Amanda’s Melody

Chapter 2: The first day of work.

Amanda sat stiffly next Melody in choir not wanting to brush up against her again. That was all she had been doing for the last half-hour and it was driving her bonkers. ‘I feel like I am about to explode, or I am about to make Melody explode in a good way, but at the same time it’s a bad way, but it would be oh so good. Ah God can’t you just strike me dead or something? There is NO way I am spending four hours with her tonight. She’s going to expect me to sit with her next period. How can I do that? Then she’s going to give me a ride home and then back to work, then four hours together, then home. Deep breath. Ok, Ok I am an adult, I can do this.’ Amanda shrugged her shoulders with a nonchalance she didn’t feel

‘I can’t do this! I should have never offered to give her rides and have her get a job with me! I am about to…I don’t know what but I want to do it and I want her to do it to me. I want that thing that all the girls want from guys except I want it from her. I am right I am going nuts there is no way I can want a girl. I just can’t. My status at this school will be ruined. Do I care? NO! Yes. I am so awful. I will just try to be friends with her and not let her see. Can I do that? I am a good actress. Maybe I should talk to Mrs. Hall. Will she understand? Oh man I feel so alone.’ Melody looked up at Amanda wondering what she was thinking. Melody felt so nervous around Amanda. She didn’t know what to do.

Mrs. Hall watched the two do battle with themselves wondering if they were ever going to get that they were falling for each other and not just physically. Those two gravitated towards each other. She didn’t exactly know how to broach the subject with either of them so she decided to leave it alone until one of them came to her.

After a strenuous period of study hall where they barely spoke to one another they both quietly got in the car and with out a word they pulled up in front of Amanda’s apartment building. Melody handed over Amanda’s T-shirt she would need to wear for work. "You’ll need to wear this tucked into khakis with tennis shoes. Ok? I will be here at 4:30 to pick you up. See ya in an hour." Melody gave Amanda her best smile and after Amanda had entered the building Melody sped home.

Amanda walked in her room and got dressed quickly. She put her long ebony hair up into a bun so it wouldn’t get in the way. She thought back on the conversation her and her mother had had the day before about her getting a job.

Her mother had walked in the door and had gone straight to the kitchen giving her daughter a hug. "You made dinner! What did you do?" Her mother said sternly.

Amanda had laughed and hugged her mom back. "I got a job mom but I made dinner because I love you." Amanda gave her mom her best innocent smile but Amanda ended up laughing at her self instead. Amanda and her mom sat at the small table in the kitchen and she knew she was in trouble. Her mother was not happy. She didn’t want her daughter to have to work. Her mother looked beyond her 40 years. She looked 50 at the youngest. She had long black hair like her daughter but she had muddy brown eyes that never seemed to shine anymore. She was tall and thin like her daughter and in her youth had looked quite a lot like her daughter.

"Tell me about this job." She held up a finger just as Amanda was about to speak. "Just because you have it does not mean you can keep it."

"I know mom but just listen to me ok?" At her mother’s nod she continued, "I met this really nice girl at school today and she gave me a ride home because she lives close and she said if I was looking for work then I should work with her. It’s at Wendy’s Ice cream shop and its only three nights a week. I will only work two nights this week cause the nights are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. It’ll only be for four hours. Five to nine. Plus I will be aloud to study when it’s not busy. Please mom I really want to have some extra money and Melody is really sweet, she will be a lot of fun to work with."

Her mother had agreed and now here she was completely dressed and ready waiting for 4:30 when she knew she would meet her doom in the face of a small blond girl who had captured her heart. ‘My heart? No, just my hormones. Right?’ Amanda took her lower lip between her teeth and watched out the window for Melody.

Melody got home and ran to the bathroom. She locked the door behind her knowing she needed absolute privacy. She stripped out of her clothes and turned on the water in the shower stall and stepped in. She let the water run down her body hoping that it would make the ache in her body go away. Suddenly blue eyes covered in glasses flooded her mind. She pictured strong hands running over her body cupping her breasts and moving lower. She pictured those hands stroking her harder and harder faster and faster. She came yelling the name of the girl in her mind. She looked around the stall realizing what she had just done. She had never done that before. She blushed to herself but realized no one would ever know. She didn’t have to tell anyone. She finished her shower quickly and got dressed putting her hair up to keep it out of her way while she worked. It was 4:25 by the time she was done and she headed out the door to pick up the woman of her dreams. She stopped at the door realizing she couldn’t face the girl she had just fantasized about. It would be too much. What would her excuse be though? "Oh Amanda so sorry I can’t pick you up and take you to work today. I just masturbated while picturing you doing it to me." NO!

Amanda ran out the door as Melody pulled up in front of the apartment. Amanda got in the car and looked over at Melody who was staring straight ahead and who also had a glorious blush on her face.

Amanda laughed, "Thinking about me were you?" Amanda had considered it a joke but she had no clue just how right she was.

Melody blushed deeper. "Are you ready to go to your first day of work?" She smiled her best at Amanda hoping she would just drop it.

"Changing the subject are you?"



"So what if I am. Are you ready or not," Melody replied tersely.

"Sorry, I’m ready. I was just joking Mel. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you mad."

At Amanda’s crest fallen look Melody’s heart broke. She hadn’t meant to be rude to her new friend. She was just really REALLY embarrassed. "No, Amanda I am the one who should be sorry. I’m really sorry for snapping at you. I’m just in a strange mood today you know what I mean? Let's get to work, wouldn’t want you to be late on your first day."

Amanda looked over at Melody and smiled. They pulled up in front of Wendy’s ice cream shop five minutes later and parked in the farthest space away so as to give customers room to park in front of the shop. Amanda and Melody made there way in the shop and behind the counter in back. Melody took two aprons from the under the counter tide one around her waist and handed the other to Amanda. "You don’t want to get ice cream on your khakis. It’s not pretty by the end of the day."

Very few people came in the first couple of hours. Melody explained how to make each thing on the menu; she explained the need to mop the floor every half an hour and that you had to change the water for the scooper ever half an hour also. She told her about wiping down the counter and all the small tables and chairs around the shop anytime she had the chance. At 8:00 the two girls went around the shop one last time, they flipped all of the chairs up onto the tables so they could mop the floor at 8:30 when the store closed.

The door was yanked open suddenly startling both girls. It was many of the football players and cheerleaders. They all dated each other it was hard to keep track of who was with whom. They all walked up to the counter to order when one of them spotted Amanda walking around the counter to take their order.

"Oh look everyone it’s the four eyed bean pole." Amanda rolled her eyes at the same name she had been called her whole life. It no longer made her angry, just annoyed. "Poor little Amanda is saving up to go to college. Like she’d ever get in." The guy who was taunting her flicked a penny at her. "Here. To help you go to college." Everyone except Melody and Amanda laughed. Melody stood behind the group seething. She knew these people were rude and she had accepted it as high school immaturity but this was outrageous. She walked around the counter and stood beside Amanda and glared at the captain of the football team whom had been the one taunting Amanda

"If you want something order or get out. We don’t want your kind here."

"Since when do you stick up for the poor people Melody? You are better than her. Hey and while we’re talking about what you do and don’t do. Why don’t you come to the football game on Friday? I will let you wear my jersey." He gave her a smile hoping to win over the diva. He had had his eye on her for as long as he could remember.

"No Brad. You’re not even good enough for the lowest scum. I wouldn’t recommend you to the lowliest creature on this earth. Order or get out!"

Each of the students ordered with out so much as a rude comment knowing that Melody was mad and when Melody was not happy no one else was aloud to be. She was head of this school. She was head of the cheerleading squad, head of dance team, and head of show choir. No dancer in her right mind would ever go against Melody. None of their boyfriends would either.

After each of them had left Amanda turned to Melody, "You really didn’t have to stick up for me you know. Thanks. No one has ever stuck up for me like that." Amanda blushed and turned away from Melody.

"Your welcome," Melody said to Amanda’s back smiling at the young girl's nervousness. Both girls took up the task of mopping the floor and cleaning each of the mixers and makers in the shop. They cleaned out each utensil putting them away and put all of the unused tubs of ice cream in the small freezer in the back. Melody counted out the drawer and put the extra money they had made in a pouch and set it in the vault locking it. Amanda stood outside while Melody locked up the office and then the front door. They each got into Melody’s car and headed for Amanda’s apartment. "Good job on your first day. Sorry about Brad he’s just a jerk and he doesn’t know any better."

"Thanks and don’t worry about it. I have had worse. Bye Melody, see ya tomorrow."

"See ya Amanda."

Amanda walked in her apartment and kissed her mother lightly on the cheek and went off to her room with promises that she would tell her mother what happened at work the next day. She stripped out of her clothes and got into bed without putting anything on. The last thing on her mind before she drifted off to sleep was the young blonde who had absolutely captured her.

Melody walked into her house and kissed her mother and father lightly on the cheek and went off to bed with promises that she would tell them what happened at work the next day. She stripped out of her clothes and got into bed without putting anything on. The last thing on her mind before she drifted off to sleep was the tall brunette who had absolutely captured her.

To be continued…

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