)
Morning Frost (Damsel In Distress 3)

Ryan is once again in need of roadside assistance and Casey is more than willing to give her a helping hand.

Danica's DilemmaCollege roommates get to know one another better.
Desperately Seeking ClarkA halloween adventure turns interesting when a young woman discovers that Clark Kent is a woman.
Destiny A shop girl meets a beautiful stranger on Halloween Night.
Detour a truck stop waitress decides to take a chance on a mysterious stranger.
Deuces Are Wild (Part Two of The Queen of Hearts) Regina tries her luck at in a game of chance.
Dinner with the Family - (Coffee Break Part 2) Meeting the in-laws can be stressful.
Do Not Open Before Christmas 
Double DatingJoan and her lover go on vaction with another couple the simple trip takes an unusual turn when her lover decides she wants to do more than just double date.
Drive-In (The) - A woman reflects upon a past love.
Easing the Tensiona masseur tries to keep a professional distance from an attractive client.
Easter Surprise - An Easter Suprise reunites Lindsey & Tressa from The Home For The Holidays Series.
Eternally(Everlasting Part Two) Org/Alt. In the sequel to Everlasting Rowan is King and learning that wearing the crown is a heavy burden.
Everlasting - Rowan is a brave warrior with a secret to hide. She has been promised the hand of the Princess, can she keep her secret even on her wedding night? Or will the world finally discover that she is not a man?
Extended Family - Sequel to 'Family Reunion'
Family ReunionA young teenager falls for another girl, unfortunately, the object of her affections is about to become her stepsister.
Fanning The Flames - A woman discovers that cooking a holiday meal can be not only challenging but rewarding as well.
Fielders Choice - This one is A League Of Their Own done up Mavis style.
Final Exam College roommates discover a fun way to study.
Finding Destiny(Destiny Part 2) Destiny celebrates another Halloween.
Gemini - on a business trip to the East Coast a woman encounters someone she is convinced is her former lover, only problem is that her lover died over a decade ago.
Good Things Come in Small PackagesA woman discovers that good things really do come in small packages.
Good Things Come To Those Who Wait - (Part Two of Good Things Come In Small Packages)
Teagan and Gayle are back and things heat up between them.
Happy Birthday Jen Jen receives a special birthday gift from a beautiful stranger.
Happy Birthday to MeHow would you spend your birthday? One woman decides to head off for a little vacation in Mexico only to discover a very unique gift awaiting her arrival.
Happy New Year - Summary Pending
Hearts and Flowers (Welcome to the Neighborhood Part 2) - Gwen and Eden's first Valentines Day together is filled with more than a few bumps along the way.
Here Comes The Bride - A cocktail waitress entertains at a bachelorette party.
Hidden Agenda - An executive is searching for a spy within her company only to discover that one of her employees has a very interesting secret life.
Holiday Cheer(Home For The Holidays Part 9) Tressa & Lindsey are back for the last installment of the Home For The Holiday Series.
Home for the Holidays - Two ex-lovers reunited for the Thanksgiving.
Home Improvement -Ashley is in love with her cousin's wife.
Home Stretch - During a long car trip a woman encounters, rain storms, traffic jams and romance.
House Sitting - A young college student house sits for her boss she never expected romance to be a part of the bargain.
I'll Be Home for Christmas - Tressa and Lindsey continue to rekindle their romance.

I've Always Known[the follow up to Who Knew? ] Reunited as adults Anya and Colleen are finally free to explore their feelings for one another.

Island Dreams - Robbie Gunner is a carefree beach bum who makes a meager living flying pushy Americans around from the island paradise she calls home. Everything changes one day when she agrees to fly the most obnoxious woman she has ever met and they never reach their destination.
Jury Duty Walker finds that doing her civic duty can be very rewarding.
Just An Ordinary Day A woman recalls her first love and deal with the present.
Just The Beginning (Starting Over Part Two) - Shay is haunted by the past as she tries to enjoy the holidays with Randy.
King's Frolic - A trip to a drag show proves to be very entertaining.
Kiss Is More Than Just A Kiss - After chatting with friends a woman seeks out the first woman she kissed.
Laundry Day - Fluffing and folding has never been so much fun.
Lessons Learned A working girl takes a younger woman under her wing only to lose her heart.
Let It Rain Part II of DashingThrough The Snow once again unexpected weather brings some surprises.
Life With MandyA woman reflects on a past love who has suddenly reentered her life. Things become more complicated when Mandy's husband has the bad manners to be murdered.
Limo (The) - shares more than a ride with her limo driver.
Living the Life Do PWP's really happen in the real world? Shelia doesn't believe that they can until her friend challenges her to live out a PWP.
Living on the Edge - Kylie is making a routine delivery when a sudden snow storm and mysterious woman disrupt her plans.
Lodge (The)The owner of a small ski lodge in Vermont tries to handle a group of unruly guests and her attraction to the hostess of the gathering.
Long Weekend (The) - (Part Eight of Home For The Holidays) Tressa and Lindsey are back for another Holiday.
Lost Amazon Tribe - A woman is the only surviving member of a airplane crash. She discovers an amazon tribe and possibly her heart.
Lucky Thirteen - college roomates discover that becoming addicted to computer games can lead to romance.
Matinee Two women share more than popcorn at the picture show.
Memory LanePart three of That Thursday Afternoon. Now that they have been reunited Brenna & Geyla still have to face the past.
Messenger (The) A woman is regretting spending Valentine's Day alone until an attractive bike messegner litterally runs into her.
Michelle's Chance - Horseback riding lessons turns to romance.
Miss. Larilies Lesson A young shop girl and the new school teacher strike up a friendship
Nellie's Quest, (Miss Larilia's Lesson Part Three) - Nellie travels East to join Vivian, uncertain if she will be a welcome sight.
New Beginnings - A young mother meets the mother of her daughter's classmate and finds something she wasn't looking for.
Night We Almost Met Madonna (The) Two friends go to a concert only to discover each other
One (The) (Whatever Happened To? Part Two) - Whitney and Holly return home once again this time it isn't a happy reunion.
Pirate Queen (The)A thief on the run enters into an agreement that would grant her the revenge she thinks she wants.
Parking Tickets and Other AnnoyancesParking tickets, snow storms and a cranky boss are all part of one woman's day. Things look up when she meets a very charming meter maid.
Party (The)Lee throws a party and shares an interesting encounter with a stranger.
Patience's Haven - (The Plaza (Part 2)Bonnie and Patience try to adjust to their new life.
Pizza, Pizza - A woman thinks all she wants from her Friday night, is just to relax and enjoy a pizza, until she meets the delivery girl.
Plaza Hotel (The) A short tale about a Governess and a Lady.
Postwoman Always Rings Twice (The) - Tess and Regina are back in the sequel to the very first Wednesday Afternoon Story.
Promise (The)Set in Amsterdam in 1939. Glenna makes a promise that leads her life in a new direction.
Queen of Hearts - A friendly game of cards presents an interesting jackpot. PWP
Rain's Journey A western about a drifter and an attractive widow.
Reaching A Verdict, (Jury Duty Part Two) - Now that they have reached a verdict Walker and Celine are free to explore their feelings for one another.
Repairwoman (The) - Things heat up for Sandy when her air conditioner breaks.
Ring in the Old, Ring in the New Co-workers celebrate New Years Eve.
Road Trip - Veronica reluctantly agrees to do a favor for her boss that turns into a nightmare.
Roll of the Dice On a business trip to Las Vegas a woman discovers that luck is indeed a lady.
Rule 47 - A stressed executive is sent away on a retreat to relax.
Rules Are There To Be Broken - the follow up story to Mavis Applewater's Rule 47, Rae & Sam are back for their final week of touchy feely camp and finding it harder to break the rules.
Saving For Tomorrow A bank employee finds romance in the most unlikely places.
Second Chances Gelya and Brenna get reaquainted. Part Two of That Thursday Afternoon
Short Vacation (A)Ashley is in love with her cousin's wife.
Sing of Mea woman learns that blind dates can be interesting.
Something Different Two friends find a new way to spend an afternoon.
Sophie's Game A softball coach and a college student come to an interesting understanding.
Sophie's Game Part Two Cal and Sophie go on a trip

Sophie's Game Part Three Cal and Sophie are back and this time they are faced with some very serious challenges.

Special DeliveryA story proving that neither rain,sleet, or snow can prevent a MailWoman from delivering something special.
Spring Training(Fielder's Choice Part Two) In this lengthy sequel Bobbie faces life on the farm, a new season without Cherish and much more.
Stakeout (The) - part two of Undercover
Starting Over - Randy has just been dumped and is looking for something or someone to take her mind off of her troubles.
Stewed, Screwed & TattooedA fun filled trip to P-Town with friends turns into a nightmare for Aster when she wakes up the following day with the mother of all hang-overs, a tattoo and a wife.
Strike A Pose - an artist and her model create more than art together.
Tamara's Turn Part II of The Limo
That Thursday Afternoon -A passionate first time story.
Threshold Simone has died and now must go back to make amends with a woman she hurt many years ago.
Time & 1/2 (Over Time part Two) - Once again we find that working overtime can be fun.
Trading Rooms - In this take off on Trading Spaces & Chaning Rooms, Ellie's sister convinces her that going on the popular television show and allowing their neighbors to redesign a room in their home is a good idea. She doesn't agree until she meets the designer.
True Hearts (Happy Birthday to Me Part 2) Gena and Liora are together for Valentine's Day their plans for a romantic weekend change when Gena's parents arrive.
Truth or Dare - Playing everyone's favorite game at a slumber equals, PWP.
Undercover - Regan is a private investigator who ends up w/her own life being exposed.
Under The Mistletoe a holiday about a dog walker who gets snowed in with her attractive employer.
Water's Edge (The) - Jobeth takes a long needed vacation at a cabin in the woods to find herself involved in a mystery.
Whatever Happened To Holly & Whitney discover that reunions can bring unexpected surprises.
Who Knew? - (Anya flies back East for her college roommate's wedding. The only problem is she never told the bride she had a fling with her younger sister years earlier.

Wednesday at the Troquedero - Saggio Amante 
A B/D tale of two lovers who mix business with pleasure. Charbonneau is the prequel to this tale, but each story stands on its own.

Welcome Home - Mia
This is a very short story of two people finding each other.

Welcome Home - jtd
Summary Pending

Welcome to Magnolia Manor - Sam Ruskin and Katherine E. Standell
Second place winner in Halloween Challenge 2002 Bards Village

Well, If You Hum a Few Bars - Zuke
Allison Peckham is not having a good day. She meets a beautiful stranger who tells her that she isn't at all who she thinks she is. Oh, and she dies. All she wants is a cup of coffee, but she has to deal with Dahok's return and the potential end of the world as we know it. Definitely not a good day.

Wellspring of Wishes - LZClotho
Xena and Gabrielle help a band of Amazons they find

Wide Awake - Kim Pritekel

Wishing For a Warrior For Christmas - Ri
Tabitha was very lonely on Christmas Eve, she wished for someone to talk to. Puffs of smoke appeared and her friends Xena and Gabrielle were before her. Hands on hips and maternal frown on the warriors face she asked the little girl, "Tabitha, did you bring us here?"

the shores of Artemis' mythical lake.

What Do You Do? - Imagine
On a mid autumn night in an Athenian "house of pleasure", the attention of a courtesan named Tersa is captured by a table of warriors ... and a wild warrior of a girl named Xena.

What Dreams May Come series - Paranoia

What Dreams May Come(I)Janice gets the treasure, defeats the villain and saves the girl. Now how is she going to explain that to Mel? Very Short.
What Dreams May Come(II)Melinda Pappas wakes up in a strange place, with no idea how she got there. This light-hearted romp through Melinda's subconscious combines obscure literature and gratuitous nudity.
What Dreams May Come(III) - Paranoia
Well, let's see... there's a trap, and a craving ... some gratuitous pop culture references, a torch song, and LOTS of whiskey. Mel/Janice Alt, and the last of the What Dreams series.

What Perdicus Knew - Portia
It is a love story about Xena and Gabrielle, but also a story about Perdicus' unrequited love of Gabrielle and how he feels about the whole situation. It begins later that same morning Gabrielle leaves Poteidaia in search of Xena.

What She Needs - Daemon Rider [PWP/Please read the disclaimers!]
A old acquaintance in town calls for someone who knows exactly what she needs.

What's A Bard To Do? - Nickie
After Xena helps the Amazons win another war, the Bard tries a new way to win the warriors heart. No matter what she has to do, her heart is set on getting it.

What's in a Name - Firefly
Short Story -- From Argo's point of view

When Arts Collide - Julie Baker & LA Tucker
Mackinaw artist, Claire, is off to meet with the greeting card company who uses her drawings. Along the way she stumbles into a copywriter, Lee, tired of the dreck she writes and desperately looking for inspiration beyond the endless sea of beautiful sunsets artwork.

When I Fell - IE
Summary Pending

When in Rome - Redhawk
Do as the Romans. Enjoy a span of time in the notorious bathhouses with a beautiful woman.

When the Cat's Away - Rab Donald
Xena picks up a 'stranger' in a bar.

When We Were Together - CarmenKid
New Year's Eve, a honeymoon suite, and two women...what else could this be? That's right, a first time story!

Where You Go - Ken Rogers
Gabrielle makes a decision against Xena's wishes, fighting a valiant battle to stop a warlord. (Post FIN)

Whispering Pines - Mavis Applewater

Shawn is stuck in a haunted mansion on Halloween night for a television special. Her only companion should be the attractive allbeit annoying Faith Charles. But everything is not as it seems. A new series featuring the quirky psychic Shawn Williams and the cranky reporter Faith Charles follows with a brief glimpse into what happened to Faith after her experiences that Halloween night and a look into how Anna and Catherine met. Next, Anna is growing very fond of her house guest, Faith learns what Delia wants and we get a glimpse into what Shawn has been up to after her experineces last Halloween. In the 2rd installment Anna and Catherine finally have a chance to spend some time alone. Shawn is less than thrilled to find Faith standing in her doorway. Next Anna is trying to understand her feelings for Catherine, while Shawn is barely coping with being reunited with Faith.

Whitewater Rendevous - Kim Baldwin
Forced together during a wilderness adventure on a remote Canadian river, a shy and solitary kayak guide does everything she can to fight her inexplicable attraction to one of her clients-a workaholic redhead who seems to invite disaster wherever she goes.

Why Are You Here - My Osage
Wouldn't it be great if circumstances allowed Xena and Gabrielle to realize their true feelings for each other from the beginning? Let's see, shall we?

Why I Say It So Often - Sam Ruskin
The story, Why I Say it so Often, is very dear to my heart because it was inspired by someone I loved very much. Sadly, I never quite took the time to make certain they knew it. Sometimes people come into our lives and change it forever. This is to and about such a person.

Wild - Kim Pritekel & Alexa Hoffman
Zac Mitchell returns after six years on the rails to her life in the woods in Maine, only to discover the young girl that occupied her mind and kept her sane has grown up. Abel Cohen, a 19-year-old college student, who remembers when she played at her parents' summer cabin as a child, finds that perhaps an old childhood ghost isn't a ghost at all.

Wildflower - Leigh McEoghan
A sort of fairy tale.

Will You Remember Me? - H.M. MacPherson
This is a story about a woman who, after 20 years, is seeking an answer to a question.

Winds of Change (The) - L. Crystal Machallet
The story takes place after the XFile's episode, Nothing Important Happened Today, which Lucy Lawless starred in. It goes along the premise that Xena/Gabrielle never died in FIN, and are in fact immortal and still living today.

Winds of Change II (The) - L. Crystal Machallet
This story takes up where The Winds of Change ended, with Xena and Gabrielle, as immortals, living in modern times. After many years together, Xena and Gabrielle must overcome a misunderstanding or risk losing each other.

Winged Goddess - Cath, Bard
This is a thoroughly delightful story. Cath, Bard writes from the Bard's viewpoint as she examines where her journeys with Xena have brought her. Gabrielle wonders if she has lost her muse on her path to becoming a warrior. Can she find that part of her again? The author tells the tale with nice insight into the dichotomy that Gabrielle's life has become, a struggle to be everything she can be, without losing the best parts of her self.

Winter Furies - Osito
This is a XWP alt story. It is a first time story taking place after the drama of the Rheingold Trilogy, as our heroines travel through the north lands of Germania and battle the hardship of it's intrepid weather.

Winter's Thaw - Midgit
An interlude to 'Cold' finds Joanna and Rocky sharing a 'warm' moment on a cold winter's evening.

Wish Come True - Xena's Little Bitch
This is a sweet, intimate first time/hurt/comfort story taking place a few months before The Hercules Trilogy. A classic "Wounded and trapped in a cave, Xena tries to come to terms with both her self-hate and her love for Gabrielle" story.

Wishing for a Warrior - Ri
Tabitha is feeling neglected so she makes a wish that we all would like to make... but hers comes true.

Wishing Well (The) - Mavis Applewater
College student, Shannon is wondering how to tell her best friend and roomate Darcy that she is in love with her. She decides to follow the tradition of an old wishing well and it isn't until years later that she has the chance to see if her wish comes true.

Witching Memory (A) - Carole Giorgio
Samantha is drawn to a coven on the beach and in the process recovers memories a past life.

With & Without - Jess
Summary Pending

With Apologies to Bram Stoker - Ernie Whiting
Summary Pending

Without You - Darkone
Gabrielle is dead and Xena has a hard time dealing with it.

The Woman I Love Series - GS Binkley

1. Woman I Love (The) A beautiful television star on vacation with her family who meets a writer who in turn challenges and changes her life forever as she finds true love in a cabin on the lake.
2. Woman Like You (A) A WOMAN LIKE YOU is the second story in THE WOMAN I LOVE series. Lacy Levine and Gage Ballant continue their lives together while the actress makes a movie with the dashing Koda Kannon and Gage meets her partner's family. Unsteadily, Gage enters Lacy's tinseltown world as their relationship faces a turbulent sea of social stigma plus work and family concerns while several jealous storms rise. Lacy and Gage ride this rocky boat with Dani, Derek and the birth of the star's third child all the while holding steadfastly together. This story starts before the Epilogue in the first story THE WOMAN I LOVE.
3. Here Comes My WomanHERE COMES MY WOMAN continues on with the lives of Lacy and Gage a few years later as the writer reveals more about her dark past. The dynamic duo work together on a movie while raising their family and someone from Gage's past makes an unexpected appearance. This is the third story in the WOMAN I LOVE series. The second story is entitled A WOMAN LIKE YOU.
3b. Here Comes My Woman - Epilogue - GS Binkley
HERE COMES MY WOMAN’S Epilogue continues seven months after Hayley is born. The Ballant clan tries to cope with the newest member of their family as Lacy and Gage continue their lives together. Gage’s mother reveals why she abandoned her daughter. This story follows THE WOMAN I LOVE then A WOMAN LIKE YOU and HERE COMES MY WOMAN.
4. A Woman In Love - G.S. Binkley
A Woman In Love is the fourth story in the Woman I Love series and continues on with the lives of Lacy and Gage a couple years later as the writer finally confronts all of her past. A previous relationship is revealed that threatens Lacy and Gage �þs union and one of their children experiences behavioral problems.

Woman of My Dreams - Debbie Dee
Jamie and Casey become new neighbors. They fall in love while they are trying to figure out who is sabotaging things around them. Will they find out in time who it is or will they be to late?

Wordsmith - Saggio Amante
Two hot women, one cool boardgame, a little elevation, and lots of sparks. A lot of heat and a touch of humor as Brooke and Dana take finding love to new heights.

Wrist Alarms and Baby Corn - Professor & Emyster
Sequel to Glow Sticks & Jelly Beans

Wyoming - Redhawk
This is a story about a woman who, after 20 years, is seeking an answer to a question.

Wyrm - Windstar
Set in a land where dragons and elves aren't the stuff of just fairy tales and myth. Where love can happen inthe un-likeliest of places.

Xena & Gabrielle Deceased - Mark Annetts
Post FIN

Xena & Gabrielle Do The Dating Game - Darkone
Dating Game scenario with Gabrielle chosing between Callisto, Ephiny and Xena

Xena and Gabrielle Series - Heartstarter

Hard To Say Goodbye - This is the first story in a series that sees Gabrielle leave Xena to studying at the Athens City of Performing Bards.Iit follows our heroes for the day or two before they have to say goodbye. sob. sob.
Weekend Visitor (The) - This is the second story in the series, which basically has no plot, it's just all about sex, sex, sex! Xena and Gabrielle are reunited and it's set 2 weeks after the last story.
That Scroll - This is the third story in the series, and we find out what was in that mysterious scroll Xena handed Gabrielle at the end of The Weekend Visitor.
Wasted Moments - This is the fourth story in the series, so after the surprising scroll, Gabrielle decides to reward Xena with some you-know-what... but, as always, things don't go to plan....
Fallout (The) - This is the fifth and final story in the series. Xena has left Gabrielle again, but Gabrielle is determined not to let her get away with it... an interesting and surprising final act!

Xena of Gaul - Xena's Little Bitch
This alternate time line story begins when Xena is a child slave and chronicles her unique adventures with Gabrielle. Described by readers as either "charming" or "disturbing," this unusual story is best described by reading its disclaimers.

Xena Stroll (A) - Anon2
An entry in the christmas challenge

Xena Warrior Princess - Laura Lynn Petersen
Very short story

Yakut - Chelle
Bard Challenge #11

Year in Paris - Malaurie Barber
What happens to Chloe Jones when she comes to Paris to spend the year as an au pair, and is placed in the family of the very enigmatic Laurence Glairon?

Yearnings of a Dark Heart - Taleweaver
This is the sequel to To Love A Dark Heart. One of the few pieces of Xena's writing, it allows us to be privvy to her feelings that she keeps hidden from her traveling partner. This is an accompaniment to TLADH, and the third installment in the trilogy. It's not over yet though.

Yeehaw Junction - Uncaged Amazon 
I am a fu***** genius. I mean who else can be given a map and compass, be told not to enter the areas highlighted in red, and still manage to camp in the forbidden fields? Right beside the signs that say "Warning: Infested Tick Fields, Keep Out..."

You Looked At Me - Amanda Calkins
A short story on love and life

Young and Innocent - Deb Barry
On a visit to the family's summer cabin, Quinn meets Claris the niece of the neighbors.

Young at Heart - Muzza
A young girl whose family turns their back on her when she needs them the most, finds love in an expected place.

You Have Mail - DJ Belt
Sometimes, a great treasure lies hidden, patiently waiting to be noticed. For Charity, it was in the words, "You have mail." A little love story... or maybe just a story about love. You decide. (Warning: high "aw, gee!" factor!)

You've Got Scrolls - Advocate, Fanatic and TNovan
What do you get when you combine the talents of three of the best in the fanfic business? You get a hilarious look at the first e-mail list!

You Should Have... - L. Crystal Michallet-Romero
The first Xena Fan Fiction Story written by L. Crystal Michallet-Romero. It was written shortly after FIN aired in 2001, and is a prequel to the longer story, The Curse of Higuchi. After the loss of her soul mate, Gabrielle finds herself sailing on a ship away from Japa with her jealous ghost lover and an exquisite female captain. Revealed secrets may be the bards only hope of bringing her soul mate back to life.