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Justice Deferred 18 by: Alex P.

++++++++++++ It was a long time before Cam was back to normal, but as soon as she was able, the tall dark woman went back to her daily work outs, with a vengeance. Before her enforced lay off, Cam's work outs had been considered, by most to be strenuous, but once the doctor, and, more importantly, her friend, Maria, had released her to return to normal activities, she attacked the fitness program with a berserker's single minded obsession. It wasn't long before Cam had reached, and surpassed, the level she had maintained before her injuries. Soon her hard work was beginning to show, in the appearance of hard bulging, sculpted muscles. Her biceps had grown so much, she was forced to cut the sleeves out of her work shirts, and the supply center had to re-issue her denim work pants, because of the increasing size of her thigh muscles. Her intense work outs had progressed to the point, that the only woman strong enough to spot her was Malinda, not that the gentle giantess minded, she enjoyed spending time working out with Cam. The pair laughed, and joked with each other in a quiet private way, that raised eyebrows, and fuelled a lot of jailhouse gossip.

If Maria hadn't been such close friends with Cam, and wasn't so secure in her relationship with Malinda, she would have been very jealous. She was by nature a fiery tempered woman, with a major jealous streak, as a few of their fellow inmates could attest to. As it was though, she would only smile knowingly at the malicious rumors, and go on about her business. When she wasn't working on the free weights, Cam was either sparing with Malinda, or one of the two or three others in their little cliqué that could give her some small competition, or she was teaching classes in self defense, to some of the smaller prisoners that asked. Anything to take her mind off a certain short green-eyed blonde, she truly never expected to see again.

She had taken a special interest in the small blonde, that she had found that night in the music room, taking extra time with her, and helping her become more capable of taking care of herself. The three close friends looked on proudly, as the small woman overcame the vicious attack, and evolved from a tiny frightened shrinking violet, into a proud independent young woman, fully able to take care of herself, and with the confidence to do so. Maria had been worried that the little blonde's hero worship of the tall dark and dangerous woman that had saved her life, would become something that she knew Cam wasn't capable of returning. Her mind was soon put to rest, when Tina (the small blonde's name) began hanging around Spike. A tall friendly woman with purple spiked hair, and numerous piercings, who was doing a ten to fifteen year stretch for manslaughter.

The two were so opposite that Cam called them Mutt and Jeff, and it was not long before the little blonde was being transferred to a new cell. Noting the sly smirk on her tall quiet friends face, when Tina found out she was being transferred into Spike's cell, Maria was sure the dark haired woman had something to do with the transfer. Just as she had used her influence, to get Malinda moved to Maria's cell when they first became an item. All three friends had a good laugh, when a beaming Tina showed the next morning for breakfast, with an exhausted purple haired cellmate in tow. Remembering her own experiences when she and Malinda had first moved in together, Maria gave a thumbs up to the petit blonde, who cheerfully returned it.

Later in the yard, while Tina was on the other side of the weight area practicing the latest self defense techniques Cam had shown her, Spike swore that the little blonde was trying to kill her. Judging by the loud raucous laughter she heard after her statement, Spike knew she'd get very little sympathy from this group, especially when Cam yelled out very loudly;

"Hey bowlegs bring me over my water would ya'. If you can still walk that is."

The only thing funnier than the scowl on Spike's face, was the amazing color of red, Tina turned when she realized what the tall dark woman was talking about. After that, things pretty much settled into the usual routine, every once in a while, one of the more predatory inmates would try to take one of the new girls, and they often succeeded, but the consequences of getting caught by Cam, or one of her crew, made most think twice, before attempting to cause trouble in D block. The cellblock went from being the most dangerous and deadliest block in the prison, to statistically, the safest in the facility. Paula Carson had received several commendations for her work, but even she was the first to admit, that it was more the influence of Cam, and her friends, than anything she did. ============= Now the tall enigmatic woman's sentence was up, and she was about to leave, and while Paula was happy for the woman, that she was sure didn't belong there in the first place, there was a part of her that wished the strong charismatic woman wasn't going.

As she called central control to open Cam Brusard's cell, she wondered if the woman would be able to adjust to the outside world, or even be able to find a job. A lot had changed in the last six years, and things out there were even tougher. Paula knew that many women, some even tougher than Cam, hadn't been able to handle it, and they ended up getting in trouble, and being sent right to CCC. She sent up a silent prayer that Cam wouldn't be one of them. The guard Captain threw off those thoughts when she heard the steel cell door clanking open. Paula cautiously stepped into the dimly lit cell.

"Here's your civvies, Brusard." the uniformed woman said as she threw the brown paper bag to the woman sitting on the now bare bunk. "Get dressed, it's time for you to go."

"Anything you say Cap." the tall brunette answered.

Cam opened the sack, and pulled out the faded blue jeans and the blue work shirt, she had picked out a few days before. She noticed that the clothes had been washed, and that there was a new pair of silk bikini panties, along with a brand new black T-shirt in the bag. Cam quickly wadded up the flimsy panties and stuffed them into her jeans pocket, she hated wearing those kind of underwear having always worn boxers, but even though there was no way she'd wear them, the woman wasn't about to make Paula think she didn't appreciate what the guard had done for her, so she hid them before Paula could notice. She gave the guard a highly arched eyebrow.

"Hey, you're supposed to leave like ya' came in." the guard said clearing her throat, and then saw the woman indicate the freshly washed jeans and shirt. "Ain't right for a body to face the outside with clothes that smell like mothballs."

"Thanks Cap." Cam said quietly so nobody else could hear "I appreciate it."

The guard nodded then turned away, to give the inmate some privacy while she got dressed. The tall, soon to be free biker, cleared her throat to signal the guard that she'd finished. Paula turned around, and was taken back by the vision that greeted her. If it was possible Cam looked even sexier now, than she did half-naked earlier. The soft denim jeans, and the cotton T-shirt molded themselves to Cam's body like a second skin, revealing the blue eyed woman's soft feminine curves, along with every rippling muscle on that tempting body.

Paula could feel the pull of this woman's sexuality once again. This time it was nearly irresistible, being live and close up. As her eyes raked over the magnificent body in front of her, she noticed that the woman was bare footed and remembered the boots she was still holding in her left hand. For some reason the guard captain felt paralyzed by the raw sexuality, that seemed to roll off Cam in waves.

"Ah...Cap?" Cam asked trying to regain Paula's attention "I think I'm gonna need my boots."

"Yeah...right...ah here ya' go," the embarrassed guard said setting the pair of highly polished black boots on the bunk. "There's a pair of tube socks in there too."

Taking a second Cam examined her boots, and was surprised and glad that the chrome chains were still over the instep, and around the heel of each boot. She was amazed when she checked out the left boot, and found the little brass bell was still hanging on the chain around the heel of the left boot.

"Thanks again Cap" Cam said as she pulled on the socks, Paula knew she meant for the safe return of her personal mementos of her outside life. "Nice shine on them too."

The guard smiled at Cam, and was happy she was able to turn the prisoner's attention away from herself.

"That little friend of Spikes asked to polish 'em last night." Paula informed her as she watched the biker pull the boots on and pull her pant legs down over the tops of the boots. "She said something about it was the only way ya'd let her say thanks or something like that."

Cam stood up, and stomped her feet to settle the old comfortable foot wear into place, the little brass bell ringing brightly with every move.

"Tell her I said I appreciated it will ya'?" Cam asked as she picked up a box that held some of her personal belongings that she was taking with her.

"What about the other stuff?" Paula inquired noticing a small pile of items that also belonged to the prisoner.

"Let Maria and the others go through it, and take what they want, then give the rest to whoever wants it. Anything left, throw it away." Cam stated flatly "Once I leave this place I plan on forgetting I was ever in this hole. No offence Cap. You're one of the only ones around here worth knowing."

"Thanks, none taken." Paula said, a little surprised by the rare compliment coming from the stoic prisoner. "I'll make sure they get to it first."

Cam stepped out of the cell carrying the box, and nodded to the waiting woman signaling to her escort that she was ready to leave. Paula called central to close the cell. They waited until the door slid shut with a loud clang as the lock activating, then Paula indicated for the soon-to-be ex prisoner to lead the way. As the two women descended from the third tier, a small crowd began gathering at the bottom of the steel stairs. Upon reaching the bottom floor, Cam came face to face with Maria, and the rest of her crew. Handing the box to Tina, Cam gave the small blonde a dazzling smile.

"Thanks for the shine little T." Cam told the blushing blonde "You pay attention to Spike, and my Mexican Rose, and you'll be okay."

"T-thanks Cam." the little blonde stammered getting even redder if that was possible.

Cam turned back to the short beautiful Mexican woman, who gave Cam a fierce bone-crushing hug.

"Take care of them Maria, you and Mal, watch over those two." Cam whispered "I've made sure that all of you will be able to get whatever you need, and if there's a problem, go to Cap, she's alright."

"If you say so chica" Maria answered her normally melodic voice thick and rough with pent up emotion. "I'm happy you are free of this place, but I will miss you greatly."

"I'll miss you too my beautiful Rose of Juarez." Cam said using the nickname she'd given the short beautiful Mexican woman shortly after they first met. "I've left you a couple of numbers, and an address. When you, or any of the others get out, get a hold of me, for any help you might need, and when little T gets out next month, be sure to send her to me. I'll take good care of her for Spike, so she'll know how to find her when she gets out in six months."

"I will do everything you ask chica, little T will need a good friend out there to keep her away from the bad crowd that got her in here." Maria said as tears flowed from her big expressive chocolate brown eyes. "It is good that she will have you to protect her...and her Spike as well, I think. You go find your little one, chica. Anyone with eyes could see she is your soulmate, mi amiga. Find her and hold on."

Cam reached over and picked a paper bag full of private papers and highly personal things out of the box, leaving the small portable TV, the boombox, and several other luxuries the pair could never afford, for Tina and Spike, who were expected to pass them along upon their release, then turned back to her friend.

"That may be so my lovely little Rose" the tall dark woman sighed, her clear blue eyes shining with unshed tears. "But she is a free and innocent woman, and a big time lawyer, from what I have been told. She has a new life now, far removed from this place and me. I will do nothing, and I mean nothing, that might jeopardize her future happiness."

"You really love her without reservation don't you chica?" Maria gasped realizing that her friend's feelings went far deeper than even she had known.

"Yeah, yeah I suppose I do," Cam said softly then she turned and walked toward the exit, her escort close behind.

Maria put an arm around Malinda's waist and another around Tina's shoulders (leaving the little blonde's waist free for her lover, Spike), and they all watched, as the tall dark mysterious woman went through the door that led to the world outside the walls, chain link fences, and razor wire. She sniffed back a tear, silently saying farewell to the best, and most honorable woman she'd ever known. ============== Paula led the soon to be released prisoner down the long brightly lit hallway, past several closed door to a large steel fire door, at the far end of the hall. She opened the door and ushered Cam into a huge warehouse like building. Here the last of Cam's personal property was given to her, after being compared to the inventory taken when the tall woman had entered the institution. The clerk at the property desk then had the soon to be ex-prisoner sign the list acknowledging, the return of her few personal things, and that everything she'd had was returned. Paula led Cam to a small alcove, so that she could put the items where she wanted them. There were four silver rings, one with a large onyx, with the initials W C inlaid in silver, a silver pentagram ring, a simple silver band, with turquoise triangles inlaid around it, and one with a raven's head on it.

She put these on and then there was a silver pentagram pendant on a delicate silver chain, that she pulled over her head, pulled her hair out of it, and let it settle around her neck. Next she pulled her silver motorcycle chain belt, with a hand tooled silver buckle, with an engraved picture of her Harley on it, and threaded it through the loops on her jeans, then a large wallet, with the initials W.C. burned into the leather, that she shoved into her back pocket. There was a chain attached to the wallet, with a leather loop at the other end, she put her belt through the loop, so if it fell out of her pocket, she wouldn't loose it.

Finally, and with an air of great reverence, she pulled out her sterling silver bracelet, it was one she had worn for many years. Cutter had given it to her one year, he had gone to great lengths to explain to her that the name on it was a man who was declared MIA in Viet Nam, and had never been accounted for. It was after that she noticed that all three of her Uncles wore one just like hers, and Mountain told her, that all four, were for men either he, or Cutter had known while they were there. Cam had sworn to her surrogate father that she would not take it off, until the man was found. Because of prison regulations she had been forced to remove it, it had been one of her hardest memories of those first days, and the reason she spent her first 90 days there in the hole, and why she was in the third tier of max wing.

The guard that had tried to take the bracelet from her wrist by force, suffered a broken jaw, and Cam released it to them, only after she was unconscious. Now it was returned to its rightful place, and she swore silently, it wouldn't leave her wrist again, as long as she lived. With that done Paula led Cam to a small cubical, in it was a cheap metal desk, and seated behind it was a small woman with a sarcastic attitude. With an irritated gesture, she indicated that Cam was supposed to sit in one of the metal folding chairs. Cam sat down across from an older woman, trying to disregard the sour look on the woman's face. The woman tossed a thick manila envelope across the desk to Cam. She noticed it had her name written on it.

"These are your release papers Brusard, read and sign by the Xs," the woman said flatly for the thousand and first time in her career. "As you sign each set of papers, give them to me, so I can see that it is done properly, after I have corrected your mistakes, I will return your copy to you. When you have signed them all. Place your copies in the envelope, and take them with you, without them you will not be allowed through the gates. When you need assistance, please ask, and I will go over the papers with you."

The woman kept letting out impatient sighs, as she watched Cam read each document carefully, then sign it, with an evil smirk Cam took her time filling them out, just to aggravate the rude and impatient woman. She had to stop a few times, and have the woman explain some of the more complex legal wording, and a few times to make her explain some things, Paula was sure she already knew. But for the most part she didn't have much trouble. Once she felt she had given the woman a hard enough time, and she'd completed all the papers to the woman's satisfaction, Cam picked up the envelope and stood up.

"Congratulations Brusard," the woman said as if reading it from a script, sarcasm dripping from her every word. "Good luck out there and keep your nose clean."

"Oh yeah thanks." Cam told her with equal enthusiasm, "I'm SO sure I will, just for you sweetcheeks."

The sarcasm caused the woman to lookup at the prisoner, giving her an evil look. She was shocked, when she encountered an even more predatory look along with an evil smirk, aimed right back at her. Her second surprise, was that the guard escorting the prisoner, was chuckling at the entire incident. Unable to hold up under Cam's cold confident glare the woman looked down in surrender.

"Next time you'd better know who you are dealing with babe." Cam purred evilly at the now unnerved woman, "I'm not some cowed parolee, that you can mess with as you want to. In fact, now that these papers are signed, I'm not even a prisoner anymore. So I doubt if your advice will ever be necessary, or welcome, so keep it for yourself."

The woman stared at the tall dark threatening woman with the ice blue eyes, as she walked away; a shiver ran through her, as if someone had just stepped on her grave. She wasn't sure why, but she was sure she really needed the stiff drink, she was promising herself at lunch. She had never felt so intimidated in her life. Once Cam had her papers, Paula led Cam to another steel fire door, that was marked "Exit", and stopped and turned to her charge holding out her hand.

"Well Brusard, this is where I leave you." the guard captain said, her voice a little more rough than normal. "It's not that I don't like you, but I'd rather not see you here again."

"I understand Cap.," Cam said and gave the woman she had come to respect one of her infamous half grins, as she pulled a card from the pocket of the work shirt. "Of all the people I've met here you are the only one of the guards I respect and trust. The rest, well, either they hate the prisoners, or they just don't care. If any of them need anything or if there is ANYTHING I can do for you, call one of these numbers. Tell whoever answers who you are, and you'll be put in touch with me. Watch out for them for me will ya' Cap. and watch your back, remember DTA, Cap. You do good work, there are a few that don't like that."

Paula looked at the card, and her eyes grew wide as she read it. ..................... C.T.Brusard Chief Operations Officer C.C.C.M. Corp. ................... "You're...but...who..how...ah" the shocked woman stammered and sputtered, unable to speak so she just got quite and let the enigmatic woman speak.

"Yeah, that's me Cap." Cam said quietly, "You should know better than to judge by appearances, I'm surprised at you Cap. If you ever decide to give this luxury job up, call me, I'm sure there is plenty an intelligent woman like you could offer our company."

Paula took a second look at the dangerous woman she thought she knew, and realized she really had no idea who Camilla Brusard was at all.

"I won't do it again I assure you." Paula mumbled, a little embarrassed by her own short sightedness.

"I know you won't Cap." Cam said with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. "I will miss you Paula you were always fair with all of us. Just don't be offended if I don't come visit any time soon. Take care of yourself and I told Maria to come to you with any problems, I hope that was ok."

Cam wasn't sure if she hadn't broken a trust with the guard by giving her name out to another prisoner.

"No problem." Paula answered then returned to the business they were both there to finish."Once you go out this door follow the yellow lines to the front gate. The guard there will check your paper work, then let you out. You take care of yourself out there, hardcase."

The two women shared a quiet laugh at Cam's original nickname, then shook hands. They both carefully avoided noticing the tears shining in both their eyes, not wanting to embarrass each other. Without another word Cam stepped out through the door and found herself in the big parking area where they brought in the buses of new fish. A little over six years ago, Cam had entered this same gate with fifteen other prisoners.

Now she was back here alone and free of handcuffs and shackles, and leaving. Shaking the old unpleasant memories from her mind, and walking with long determined strides toward the gate, following the fading yellow lines on the pavement. As she approached the gates, Cam could feel the eyes of the other inmates, that were in the yard on her, watching as a living legend walked out of their lives. By unwritten prison tradition, neither the prisoners, nor Cam acknowledged each other's presence. Her attention was drawn to her destination, by the appearance of a guard that stepped in front of her.

"I need to see your papers." the guard said without being rude.

She handed the man her release papers, and watched as he carefully checked them, to see if it was all in order. With a slight smile he handed the papers back to her, and watched as she folded them, and put them in the back pocket of her tight fitting jeans.

"Good luck Brusard." the guard grumbled quietly then with a conspiratorial whisper he said, "and don't you show that pretty face around here again either or I'll be forced to paddle your behind, just like I did when you were a smart ass teenager."

"Thanks Charlie, I'll do my best," She whispered back "and you take care of that new baby and the new old lady."

"Just like you take care of those three damn fool uncles of yours." he answered gruffly.

He opened the heavy steel door, and giving him a smile of gratitude, she stepped out into the world she hadn't seen in six years, four months and twelve days. Cam took a long deep breath of free air, and a euphoric feeling washed over her, as the reality of her freedom hit her for the first time.

She began to smile, and tears of unbelievable joy fell, from her eyes, as she realized, that for the first time in six years, nobody was going to tell her, what to do next. No one was going to tell her, when to move, stop, eat, sleep, work, exercise, play, or run her life, in any way. She was free to get on with her life.

She smiled even more, as she thought of being free to rejoin her family, the family she loved, the family that was her lifeline, the family that was taken from her by that bitch, and very nearly destroyed, and the family that had struck back, and destroyed the bitch instead. The biker, and corporate executive, felt a burst of pride go through her like an electric jolt, and her smile softened, as she thought of the three rough hard men, that had taken her off the streets, and had given her a stable, and loving home to grow up in.

They had never judged her, or tried to make her into anything, other than what she was. Their only thing they asked of her, was to be happy in her life.

<>Yes<> she thought happily <>They were worth every bit of six years, or even worth a lifetime, if I had to. Those three are worth anything, I'd have to sacrifice to have them in my life<>

With that thought, the finally freed tall muscular woman stepped away from the doorway, out into the bright Missouri Summer sunlight, and the life that was waiting for her to begin again. There was a sharp pain in her heart, when the thought of living that life without Cheryl.

"She's better off." Cam told herself resigned to living a dark and lonely existence. "She's probably forgot all about me, and moved on. Nobody that beautiful stays alone for long."

Thinking those depressing thoughts, Cam stepped into the open, and wasn't paying attention where she was going. Before she realized she wasn't alone, a pair of huge leather covered arms wrapped around her. She tried to struggle, but the arms that held her, were like two iron bands. Then a man's voice whispered evilly into her ear.

"Hey pretty lady," the rough gravelly voice said "wanna get laid by a REAL man?"

+++++++++ END 18 TBC in 19 +++++++++

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