All characters depicted in this story are fictional and belong solely to each me. Any resemblance to a living person is coincidental and completely unintentional. It is my right to place them into situations of complete ecstasy and pleasure as I see fit knowing that I am in total control of the fantasy.

MATURE THEME WARNING/DISCLAIMER: This story depicts scenes of a mature nature between two females. Nothing (yeah right) is explicitly graphic. However depending on the imagination of the reader, this story will be given a self-imposed rating of R.

THANKS go out to the person, who happens to be a woman, of my dreams, who both helped and encouraged me along the way in this endeavor, who will probably think that the “Harlot” is the dominating personality after this one.

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Déjà vu

         Thunder began crashing outside the vacation rental cottage as we huddled together watching in abnormal pleasure, as the rain fell in sheets. We knew that some might find the love of a storm strange in the least, but we did not care. This was another love affair that we shared, the passion of a storm. As the storm began to calm to a slight but steady sprinkle, I suggested that we venture out onto our private patio to enjoy the scent of the fresh cleansing offered from the heavens as penitence for the violent eruption of nature.

         Taking your hand, I pulled you after me, taking pleasure in the warmth of your skin versus the chill in the night air. You being familiar with the
desert of Arizona were used to the drastic changes in temperature that occurred between night and day. I needed and wanted the warmth of your body so I did not hesitate to pull you onto the lounge swing and melt into the heat that your delectable body produced. We sat in silence, each filled with our personal thoughts that I am sure were the same in one way or another. The scent of your body caused mine to begin a tingling from thoughts of touching you. Slowly I began inching the summer dress covering those creamy thighs up with my fingertips; taking delight in the way your breath escalated into soft sighs as my nails repeatedly grazed your inner thigh. I could not see your face as my back was against your chest, but I did not need to. You are me and I am you. The pleasure you received from my touch transmitted back to me with just as much intensity.

         Not being able to touch just this tiny part of your body, however satiny it was, I stood and turned to face my destiny. I stood looking into the heavens as I stared into your pale blue eyes; caressing your face as if it were a priceless artifact, belonging only to me. My want for you seemed so intense, I could not deny feeling the softness of your lips caressing mine one second longer. Leaning down, I slowly began to tease your mouth with the tip of my tongue: feeling, more than hearing your sharp intake of breath. Watching as your eyes drifted shut in pleasure; I became lost in your taste and exquisite beauty. Yearning, I covered your mouth completely with mine. A wave of desire shot through my entire being as I felt your lips part mine and your tongue began to issue tantalizingly slow strokes within my mouth. I felt as if I were going to shatter, my body so tense from want of you. Without thinking, I began to live out a fantasy that resided in my head from the first moment I fell in love with you. Only fear and apprehension stilled the longing to share this with you. My desire and want for you having become so intense, I needed to bring you into my dreams, if only to transmit a tiny portion of the magnificent ecstasy that it caused me.

         Taking your hands into mine, I pulled you up from the swing to stand in front of me. Looking up at you in a splendor as my queen, my angel, stood gloriously in front of me with the moonlight illuminating her skin like creamy pearls. I began leaving the protection of the patio as I pulled you onto the grassy lawn to feel the cool rain pelt our skin with tiny pricks of pleasure sent from the heavens. I watched laugh at the feeling of the rain on your heated flesh. This propelled me forward in my search of other things that would bring a smile to your eyes and to my hopeful delight, a moan to your lips. Tilting your head back to let the rain glide down your neck and into your bosom, I knelt in front of you, sliding the hem of the dress up your damp but heated legs. Unable to control myself I began to lick the droplets of water from you as I gradually exposed your body to the rain. I felt you reach for my shoulders to steady yourself as a wave of trembles coursed through your body. Chuckling under my breath, I reveled in the sight and knowledge of this small gratification I brought to you. My tongue teased your thighs as my agonizingly slow advance brought me to your heated flesh. I could feel your legs part as you shyly allowed me access to the area of your being that was so hot, I imagined that you must be on fire. Wanting to extend the life of this fantasy for as long as possible, I placed a gently kiss at the juncture of your thighs through your satin panties. Continuing the assent, I slid your dress above your hips and over your stomach as I let my tongue travel up your body, tasting the raindrops and the poignant sweetness of your skin.

         Rising I lifted your arms and discarded the dress, impatient with my own tentativeness, and craving the taste of your lips once again. This time there was no teasing lick, but a determined yet gentle assault of your mouth. A gasp shot from my lips into your mouth as you met me full force. Pressing your entire length against mine, I could feel your heat through the soaked thigh length shirt that I wore. Without taking your mouth away from mine, I felt you skillfully undo the buttons one by one down the front of my shirt. The strains of Duke Ellington’s enticing saxophone heard coursing through the open doors of the cottage. The steady beat of the symphonic melody guided my movements as I helped remove my shirt, no hesitation in either of our touches.


I felt your hands glide up and down my spine as the softness of your breast brushed against mine, causing a loud and unexpected moan to shoot from between my lips as my head fell back from the onslaught of combined sensations. Laughing softly, you took advantage of my vulnerability to attack the side of my throat with loving nips of your teeth, alternating between the stinging pleasure of the bite and the soothing licks of your tongue. Sure that my legs would give out any minute, I reluctantly broke the embrace, and led you to the patio table in the middle of our secluded yard. The height of the fence and the darkness of the night shielded us from prying eyes. I helped you onto the tabletop and stood between the juncture of your parted thighs, once again becoming lost in the azure eyes now filled with heated pleasure and desire. I resumed the act of paying homage to the exquisite temple that was mine for that night. Reversing my path, I placed gentle kisses on your neck, downward to the tops of your breasts. Pausing I began making lazily slow swirls toward the center with my tongue. I felt your body tense with the anticipation of my journey ending, your hands griping the table as if holding on for a bumpy ride. Unable to tease neither you nor myself any longer, I gently placed my lips around your budding nipple, succeeding in my goal to bring you and I both to a level of ecstasy that we craved for so long. Using the tip of my tongue to tease and duel with the taut nipple; reveling in the gasps and moans emitted from your parted lips. Gleefully, I endeavored to bring about an encore of the melodic purr emerging from your lips as I let my journey guide me to your other breast.

         Unable to deny you as well as myself the pleasure of seeing you brought to extreme satisfaction, I resumed my descent, removing the panties that shielded your very being from my hungry eyes. Tossing the already forgotten garment to the ground, I began to once again alternate between licking and kissing your thighs. Feeding on your taste, as well as the raindrops that continued to shower us with its grace and beauty, I let my tongue slide into the crease that formed between your thighs and your succulent core. Hearing you moan my name, your fingers entangled in my hair as you tilted my head up, eyes locking. For long seconds we starred into the other, speaking of devotion and love without sounds. Breaking the mesmerizing contact, I placed one final kiss on your quivering belly and began to complete my fantasy of bringing you ultimate pleasure. I could hear your every sigh and throaty moan as I parted you and feasted on your quivering flesh, your scent and taste driving me onward with a moan of pleasure. All too quickly, I could hear you reaching completion as the muffled sounds of my name were chanted in a continuingly elevated octave. The feel of your thighs locking around me as you fell back against the table, urged me onward to taste as much of you as possible before this fantasy was brought to a halt. Drawing upon you I greedily took every single tremble and convulsion produced by your body. Feeling the tension leave your body, I offered thanks and prayers to the goddess Athena for granting me an Angel on earth. No longer would I be plagued with the feeling of continued lost; for my search was over, I am granted my salvation.


The End


Alec Rene

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