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Justice Deferred 26 (conclusion)

by: Alex P.


(Morning of the fourth day,

since Camilla's release)


Early in the morning (well actually it was around 11:00 am) the pair of lovers, who at this time were just a large lump under the covers on the huge king sized bed, driven there by the too-efficient air conditioning, were rudely awakened by the insistent ringing of the telephone.

A long arm snaked out from under the blankets, the hand attached began slapping the surface of the bedside table, until it located the sleek room phone in its hidden alcove built into the nightstand. Like a tentacle holding its prey, the arm snatched the obnoxious device under the blankets where the shrill scream was cut off, by the relatively quiet beep, of the activation button.

"This had better be good," a husky alto voice growled from under the blankets, "What? Yeah. Yeah. I know, look, I'm real sorry we didn't get to visit. Alright, ok,

HEY!! Look, it's been three years, ok? Yeah you got it, that's right, for both of us."

The covers slid down as Cam sat up, revealing the two bodies beneath the warm blankets, their limbs tangled together. One long beautifully proportioned with black hair, aristocratic features and amazing electric blue eyes, that flashed in anger, whenever their owner was feeling put upon, like she

was now.

The woman was not known for her patience, especially right after she is rudely awakened, by loud obnoxious noises.

The other entangled figure was a good half a foot shorter, magnificently built, full

firm breasts, narrow waist, and gently curved hips, slightly on the muscular side,

but not as sculpted as her companion.

Her shoulder length hair was the golden color of Summer wheat, and her face was the perfect picture, of the sweet girl next door. From pixieish button nose to her full, pouting, sensuous, lips, that were always ready to smile.

By far her most arresting features were her emerald green eyes, that were, at this moment, looking

sleepily up at the lover she had been sleeping on, until the phone rang. The look in those eyes was pure adoration and sexual satisfaction. The dark woman looked down at her amazingly beautiful lover, and smiled, unable to maintain her anger, while she gazed down at her sleep tousled sleepy-eyed lover,

she was just too damn adorable.

"Huh? Yeah, I'll let you know if we're leaving, hey, TAG, not," Cam was starting to get angry again, until her gentle green eyed lover began kissing her abdomen, sending messages of peace and contentment through Cam's body,

not paying a bit of attention to the one sided conversation going on above her.

"No...no...listen...TAG, I'll make this real simple for ya'. We can be out of here in one hour.

Have a bill made out to Mountain, at the company headquarters, look it's either that, or you and Creeper lose the whole weekend. Yes, yes it was, yes very nice, but you can't afford to lose four days. I know that because I'm a fucking MBA, it's what I was trained to know, you short little smart-ass bitch.

All right, sounds like a good idea,

who's cooking?

Well it sure as hell won't be me.

I don't do Betty Crocker"

Cheryl couldn't help but laugh at the comment on her lover's almost legendary

lack of culinary skills. She was the only prisoner in the history of CCC, to be permanently banned from the kitchens. Cheryl knew that someday she was going to figure out just how the tall dark biker burned down the prison kitchen, when all she was doing was peeling potatoes.

"Ok TAG," Cam said concluding her call, "Sounds like a plan. Yes call all of them. If we're getting up so are those three big apes. Ok, we'll be there, but you have to shut up, and let me off the damn phone first. Alright, see ya' later bye."

The now wide awake blonde pulled herself up and gave her gorgeous dark lover a long, deep, meaningful

good morning kiss.

"Mmmmm, my favorite way to wake up, but we'd better not start anything," Cam said disappointed, as they reluctantly separated. "If we don't get up soon, TAG and Creeper are going to try to make us stay another night. While it sounds good, and any other time, you couldn't blast me out of here with a metric ton of C-4, but I really want to show you, something important.

If you still want to go with me that is."

"I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be with you Camilla." Cheryl said, a little put off that Cam asked her that again, she began to angrily put on a short kimono style robe, and after tossing an identical one to Cam, she was ready to launch into a full blown temper tantrum. "I've waited three long unjust years,

for my innocent lover to be released from that Hellhole of a prison. Where, by the way, I finally found my dream warrior, after being thrown in there unjustly myself. Now I have you, we are both free of any outside interference, and I've just spent three of the most incredible days, and nights, of my life,

and never even left the room.

My worry, the only thing holding me back, is that you may have changed your mind over the last three years.

So let me finally ask you…

Do you, Camilla Theresa Brusard, still want to be with me, and have a future with me? Are we going to build a life together as equal pardners?"

Cam looked at the woman that had captured her mind, body, heart and soul, that she had dreamed of for the last three long, lonely years, and now was the moment she had dreaded ever since she had walked into the showers, and found

a scared little girl cowering in the corner. It all came down to this moment, it had worried Cam for three years, now that it was here, she was sure she didn't even needed to think about it.

She put on her robe, looked around for her leather jacket. Cam dug into an inner pocket, until she found the small velvet bag, that Cutter had brought for her "just in case". Confused, Cheryl stood as if glued to that spot, both angry, and frightened studying her tall dark, and highly unpredictable lover's every move. She watched as Cam approached her slowly and took her trembling hands. The tall biker gently led her lover back over to the bed, then helped a curious Cheryl sit on the edge.

Cam knelt down on one knee in front of her, now wide eyed, blonde lover.

<>Ohmygodohmygodohmygod<> raced through Cheryl's now positive mind <>she's going to do it. No Camilla isn't that romantic, is she, yes she is, there's no way that she's doing this. I can' believe she knows me this well.<>

Cam reached into the velvet bag,

and carefully pulled out a silver ring,

it had a large single 3ct. diamon set between a 1ct emerald, and a blue star

sapphire also 1ct.

Cam had gone through her lawyers, and had a friend of hers custom make the ring, she had designed herself, for her lover. Depending on how this conversation went, there was also a large envelope, full of papers for her and Cheryl to sign, sitting on the desk in Cutter's office, back at the farm, that gave Cheryl one half of everything Cam owned.

She took Cheryl's left hand, and gently slipped the ring on her third finger.

"Cheryl Killian will you be my pardner

in life, and if it is ever possible, my

wife." Cam felt the sweat on her upper lip and licked it off quickly, her hands trembled slightly as her nerves went berserk waiting for Cheryl's answer.

Cheryl froze for a moment, she had pictured this moment in her mind a thousand times over the last three years, and she always had the perfect answer. Now that it was happening in real life, she couldn't think of a single thing to say in answer. Her voice completely refused to work.

All she could do was cry and nod her head.

"May I take that as a yes?" Cam asked, feeling that goofy grin on her face again, then suddenly found herself with her arms full of happy blonde.

"Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!!" was all Cheryl could say, so Cam quieted her by covering the nearly hysterical blondes lips with her own. ======Epilogue==========

A little over two hours later, the two women stepped out of the bar, into the bright Summer sunshine.

Together theywent over to Cam's waiting motorcycle. Cheryl looked up at her beloved Camilla, smiling as she put on the full helmet that Cutter had given her.

Cam had to laugh when she saw it, it was trimmed with the same purple as Cam's helmet, but instead of being black or purple Cheryl's painted a bright

neon pink.

She climbed up on the big motorcycle,

as Cam had shown her, onto the raised section of the seat. Cam got into the front, lower section, and with her beatiful blonde lover mounted up behind her, who was very excited about taking her first ride on a motorcycle.

As she pulled her goggles down over her eyes Cam stopped for a moment, a small warm fuzzy bubble of happiness took up residence inside her, as she thought of her lover and now life pardner. After all this time and everything that had happened to them both, Cam had finally found the place in life she had searched for since she was a teenager, with that thought in mind, she sent a silent prayer to the Goddess. Thanking her, and asking that her and her pardner be allowed to finally lived their lives in peace.

Cutter had made arraignment to have Cheryl's SUV delivered to the farm, where they were going next. Cam was anxious to show her lover their new country home.

It had also been agreed that they would spend most work weeks in the city at Cheryl's house, and most the weekends and holidays would be down at the farm, where it was agreed that Cheryl's foster mothers had a standing invitation.

It was also agreed too, by Cutter, as well as Cam, that Cheryl was allowed to redecorate all the common living spaces, in the big sprawling farm house,

only Cutter's study/office, and his two personal rooms, were exempt from the "woman's" touch.

They were both realistic enough to know that there would be many problems down the road they had chosen, and they agreed that there were several unforeseen obstacles in their future. But they both also knew,if they faced the troubles together, with the support of Cam's family,

that was now Cheryl's family as well, there was nothing they couldn't stand up to and beat.

The big bike rumbled out of the parking lot, and with Cheryl holding tightly to her lovers waist, her head laying against Cam's broad muscular back,

and along with their family right behind them, the couple roared out of sight,

into a new life,

two lost souls that had finally found their mate, complete at last, two as one...forever.




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