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Justice Deferred 23

by: Alex P.


Agreeing to Cutter's plan the three men split and headed off to carry out their part of the plan. For his part Cobra ran over to the bar and "called" TAG and Creeper over, then all three went into their own huddle.

Cutter watched his tall albino "brother" as he brought their two friends into the conspiracy and as soon as they split up to perform their part of the plan he and Mountain went to mingle with the obviously, very happy party goers until the right time to begin carrying out Cutter's plan, that Mountain had code named: Operation Honeymooners. Cutter laughed and had told his gigantic friend that he spent way too much time working with the covert ops teams when he was a Marine.

He looked over again at the two very involved women, and found himself hoping that his three fellow conspirators hurried and finished their part, before Cam was driven completely crazy by the little blonde. The big biker was ready to swear that the little blonde, even now, looked like she was about to begin trying to crawl into Cam's skin. That was the only way they could get any closer together, and he had to admit that his daughter didn't look to be putting up much of a fight.

He knew it was almost time when TAG had come hurrying in, and grabbed Kat, after whispering into the little ex-stripper's ear, the fiery little redhead gave an enthusiastic nod, and they both scurried out of the room. After about a half hour, the four conspirators returned quietly, and

signaled their two co-conspirators that their part was ready. Seeing the high sign from their friends, it was time for the two big men to begin the most dangerous part of the

plan. A lot of people thought that Cutter and Mountain were really brothers,

because they acted so much alike and actually looked close enough to be related, but they weren't, the truly ironically funny part of people thinking that was that while the two men didn't share their last name, they did have the same "real" first name. They often wondered if it was something about the name that made them the way they were, like a curse or a spell, but when they realized that they shared the same name with the redneck county sheriff back home, they decided against that theory.

But as always when ever they were together, it was like they had some psychic bond, and always seemed to know what each other was thinking. So as always, without any prompting they both moved over to the head table, and stood on either side of the two very preoccupied women.

They tried clearing their throats to get the younger women's

attention, when that didn't work, they moved on to several other highly obnoxious noises, Mountain

was an expert at making rude and

obnoxious noises. He had even embarrassed Cutter once or twice, over the years they had ridden together.

The two big shaggy bikers even

tried calling out the two women's names, that too was a failure. The two men looked over at each other and after a few moments contemplation Mountain looked over at

his life long friend with a

mischievous twinkle in his light grey eyes and an evil smirk on his lips, Cutter instantly recognised it as

the look his friend always got

just before he got them both in deep trouble. He didn't say a word, but as usual Cutter knew what his Bro was

thinking, and began shaking his head, chuckling, and seriously wondering about the larger man's sanity.

"Aw man, Mountain, no." Cutter called out to his seemingly suicidal friend. "You big idiot she'll kill you, if you don't tear your back out first.

Good Goddess, Bro. She'll kill us both."

The big bear of a

man didn't say a word to his friend,

but the two knew each other so

well the man's looks were enough to hold up his end of the argument, and as it was with the people he cared about, Cutter knew he was going to

lose this argument before it even started.

"Come on man stop..."

Cutter began as his old riding pardner began to bend down to get into position to carry out his plan.

"I don't know why I hang around with

you, you big troublema...Aw Hades balls, at least wait for me to get in there so I can help. I always said you'd be the death of me you big asshole."

Mountain just laughed quietly at his friends good-natured protests while he got into position. Mountain never doubted that Cutter would go along with his idea, it was always like that between them, one would get bored and come up with some outrageous idea guaranteed to get them in trouble, and the other one would bitch, gripe and moan about how stupid it was, while he followed his friend into the gates of Tartarus if he needed to.

As always Cutter rushed over to help his friend as they lined themselves up on either side of the office chair that was currently holding the two women. Mountain looked over at his perennial partner in crime and with a wink and a nod, they both lifted the chair, with the two women in it, high in the air,

and laughing they began

carrying the chair, women and all, toward the door on the other side of the bar.

"Ah Cam...?" Cheryl muttered into Cam's mouth.

"Ah huh..." the tall woman answered, as she kissed a patch of exposed skin, she hadn't noticed until that moment, "what is it baby?"

The woman was way too distracted

by the presence and actions of the

beautiful blonde in her lap.

"Why are we floating across the room?" Cheryl asked giggling, as she became aware of what was happening. "Honey, I think your Uncle and Dad are trying to tell us something."

"Put us down you big over grown apes." The black haired woman growled into Cheryl's neck, perturbed at their intrusion on her concentrating on the blonde's very delectable ear.

Then her head snapped up as she realized exactly what was happening.

"By the Gods, Mountain I know this was your idea, you big pervert." Cam yelled trying to be angry at the

two playful men, but failing

miserably. "I'm serious, you two idiots put us down before you hurt yourselves."

They were almost three-quarters of the way to the door, when they reached the point where they were laughing too hard to continue safely.

"Ah...Mountain...down...now...I'm losing it!" Cutter barked over his own laughter.

They sat the chair down gently, and once they were sure the two women were safe, both men fell on their backsides laughing so hard they couldn't get up. The two women stopped making out and looked down in disbelief at the two grey haired shaggy bikers rolling on the bar room floor laughing.

"Cheryl sweetheart, I'm sorry you had to see this." Cam said shaking her head slowly, and trying very hard to look serious, "but it appears that my Daddy and Uncle Mountain

have finally lost their pitiful little

minds completely."

Cheryl was giggling at the antics of her lovers' unusual family, she was amazed at how much they loved Cam. It could be clearly seen by the way they acted. After several minutes the two men had calmed down enough to get up off the floor, Cam held out a hand to Cutter who gratefully used it to get up to his feet, he was muttering something about getting too old to be rolling on the floor with big idiots, without female companionship.

Mountain remained seated on the floor smiling up at his niece, and her lover.

"Well you big jerk," Cam growled looking down at the man still seated on the floor, and looking for all the world like an ornery little boy playing tricks on his parents "are you going to sit on that floor with that silly look on your face, or are you going to get up, ya' old goat?"

Cam knew full well just how disarming

the big man could be when he

wanted to be, and right now he wanted to be. Cam could tell that these two men had just totally charmed her lover, but even knowing her Uncle was in one of

his playful moods, she still wasn't prepared for his next antic.

"You still mad at me WC?" he asked crossing his hugely muscled arms over his chest, and sticking his bottom lip out looking and sounding like a pouting petulant child. "Cause I ain't getting up if you're mad at me."

Cam looked at him in wonder, then the thought struck her that the only thing missing was his thumb in his mouth. Then that thought made her eyes sparkle with laughter, and Mountain knew he had her, and gave her a huge brilliant smile, his grey eyes reflecting his love for the young woman he'd helped raise.

That look was all Cam could take,

and she burst out laughing at her big

sometimes goofy uncle, giving him

exactly what he was shooting for.

Cheryl could see that it was well past

time to get off her lover's

oh so comfortable lap, and she carefully untangled herself from Cam and got to her feet and hurriedly began straightening her clothes, quickly buttoning some strategically placed buttons that she hadn't realized her anxious lover had opened

as they'd given each other a

prolonged hello. Cam soon followed suit, also having to take time to rebutton more than a few buttons herself.

Judging by the look that they gave each other, both women felt the ache deep in their hearts, at the loss of each other's touch.

"Come to the bar WC." Cutter said quietly, "Bring your lady, we need to talk."

He turned to the crowd of partiers,

and raised a hand that instantly

got their attention.

"Alright people," the gruff usually quiet man shouted, "My family would really like to thank y'all for coming

with us to welcome our little

girl home at last. I know my daughter,

as well as the rest of the family,

appreciate this showing of y'all's feelings for our family. We'd like y'all to know we feel the same for every one of you. We'll be going out for a little bit, but we'll be back soon, but don't let that stop the party. Y'all keep it up, we're safe here so relax and have fun."

With that he turned back and put a heavily muscled arm around Cam's shoulders and shepherded her to the

far end of the bar. As they got to

the bar TAG and Kat came bouncing through the door, both of them were smiling and laughing, as they joined Creeper, Cobra, and the rest of the family at the end of the bar.

TAG had long ago earned her membership into the family, and Creeper was a club Bro of Cutter and Mountain's from back in what all three men called, the bad old days, they were some of the very few from back then that were even still alive. So, with a brotherhood forged through some hard times, the four men had remained close, and having covered each other's back so many times that mutual deep trust and respect had developed between them, making the wiry little man a part of the family in his own right.

The wiry, and as Cheryl's words so aptly put it, kind of scary, little biker, had the bottle of Bushmills and enough shot glasses full of the potent blend of Irish whiskeys for each of them. Cam took a little extra time to introduce her lover to TAG, Creeper, and of course Kat, who everyone noticed, examined the small blonde with Cam very closely.

The tall woman turned aside her lover's

questions, with the promise of explaining their membership in the family later.

Then like they always did when they were all together, they drank a toast to the reuniting of their family, and then Cutter as head of the family gave a toast welcoming Cheryl to their family and showed the little blonde his own sense of humor, giving her one last chance to run screaming into the night. Her adamant "NO" brought laughter from everyone except Cutter. Cheryl got an approving nod from Cam's loving and protective father, for the seriousness of Cheryl's refusal to leave the woman she loved,

regardless of how strange and kind of scary the rest of her family was. The two made eye contact and in that moment the golden haired attorney had found she had just acquired a friend and extremely powerful ally, joined by their sharing their love and protective instincts for the single most important thing in their lives, Camilla.

With a knowing look and the almost imperceptible nod that passed between them, the unlikely pair made

a silent agreement that their

common goal was to see to it that the tall black haired blue eyed woman never had another reason to return to the dark and lonely woman she had been before she met her green eyed lover. In that instant Cheryl also knew that she had made

one of the best and most loyal

friends she would ever have.

She was also very aware that if she broke their silent agreement, her friend would instantly become the

worst most ruthless enemy she could

have, one that would most likely kill her without a second thought or a sleepless night, but Cheryl knew that would never be a problem for them.

The three men were impressed with the little lawyer's determination and devotion to their "little girl" and the way she had been glued to the tall blue eyed woman since finding her, they were fairly convinced of her genuine love for Cam, and had agreed whole-heartedly that Cheryl Killian was more than worthy of joining their wide spread and eclectic little family.

An honor she accepted gratefully after giving it the serious consideration it truly deserved. This gave the elated orphan even more reason for loving her dark stoic

biker, after all these years someone had finally given Cheryl the thing she'd been searching for since she had awakened in that hospital, after her parents death, a loving,

and accepting family.

In order to have a serious family moment the three men took the two young women out of the bar and now they were all standing in the parking lot next to the motorcycles. Cam took a few minutes to formally introduce Cheryl to Cutter and her two Uncles that were her immediate family.

She was very proud of her lover and Cam wanted to be sure that herfamily knew, that normally, she and the incredibly attached blonde practiced more restraint in public, but between Cam's joy that Cheryl had cared for her so much she

was willing to hunt for and find her,

added to Cheryl's elation that she'd found and was accepted by her lover, combined with three years of forced celibacy they had temporarily lost control of themselves.

"Really sir," Cheryl quickly explained

"as an attorney I have to have

more decorum in order to get a jury to believe me. I wouldn't normally think of acting so inappropriately with Camilla, I love her way too much to put her in such an embarrassing situation. But I thought I'd lost her and was about to go back to begin searching in another direction, I saw all the cars and motorcycles and stopped hoping I'd been lucky enough to find her. Then when I walk in, I thought I was in the wrong place, then there she was, and well she was even more beautiful than

I remembered. Then to find that she wanted me like I wanted her, well it was just too much and my heart kind of took over my body, and acted before my addled brain could think of a more acceptable manner of greeting for the woman I love. I would never want to be an

embarrassment, to Camilla or her family, I swear it."

The three men stood quietly enjoying the golden haired woman as she babbled her excuse, she had also surprised them and was moved up a notch when she also gave her explanation in sign language. Cam's heart swelled with pride and devotion as her lover showed so much respect for her family, not many people did, until it was too late. She could see that Cutter was totally charmed by the little woman and was touched by the way she brought out the Southern gentleman in him. Before the pretty blonde could go off on another tangent of apologies, Cutter spoke up.

"Alright my dear young lady,

I think it's my turn now." Cutter said

laughing softly at the young woman's nervous babble. "Let's get a few things straight here, ok? First of all

I believe if y'all take a real

close look at who raised this little girl, you know, who showed up

for open houses and PTA meetings,

and all her school activities,

and cheered the loudest whenever she did anything. Hell Mountain over there,

once cheered for her warming up

in the on deck circle."

All three men held up their hands,

wanting to reassure their girl's

new friend,that they were all three guilty as charged. She looked around at the three men, and pictured them at a PTA meeting, or shouting their approval

of their little girl at some public event, and smiled, thinking their devotion to her lover was the sweetest thing she'd ever


"Yeah you get the idea," The biker said "After that, just how do you plan on being an embarrassment to WC? Second, there are no Sirs here, this is Mountain." he said pointing at the big man on his right, "this is Cobra," pointing to the tall skinny man with strangely white skin and all white eyes, dressed entirely in black leather,

"and I'm Cutter. You may not have made the connection yet, but you do know who we are, and I'm sure our little WC will fill you in on all this later. I'm sure you and WC want to get somewhere private, so y'all can get to know each other again, so I'll make it short."

"Cheryl, since you're part of our family now, I'm sure you want to go by our rules." he stated and after she nodded he went on, "One of our strictest rules, is that you turn in you keys at a party like this, and they'll be given back when you're ready to leave, as long as you're sober. It's a fair trade, especially this time, cause we give you a key to a room at the motel over there. A lot of times you just get chair or floor space to sleep it off."

Cheryl fished her keys out of her pocket, and handed them to Cutter, who, with a big smile, gave her the room key TAG had handed him earlier. 

"Ok that's it, so why don't y'all go on, and get to know each other all

over again." Cutter said grinning happily at his daughter. "Privately this time so you can do it properly.

Y'all don't worry about checkouts,

it's all taken care of till you're ready to leave. Now get out of here."

Smiling at her Daddy's kind words,

Cam went to him and gave him a hug

and a quick kiss, then laughing at his grumbling about "kids with no respect", she grabbed Cheryl's hand and led her off toward the clean little motel that TAG and Creeper owned, giggling like a couple of school girls.

They could hear the three men laughing as they headed back to the party. As they headed toward their room, Cam explained to her lover about how their group had lost several friends, because of drinking and driving. So the entire extended family got together, and decided that when anyone gave a party, they had to collect the keys and provide someplace appropriate for everyone to sleep off the party, or provide a designated driver to shuttle everyone home, then back the next day to retrieve their vehicles.

She also assured Cheryl that there was always someone watching over their vehicles, and they made sure their rides were unmolested while the group partied. Usually, like now,

it was a couple of prospects

from one of the local clubs her family

was friendly with.

Cheryl asked about several of the people she'd met at the party, and Cam told her a few stories about some of the people her lover had met, and was having a hard time convincing the blonde attorney that she wasn't kidding, or making it up.

Just as they reached the right door to the room the naturally curious young woman asked the question Cam knew was coming, but that she was dreading the answer.

"Ah...Camilla, I have a couple of questions to ask," the green eyed blonde stated " and the one I'm just dying to know is why does your family keep calling you WC, and what does it mean?"

Cam gave her newly reunited lover a mysterious smile, and a mischievous wink.

"WC stands for Wild Child, which is what I acted like when they brought me home for the first time."

Cam answered "I was totally

distrusting of everyone after being on the streets, and I was sure that anyone that said they loved me didn't really, and were only using that for an excuse because they were going to hurt me. Not to mention that I just knew nobody could possibly love me, I was queer, a pervert and an abomination in the eyes of God. I knew it was true because my real parents told me so while my father was beating me to a bloody pulp."

Cheryl looked at Cam, her emerald eyes filled with tears of sadness for the battered and abused child that her lover had been, and that was still there just below the surface. There was a flash of anger for everyone that had used and exploited that child, and took advantage of her loneliness and withholding the love and understanding the child deserved.

"As for why my family calls me that now." Cam said and shrugged "I guess it's one of those nicknames that stuck, but only those in my family are allowed to call me that in public. Everyone else calls me Cam,

or every once in a while some women have called me Camy, it's been that way since I was in junior high, when I decided I hated my real name. So does that mean you're going to start calling me WC like all the others?"

Cheryl looked up at her much taller lover, giving her a careful and thorough examination, then she gave the nervous biker a dazzling thousand megawatt smile.

"You know sweetheart, I don't like the sound of me saying either one." Cheryl said as if coming to a major decision. "I mean Cam is just too common a name for someone as extraordinary as you, and as for Wild Child or WC, well that's really better for those that knew you back then, and we won't even discuss Camy. No, if it's ok, I think I'll call you the same thing I have all along, just like I don't think you'd ever feel right calling me Cheri or Cher. If it's alright I'd rather just keep calling you Camilla, besides it's such a beautifully melodic and elegant name, it fits you so perfectly, my love. But if you want me to call you by one of those other names then I will. As long as you love me I don't care what we call each other."

Cam looked down into the face that had become the very center of her entire universe and smiled at the polite and respectful way Cheryl always treated her.  No one outside her family had ever treated her like that. Not even her teachers and later her professors even though she aced their classes with such apparent ease. The only one who had ever looked at her with such a completely earnest, trusting and loving face was her Daddy, at this moment Cam was aware that she loved this woman totally and without reservation, and would never deny Cheryl anything, that was within her reach to obtain.

<>She loves me as much as Daddy,

and even beyond that<> Cam told herself

seeing the absolute truth of her statement. <>I never thought anyone would love me as much as him. I guess this is why he told me all those old family stories about soulmates, he knew some say I would find mine, and he wanted me to know when I finally did.<>

"Baby I'll tell you what, I've always hated the name Camilla." Cam said as she pulled the small body to her and marveled in the way it fit against hers so perfectly. "But when you say it, it sounds so refined and so right, I love the way I feel when you look at me with that loving intensity in your beautiful emerald eyes and call me Camilla, in that low sexy tone you get when we lay together, it's like… well I suppose the closest I can come to it is that it's like thousands of heavenly angels singing just for me. So please my love call me Camilla as you wish, that way I will always be able to hear how much you love me even in a crowd."

As she finished saying that the couple came to the door that matched the key that TAG and Creeper had given Cutter for her. Cam knew something was up when she saw two ribbons each one baring the initial C on

them, attached to the door. Taped to the ribbons was an envelope addressed to them both, Cam opened it and found a note for them from Cobra,

the gist of which was that he was so happy and proud that Cam had finally found her true love, and that he hoped Cheryl and Cam were always as happy together as he and Kat were.

With a tear in her eye caused by the unusually loving sentiment put into the note, especially coming from her normally very undemonstrative Uncle, Cam swung open the door. She was locking it when she heard Cheryl's gasp

of surprise. The tall biker turned expecting to see almost anything, but not what she was seeing. The room was decorated with streamers and balloons and tons of flowers, including a huge bouquet of 48 red and yellow roses, their scent filled the room. Across from the bed on a table was a tray full of food including Cam's favorite, shrimp cocktails, and assorted fresh fruit. On the bedside table was another tray that was full of chocolate dipped strawberries, and next to that were two magnums of Cam's favorite extra dry sparkling wine.

She was sure now that her Daddy had set this up; he was the only one that knew about her liking that particular vintage, from that particular Napa Valley winery. It was very expensive and she knew nobody would even think of a small detail like that, only Cutter.

The entire room had been turned into a Honeymoon suite, and Cam had a slight smile on her face, she could see Cobra's young wife Kat's hand very deeply involved in this, as well as TAG, and was grateful because she was well aware of Cheryl's voracious appetite. In fact Cam was grateful to her whole family for making sure her lover, and hopefully lifetime partner, knew that she was very welcome into their family and they had gone out of their way to make her feel comfortable wherever they could.

Cheryl was amazed that the rough macho men she had just met, had actually had a hand in decorating a room to celebrate the joining of two women. She turned to ask Cam a question but was struck speechless as she found herself looking into twin light blue, burning, bottomless pools of pure raw desire.

As the already excited blonde's emerald eyes locked with molten blue she could feel the fires of Cam's need shoot into her own body and go straight to her own raging inferno that burned her lower half fuelled by her ever increasing lust for her long denied lover.

The air between the two incredibly attracted women was so over heated it threatened to self-combust. Cam took a step toward the sexy little golden haired green-eyed object of her deepest most burning desires without her even noticing, a low feral growl was coming from the tall sleek black haired woman that drove her intended lover wild with a deep undeniable rush of white hot lust, and made Cheryl go weak in the knees.

With every last ounce of her resolve the small blonde placed a hand on her advancing lover's chest and did something she had promised herself she would.

"Just hold it right there Sparky!" the small trembling blonde commanded softly.


END 23

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