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Justice Deferred (13/?)

by: Alex


Once Cam learned of Cheryl's love of the staff, and that the little green-eyed blonde was really very good with it. She worked it into a part of their workout schedule. Cam loved watching her working with the ancient weapon. The petit blonde, was an amazing thing to watch, as she moved through the routine flawlessly, and with a fluid grace, that only one such as her could. Cam could feel her heart soar as she watched the woman's blinding bright smile the true enjoyment could bring. she could only watch in stunned silence, as the smile reached in her emerald eyes, making them sparkle like the gem of the same color.


It was a truly magnificent sight, as her young supple body flowed through seemingly impossible movements, the staff and the woman moving as one flying through the air making jumps, and twists that would make a gymnastics coach weep with joy. The eroticism was only enhanced by the very short cotton gym shorts and cropped tank top Cheryl wore for their work outs becoming nearly transparent as she began to sweat. The older woman couldn't help but notice how the small woman's body was becoming a master piece of sculpted muscle, with Cam as the master artist, directing Cheryl's workouts making sure that every muscle group was given the proper attention, so that they hardened and built up symmetrically. The goal being that no one area was more visible then any other to draw the eyes away from the magnificence of the total package.


What Cam didn't notice was that she too was becoming a vision of lovely, well-shaped muscle. Her sexual frustration was driving the constantly aroused woman to work harder at her daily exercise routines trying to exhaust her traiderous body.  Both woman avoided the trap that many female body builders did. They worked very hard to retain their feminine curves and a certain underlying softness that kept them desirable, not only to each other, but to many eyes that surreptitiously watched when ever the two women weren't looking.


Cam's desire for the small woman was building with every second they were together and they were together almost constantly. She really meant the vow she had made on the first day they had talked, right after the shower incident, but it was going to be hard to keep, she hadn't foreseen how it was fast becoming one of the hardest things she had ever done. Cam was reminded daily just how much she longed to have Cheryl's body writhing underneath her, she longed to hear that sweet lyrical voice crying out her name in the heat of absolute ecstasy, even now she could feel herself getting wet at just the thought, of Cheryl's loving surrender to her loving conqueror.


Then her thoughts turned on her as she saw herself, captured under the attentive green eyed sorceress, willingly giving her very soul to her golden haired lover in the name of love and...


Cam's daydream stopped there as she put the breaks on herself and her libido. She renewed the vow, that even though she could clearly see they were fated for each other, even the tall pragmatic woman conceded the argument of their pre-destined joining, but there was no way that Cam was going to have their first coupling reduced to a hastily done behind some dumpster, while worrying that a guard or, even worse, one of Cams various enemies, would come along and discover them.


Her enemies was also the reason Cam feared publicly professing her obvious feelings for Cheryl, Cam knew that as soon as she declared her love for the diminutive golden haired woman, Cheryl would instantly become a target for every person that had a grudge against Cam. What better way to defeat the unbeatable than to cut out her heart and soul without ever touching her. No, she concluded that it was safer for Cheryl if they remained the friends, as long as they appeared to be in public her acknowledged soulmate was safer. Cheryl didn't see it that way, she wasn't aware of Cam's vow, or of anything else, other than the fact the she wanted Cam, all of her, and judging by the looks Cam was giving her, when the tall brunette was unaware that Cheryl could see her, the little determined blonde was certain that the target of her affections felt exactly the same way.


Giving the tempestuous nature of the green eyed lady, Cheryl actually deserved kudos for restraint, for waiting as long as she did, before finally beginning her campaign to break her tall stoic friend's resistance, and finally consummated their relationship. The devious and determined Blonde began by having Maria help her alter all her clothes. First they cut off all her shorts until only the barest essentials were covered, she also trimmed down her tank tops they just barely covered her breasts. Then the two conspirators tailored all her other clothes so that they fit her like a second skin.


Judging by Cam's reaction when she first saw Cheryl in her new wardrobe, the first phase of the blonde's mission was accomplished, she had the blue eyed woman's undivided attention. Cam thought her heart was going to pound its way clean out of her chest, and she wasn't sure she could remember how to breathe, when she saw the woman she already desired more than life, wearing almost nothing, laying on the weight bench pressing the free weights, relegiously following the normal routine they had set up together. Of course she was already sweating, making the nearly skin-tight cotton almost transparent, and judging by the heavy breathing and groans from the other occupants of the workout area, Cam wasn't her only admirer. A lot of cold water was cycled through the showers that day, and everyday following. ================ Cam was sure she was going to die from frustration, and over simulated hormones, not to mention her poor worn out left hand. No matter how much her friend Maria tried to reassured her there was no such thing as terminal horniness, Cam was sure that the little blonde green-eyed imp was trying to kill her. ================ After nearly six months of no physical response, Cheryl decided it was time to begin phase two of her assault on her lover's resistence. Cheryl was determined to have Cam and was pulling out all the stops, not once did the small temptress let an opportunity get by her. Every time she could get away with it, she found a way to be bent over in front of the already mercilessly over stimulated woman. Cam was nearing the end of her third year behind the walls, and Cheryl was near the midway point of her second when Cam was called off the yard for an emergency call from her lawyers. Cheryl was sitting by Maria waiting for her friend to return. She asked the "helpful" woman, what she thought it was going to take to get Cam to make love to her.


"I'm serious Maria," the frustrated blonde fumed as her cellmate laughed at her question "I've done everything short of ripping her clothes off and taking her, but she still won't do anything more than kiss me. Don't get me wrong, she's a great kisser, She's better than great, she is marvelous, in fact, if the woman makes love as well as she kisses, I'm not sure I'll survive the experience, but when am I going to find out?"


"Ah, niña but what a way to go huh." The pretty Mexican chuckled at her dreamy eyed friend. "Do not worry chica your time will come. Ooops, sorry bad choice of words huh."


"Yeah, I dream of it every night." the blonde sighed


"We know niña, you talk in your sleep." Maria laughed harder as the little blonde turned bright red.


What Cheryl didn't know, was Cam was also a little afraid that if they carried their relationship beyond the friendship, the purity of the beautiful little blonde's soul would be somehow tainted by all the blood and darkness on hers. She could almost feel it like it was a separate living entity reaching out to devour the light that shone from Cheryl like a beacon in the night, determined to claim it and turn it into a dark mate of its own. This feeling however had diminished in the last few weeks when the nearness of the younger seemed to drive away the darkness that had lived so long in her depths.


Cheryl felt that Cam had been gone way too long and was about to go in search of the missing woman when the object of her deepest desires came out of the conference room with a strange look on her face.


"Hey Cam," Cheryl called out to her friend "What's going on, you ok?"


"Yeah, I'm fine just fine," the woman answered finally with a far away look in her eyes "Just a progress report from the lawyers."


"Ah, is everything ok?" Cheryl asked hoping that she wasn't prying "There's nothing wrong at home or anything is there?"


"Hum, what, oh, oh no everything's fine just fine." Cam answered still distracted "I'll know more by the end of the day tomorrow. Now where were we?"


Cheryl looked at her friend confused by the strange look on her face. It was like she couldn't decide whether her friend was happy or sad about what ever it was the lawyers said. Cheryl was almost ready to offer her help since she had finished her last required class of law school. She still felt she had wasted her time finishing her law degree, especially now, since there was no way she'd ever be able to use her law degree as a convicted felon, but Cam had insisted, saying that she wasn't about to let the young woman give up on her dreams, just because she was in lock down.


So to appease her friend, Cheryl had gone ahead and finished out her law degree. Cam, Maria, and Malinda had thrown her a small celebration when she passed her finals congratulating her on chasing, and achieving her childhood dream.  It was at the celebration that she had found out from a slightly inebriated Malinda, who let it slip to the women, there was a betting pool going on about her and Cam, it turned out that everyone in the group was betting on when the two of them would break down, and do what both of them so obviously wanted to do. It was both embarrassing, and flattering for the blonde to hear that their friends were betting on Cheryl's considerable feminine wiles, and seductive charms to win out over Cam's seemingly indomitable will, but Cheryl wasn't all that sure their money wasn't being wasted on a lost cause. She had long given up any pretense of subtlety, and was blatantly flirting going so far as "accidentally rubbing up against the tall woman in an attempt to force the issue, but so far nothing.


For the rest of that afternoon and evening Cam seemed too distracted to even notice Cheryl's advances, the blonde was almost positive she could have put her hands under Cam's shirt and fondled her delectable breasts, and the woman wouldn't have noticed. The following morning Cam's lawyers once again showed up and requested an immediate meeting with their client. They were of course granted the same courtesy they had been afforded every time before. After a thirty-minute conference they all left. After that Cam's attitude did a complete turn around.


While before the advances had been all Cheryl, and the tall older woman never seemed to be phased by them, suddenly, Cam was returning the advances of her blonde would be lover with her own highly effective overtures, by early evening head count, Cam wasn't the only one needed the cold shower. This carried on for a couple of days until the extreme sexual tension between the two women was beginning to affect their friends. It was beginning to appear as if none of the group could keep their hands off each other.


Then on the second night, just as they were headed back from dinner, Cam suddenly turned and pulled the young woman back into a dark hidden alcove. She spun the stunned blonde around to face her and pushed her back against the wall. Cam captured and nearly devoured the green eyed blonde's sweet mouth, while her hands slid up Cheryl's body, slipping under her short tank top, capturing Cheryl's full firm breasts. Her large hands began kneading the mounds of firm tempting flesh while her calloused thumbs found Cheryl's quickly hardening nipples, Cam started teasing the hard nubs causing them to instantly become harder. Cheryl was close to swooning, but Cam's hard muscular thigh made its way between Cheryl's trembling legs, pressing hard against her sex. Cheryl couldn't believe all her dreams were about to come to fruition in the dark alcove, they weren't.


"You want me baby?" Cam whispered around the younger woman's lips "You want me to take you?"


Being driven to a point beyond speech, Cheryl nodded.


"Good, then you go tell Maria everything is on for tonight," Cam said cryptically "and I promise I'll see you later."


With that Cam released her over-stimulated panting, victim and left, as quickly and as quietly as she always did. Cheryl didn't know whether to cry for joy, scream out in frustration, or hurry to see Maria in the hopes that her friend would give her some idea why the love of her life was tormenting her so. Realizing that Cam never promised anything she couldn't deliver, Cheryl decided to do what the enigmatic woman told her and hope for the best. Taking a few minutes to get a hold on her raging hormones and straighten herself up, the curious and highly aroused woman went in search of her Mexican friend to find out what she knew about Cam's unusual message. She was also curious to learn if Maria had any idea of what the unpridictable woman was up to.


For the sake of her sanity, Cheryl hoped Maria would have the answers to this frustrating cryptic message.


END 13



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