The Dyke and the Debutante

by Alex Tryst

Disclaimer: First and foremost I must give credit where it is due. The character Elle Woods is not of my creation, and I in fact "borrowed" her from MGM and "Legally Blonde." Infringement is not intended, and by no means am I suggesting anything about the character or Reese Witherspoon who plays said character (even though I do find her absolutely delectable as my wife and friends can attest). I merely was watching the movie one day and thought it would be fun to write about that character. As you will see, my Elle Woods is drastically different and let's face it, a heck of a lot more fun. I should also mention here that there are some serious moments to the book, nothing too major, but worth noting, including gay bashing and abortion, so please keep this in mind. This is a rather tame piece about women finding themselves and love, and of course it wouldn't be one of my books without some lovely sex scenes. As always comments are welcome at Look forward to hearing from you.

Dedication: As always, to my wife, you are my fondest wish. And to the woman who calls me her Cariad (you know who you are), what can I say? In the short time I've known you, you have completely changed my life for the better. You have breathed life back into this soul and brought new meaning to my life. For that I thank you (and I'm sure my wife would as well if she knew you were the cause of such a change), because not only have you blessed me with your presence, you have brought me even closer to my beloved. Merci, mon amie.

Now on with the show...................................................................................................................

Part 2

That night since Elle was tied up in her responsibilities with her sorority, Addison went out with Kit and a bunch of the girls from her own house. As usual they went to their favorite gay club in the city to get drunk and flirt with all the women there. Within an hour of being there, Addison had found someone to spend her time with, a striking little blonde that reminded her of the one she couldn't have. Addison tried her best to forget about Elle and focus on the woman obviously interested in her, but even as much as she tried the Delta Nu president haunted her thoughts, making it impossible for the jock to be her confident, playful self. However by the end of the evening she still managed to secure the woman's phone number for a future date before they left.

It was close to three in the morning when they neared the campus. Addison was just sitting quietly in the back seat as she listened to her friends talk when she noticed a blonde walking alone down the sidewalk. "Hey. Isn't that Elle?" Kit asked aloud.

Addison looked closer. "Yeah. It is. Pull over, Kit." Kit pulled to the curb, and Addison jumped out. "Elle." she called. "What are you doing walking alone this late at night? It's not safe." As the blonde came closer, Addison saw the mascara streaming down the blonde's face. "Elle, what's wrong?"

"Leave me alone, Addy." the blonde whispered trying to brush by her, but Addison put a hand out to stop her.

"I can't let you walk home alone. Come on. Get in the car. We'll drop you off." The little woman shook her head defiantly. "Fine. I'll walk you then." She turned to the car and told Kit to go on without her, so within seconds they were alone. Together they strolled in silence down sorority row toward their houses. Addison just waited patiently for Elle to start talking, but the blonde never did, making the brunette even more curious as to what was going on. She merely watched the blonde out of the corner of her eye as they walked, noticing that Elle was way beyond drunk as she stumbled down the sidewalk. When they finally reached the Delta Nu house, Addison couldn't stand it any longer. "Elle, please talk to me. What happened tonight?" she inquired trying to put her arms around the small woman, but Elle pushed her away.

"You've ruined my life, Addison! Craig and I broke up, because he said it was either him or you, and I couldn't choose between you! He dumped me and called me a dyke, saying that I wanted you instead of him!"

"He such an asshole. You deserve better, Elle."

"What's worse is that it's true, but you don't want me! You think I'm a dumb blonde daddy's girl! It's always been you, Addy! You're the one I always wanted ever since I met you, but you never responded to me! I tried to win your attention and affection, but you were interested in everyone else! I've wanted you to touch me all along, but you never would, and I can't take it any more! I don't want to be your friend any longer, Addison! It's too hard! You've broken my heart once already, and if I continue to be friends with you, you'll do it again! Now just leave me alone, Addy! Just get out of my life for good!"

Addison was shocked into immobility at the words she heard coming out of the blonde. Never in her wildest imagination did she ever think Elle would actually be interested in her, but the petite woman just admitted it to her face in a drunken daze. "Elle, you're really drunk and upset right now. I don't think you know exactly what you're saying. Why don't I just take you up to your room, and you can sleep it off?" she suggested putting an arm around her friend's shoulders to guide her up to the house.

"No!" Elle yelled pushing Addison off. "Don't touch me! Leave me alone!" Elle ran up the walk to her house but stumbled on the porch stairs, causing her to fall.

Instantly Addison was there to help her to her feet. "That's it. I don't care what you say. I'm taking you upstairs to bed. I can't have you falling like that again." Addison stated firmly picking the blonde up in her arms and tossing her over one shoulder as she unlocked the door with Elle's keys.

The whole time Elle beat on her back screaming, "Put me down, Addy! I told you not to touch me!"

"That's enough, Elle." she warned sternly, but the blonde continued to pummel her with her fists like a child throwing a tantrum. When the blonde slapped her against the back of the head, Addison finally reached her breaking point, smacking the smaller girl on her jean clad bottom. "Be quiet, Elle. Your sisters are going to think I'm raping you with the way you're carrying on."

"I said put me down now! How dare you treat me in this manner?"

"You want to act like a two year old, I'm going to treat like one. Now just settle down before you hurt yourself further." she instructed as she ascended the stairs up to the third floor. Unlocking the blonde's room, Addison walked in and unceremoniously dropped the little woman down onto the fluffy pink comforter. Elle scowled up at her. Addison barely resisted the urge to laugh at the adorable way the small woman was pouting, her lower lip extended out in defiance. "You need to go to sleep now. You'll feel better in the morning."

"I hate you, Addison Miller!" she declared.

Addison cracked a grin. Leaning down so they were on eye level, the softball player tucked Elle's golden hair back behind her ear before cupping her cheek. She lightly kissed the blue-eyed blonde's forehead as she whispered teasingly, "I hate you too, Elle Woods. See you tomorrow."

Going back to her own house, Addison ran into Kit in the kitchen. "What was wrong with Elle?" she inquired.

"She and Craig broke up. She's pretty toasted right now, so I just made sure she got home all right." Addison explained flatly.

"Then why do you look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders?"

Looking at her best friend, she contemplated telling her what Elle had said, but she decided against it. Instead she answered, "Elle told me that they broke up because of me. As much as I hate that guy, I don't like seeing Elle like this."

"Jealous was he?"

"I guess."

"It's hard not to be, Addy. You've spent a lot of time with Elle this year, more than with anyone else." she stated.

Addison heard the tone of her friend's voice and knew Kit was also having difficulty accepting Elle's new place in her life. "I'm sorry, Kit. I didn't realize you were feeling left out."

The shorter woman shrugged and smiled. "It's okay. You're in love with her, not that I blame you, and even more I think she's in love with you, Addy. Besides I've been spending a lot of time with another Delta Nu too."

"I've noticed that. What's going on with you and Stacy?"

The shorter jock blushed deeply. "We are getting closer."

"How much closer, Kit Kat?" Addison teased affectionately.

"Well, let's just say I got a visit from her not to long ago. She's up in my room right now in her pajamas, her very skimpy pajamas."

"Really? Then why are you down here talking to me, you big dork?"

"I don't know. I want to make a move, but I'm scared of being wrong. She's such a cool girl, and I'd like for us to be more than friends, but I'm not sure that's what she wants. She seems comfortable with me, but that doesn't mean she wants to sleep with me."

"Kit, she's in your bed right now. She didn't come over for an after midnight chit chat by chance that you were here. She was watching to see when you got home, and she came over to see you. Not only that she could've changed clothes first, but she didn't. Instead she came over in her sparse pjs. She knows that you're only a woman with needs. Sounds to me like she wants it. Give it to her. You'll go down in history as the first one in this house to nail a Delta Nu."

Kit grinned. "I never thought about it like that. Maybe you're right. Maybe she's just waiting for me to make a move. I think I'll try to kiss her if I get a chance."

"Great. Have fun. See you in the morning."

Going up to her own room, Addison locked the door and went over to the window. Looking out she could see that Elle's lights were still on, and the blonde was lying passed out on top of her bed where Addison had left her. As the softball player thought of the little woman, she wasn't sure what she should do with the information that came to light that night. She was taken completely by surprise when Elle had admitted feelings for her, feelings Addison knew were returned whole-heartedly. However she wondered how much Elle would remember in the morning and if she would bring up the conversation they had. Addison figured she wouldn't and that if she tried to broach it, she might alienate the small girl, so she pondered how she could let the blonde know she was interested in being more than friends now that she knew her advances would probably be accepted.

The following morning Addison slept in late. However when she finally made it down to the kitchen for breakfast, she was pleased to see Kit and Stacy sitting together at the table. The redhead was wearing some of Kit's clothes, confirming Addison's suspicions that she had indeed spent the night in her best friend's bed. Giving them a smile, she greeted them politely. Both of them grinned stupidly in her direction. Addison busied herself with a bowl of cereal as Stacy stood from the table.

"I've got to get going, but I'll see you tonight." she stated.

Kit stood and nodded. "Yeah. I'll be counting the minutes." she sweetly confessed moving into the small redhead's space.

Stacy slipped her arms around Kit's waist. "Me too." breathlessly she replied as their mouths gravitated toward each other meeting in a slow, sensuous lock. Addison tried not to stare, but she had never seen Kit be so open and loving with any other woman. When they broke apart, Kit looked dazed.

"Bye." Stacy whispered.

"Bye." Kit replied.

The redhead turned to Addison. "See you later, Addy."

"Have a good day, Stacy." she said watching the little woman leave. She turned to Kit with a bright grin. "Well, well, Kit Kat. I see I was right. She wants you."

"Oh, Addy, am I glad I took your advice."

"So, did you have sex with her?" the president asked her vice in interest.

Kit shook her head. "No, not yet but we did make out. Oh, God, does she have the softest body. She's like no one I've ever touched."

"Give me more than that. Come on. Did you feel her up? I mean where did you get those dirty paws of yours?" she joked. "Did you two get naked? Give me the dirt."

Kit flushed. "Addy, come on now. I'm not as smooth as you. I didn't get her completely naked, but I got up and close and personal with her assets. God, she's beautiful in the moonlight." she said obviously lost in thought of the woman's body.

"Well, apparently she seemed to enjoy last night as much as you did which is all that matters I suppose. You're taking her out tonight?"

"Yeah, first date. Where should we go?"

"You want to double with Elle and me? I supposed to taking her out for the raffle date."

"No offense but I kind of want Stacy alone. This is a real date, Addy. I want her to be comfortable, and I'm not sure she would be with Elle. I mean I think Elle would be supportive, but this is new for her, and she wants to take things slowly with her friends. She's not sure this would go over well at the Delta Nu house."

"Probably not. Well, I'd say not to forget the flowers, but if she wants to be discreet, I'd go with some other kind of gift like chocolates or something. Take her somewhere romantic and secluded. You could go to the art theater for a movie and then stop by the women's bookstore for coffee and a little music and poetry. They're having open mic night. I don't know what she's really into. You've got to help here."

"Where are you taking Elle?"

"Probably to the club. I want it to be an authentic lesbian experience. We'll steer clear of you and Stacy if you just tell me where you're going ahead of time."

"I don't know where to take her. I want to make a good impression. She has a lot of money, so she's used to nice things."

"This isn't about money, Kit. You just have to be creative. Well, I'm going to go over and see how Elle is fairing this morning. She's probably hurting after all she drank."

Arriving at Elle's room a few minutes later, Addison pushed open the door without even knocking to find her friend still passed out on the bed, However sometime during the night she had disrobed, throwing her clothes around the room, leaving Addison with an unobstructed view of the body of her dreams. The athlete's body responded to the bare form across the room from her, and for several moments she just stared in lustful fascination at the blonde's naked back, the curvature of her hips, and her trim legs. Addison wanted nothing more than to touch the goddess, but she knew it wouldn't be right to try to do so until she and Elle actually talked about how they felt for each other. Resigned to be respectful, the brunette grabbed the pink blanket off Elle's chair and put it over her friend.

"Elle." she whispered trying to rouse her friends from sleep lightly, but the small woman didn't respond. "Elle, wake up." When there was still no reaction, Addison put her hand on the blonde's shoulder and shook gently. Elle still didn't stir, concerning the dark-haired woman. Since Elle had consumed an excessive amount of alcohol, Addison briefly wondered if it had been right to leave the girl alone, because she couldn't get Elle to react to her. "Elle Deanne Woods, wake up." she demanded in a louder voice as she checked for a pulse in her friend's wrist. She seemed to be breathing with a normal pulse making it her hope that Elle was just still passed out from her drinking binge. However she was too worried to leave her alone, so she stretched out on the bed next to her and just kept vigil for the next few hours.

It was early afternoon before Elle showed signs of stirring. Addison watched as the blonde began to move and then slowly sit up. "Oh god." the tiny woman grumbled touching her forehead.

"Afternoon." quietly Addison greeted.

Elle glanced over at her, completely shocked to find Addison there in bed with her. Quickly she noticed that she was undressed. Clutching the blanket tighter around her, she inquired, "What are you doing here? How did I get- did you undress me?"

"No. I brought you home last night, but I assume you undressed yourself. Do you remember anything that happened?"

"Craig and I broke up." she replied softly.

"Yeah, that's what you told me. Anything else?" Elle shook her head. "I found you walking home drunk, so I brought you back here. You were quite feisty with me."

"Sorry. Thanks for getting me home."

"No problem. I just wanted to see how you were doing."

Elle shrugged. "Fine I guess."

"You want to talk about what happened with Craig?"

Elle couldn't meet her friend's dark eyes. She knew there was no way she could ever express what was in her heart, but she wasn't sure how to explain the situation. "You were right, Addy. He's an asshole, and he hates gays. Lately things between us have been bad, but I was determined to make it work. Last night was just the last straw. We got into an argument about my relationship with you, because he wanted me to stop being your friend, and I said I wouldn't. He, um, didn't take to kindly to that." she whispered.

"What do you mean? Was he mean to you? He didn't lay a hand on you, did he?" Addison asked on the verge of anger.

"He started yelling, saying that he wanted nothing to do with me, that I was a dyke, that I secretly wanted you, and then he..."

"He what, Elle?"

The blonde started to cry, so Addison consolingly put her arms around the small woman's bare shoulders. "He backhanded me across the face." the blonde admitted.

"He hit you? I'm going to kill him!" Addison screamed leaping from the bed. "I'm going to cut off that dick of his and shove it down his throat!"

"Addy, please, don't yell." Elle pleaded grabbing the top of her head. "It's over. I just want to forget about it."

"He shouldn't have hit you, Elle. He needs to be taught a lesson."

"But you don't have to be the one to teach him. Please, Addy, don't pick a fight with him."

Addison nodded trying to pacify Elle. "All right. Do you remember anything else about last night?" she questioned.

Elle looked into the brown eyes she adored. She did remember what had happened between them, but she was too embarrassed to admit that to her friend. She hoped that by not mentioning it, Addison might let it go. "No." she lied. "Anything else I need to know about?"

The jock shook her head but didn't quite meet her eyes. "Not really. You were just being a spitfire when I tried to bring you home. You actually hit me."

"Oh, Addison, I'm sorry."

"It's all right. You were just upset. It was kind of funny actually the way you were throwing a tantrum. You were so cute with that lip of yours sticking out." she teased. "Although I'm surprised your sisters didn't try to come to your rescue. You were throwing a fit, because I picked you up and tossed you over my shoulder when you refused help."

"Thanks for getting me home. I'm sorry I wasn't nice to you."

Addison shrugged. "Well, now that you're up, I'll just go start on those things I was supposed to finish yesterday. I never got to clean the pool. Are you still up for our date tonight?"

"Yeah, sure. Where are we going?"

"Well, I was thinking about taking you to your first gay club. What do you think? Are you up for it, or would you rather go someplace quiet? There's a drag show tonight, and I think you'll have a good time. I'll take you out to a late dinner, maybe some coffee or something, and then we'll hit the club. How does that sound?"

"Okay. What does one wear to a drag show?"

"Anything you want, Elle. I'll see you in a bit. I'm going out to work on the pool."

Elle waited until Addison was gone to get off her bed. She was relieved that it seemed Addison was not going to bring up her outburst from the night before. Pretending that she didn't remember seemed to be the correct response to keep their relationship from getting awkward. She wondered though what would happen now that she was no longer with Craig. She did want to be with Addison, but she was afraid of what her friends might say. However she knew that regardless of whether she and the softball player began dating, she was better off without her boyfriend though.

Deciding just to break the news to her parents then, she called them and waited patiently for one of them to pick up. "Hey, Mom." she greeted when her mother answered.

"Elle, how are you, dear? How's school?"

"School's okay. Classes are fine." she answered flatly.

"What's wrong, honey?"

"Craig and I broke up last night."

"Why? What happened?"

"We just aren't meant for each other. He's changed so much, Mom, and I didn't like what he was turning into."

"But, Elle, he was perfect for you."

"No, he really wasn't, Mother. He's mean-spirited and possessive. I couldn't have my own life any more."

"Well, if you're positive it was for the best, you know your father and I support you. Are you sure it had nothing to do with this Addison fellow you've been mentioning lately?" she asked curiously.

"This has very little to do with Addison, Mom. Addy is wonderful, but Craig and I broke up, because we weren't a match any longer. This has nothing to do with my interest in Addison Miller."

"Then you are interested?" she clarified.

"Mom, it's not what you think."

"Elle, it's perfectly acceptable for you to leave Craig to be with another man if you think he is the right one for you. It doesn't matter to us what he economic status is as long as you're happy. You know you'll always have our financial support, but you said he was going to Yale law. He must be pretty smart."

"Addison is smart, Mother."

"Then he'll be able to support you once he graduates. It's okay if you'd rather be Mrs. Addison Miller than Mrs. Craig Wyndham III. We just want you to be happy."

"For the last time, Mother, Addison and I are only friends. We're not dating." she stated, wondering how she was going to correct her mother's assumption that Addison was male.

"But you're interested. You have what it takes to hook him."

"I'm not exactly Addison's type."

"And why not? You're beautiful and outgoing. What's not to love about you?"

"Addison likes women that are extremely intelligent and confident. I'm afraid I just don't stack up."

"Then he's not as smart as he sounds if he doesn't realize he'll never have any one better than you, Elle."

"Thank you, Mother. Assuming that Addison and I did start dating, would you be able to accept someone that different?"

"He's not that different. He doesn't have money right now, but if he goes to Yale, he will. It would only be a matter of time."

"I don't mean money wise. What if Addison was a different race?"

"Well, is he?"


"Then why are you even asking?"

"Humor me, Mom. What if Addison was a different race? Would you still be accepting?"

"If you were happy, Elle, that's all that would matter to your father and me."

"Well, what if Addison wasn't a man? What if Addison really was a woman?"

"This is pointless to speculate, honey."

"Mother, answer the question."

"Well, Elle, I can't really see you with another woman. It's not something that anyone in our family has ever done before. Why are you even asking me this?" There was an extended pause in conversation. "Elle, what are you trying to tell me, dear?"

"Mom, Addy is the starting catcher for our women's softball team here at school. She's a woman, Mom. Addison is brilliant and fun, and I think I like her." hesitantly she stated, hoping that her mother would take kindly to the idea.

"Oh, my. Elle, this certainly a surprise. Your father and I had no idea you were this way. Why haven't you said anything before now? How long have you felt this way?" she inquired in interest.

Relieved at the apparent acceptance, Elle said, "Ever since I met her freshman year I guess. She's amazing, Mother."

"Then why were you with Craig all this time if this is the way you felt?"

"Because I thought that's what everyone wanted me to do." she responded.

"Oh, darling, we only want you to be happy. If Addison Miller makes you happy, then you bring her out here to meet us, and we will embrace her with open arms. Okay?"

"Thank you, Mother. You have no idea how much that means to me. I've been so afraid you and Dad wouldn't understand, but as I said Addison and I aren't dating. I don't even think she likes me as more than a friend."

"Impossible. You are the most beautiful girl on that campus. She would be blind not to be interested in you."

"This is about more than looks, Mom. Addy wants a strong woman."

"You can be strong, Elle. You can be whatever it takes to win her. I know you can."

"Well, thanks for the talk. I have to get going."

"All right, dear. You bring that Addison out here to meet us if you want."

"Okay. I'll talk to her about it. Talk to you soon. I love you."

"Love you too, angel. Bye."

Sighing in relief Elle hung up the phone and moved to get dressed. After a shower she decided to slip into her bikini and read out by the pool in order to watch the woman of her dreams hard at work. Heading outside she found Stacy sitting there with a book on a lounge chair, but her usual sisters were missing from their perches. "Hey, Stacy." she greeted sliding into a chair next to her friend.

"Hey, Elle. I heard about what happened last night. So sorry about that."

"It was time. Craig and I just weren't meant to be."

"Well, Addison and Kit were both concerned about you with the way you were stumbling drunk." she mentioned.

Elle furrowed her brows at her friend. "You saw Addy and Kit last night? How is that possible? You were at the mixer with me."

"I was still up when Addison brought you home. I went over to their house find out what happened."

Elle nodded effectively ending their conversation as they both turned to their books, but she thought it interesting that Stacy would seek out Kit and Addison in the middle of the night. She knew it was after three in the morning when she left the party. The blonde wondered if her friend was getting closer to the shy point guard and softball pitcher. Looking across the way, she saw Addison standing pool side in a pair of tiny running shorts and a tank top collecting debris from the water. On her head she wore a red bandana that covered her dark hair, and sunglasses were hiding her brown eyes. Her thoughts were broken by a comment from Stacy that she missed. "What was that?" the blonde inquired innocently turning to the redhead.

Stacy cracked a knowing smile. "I said she looks sexy like that, doesn't she?" Elle didn't answer but flushed brightly. "Elle, it's okay. She likes you as much as you do her." her friend informed her.

Elle looked at her sorority sister intently for a moment. "You think?" she finally inquired.

"I know. Kit told me so."

"Really?" Stacy nodded. "What about you? Do you like Kit?"

It was the redhead's turn to blush. "You can't tell anyone." she said.

"Never. Anything happen between you?"

"Well, as I said I went over to find out what happened last night." she started.

"Yeah and?" the blonde pressed.

"I spent the night."

"Really? You slept with Kit? What was it like?" Elle asked, her blue eyes widening in wonder at her sister's bravery.

"We didn't have sex, but she did kiss me. It was amazing." she answered.

Both girls giggled causing Addison to glance over at them. "So, anything else?" Elle queried.

"We made out a little and then fell asleep. It was wonderful to be held in her arms. It's never been like that for me with anyone before. I think I'm in love with her."

"Oh, that's so great, Stacy. I'm happy for you."

"You should take the chance too, Elle. From what Kit told me, Addy is dying for your attention. She wants you so badly."

"You really think so?"

"Yeah. What do you have to lose?"

"I don't know. I'm scared. I'm not as strong as you are."

"You never know unless you try." Stacy stated before looking back to her book.


Two months into the school year Addison and Elle was still only friends, even though they hung out together constantly. Kit and Stacy had begun a relationship discreetly with only the four of them knowing anything about it, but the sisters of the Delta Nu house seemed displeased with the sudden absences of their president and the redhead, causing mild dissension among the group as to why the two spent so much time across the street.

One evening during a house meeting, the agenda moved to new business. As soon as Elle had called for any new concerns, Kiki stated, "I think this would be a good time to discuss Stacy's place in this house since she's managed to miss yet another meeting."

"I second that." one of the other seniors agreed.

"What do you girls suggesting we do?" Elle asked.

"I want her thrown out of Delta Nu. She's giving the whole house a bad name by associating with Kit Johnson and Addison Miller. People are starting to think we're dykes too. You're not helping matters either, Elle." Kiki said. "We are a respectable group, and Stacy has sullied our reputation. She's sleeping with Kit Johnson."

Even though Elle knew for a fact that she was, she was not about to make that fact known to the rest of the house. "We have no basis for kicking her out even if that were true."

"Of course we do. She hasn't complied with the house rules. She's missed three meetings in a row. That's a written regulation."

"Some of our other girls miss meetings, and we're not evicting them. Why Stacy? She's an excellent member. I think you're just being homophobic, Kiki. We can't kick her out, because you suspect she might be sleeping with another woman. Even if she was, we can't kick her out for that reason alone. There is nothing in our bylaws that says you have to be heterosexual to be a member of Delta Nu. That would be discriminatory." Elle defended. "Personally, I like having Stacy here, because she gives our house class. She's bright and popular. If we throw her out, some other house will invite her in, and we'll have lost a good sister. Who else here thinks Stacy should be evicted?" she asked the group. The majority of the girls raised their hands. "Ladies, we can't throw her out, because she's friends with Kit Johnson. That would be like asking me to leave, because I'm friends with Addison Miller. Is that what you want?" The room was silent. "Well?" Elle demanded.

"Elle, you're the president of Delta Nu. Asking you to resign is a little more serious than asking Stacy to leave." Kiki said.

"But is that the way this is going? I mean I'm not going to stop being friends with Addison and Kit."

"Yes, we know that, but you're also not letting Addison Miller fuck you, Elle." Kiki stated irritably.

"And you think Stacy and Kit are..."

"We've all heard them, Elle. Stacy can't even do that stuff in private. She has to throw it in our faces by having that dyke into her room here at the house."

"You have not heard them." Elle protested. "Stacy is not sleeping with Kit Johnson." she declared just as the door at the back of the room opened.

All eyes turned to see Stacy standing there. The redhead's eyes locked on Elle's as she came to the end of the table. "Sorry I'm late. What's going on?"

Elle sighed. "Stacy, the house has raised some concerns about your relationship with Kit Johnson. They think that your friendship with her is beginning to hurt the house's reputation, and Kiki here said that she suspects the true nature of your relationship with Kit is sexual. I was just telling them that contrary to what they thought you were in fact not having a sexual relationship with Kit Johnson regardless of how it looked." she explained as evenly as she could. "We are in the middle of discussing your place in the house right now because of this concern."

Stacy's eyes left Elle's and scanned the table. "While I appreciate your defense, Elle, I am sleeping with Kit Johnson, and I don't give a damn what any of you think. If you want to throw me out, because you're so close-minded and snobby, then do so. I don't need any of you to be happy, and I don't want to be where I'm not wanted. I know who my real friends are." she said looking back at Elle.

"According to the house rules, Stacy, you can't miss more than three meetings. You've missed two and are late to this one. One more and we'll have no choice except to vote on your dismissal." Elle stated.

"I understand."

"Well, if that's all, this meeting is adjourned." Elle and Stacy stood there until the room was clear. "Stacy, why did you do that?"

"Because I'm tired of living a double life, Elle. I love Kit, and if the girls of this house can't accept that, then I should leave. I've already arranged for an apartment next semester, and if I get kicked out before then, Addison and Kit have already said I can temporarily have the spare room at their house. I don't really want to be here any longer, Elle."

"I don't want you to leave, Stacy. You're the only one I can talk to."

"You'll be fine, Elle, and so will I. It takes more than the Delta Nus to get the better of me. I've learned from Kit and Addison what it means to be strong, and I know I can survive a little discrimination. Being blackballed by this sorority isn't the end of my life. Those of you who are really my friends will continue to spend time with me, and those who aren't won't. It's that simple."

"Kit really makes you that happy?"

"Yes and I'm convinced that you could be as happy with Addison if you just let yourself try. You don't need the Delta Nus. They aren't your real friends if they can't support you."

With a smile the blonde hugged her friend. "I'm going to miss seeing you around here every morning."

"Not to worry, Elle. With our girlfriends being best friends, it's not like we won't still spend a lot of time together. Besides if you ever decide to leave the house maybe we can get an apartment together. I've got some studying to do now."

Shocked and surprised by the events of the evening, Elle wandered over the see if Addison was home. The athlete was in her room studying when she arrived. "Hey, what's up?" Addison asked casually.

Elle plopped down in the recliner. "The house is trying to kick Stacy out for dating Kit."

"What? How did they even find out about that?"

"They said they suspected, but Stacy actually confirmed it. She said she was tired of hiding, but I don't know what to do. She wants to leave, and the rest of the girls want to vote her out. I don't want her to go, Addy. Sometimes it's tough being the president."

"Yeah but I'm sure she knows it's not you. Stacy is a reasonable person. She knows you're just doing your job as the president of the house."

"Yeah but it sucks, because I feel like I'm punishing one of my best friends for being herself. It's not right, Addy."

"No, it's not. Stacy made her choice by coming out to the house. She probably had a good idea of what would happen. It's the path she's chosen. All you can do now is support her. She and Kit are in love, and she's done a brave thing by telling you that. She needs us now more than ever."

Elle nodded in agreement. "I wish I could be that brave." the blonde mumbled.

"You are." Addison said.

"No, not like Stacy. She knew what she wanted and wouldn't let anyone stop her from getting it. I'm not that strong. I care too much about what other people think."

"Well, sometimes that's okay. I mean take me for example. I care greatly about your opinion and Kit's, Stacy's, and my families. I just don't let those people who are apathetic rule my decisions, but that doesn't mean I don't give consideration to what others think. It's okay to consider others, Elle, but it's letting them make your choices for you that's the problem."

"You really think I'm brave?" Elle asked.

"Yeah. I mean look at you. You're my friend when you know how much trouble it can cause you with your sisters. I don't see you running away scared, and you stood up to Craig as well. It's takes a strong person to stand up to a bully."

"Addy, do you think I'm confident?" Elle inquired.

The brunette smiled. "You grow more confident everyday, Elle. You've always had it in you, but you've channeled it. You've really come into your own this year. Breaking up with Craig has been good for you. I'd really like to see you continue down that path by finding the right place in which to go for grad school."

"I've been thinking about that a lot actually, Addy. You're the only one that believes I can make something of myself."

"One can be enough."

"It is enough. I'm going to apply to law school too."

"Really? I think that's a great idea. Where do you think you want to go?"

"I don't know, but I think I can get into a top tier school."

"What kind of grades do you have?" the brunette asked curiously.

"I have a 4.0."

"You do? What is your major again?"

Elle nodded. "It's philosophy. What's your GPA?"

"I have a 3.8 in poly sci. Well, hell, you could get into Harvard or Yale with those scores too. Wouldn't that be fun to go to law school together?" she asked.

"That would be fun. Maybe we should apply to the same places."

"When are you taking your LSATs?"

"In December. Have you taken them yet?"

"Yeah. I took it last July, got a 176. Have you been studying?"

"Yeah, a little."

"Elle, you need to study a lot. You want some help with your stuff? I'll study with you if you want."

"That would be great."

"Cool. Whenever you want to go over it, just let me know."

"Okay. What are you doing this Friday night?"

"Don't know. Why?"

"There's this party I'm going to. Will you go with me?"

"Sure. Why not?"

"Great. Well, I'll let you get back to your studying."

The following Friday night Addison and Elle went to a party on campus. Things were going all right, even though Elle was drinking more than Addison thought was wise, until the jock spotted Craig enter. Elle was too busy hanging on her as she socialized with people to notice at first, and it appeared that he didn't see them either much to Addison's relief. However she wasn't sure she could go through the evening without a confrontation with the baseball player, but she decided she would do her best to ignore him.

About ten minutes later though she heard his voice rise above the noise of the music as he yelled, "Well, the king of the dyke squad finally has gotten her queen!" He sneered down at Elle. "I knew you deserved each other."

"Craig, just leave us alone." Addison stated. "We're over here out of your way, so you just go on and be an arrogant asshole. Elle wants nothing to do with you."

"What the fuck does that have to do with anything? You stole what was rightly mine! She whored herself out to you! You and I have a problem!"

Unable to control her anger, Addison took a swing at him, landing it squarely in his nose. It broke under the pressure as blood spewed all over the both of them. "Yeah, we have a problem all right!" she screamed. "You hit Elle! You think you're such a big man to hit a woman, much less one her size! You want to fight, try me, Craig!" she yelled pushing him roughly.

Craig charged her knocking her over a table of beer. Both of them went flying over to the ground on the other side as the sound of glass shattered around them, Addison landing on top of him. Both of them wildly swung at each other even though Elle was hollering for them to stop.

"I'm going to kill you!" Craig shouted grabbing Addison by her shoulder length hair with one hand as he slammed his other fist into her jaw.

Addison growled angrily at him as she managed to yank free. "Not if I kill you first, you bastard!" she roared smashing his head against the concrete floor repeatedly as she continued to hammer him with her punching. Finally though people got them separated. Both of them still tried to go after one other even after being restrained by hurling insults at each other.

Elle moved over to Addison and stared up at her harshly. "Stop it, Addy! That's enough!" she admonished. She then turned a cold stare on Craig. "You leave Addison alone, Craig. You broke up with me, remember? She had nothing to do with this, so you leave her out of it."

"Fuck you, dykes." Craig grumbled before being escorted away from the scene.

Once the crowd had dissipated, Elle and Addison were left to themselves for a few moments. "Sorry, Elle. I know you don't like it when we fight. He just has to understand that I won't tolerate his attitude toward me and especially you. You deserve to have your honor defended." she stated.

Addison's words softened her. Instead of berating the tall woman for fighting, she found herself whispering, "Thank you."

"You're welcome. I'll always protect you, Elle."

"Did he hurt you at all?" she asked in concern fingering the brunette's swollen jawline.

"It's nothing, just a bruise. It'll go away. He's worse off than I am."

"Yeah, you really hurt him and his ego. He was bleeding everywhere. I just hope that it ends here, but I have a bad feeling about this. I hope he doesn't come back when we least expect it."

"Not to worry. I'll be ready if he decides he wants more. You ready to head back to the party now?" Addison inquired lightly encircling the blonde's waist.

As Elle gazed up into those brown eyes of her friend, suddenly the last thing on her mind was the party. All she wanted was to be alone with this woman being held in her strong arms. "I think I've had enough to drink. Maybe we should go." she suggested.

Addison nodded in agreement, so the two took each others hand as they started to walk back to their houses. Coming to a stop in front of the Delta Nu house, they hugged for a moment. "Well, thanks for the interesting night. I'm sorry again it ended in a fight." Addison said.

As the tall woman pulled away, Elle felt the loss immediately. Trying not to sound desperate, she mentioned, "It's still early. You want to come up? We can watch a movie or something?"

Not wanting to be away from the blonde, Addison gave a nod in agreement. "Sure. That sounds like fun."

Elle smiled brightly leading Addison into the house by the hand. "Great. I'll even make some popcorn. Why don't you go on up to my room?"

Addison did as she was told. Being a Friday night, most of the girls of the house were out, so the athlete didn't see anyone as she walked up to the third floor. Since Elle's room was already open, she admitted herself, taking a seat on the double bed and kicking off her shoes. Elle came in a few minutes later with a large bowl of popcorn and several movies. "What do you have there?" the brunette inquired.

The blonde set the movies down on the bed for Addison to see. She noted that all of them were emotional girl movies, but she decided that she would gladly endure a sappy film to be with the woman she adored. Elle saw the look on Addison's face, but she still questioned, "See anything you want to watch?"

The brunette rolled her eyes playfully. "Oh, yeah. I'm just dying to see all these."

"I'm sorry, Addy, but I don't have anything else."

"It's all right. Let's watch 'Steel Magnolias.' At least it has Julia Roberts in it." she stated.

Elle gave a nod in agreement before putting it in and taking a seat on the bed as well. The two of them were quiet as they watched the movie, but as it progressed, their arms naturally found their way around each other as Elle leaned her head onto Addison's shoulder. Two hours later as the credits rolled Addison tried to untangle herself from the sleepy smaller woman, but Elle refused to relinquish her hold. "Stay here tonight, Addy." she suggested. "Don't leave me."

Meeting the blue eyes, the tall woman knew she was helpless to resist. "All right but I have to go to the bathroom first before bed. I'll be back."

While Addison was out of the room, Elle took the opportunity to change into her pajamas. Deciding on a revealing pink ensemble, she slipped into it before pulling on her pink robe that was adorned with faux fur. When the softball player returned to find her friend dressed that way, she wanted to laugh at the craziness of the blonde's style, but even more she wanted to unleash the deep groan welling in her chest at the sight of the blonde's breasts practically tumbling out of the top of her silk tank. Elle gave a smile asking, "Do you want something to wear?" Addison couldn't even verbally respond, instead shaking her head quickly. "All right. I just need to wash my face. I'll be right back. Make yourself comfortable."

As soon at the tiny woman left the room, Addison let out a strangled moan. She wondered how she would make it through the night with her fantasy sleeping next to her in so little. Deciding just to enjoy the moment and not worry, she stripped off her own clothes until she was only in her t-shirt and women's jockey boxer shorts. Not knowing which side the blonde usually slept on, she just waited and looked around the room.

Within minutes Elle came back. As she saw the tall dark-haired woman standing there in her underwear, her heart began to hammer nervously. Addison's body was perfectly displayed in the outfit she was wearing, her strong legs flexing instinctively as the tall woman shifted from on foot to the other.

"I didn't know which side you slept on." Addison mumbled.

"Oh, the middle usually but on this side I guess."

Addison nodded and headed to the far side of the full size bed. More casually than she felt, she slid in and then watched as Elle slipped out of her robe, laying it over her desk chair. Their eyes met briefly for a moment as the blonde came to bed and got in as well. Elle turned off the bedside light leaving them in darkness. At first both of them stayed to themselves as they laid in quiet dark. However as they both began to be a little more comfortable with the idea of being in bed together, their bodies sought each other out, and it was only a matter of time before Addison was spooning against the petite woman as she held her in strong arms.

"You know, Elle, I've missed the little sleep overs we used to have." she whispered.

"Me too. This is nice." she admitted lightly rubbing the brunette's forearm. "Good night, Addy."

"Night, Elle. Sweet dreams."

Later that night Addison was awakened by noise outside. She heard what was obviously drunk frat guys talking loudly, so she got out of bed and went to the window to investigate. Squinting to see into the darkness, she saw Craig and two of his cronies standing in front of her sorority house. As she watched one of them went up to the front door with a can of spray paint, and she immediately reached for the phone to call security. Even as much as the brunette wanted to go out and put a stop to the incident herself, the bat in Craig's hand kept her where she was as she simply continued to observe while security was dispatched.

After several moments the three of them congregated half way up the walk to the house, and Addison watched at the baseball player hurled something through the front window before taking off. The shattering of glass awoke the blonde as she jumped up from her bed.

"What was that, Addy?" she asked coming to Addison in the dark and looking out the window.

"I just watched Craig vandalize my house. I'm going to kill that jerk." she grumbled as security arrived on the scene. "I have to go take care of this. Go back to sleep." she said making a move to slip on her clothes in the dark.

"You're coming back, aren't you?"

"We'll see. It depends on how long this takes."

"Then I want to come with you." Elle insisted reaching for her robe.

Addison didn't protest and led the way outside to speak to campus security. By the time she made her way across the street, her entire house was awake and inspecting the damage to their house. "Was anyone hurt?" she asked her girls in concern. When they all answered they were fine, Addison then inquired, "What was thrown through the window?"

Kit stepped forward holding a brick in her hand. "Here. I believe this message is for you, Addy." she stated.

The house president took the brick and looked down at it. Painted across it was the message "Miller Must Die". "Yeah, that's for me all right. What did they write on the door?"

"Fuck you, dykes." Kit replied.

"Addison, do you have any idea who did this?" the female officer asked.

"I know who did it. I stood in the window over there and watched them. It was Craig Wyndham."

"How do you know that for sure?"

"How many guys on this campus drive a black Porsche convertible? Besides I know it was him, because I saw his face when he jumped in the car. He was wearing a dark shirt and jeans. There was a bandage on the back of his head, and when I saw his face, his eyes and nose were all swollen. He received those injuries tonight during a fight at a party. I know it was him. You all have to do something about this. He'll just keep doing it until he's stopped. He really doesn't like me."

"Have you given him any reason to dislike you?"

"You mean other than being in existence?" Addison quipped. "Yeah, he's pissed at me, because he thinks I stole his girlfriend."

Instinctively all eyes moved to Elle for confirmation. "It's not true, though. Craig broke up with me several weeks ago, and Addison and I are just friends. He has a real problem with gays, so I don't doubt for minute that he could've done this."

"Did you see them, Elle?"

"No. I was asleep, and I woke up to see Addy standing by the window. I jumped out of bed and rushed to it just in time to see a black Porsche race away."

The female officer nodded as she jotted down notes. "All right. I think we have enough to go on to at least question him. I should take that brick for evidence." Addison handed it over, and everyone began to disburse. Addison and Elle stood for another moment before the officer asked to speak to Addison alone.

Going over to the squad car, the brunette asked, "What's up?"

The officer glanced over at Elle and then back at the tall woman. "Addison, you know I support your sorority, and I also have suspected through the years that Craig Wyndham was behind this vandalism. You have a real enemy, Addison, and I just want you to be extremely careful. Death threats shouldn't be taken lightly."

"I know, but I don't want my sisters to see that I'm scared for us. I'm supposed to be the strong one. It's me he wants."

The officer cracked a smile grin. "Well, it doesn't help that you're sleeping with his girlfriend." she joked.

Addison laughed lightly. "I wish." she replied. "Is that all?"

"You watch your back. I don't want to see any of you girls getting hurt."

"I will. Do you think you have enough to get him this time?"

"I hope. The fact that you're an eyewitness helps, and the death threat will give this top priority. I want to nail that jerk as much as you do. I'll do all I can."

"I appreciate that. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to bed." she stated with an audacious smile.

"Have fun." the office stated to her retreating form.

Going back to Elle, Addison put an arm around her shoulders. "I think I should stay here the rest of the night in case they come back."

"Then I'll stay with you. I don't want you here, Addy. It's too dangerous. Craig isn't going to stop."

"I'm not running from Craig Wyndham or any one else. Come on now. Let's get back to bed."

The following weekend Delta Nu house threw its annual fall party, but Addison's entire house was invited to the festivities for the first time in history instead of just having to watch from afar. For the most part there weren't any problems between houses with almost everyone getting along, with the exception of many of the upperclassmen from the Delta Nu house being rude to their guests.

As Addison stood outside by the pool socializing with other people from campus, she looked across the way to see Elle standing there in a pink sweater set and black pants laughing with some girls from another sorority as she idly sipped wine from her plastic cup. Just then Addison's dark eyes met Elle's blue ones. The blonde smiled at her making the softball player's insides turn into liquid desire and yet she shivered even in her wool sweater. Elle looked beautiful that night, her long golden hair blowing gently in the fall breeze, and her eyes were showing something that Addison had never seen before. The tall woman couldn't take her eyes off the small woman, every few minutes seeking her out in the heavy crowd, and it seemed Elle was continuously looking her way as well.

Toward the end of the night as people began to fizzle out, the brunette made her way over to Elle. "Hey. I haven't talked to you all night." she mentioned.

"I know. I've been missing you." the blonde answered putting her arms around Addison's waist. She nuzzled the athlete's sweater for a moment before looking up into her eyes. "Take me upstairs, Addy." she whispered seductively.

Addison's heart stopped at the way her friend was gazing at her. Those blues eyes spoke of a longing that Addison felt in her soul, and she knew she wanted to go up to Elle's bedroom more than she wanted anything else in the world at that moment. However she could smell the alcohol pouring off the blonde making her realize that once again it was the wine talking. Giving a friendly smile, Addison nodded. "Sure, Elle. Let's go."

Before she could even say more, the tiny woman grabbed her by the hand and dragged her toward the house. The blonde was clearly on a mission as she practically dragged the jock up the flights of stairs to the third floor. When they were inside the room, Elle locked the door behind them and then stared at Addison with sexual intent. She moved to the brunette and unceremoniously began to pull the dark sweater off her friend.

Addison's body began to tremble with fervor as the blonde's hands worked the sweater over her head before working on the buttons on her polo shirt. "Um, Elle, what are you doing?" she finally managed to ask as small hands moved to her belt.

"I want you... to stay here." she whispered, inside kicking herself for not just being honest with the tall woman. Trying again she softly said, "I want you to make love to me."

Addison groaned as the little woman's hands encircled her bare hips and ran up her naked back. Instinctually her own hands moved to Elle's body pulling the blonde closer. She dipped her head nuzzling the blonde hair as her lips grazed Elle's ear. As much as Addison wanted to comply with the sensual plea, she knew it would be wrong with Elle being so intoxicated. She wanted their first time together and Elle's first time in general to be more than a drunken, frenzied lay. "Elle, I love you, but I can't." she responded quietly.

The small woman pulled back and looked up at the woman she wanted, trying hard not to cry at the rejection she was receiving. "You don't love me that way?" she queried.

Not knowing how to respond, the softball player dropped her head forward breaking their gaze. "Elle, we're friends. You're asking me to step over that line, and not only that you're asking me to take your virginity. You deserve your first time to be with someone you love."

"But I love you, Addy." she stated. "I thought you loved me too."

"I do, Elle, which is why I can't do this. We've both had too much to drink. It shouldn't be this way. It should be romantic and special, and I can't give you that tonight. I'm sorry." Addison said as gently as possible as she began to redress.

Seeing the woman she loved preparing to leave, the blonde reached for her again. "Addy, please don't go. Stay with me tonight. I don't want to go to bed alone."

Cupping the petite woman's face, Addison shook her head. "Sweetie, I can't. You're too much of a temptation. You're beautiful and sexy, and if I stayed I'm not sure I could keep my resolve. I think come morning you'll be glad that we didn't do this." She moved out of Elle's arms and went to the door. The blonde was just standing there looking crestfallen. "Good night, Elle. I'll see you tomorrow."

Elle watched Addison leave before breaking down into tears. Her heart couldn't bear the refusal of the athlete, and she sunk to her bed as she began to shake in sobs. She didn't know how she would face Addison the next day after what had transpired between them, because she felt embarrassed by coming onto the tall woman. Wondering what to do, she drifted to sleep.

As soon as Addison left the Delta Nu house, she raced back to her own. However instead of going to her room, she banged on Kit's door. It took a moment before the shorter brunette answered groggily. "Sorry to wake you, but I have to talk to you right now." Addison announced barging into the room as Kit flipped on the lights. The catcher saw Stacy in bed and suddenly felt bad for the intrusion, mumbling, "Sorry, Stacy. I didn't realize you were here as well. I really need to talk to someone."

"What's wrong?" the redhead asked sitting up as Kit came back to the bed.

"I have a problem. I just left Elle's. She asked me to have sex with her."

"What the hell are you doing here then? That's what you wanted. Why aren't you over there right now getting your fill of your fantasy girl?" Kit admonished.

Addison shook her head. "Because she was drunk. It wouldn't have been right. I don't know what to do now though. You know how bad I want her, Kit. Did I just screw up? Should I have stayed? Will I ever get a real chance?" the tall woman questioned flopping into the desk chair and looking at her friends helplessly.

"No, you didn't screw up, Addison." Stacy assured her. "It was right of you to walk away, because she was drunk. Think about what might have happened had you two had sex and then she woke up in the morning? That would've been harmful to your relationship."

"Rejecting her just now didn't help either." the brunette mumbled.

"It was a no win situation, Addison, and you picked the lesser of two evils. Sure you might've had the woman of your dreams but not the way you wanted. It would've been a let down for you." Kit said agreeing with her girlfriend.

"But will I ever get the real Elle Woods? That's what I want to know. Maybe I should've taken what was offered in case I never got another chance."

"Definitely not. You did the right thing, Addison." Stacy stated. "Elle does want you, but it's going to take time. Maybe you need to go to her instead of waiting on her to come to you. Clearly she has an interest if she asked you to sleep with her. Why not talk to her about the way you feel? I think it'll get you farther in the long run."

"I don't know. I'll think about it. I've wasted enough of your time for one night. Sorry I barged in."

"It's fine. You know we're always here for you." Kit told her friend.

"Well, I have something to do in my room now." she joked referring to abating her desires. "See you two later."

Both of them chuckled. "Good night, Addison. Keep the moans and groans to a dull roar. We are right next door." Kit instructed.

Over the next few weeks thing were awkward between the blonde and brunette. Elle always made an excuse not to be alone with Addison, confirming the jock's suspicion that she had done their relationship permanent damage. However she was convinced it would've been worse had she taken Elle in their intoxicated state. Resigned to the fact that things were no longer intimate between them, the softball player tried her best to seem unaffected by the change. Nevertheless when she was alone in her room at night, she still gazed across the street into the window of the woman of her dreams and wished things were different.


Addison's twenty second birthday was right before winter break that year. Being that it was during exam week, all her house mates decided to throw her a huge party after their final exams, inviting many non-sorority sisters to the function as well. That night the tall woman was just socializing with her guests when she noted the entrance of the little blonde.

Elle was in a pink cashmere sweater and jeans looking decidedly uncomfortable as she said hello to Stacy and Kit who were making out near the door. Excusing herself from her conversation, Addison made her way over. Elle looked up to see the athlete coming toward her, and she began to wonder why she had agreed to come at all. Ever since the horrible incident between them, she didn't like being around her friend. She was too mortified at the way she had acted that it was easier to pretend that she and the softball player weren't friends any longer. She had started to devote endless time to the Delta Nus, essentially turning her back on the one person that meant the most to her, because she didn't know how to handle herself.

"Hey, Elle. Thanks for coming." Addison said.

The blonde gave a nervous little nod. "Happy birthday, Addy. Here." She handed the tall woman a wrapped box.

"Thanks. You didn't have to get me anything. Should I open it now?"

"No. You can do it later. It's nothing really." she replied.

"Okay. You want something to drink? I think I might be able to scrounge up some wine for you."

"I'm fine. Thanks though. I'm just going to say hi to some people. Excuse me. Okay?"

"Sure." Addison answered not letting how much the brush off hurt her feelings.

As the blonde walked away, Addison shot a helpless glance at Stacy and Kit. "Don't worry about it. I'll fix this." Kit stated. "You two shouldn't be like this. I've got an idea." Later that evening as the group got more festive with their drinking Kit announced that they should play spin the bottle to liven the party even more. Most of the women were up for the game, so they all sat in a large circle. However Elle didn't participate, instead hovering in the background watching. After everyone had gone at least once, Kit looked up at Elle who was standing just behind Addison. "Elle, why don't you sit in just this once? Be a good sport for the birthday girl, will you?"

All eyes moved challengingly toward the little woman. She weighed her options quickly. The worse that could happen was that the bottle would land on her, and Addison would have to kiss her, but the probability of that was minute given the size of the group. "All right, Kit, but just for this one spin." she responded taking a seat next to Addison. She gave the brunette a look before focusing on the bottle.

Addison spun for her turn, praying silently that it would land on the woman next to her. As it went round and round in the circle, her stomach began to churn. Her eyes drifted across the way to Kit. Her best friend gave a sly grin and wink, making her wonder if the pitcher was planning something. As the glass bottle began to come to a stop, everyone watched expectantly. When it had slowed almost to the end of its journey, Kit extending her hand, roughly stopping it directly on Elle. The whole group murmured under their breaths as the shorter brunette gave a triumphant smile and stated, "Would you look at that? Addison has to kiss the homecoming queen." Even though it was in clear violation of the rules to impede the bottle in any way, no one said anything as Addison and Elle looked at each other awkwardly. "Well, go on, birthday girl. Eat your Delta Nu treat. You've always wanted to have one of those blondes." she said crassly.

Addison shot her best friend a look. Even though Kit was playing the part of the jerk that moment perfectly, she knew her best friend was only trying to help her win the woman she wanted. Deciding to take the chance, she turned to Elle. Her eyes met the anxious blue ones, but she didn't let that stop her. Leaning over to Elle, she cupped the back of the petite woman's fair head. Their eyes remained locked as Addison closed in, but as soon as their lips brushed, everything seemed to melt away except the two of them. Instinctively their arms found their way around each other as the innocent kiss became a more intimate one. It was only when the hooting from their audience began that they broke apart. Their gazes were still only on each other for several moments, expressing more than all the words they had ever exchanged.

Finally Elle looked at Kit, giving her a victorious smile. "There. You didn't think I would do it, did you?" she questioned before standing a leaving the game.

Addison watched the blonde head over to some other women not playing the game before excusing herself as well. Even though she joined the conversation the blonde was in, they didn't speak of what had just transpired. About an hour later though, several of the sisters brought out a birthday cake for their president. After the traditional birthday song and wish, Kit asked, "So, Addy, what did you wish for this year? Tell us, and we'll make it true."

Addison smiled at the group collectively. "Well, my wish was two-fold, only one part of which I'll tell you. The first part of my wish was to kiss Elle again." she stated boldly, looking over at the blue-eyed angel of her dreams. The crowd looked at the blonde expectantly, but the athlete continued teasingly, "But without an audience this time."

"Well, maybe you'll get that wish." Kit conceded with a laugh as she began slicing the cake for the guests. All the women in the room chuckled lightly with the exception of Elle and Addison, who remained staring at each other intently.

Elle finally broke the look passing between them. Her heart was hammering wildly at the way the softball catcher was acting. She had often fantasized of the tall woman being aggressive with her, the woman's sexy confidence making her body simmer in sexual excitement, and at the moment Elle was on fire from the dark eyes. Making her way out of the room, she headed out the back door to stand on the porch. The cold December air did nothing however to cool her passion. Dropping her head down, she sighed. She didn't know what to do to make her feelings for the tall woman disappear, and furthermore she didn't want them to, regardless of how the brunette felt.

For the first time in her life, Elle felt truly alive by the emotions that whirled within her whenever she was near Addison. Everything in her yearned for the all-star catcher, and even though it was difficult to take rejection from her friend, she wouldn't change the excitement she felt whenever the tall woman was near. As torn as she was over their relationship, secretly Elle still savored every moment, even as awkward as it was to her not to have gotten her way by virtue of being who she was. Suddenly the sound of the screen door creaking pulled her from her thoughts. Turning to look over her shoulder, she saw Addison standing there holding one of her jackets.

"I thought you could use this if you were going to stay out here. It's cold out tonight." she stated shyly.

Elle took the extended garment. "Thanks." she replied slipping it on. She chuckled inside at how the jock's p-coat dwarfed her.

Addison wanted to smile at the sight of Elle wearing her coat. It was considerably too large, but the blonde still managed to look so alluring to the athlete. Nervously Addison shoved her hands into the front pockets of her tight jeans. "Listen, I'm sorry if you were uncomfortable tonight during the game. Kit was just trying to help me out, but she could've been a little less crude."

Elle shrugged. "Well, she just wanted you to have something to remember on your birthday I guess. I know you've always wanted to kiss one of the Delta Nus." she mumbled turning her back on her friend.

The tall woman shook her head. "You know, Elle, as much as I've said that, that's not really true. I've never just wanted any Delta Nu. There's only been one I've ever truly desired." she whispered. "I only wanted the president." she stated moving behind the blonde and sliding her arms around the small waist. Elle shivered in her arms. "I've only ever wanted you, Elle. You're the queen of my heart, always have been." she murmured against the tiny ear as her nose nuzzled Elle's blonde hair.

Elle gasped at the unexpected gesture, and it was hard for her to even process the information she was just presented as Addison's hands snaked into the coat. They mapped across the cashmere sweater, taking in her flat midsection and hips as the athlete's mouth kissed along her soft neck. The blonde's head began to spin and her body respond to the sensuous feeling, but she suddenly jolted back to reality when those same hands found her breasts. Instantly Elle jerked away from Addison's arms, retreating a few steps away as she wrapped the jacket more securely around her body. She looked up at the dark-haired woman. Addison's eyes were showing confusion, but the tall woman said nothing at first as she slid her hands back in her pockets.

They were uneasily quiet for several moments until Addison took a deep breath and stated, "Elle, I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean to overstep my boundaries. I just thought..."

"Your hands made your thoughts clear." the blonde quipped looking away uncomfortably. "Look, I know it's your birthday and all, but I'm just not sure I can be whatever it is that you want me to tonight."

"I don't want you to be anything other than what you are." quickly Addison stated. "Elle, I thought you were interested in me. I never would've made a move if that weren't the case. Am I totally off base, because if I am, I'm so sorry."

Elle shook her head. "Addison, I don't want you to pretend to like me in return just to get laid tonight. I know you don't feel the same, so don't act like you do. I might be blonde, but I'm not dumb. I can see through your charade."

"Elle, do you actually think I would try to take advantage of you? I love you."

"I know you do as a friend. Don't ruin what little we have left of our relationship by being fake with me, Addy."

"Being fake?" Addison questioned with obvious affront. "Elle Deanne Woods, I am in love with you! I have been since the first time I saw you four years ago! You're all I've ever wanted! I can't believe you would accuse me of being fake! You're the one that's being false! You love me too, but you shut me out as a way to convince people that you're what everyone wants you to be! I'm tired of it, Elle! I'm tired of being put on the back burner, brushed aside, and generally ignored! I want you, and I'm tired of sitting back and watching the opportunity slip further and further out of my reach!" she yelled crossing arms angrily.

Elle's knees felt weak as she stood there taking in the words Addison had just proclaimed. She knew the brunette was telling the truth, and suddenly things were confusing to her as well. Of all the times she had tried to capture the tall woman's attention, why hadn't she seen that she had already succeeded. However one questioned still loomed over her, so she quietly inquired, "Then why didn't you stay with me that night?"

The athlete let out the breath she was holding. "Oh, Elle, I didn't want us to move too far too fast. You had a lot to drink that night, too much in my opinion to make for a romantic first encounter. You have no idea how hard it was for me to walk away. I wanted you so badly that night, and when offered yourself to me, I wanted to accept. Every fiber of my being wanted to be with you, but my conscience wouldn't allow it. I've often dreamed of that moment between us, and I wanted it to be special. You're not some bimbo that I met at bar and laid. You're the first and only woman I've ever loved. You deserve the world, and I want to be the one to give it to you." she confessed slowly stepping toward the blonde. When Elle showed no sign of retreating, Addison once again enfolded the woman of her dreams in her arms. "Elle, will you please let me give you everything you ever wanted?"

Elle nodded. "Oh, Addy, I love you."

"I love you too. This was the second part of my wish you know. I wished that you would take me as your girlfriend."

Giving a smile that made her eyes sparkle, the blonde answered playfully, "Well, now it's time to take care of that first part." She raised onto her tips toes as she pulled Addison's head down for a slow kiss.

It ended after several moments. Grinning stupidly the jock said, "This has to be the best birthday I've ever had."

Elle gave a sexy smile whispering, "You know I think you were busy feeling me up when I interrupted you. Perhaps you'd like to continue that?"

The brunette groaned lightly at the invitation. "Oh, I want to do more than that but when the time is right. For now I think we should get back to the party. I'm sure they're wondering what happened to us and will come looking any minute. Unless you wanted to be outed as a little lesbo at my party, we better stop for now." she joked.

Elle's face became serious. "About that. You wouldn't mind if this was just between us for now, would you? I mean you can tell Kit, because I'll probably tell Stacy, but can we just keep it quiet right now? If this gets around campus, Craig might come after you, and I don't want anything to happen now that I have you."

"Sure, sweetie. That's fine with me. I'm just glad to have you for my own. Come on. Let's get back." Curving an arm around the blonde's shoulders, Addison escorted her back into the house.

They tried to sneak back in to the party unnoticed, but Addison's eyes found her best friend's. Kit was giving a knowing grin as she approached. "Nice lipstick." she whispered teasingly. The blonde and brunette both blushed as Addison immediately wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "I guess your wish came true, huh?"

Giving her departing girlfriend's posterior a stare as Elle made her way over towards Stacy, Addison replied, "In more ways than one. I've died and gone to heaven."

"That good? Don't tell me you got in her jeans already."

The president shook her head. "Tonight I'm going to lay Elle Woods." she stated with her usual confident smirk.

Kit slapped her on the back as she laughed. "Well, you need to at least wait until we come back from the club. You still want to go, don't you, or are you going to dump me for some Delta Nu snatch?"

Hearing the slight potential jealousy of her friend, Addison answered, "Don't you worry. We're still going. Elle is as good as mine now. I can put off that pleasure for a few hours. Besides seeing her dance might get me going even more. I know the first time I took her to this club, I wanted to jump her so badly. The way she moves those little hips of hers is enough to drive me mad."

"All right. I think we should round up the troops then. It's after eleven already."

Many of the women from the party decided to continue on to the club, so the celebration carried over to all of Addison's many club friends. As the jock was busy socializing with women Elle didn't know, the blonde sat on a bar stool next to Stacy and Kit. "So, you finally gave in." Stacy mentioned.

The blonde nodded. "I have no idea why I didn't do this before. Look at her. She's the sexiest thing I've ever seen." dreamily the sorority girl admitted watching Addison from afar. The tall woman was swaying ever so slightly to the music as she conversed with people, putting her perfect backside on display to the small woman. Elle was on fire. She wanted physical contact with the brunette like she needed air. Slipping off her stool, she let her emotions pull her toward her desire. Addison didn't see her coming being that she was faced away from her but that didn't stop Elle from sliding up to her from behind and grabbing that heavenly posterior in both her hands. The tall athlete jumped in surprise as she quickly turned to see who had violated her space. Blue eyes met brown. "I don't like being ignored." Elle teased. "You're flirting days are over, Miss Miller. You've been spoken for." she stated pulling the jock out to the dance floor by the belt loops.

Addison gave a grin at the petite woman's behavior. She often fantasized about Elle being shy and reserved, forcing the softball player to be the aggressive one, but there were times when she dreamed of the blonde being bold and assertive. Seeing the audaciousness come to life, Addison found herself more inflamed with passion, knowing that Elle wanted her just as much as she did the Delta Nu. Without pretense Elle wrapped her arms around the slim waist of her girlfriend and began a sensual grind into her. Addison moaned as she responded in kind. The rest of the evening everyone else was forgotten as the two new lovebirds had eyes only for each other.

Finally they decided to leave the club before the rest of the group, taking Elle's Mercedes back to campus. The blonde even let Addison drive the fine machinery much to the brunette's delight. However as she pulled the car to a stop in front of her sorority, they looked at each other somewhat awkwardly. Things were moving so quickly between them that night, and it seemed obvious that they would go up to Addison's room to make their connection complete, but as the athlete looked across the seat at her girlfriend, she wondered if it would be better for them to wait, even as much as she wanted to forge ahead.

Elle saw the debate on the tall woman's face. Reaching over to her leg, she rubbed Addison's thigh gently as she asked, "What's on your mind, Addy?"

Addison looked at the blonde's hand intently rubbing her inner thigh through her jeans before making eye contact. Concluding honesty would be the best way to go, she answered, "I really want to ask you to come upstairs with me right now."

"Okay. That sounds good." Elle replied. "We can watch a movie or something." she offered, deliberating testing the waters, because she knew what Addison really wanted.

The brunette looked out the window for a moment before stating plainly, "Or something is more what I had in mind. I was thinking that I wanted to ask you up to have sex with you."

When Addison looked at her again, Elle felt her heart drop between her thighs as the throbbing pulse became more persistent in a way she had never experienced. Suddenly her breathing was shallow as if she had been doing her normal exercise routine, and she found it difficult to think. "Addy." she whispered.

"Wait, Elle. Before you feel the need to say something, I just want you to know that I'm not going to ask you to come up for sex right now."

"Why not?" the blonde inquired with surprise and disappointment on her face.

The softball player smiled. "Because, Elle, I love you. I haven't been tested in awhile, and I think I should be before we decide to do this."

"Is there a chance that there is a problem?" Elle asked hesitantly.

"No. Not at all but I just want to make sure. You deserve that, and I have my own reasons too."

"Such as?" Elle queried, wondering if something was potentially wrong with Addison that she wasn't admitting to. She hoped that wasn't the case.

Addison slipped an arm around her girlfriend's shoulders as she leaned in to the blonde's ear. "Elle, I've never had unprotected sex in my life, but I want you in a way I've never wanted any other woman. I want to be able to touch you, the real you without being inhibited by any barriers." she whispered kissing the fair-headed woman's neck sensuously as her hand crept up between Elle's legs. "I want to be able to feel and taste you from the inside. I've dreamed of how you smell and taste, Elle, like honeysuckle and strawberries. I've fantasized about what my tongue would do to you, how I would give you the ultimate pleasure." she sexily uttered letting her tongue trace the curvature of the blonde's ear before spearing into it lightly as her hand gave the seam of Elle's jeans a persistent squeeze to make her point.

Elle's hips reacted reflexively, rocking into the pressure as the little woman gave a breathy moan. "Oh, God, Addy."

"But I can't do that until I'm tested, because I want to make absolutely certain that I can give you all those things without concern. That is if you want them." she murmured meeting those blue eyes of her dreams.

Seeing the brown eyes she adored holding such love for her, Elle completely melted. Addison's arousing words and hands were already working wonders on her body, but the tall woman's eyes caressed her soul. "Oh, Addison, I love you so much. Promise me you'll get tested over the break?"

"Of course. This will give us something to look forward to when we get back."

"I think this might be the first time I'm dreading vacation. I don't want to be without you for two and half weeks."

"Don't worry. I'll be right by your side every moment until I leave for the airport tomorrow."

"Let's not talk about that now." Elle whispered kissing Addison with intent. "There are better ways to spend our last few hours together."

Neither realized that they had an audience as they sought each other's bodies out again. They were so involved in each other that they never saw Craig approach the car. Both of them jolted though as a bat came through the driver's side window. "Get out of the car, Miller!" he screamed.

"Addison, no. Don't do it. He's drunk. He's going to hurt you." Elle pleaded when she saw Addison contemplating the situation.

"Call the police, Elle. I'm going to take care of this."

"Please, Addy. I'm begging you. Don't."

"Get out here now, or I'll come get you!" he threatened.

Addison sighed. She knew this was going to get ugly fast. "Elle, whatever you do, don't let him near you. You take my keys and go up to the house or stay in the car until the police get here." Elle dialed the police as soon as Addison got out of the car as Addison had instructed, but she refused to leave her girlfriend outside alone with her psychotic ex.

Addison took a few steps away from the car but kept a distance between herself and the drunken man with the bat. "All right, Craig. I'm out of the car. What do you want?"

"I want what's mine!" he yelled.

"I don't have anything that belongs to you, Craig."

"I want Elle back, you fucking dyke!"

Trying to remain calm, Addison calmly answered, "Well, she's not mine to give. Elle is her own person. The only one that can make her come back to you is her. I can't, nor do I want to."

Suddenly there was movement in the shadows and what started as a one on one situation became even more dangerous when two of Craig's friends lurked into the dimly moonlit street. Addison glanced around at the three of them warily as they circled her. She knew that her biggest fear of being gay bashed was about to come to life, but to make it worse, Elle was going to witness the event. A brief struggle ensued, but she was no match for the two guys, who soon held her captive by the arms even as much as she struggled. Craig approached smiling complacently with the bat slung over one shoulder.

"You know, Miller, you could be attractive if you just learned to act like a girl. I could show you." he offered his hand trailing over her body down to the crotch of her jeans. He laughed lightly. "My, my. Elle certainly has you hot and bothered. Is she as wet as you are?"

Unable to do anything, Addison spit in his face. "Fuck you, Craig." she growled. Instantly the end of the bat connected solidly with her stomach. Addison winced from the pain as she gasped for air. The blow would've made her keel over, but she was held upright by her captors.

"Thanks for the invite, Addison, but I'm actually saving myself for Elle. She's put me off long enough. Now it's time for her to get it too for playing with me all these years."

"Over my dead body." Addison challenged trying in vain to get free.

"Oh, don't worry. I've already arranged for that, but I want you to watch first." he mentioned tapping her in the temple with the bat hard enough to make his intension obvious.

Elle frantically watched the development unfolding before her. She was terrified for her girlfriend, but she didn't know what to do. She knew it would be to Addison's disadvantage to get out of the car to try to help, because there was no way she could hold her own against any of the three, and her girlfriend would have to try to defend them both. However she couldn't just sit there in the car watching and waiting for the cops to arrive.

Seeing Craig moving toward her, she knew this was her one chance to come to the aid of the woman she loved. She reached across to the ignition and pulled her pepper spray off her key chain, hiding it up her sleeve as the baseball player reached her door. She rolled down the window half way when he knocked. "What do you want, Craig? Let Addison go. This is between you and me."

"I'll make you a deal, Elle. I'll let your precious girlfriend go unharmed, but you have to do something for me."

"Anything. Just let her go." she pleaded.

"Anything?" Craig questioned his eyes perusing her body. "Is she really worth a good fuck?"

Elle looked over at Addison who was still struggling and yelling, "Don't do it, Elle! It's not worth it!"

Meeting Craig's eyes again, she responded, "Anything, Craig. It's just my body. She'll always have my heart."

"Very well. That's enough for me. Give me what has always been mine." Craig stated with victorious smile as he reached for the door handle to get into the car. As soon as he did, Elle raised her hand to the window, spraying him in the face with her pepper spray. He screamed dropping the bat as he doubled over and covered his eyes in pain. Without missing a beat, the blonde forcefully pushed her car door open, hitting him in the head with it as hard as she could. He fell to the ground as she hopped out and grabbed the bat. Hitting him over the back with it with all her might, she quickly turned to Addison.

The brunette was stunned at the blonde's ingenuity. She had actually taken down her potential assailant and was starting to come for the two that held the jock captive when the sound of sirens broke the air. The two other men took off leaving Addison and Elle standing in the middle of the street just staring at each other as the cops pulled up to the scene. Craig was still whimpering in pain on the ground and unable to escape.

"Elle." Addison whispered as the blonde began to tremble. The tall woman reached to embrace her. "It's okay, baby. Everything's fine."

"I hit him with a bat, Addy." she muttered.

"You defended yourself, Elle, and you defended me. No one would blame you for what you did." she tried to convince her as the police made a cautious approach.

Addison spoke first being the more calm and rational of the two of them. She tried to comfort Elle the best she could, but she could tell the blonde was struggling with her own display of violence. Fortunately the police on the scene were understanding of the situation, also assuring the little woman of her actions. By the time Craig was hauled off in an ambulance and the two women were left to their own devices after giving their statements, Kit and Stacy had arrived back at the house from the club.

The foursome moved inside to retire for the night but only after Addison retold the highlights of the encounter with Craig. As Elle and Addison prepared for bed, the softball catcher noticed how quiet the little woman was. Cuddling in the twin bed after changing clothes, Addison asked, "Are you all right, Elle?"

"I was so scared, Addy. I can't believe I hit him with that bat. I could've killed him."

"You did what you had to in order to defend yourself."

"I just don't know what came over me. I was enraged with the way he was hurting you. I realize now that I would've done anything to get him to stop. I couldn't let him hurt you. It was bad enough I allowed him to sexually assault you and hit you with that bat."

"It's okay. He just groped me. It wasn't that big of a deal considering what he said he would do to you. I felt the same way you did. I would've killed him or died trying to stop him from raping you. There was no way I would've been able to look myself in the mirror had that happened."

"That's why I offered myself. I didn't want him to hurt you even more. I couldn't stand it." she cried softly.

"Shh. It's all right. We're both safe now. You saved us. You're my heroine, Elle Woods. You stood up against my greatest enemy in my defense and won. You have my admiration and adoration."

Elle caressed Addison's face in the dark. "I'm just glad you're safe."

"I don't think Craig will be bothering us any more."

"I love you, Addison Miller."

"I love you too, Elle Woods." she answered kissing her girlfriend's lips gently as she tightened her hold on the blonde.

Elle giggled lightly. "You know, I'm sorry he interrupted us in the car. Things were getting good."

"Yes, they were." the brunette growled sexually in agreement.

"About what you said, now that my brain has started working again, I just want you to know that I understand and agree with you about waiting until you're tested. It just shows even more how caring and thoughtful you are. Of course I should tell you that I have fantasies about our first time too."

"Tell me."

"I want it to be romantic and special. Maybe we could go away together, just so it's only the two of us. No Kit, Stacy, school, Delta Nus, or Lambda Kappas, just you and me. I want to know what it's like to really be loved, Addy. I want to look in your eyes and see them gazing at me adoringly as they always do the moment I feel you inside of me for the first time." she whispered, feeling confidence in the dark to reveal her deepest secrets. Hearing the uneven exhale of her girlfriend, Elle knew she had the woman's full attention.

"What else, Elle?" Addison questioned.

Encouraged by the question, she continued, "I want to hold your body close to mine. I want to feel the weight of you on top of me as you take me to places I've never been before."

The brunette gave a groan. "Elle Woods, you might be the death of me talking that way. You have no idea what you do to me."

Giggling lightly Elle let her hand slip off Addison's hip and between her thighs. Fingering the flannel boxers, she felt the heat emanating from her girlfriend's body. "Oh, I think I do." she replied.

The softball player's head was swooning as petite fingers teasingly trailed under the hem of her shorts to her bare leg. "You're going to get yourself into a whole lot of trouble doing that." she warned. "I'm not a woman known for my patience. Much more of that and I might say to hell with waiting. I just have to take you right now."

"You wouldn't dare." the blonde contested. In a flurry of movement, Elle suddenly found herself pinned under a strong body. Addison's breathing was erratic and shallow as it brushed across her face. The athlete's large hands swiftly peeled Elle's pink flannel night shirt away. The debutante responded with a small gasp. She knew for a fact that Addison would keep her word, but she enjoyed pushing her to the edge, so she returned the effort, slipping the dark t-shirt off her girlfriend. They exchanged gazes in the dark. Addison moved her hands to either side of the blonde's tiny pink and white floral bikinis. She raised her brow questioningly at the little woman. Knowing that this was a no lose situation for her, Elle simply raised her hips off the bed in invitation. Within seconds she was laying bare to her girlfriend's gaze.

Addison took a moment to glance over Elle's nakedness in the semi-darkness. Her pale skin almost glowed in the faint light of the moon. The jock whimpered at the sight of the beauty before her. In her entire life she had never seen a woman as flawless to her as Elle. "You are the most stunning woman I've ever seen." she confessed. "Every inch of you is so beautiful. I've never seen anything like it. You're beyond perfect." Her hand lightly caressed the blonde's side before running up to her breast in adoration.

The Delta Nu's body responded to the gentle yet knowing touch, her chest slightly rising into it. "You make me feel beautiful, Addy." Their eyes met again.

"I love you, Elle Woods."

"I love you too, Addison Miller. Thank you for being mine." The small woman pulled Addison's half naked frame down into her own for a kiss. "I want you so badly. I wish we didn't have to wait."

"I know, but I can still make you feel good other ways." the catcher promised letting her mouth trail down her girlfriend's neck to her breasts.

Elle gasped lightly as she felt her lover's mouth adoring her femininity. Even as much as she desperately wanted Addison to go back on her word, the brunette never pushed for more that evening, leaving Elle longing for the day they could make love for the first time. If the athlete's mouth was any indication, the blonde knew ecstasy awaited her when they could be together completely. As they drifted to sleep that night, Elle lovingly caressed Addison's dark hair as the jock snuggled into her naked chest. The little woman had never felt so content with anyone else in her entire life. She felt protected under the weight of her lover and yet there was a vulnerability in the tall woman that Elle found endearing.


When second semester began, Addison and Elle were both busy with school and last minute law school applications, leaving them little time together. However while they had been on break, the brunette had asked if they could go away together for the Valentine's weekend, so Elle knew Addison was waiting to make their relationship complete until then.

At the end of January, Elle held her usual monthly meeting for all the Delta Nus, but after typical business had been finished, Kiki asked for the floor. "Now that our dear president is finished, I propose we discuss what we're going to do for Elle's birthday. It's only two weeks away, and we've always had a party for the president. I was thinking we'd do something traditional. You're birthday is Thursday the 13th, isn't it?" she questioned. Elle gave a tentative nod. "Well, since Friday is Valentine's, we'll postpone the party until Saturday. How does that sound?" she asked of the group. Unanimously everyone agreed.

However Elle then spoke up. "As much as I appreciate the sentiments, that day isn't good for me." she stated hesitantly. She didn't necessarily want her sisters to know that she was going away with Addison, but she didn't foresee away around it.

"All right. We'll do it on your birthday then." Kiki suggested.

"Actually that's not good either. I'm going to be out of town that Thursday through Sunday."

"What? Where are you going? That's Valentine's weekend. Did you get a boyfriend over the break we don't know about?"

The blonde's heart started pounding at the thought of admitting to the group her intentions of going away with the softball player, but she didn't want to lie about it either. "No, I didn't get a boyfriend. I'm not even really sure where I'm going. Addison is taking me somewhere."

"For Valentine's?" skeptically Kiki questioned with a glare.

"No. For my birthday, Kiki, which just happens to be the day before." she quickly stated, feeling uneasy under her friend's cold glower.

Kiki rolled her eyes and sighed in exasperation. "Fine, Elle. Be that way. Go off with that dyke for Valentine's Day, but don't blame us if she gets the wrong idea. We'll have your party the following Friday then." she grumbled.

Later that night Elle met Stacy for the women's basketball game that night. Since Kit was playing, Stacy begged the blonde to go and sit with her. Addison had promised to meet them there as well, but as the two petite women waited on her, Elle informed Stacy of what had happened at the sorority house that evening. "To make this situation worse, I don't even think Addy knows it's my birthday." she mentioned. "She hasn't said anything, and I don't doubt for a minute that Kiki would confront her to catch me in a lie. She's is on to me. I guess I spent a little too much time with Addison after I broke up with Craig."

"Does it matter to you if she finds out?" the redhead asked idly running her fingers through her red hair.

"Not as much as it used to. I just know she'll be awful to me, probably even try to get me kicked out of the house the way she did you."

"Elle, do you really want to stay there knowing that you're having to live a lie to do so? Doesn't your relationship with Addy deserve respect?"

The blonde shrugged noncommittally. She had often weighed the options of telling her sisters about Addison, but she was still scared. "I don't know, Stacy. It's something I have to think about, but the reason I brought this up was to ask you for a favor."

"What's that?"

"Tell Addy it's my birthday. I don't want to look a huge bitch by bringing it up. It's not like I expect a gift or something, but I want her to know in case Kiki does try to talk to her about it."

"Yeah, sure. I'll say something."

"So, tell me. How are you and Kit?" Elle inquired changing the subject.

Stacy gave a blushing smile. "We're good. I actually told my parents about her over break."

"How did it go?"

"Better than I thought. They think it's a phase, but they didn't freak out or anything."

"Are you in a phase?"

Stacy looked at her friend. "Are you, Elle?" she inquired.

The blonde shook her head. "No. What Addy and I have is real."

"Me neither. Kit and I have time though. I mean we're only juniors. Where as you and Addison are less than one semester from graduating. Have you figured out what you're going to do? Are you going to follow her to law school?"

"If she'll let me." Elle answered. "Stacy, I've never felt this way in my life. She's everything I've ever wanted. I think she's the one."

The redhead's eyes widened in interest. "Really?"

Elle nodded followed by a smile as she saw her girlfriend enter the gym. "Here she comes. Don't forget about the birthday thing." she said softly.

Both women greeted Addison as she climbed up the bleachers toward them. "Hey there. How are my favorite debutantes?" she asked with a wide smile.

"Great now that you're here." Elle answered for them.

The three of them sat watching Kit through the first quarter, but then the blonde said she wanted a drink. Immediately Addison offered to go get it, but Elle declined. As she stood up to leave, she stared at Stacy trying to cue her. The redhead gave a subtle nod before Elle left.

"So, I hear that you're taking Elle away for Valentine's Day. She's so excited."

"So am I. I can't wait to be away from here. Sometimes I get tired of being at this school."

"Can you tell me where you're going?"

"No. I want it to stay a surprise, and I don't trust you." the brunette teased lightly.

Stacy laughed. "Probably a wise move on your part, Addy. Are you planning anything for her birthday while you're there?"

"No. When's her birthday?" the athlete inquired in confusion.

"February thirteenth. That's the day you're leaving, isn't it?"

"Oh my God. I had no idea. She never told me."

"That's because she wouldn't. Elle has more class than that."

"That would've been awful though had I not known. Thank you so much for telling me. I have to get her something."

"No, you don't."

"Yes, I do. Women expect gifts on their birthday whether they tell you are not." she said.

"You're very smart, Addy." Stacy stated with a laugh. "It doesn't have to be anything major though. You're going all out for Valentine's."

"Tell me about it. I practically spent my whole semester's allowance on this one weekend. I had to beg my parents for money."

"Why don't you let Elle pay for part of it? She won't mind."

"Are you crazy? That's out of the question. I'm not making her pay for my gift to her. I wanted to do this. I'll survive somehow."

Giving her friend another smile, she said, "Elle's lucky to have you, Addison. You're so sweet to her. She needs that."

Two weeks later Addison and Elle prepared for their trip. Even though the blonde still had no idea where they were going, she knew it was snowing there by what the brunette had asked her to pack. As she put things in her bag, she looked out her window to the street. Addison and Kit were out at the curb, packing stuff into Kit's jeep. Since Addison didn't have a car, Elle had suggested taking the Mercedes, but the tall woman refused, saying Kit's vehicle would do better in the weather.

The little woman was anxious and excited about what the long weekend might hold. She knew that Addison was planning on making her move sometime, and that was more than fine with Elle. For the two months since they had been together, it was difficult for the blonde to focus on anything else but them making love. She wanted it like nothing she had ever known, and yet she still desired Addison to romance her, which is why she had never taken it upon herself to initiate the activity.

Quickly she finished packing and then slipped on her pink knitted cap and baby blue jacket before heading downstairs. Lugging her bag across the street, she greeted the two brunettes with a smile. "Hey there."

Addison flashed a grin. "Hi. I would've come up and gotten that. You didn't need to bring that heavy thing down." she mentioned hoisting it up into the jeep. "Ready to go?"


"Great. Well, let's get going then. I don't want to be driving too late." She moved to open the blonde's door for her. Elle slid up into the seat and waited for her door to be closed to put on her seatbelt. As Addison came back to the driver's side, she smiled at her best friend. "Thanks for letting me use your car."

"No problem. You and Elle have a fun weekend."

"Thanks. You and Stacy have a good Valentine's Day."

"We will." Kit answered with a blush.

Addison got into the passenger's seat and closed the door. Casually she buckled her seat belt before looking over at her girlfriend. She gave Elle a smile. "You look so cute in your little hat." she mentioned.

The blonde flushed lightly. "You look nice. I like that sweater on you." she stated.

"Thanks. You ready?" the brunette inquired.

"More than ready. Let's get out of here." With that Addison pulled away from the curb. The two of them just quietly talked, mostly about school before Elle asked, "Are you going to tell me where we're going?"

"No. I want it to be a surprise. I'll tell you where we are once we get there. Deal?"

"All right. How long is the drive? Give me that much."

"We should be there in time for dinner." Addison said with a playful smile.

The blonde knew the brunette wasn't going to tell her, so she simply sat back and enjoyed the ride. Several hours later Addison stopped the jeep in front of what looked a bed and breakfast. "So, this is it?" Elle questioned hopefully.

"No. I just need to stop here for a second and get the keys from the owners. You want to come in or stay in the car?"

"I'll come in."

Holding hands they made their way up with walk as snow fell outside. Two men were there to greet them at the door. Addison introduced herself and Elle. "Well, it's about time you got here. We've been concerned with the weather, right, honey?" one of them asked the other.

"Yeah. More snow is coming this way as we speak. We better get you that key, so you can be on your way."

"Thanks." the tall woman replied following them back further into the house as she asked Elle to stay in the foyer. When they were out of the earshot of the blonde, she inquired, "How much more do I owe you two?"

"We have your bill right here. Just a second."

Addison looked it over for a moment before quickly filling out a check for the same amount. "Everything is ready up at the cabin?"

"Yes, everything is just how you asked it to be. We went shopping this morning, so it should all be there."

"Wonderful. Thanks so much."

"You're most welcome. It's always a pleasure doing this kind of thing for young couples. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, and if you need anything, please call down to the house. We'll get up there as quickly as possible, weather permitting of course."

"Of course. Thanks again." she replied as they came back out to where Elle was standing studying the weather outside from the glass door.

Curious that this was not where they were staying, Elle wondered exactly what Addison had in store, but she didn't ask as they got back into the jeep. Twenty minutes later they pulled up in front of a small cabin. The little woman smiled at the sight in front of her, because it was exactly as she had imagined it to be from her fantasies. "Is this our final stop?" she asked teasingly.

The softball player nodded. "Yes, this is it. Let's go in and see what it's like, shall we?" Addison led the way up to the front door and unlocked it before slowly opening the door. She allowed Elle to enter first.

The lights of the one room cabin had already been turned on for their expected arrival. Both women took a moment to look at the accommodations. Their queen sized bed had been turned down showing the flannel sheets underneath and was facing the fireplace. Even though a fire hadn't been started, logs had already been placed there, so all they had to do was light it with more wood stacked neatly near the hearth. There was a tiny sitting area in front of the fireplace as well as a small kitchen and a table adorned with a large bouquet of red roses. Near the bed there was a door that led toward the bathroom completing the room.

"Wow, Addy. This is beautiful." Elle stated moving a few steps further into the place.

"Glad you like it. I'm just going to go get our stuff. Be right back." When she returned, she quickly discarded their bags on top of the bed and then dug into hers. Retrieving a card and gift, she came to Elle who was standing at the table reading the card that had been leaning against the floral arrangement for her.

The blonde's heart fluttered as she read the brunette's loving words. The jock had gone out of her way to make all of Elle's wishes come true for their getaway, making her even more sure of her desire to be with the tall woman. "Oh, Addy. Thank you so much. The roses are beautiful, and this cabin is just perfect. It's beyond anything I could've imagined. Thank you for bringing me here."

"You're welcome. Happy Valentine's Day, Elle." she whispered leaning to give her a quick soft kiss. Presenting the gift and card, she stated, "Happy birthday."

"You didn't have to get me anything else, Addy." she mentioned taking the small box from her girlfriend. Quickly she opened it.

"I didn't really know what to get you." the brunette fumbled nervously.

"Did you make this yourself?" Elle inquired pulling out the braided leather bracelet. The letters of her name had been woven through the leather in a coordinating ribbon. The tall woman nodded. Looking back down at it, the blonde knew it had to have taken Addison a long time to make something like that. "Oh, Addy, this is a wonderful gift. Thank you."

"I wanted to get you jewelry, but nothing struck me as being your taste, nothing affordable anyway." she teased lightly.

"Addison, you've given me so much. You took time to make this. That's better than having bought me something, and you brought me here. I couldn't be happier right now."

The tall woman blushed slightly. "Well, why don't you settle in? I'm going to make dinner for us tonight."

"Do you want any help?"

"No. I want to do it all myself. This is your birthday, and I want to do everything for you. Now just relax for awhile. I'm going to start a fire and then make that dinner."

Elle nodded before going to their bags. Being that Addison was busying herself with the meal, she took the initiative to unpack their belongings before settling down on the rug in front of the roaring fire with a magazine. Forty minutes later the brunette came over to the couch carrying two plates. Placing them on the coffee table, she went back for wine. "Reading your bible?" she joked lightly seeing that the little woman was reading Cosmopolitan.

Elle laughed at the joke. "A girl always needs to know the latest in fashion." she replied putting it aside. "Wow. This looks fabulous. I didn't know you could cook." she mentioned seeing the salmon over a bed of wilted spinach in a cream sauce.

Addison shrugged. "I only cook for the loveliest women." she stated with a grin as she poured the white wine for them. Going over to the lights, she turned them off, leaving them only in the glow of the firelight. The tall woman sat on the floor next to the blonde.

Taking a bite the small woman moaned in appreciation. "Addy, this is unbelievable. When did you have time to learn to cook?"

The jock shrugged. "I've just always enjoyed it. Once a month I make an elaborate meal for all the Lambda Kappas. They love it, and I love doing it."

"Well, you can cook for me anytime. This rivals any meal I've ever had."

"I'm glad you like it. I wanted to give you something special to remember your birthday by." she replied taking another bite of her own.

Elle flashed a seductive grin at her girlfriend as she quietly whispered, "Somehow I don't think I'll ever forget this birthday."

The meal passed quietly with them casting shy curious glances at each other every few minutes. They knew what was on the other's mind, but neither seemed to want to address it in words. Instead they simply made eyes at each other while they ate. When it was over, Addison inquired, "Could I interest you in some dessert?"

"It isn't a birthday cake, is it?" the blonde asked.

"No. I didn't have time to make one and store bought isn't as much fun. I got us some sorbet instead. You want some?"

"That sounds good."

Nodding Addison picked up their plates and went back to the kitchen. A few minutes later she returned with raspberry sorbet for them with a lit candle in Elle's. Quickly she sang the traditional birthday song to her girlfriend before saying, "Make a wish, Miss Woods."

Giving a smile Elle blew out her candle. They ate their sweets in silence as well before Addison went to tend to the fire for a moment. She was feeling more nervous than she thought she would. The brunette knew what Elle was expecting, and as much as she wanted to be intimate with the blonde, she felt anxious about it, wanting everything to be perfect for the woman she loved. Addison gathered her courage and came back to her spot on the floor. Looking deeply into the blue eyes of her lover, she whispered, "I love you so much, Elle."

"I love you too, Addy." the blonde murmured leaning to kiss the athlete's lips gently. As soon as their mouths met, all the tall woman's uneasiness faded away as her instincts took over for her. Within moments her arms were around the petite woman pulling her closer as their contact grew more intimate. Elle melted into her girlfriend's frame as her own body began to become excited by the gentle caresses. Addison was being incredibly tender with all her touches, eliciting tranquility in the little woman as their ardor gradually began to rise. Finally Elle felt the need to progress over to the bed, so she pulled away slightly, meeting the dark eyes she adored. "Addison, make love to me." she solicited quietly.

The tall woman didn't respond in words at first, but her hand lovingly stroked the fair cheek of her girlfriend. Her fingers ran lightly along the blonde's pink lips before trailing down her supple neck. "Elle Deanne Woods, I adore you." she confessed. "You make me feel things no other woman ever has. It would be my greatest pleasure to give you everything you ever wanted." With that she scooped the small woman up in her arms and moved them over to the bed.

Addison laid her precious burden down on her back as they continued to kiss. They were leisurely in their pace, taking their time in undressing each other and adoring the bare skin that came into view. Much to the catcher's enjoyment, the debutante participated actively seeking out the firm body of the athlete and exploring it with her hands as the tall woman adored the blonde's with light kisses. The athlete was in heaven touching the woman she loved. Elle's fair skin was softer than anything she had ever caressed, like petals from a rose just plucked from the flower. The petite woman's body responded to each kiss with growing fervor, and as the softball player kissed the slope of Elle's left breast, she could feel the rapid, erratic cadence of her heart that coincided with an uneven exhale as the blonde's hands cradled her head. Addison glanced up at the face she loved.

Elle gazed at the woman she cherished. She had never been completely naked with anyone before, but the modesty she thought she might feel wasn't there because of the way the brunette showed her obvious adoration for her body. In fact she felt a wave of confidence in conjunction with her passion as the dark eyes of her lover showed Addison's vulnerability and openness. She felt totally comfortable with the tall woman lying between her bare thighs, and as the stomach of the brunette moved against her heat, she found herself responding with a fervency she never knew existed. Her excitement sprung forth creating a delightful sensation as her wetness coated her lover's firm abdomen. She trembled with desire when those brown eyes bore into her blue ones. However seeing the question in Addison's eyes, she whispered, "What is it, Addy?"

The dark-haired woman shook her head lightly. "I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed. You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and I love you so much."

"I love you too." she replied. Seeing hesitancy though she inquired, "Is something the matter?"

"No. I want you so much, Elle, more than I've ever wanted anyone. I'm just..."

"Just what?" she asked supportively when Addison broke their gaze.

Addison took a shaky breath. "I'm nervous. I want this to be perfect for you. I've never been with a virgin, and I don't want to hurt you." she admitted softly.

The gentle confession moved the blonde near tears. Cupping the tall woman's cheek, she brought Addison's gaze back to her own. "Addison, I love you so much. You're so sweet to think about my needs, but regardless of what it might feel like, I want you. I want to feel you inside of me more than anything I've ever wanted in my entire life. Please let me feel you there. I need to. I need us to be one."

"Elle." Addison whispered kissing the blonde's lips delicately. "I need that too."

"Then take me now. Take me to all those places I've never been. Please." she requested quietly.

Keeping her eyes focused on the deep blue ones of her lover, the brunette reached down between the small woman's thighs. Elle shivered as the athlete's long fingers slid through her wetness for a moment, but she refused to look away from the dark eyes. The tall woman had never experienced a woman the way she was touching Elle, because she had never been unprotected, so the feeling of her lover was fascinating to her. Addison took an unstable breath as she poised herself at the entrance of her fantasy. The blue eyes held uneasy anticipation for a fleeting moment before certitude and trust filled the blonde's gaze. Not allowing her own concerns to overpower her, Addison gently took the innocence of her beloved. Elle exhaled quickly as a tiny whimper escaped her. The brunette just waited in uneasiness for a moment, regretting that she had caused the little woman discomfort, but the beauty that transformed Elle's face threatened to be Addison's undoing.

"I love you, Addison." Elle panted lightly still trying to adjust to the athlete's presence within her. "I love you so much."

"I love you too, Elle." Addison whispered her eyes tearing at the overwhelming emotions running rampant through her own body. She had never felt this way with a woman before, and the new sensations rushing through her heart were more than she could understand at that moment.

Seeing the brown eyes wet, Elle caressed her lover's face. "It's all right, Addy. I'm here."

"Elle." she murmured meeting the blonde's lips gently. Their mouths merged sealing the intimacy they shared. Slowly Addison moved Elle up to her first climax, enjoying the responses of the tiny woman under her. Once she felt her lover peak, her usual confident resurfaced, knowing that she could in fact satisfy the woman she loved. Armed with her certainty, she took them both beyond the summit of pleasure several times before settling herself to rest against her lover's breasts.

They were quiet for a long time. Elle gazed over Addison's bare shoulder into the flames of the fire as she affectionately stroked the tall woman's dark hair. Her body continued quaking from their intimate experience and her lover still inside her for several minutes after their passion had been abated, leaving her sated for the moment. Addison had been everything Elle dreamed she would be, and she knew that no matter what happened for the rest of her life, Addison would always be her first love. Looking down at the brown head of her girlfriend, she silently dreamed she would be her last as well. In her heart she knew she truly belonged to Addison Miller, and she hoped the tall woman would continue to feel the same through the years.

Time stood still as silence surrounded them. It wasn't long until Elle heard the slumbering of her lover. She smiled to herself and wrapped her arms tighter around Addison's naked shoulders. Even though her girlfriend was exhausted, the blonde was wide awake. She allowed the softball player to sleep on top of her for several more minutes, but finally the weight of her was too much. Slowly she rolled the tall woman off of her and reluctantly pulled her girlfriend's hand from its new home. Addison whimpered in protest in her sleep, making Elle chuckle lightly to herself. Slipping out of bed, the little woman retrieved the blanket off the back of the couch and covered Addison with it before going into the bathroom.

Flipping on the lights, she looked at herself in the mirror. Her long blonde hair was disheveled and her face flush. However there were no obvious changes even though she felt like a completely different woman than she had earlier that day. She had made love for the first time, and she felt forever changed by Addison's loving touch. Her pale skin still held marks of the brunette's passion. Elle ran her hand down her chest to the light bruise along the slope of her left breast. Fingering it gently she thought about the playful nip that caused it. She hadn't known what to truly expect, but as she recalled Addison's actions, she realized it was all she had wanted and more. The softball player showed a range of emotions that evening, vacillating between gentle and tender and forceful and aggressive, and Elle realized she loved every moment of the encounter. The brunette's touch was instinctively correct, everything being just right to escalate her delight.

Cleaning herself up a bit, Elle slipped on her robe and returned to the room. Addison was still sleeping soundly, so she went to retrieve her magazine that had been discarded on the coffee table hours ago. She poked at the fire for a minute, turning over some of the logs to keep it burning and then settled on the couch to read.

Addison woke up about twenty minutes later to find herself alone in bed. Sitting up quickly she scanned the cabin. Over on the sofa she saw her lover reading. She just watched for a few minutes from afar, enjoying the view of the blonde. Elle was the most alluring woman she had ever known, and she knew she was deeply in love with the California girl. She was everything that Addison had always wanted in a girlfriend, but now that they had crossed the final line in their relationship, she wondered what the future might hold. They would be graduating in three months, and then there was law school. Even though they had applied to the same places, they had never discussed whether either of them truly wanted to go. Addison questioned what might happen if they chose separate institutions. She knew her heart was in the law, but now there was a new dimension in her life that demanded as much consideration in her opinion. She wanted to be with Elle more than anything else. She hoped that the blonde would want to be with her long term as well, but they hadn't discussed anything beyond law school making her wonder about their future. Being drawn to the beauty across the room, Addison moved to get out of bed.

As soon as Addison's feet hit the floor, Elle looked over her shoulder toward the bed. Seeing the woman she loved in her naked glory made Elle's body respond with ardor. The nearly six foot jock slowly walked toward her, brown eyes staring at her animalistically making her heart start pounding, coinciding with each step of the athlete. Her breathing became ragged just watching her girlfriend stalk across the small room to her and taking in her bare body.

Concluded in Part 3.

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