Just Like Jesse James

By Amanda Calkins

Disclaimers: Though these two might remind you of a couple of gals owned by renpic they are NOT them they are mine all mine...hahaha.  There is a very explicit love scene between two women if this bothers you, is illegal where you live, or you are under 18 please move along and find something better suited to your tastes.

My name is Jesse James, short for Jessica James.  I am a so-called outlaw running from the law on this cold spring night, but that ain’t exactly the truth.  I ain’t running from anyone.  More like running to someone.

A long time ago, I wasn’t no outdoors man so to speak.  My long blonde hair was always in place.  Never a hair blowing in the wind.  My green eyes sparkled, my skin was so white.  I was a simple quiet southern lady.  That all changed when Danny Thompson, short for Daniel Thompson, came into town, strutting like the outlaw she was.  I did something no southern lady ever does, I fell for a woman, and I fell hard.  She had long black hair that looked so silky smooth, and those crystal blue eyes you could just fall into.  People said she was a half breed injun, but I don’t believe um.  No injun looked that good.  Hell, come to think of it no one looked that good.  She wore pretty much the same thing I’m wearing right now.  Riding pants with chaps, white cotton shirt with a leather vest and a hat covering her pretty little head from the suns rays, they can really get to you out here.

I followed that woman all over town for days, thinking I was being stealthily-like and she didn’t know I was there.  One night I got up my courage and instead of going home when she went out into the woods to her camp, I followed her.  Our small town didn’t have no fancy motel to stay in.  The doctor rented out rooms but they were all full of patients when she had come.  There had been an injun attack and many people had bullet wounds or worse.  My Pa was up there with the rest of the patients, that’s why I got away with running after her.  My Ma was too busy with her ladies club and quilting club to give no never mind ‘bout me.

Anyway, I followed her that night into the woods.  I was done scared outta my mind, see she didn’t know I was there cause I was traveling a good distance behind her.  I really couldn’t even see her, I was just praying I was going in the right direction.  When I stumbled into her camp I felt a great bit of relief, but I realized she wasn’t there.  I heard water running a ways away so I followed the sound and to this day I have that scene painted right behind my eyes.  I’ll always see that.  A small waterfall feeding the smallest of ponds.  She was standing there under the water fall completely naked.  She had her back to me and I could see her smooth straight back and her perfect bottom.  As soon as I saw that bottom I turned away knowing I shouldn’t be standing here looking at her like this.

I started to walk away, not really knowing where I was going when two wet arms grabbed me from behind, one hand covering my mouth.  I was pulled back into an equally wet body and I immediately knew it was her.  I had been caught.  She had whispered in my ear, asking me why I had been looking at her, why I had been following her.  She let go of my mouth so’s I could answer.  I was so scared not a peep would come from me, so I did the gutsiest thing I could think of.  I turned around and kissed her right on her lips.  I knew she was shocked because she didn’t respond at all.  She didn’t push me away or pull me closer.  She just stood there with her arms hanging loosely around my body.  Finally she got over the shock and she shocked me.  She started kissing me back, pulling me closer to her body.  I felt her tongue enter my mouth, I will never forget how she kissed.  Perfectly.

She backed me up against a near by tree as her lips trailed down to my ear.  “What do you want?”

What could I say?  I had to tell the truth.  “You.”

She looked at me shocked.  I knew that wasn’t what she expected to hear.  It was the truth though.  Still is, come to think of it.  I want her now more than ever.  She got over her shock, boy did she ever.  She took me to places I ain’t never been that night.  I have never felt anything as wonderful as her body on mine.  Her fingers and mouth did a number on me and she taught me to do the same to her.  I gave her my virginity and my love. 

She stayed in town until I could tell my father that I was gonna leave with her.  We couldn’t get married, quite obviously, but we could be together.  When I told my father what had happened he told me I was betrothed to be married, and if my future husband asked about my virginity I was to tell him I had an accident on a horse.  I was horrified when my father told me that.

I made two realizations that day, one: My father cared only about his reputation and two: Danny didn’t trust me as far as she could throw me.  When I told Danny what had happened she believed that I was going to stay in town and get married.  She didn’t realize that I had planned to run away.  When I tried to tell her she had called me a liar and left town as quick as possible.  The man I was meant to marry was to be in town the next day, so weather I left with Danny or not wasn’t a question, I was gonna leave.

I snuck out that night with as much as I could carry on my back and the horse my father had bought me.  Luckily he believed in giving ladies both side and regular saddles so I took my regular saddle and ran as far away as I could get in one night.

Ever since then I have been walking the land trying to find Danny.  I knew she was here somewhere, and damn it I was gonna find her.  Over the past six years I have been searching and let me tell you six years can do a number on a person.  I was no longer the good little southern girl.  I was a hard woman.  I hadn’t met a man or woman yet I couldn’t handle.  I been seen to some as a saint and others as an outlaw.

I helped where ever needed.  Sometimes that help wasn’t legal, but what the hell did I care.  All I cared about was that the less fortunate became more fortunate.  I also had a reputation with the ladies of the south.  Many willingly fell into my arms and into my bed.  Some would say I’m bragging but I’m just telling it like it is.  I had hoped over the years, to find the woman that filled the void in my heart Danny had left.  I should have known no woman would ever be able to fill it.

So here I am sitting on my horse, heading towards a town that supposedly holds my love.  I had heard a rumor in a couple of towns on the way here of a woman who claimed to hold the heart of Jesse James.  The only one who had ever made Jesse James fall in love.  Well since Danny was the only woman who was able to do that I prayed it was her spreading that rumor.  I heard she spread it in a song she sang about me.  Well my Danny could sing.  She had the most beautiful low voice that could just send shivers up a woman’s body.

As I got into town I saw a saloon, I tied my horse up outside to a hitch and went in.  It was just a normal small saloon.  With a bar running along one wall, along an adjacent wall was stairs that led upstairs and a balcony where you could see doors that led into some whore’s rooms no doubt.  The wall across from the bar held an empty wall with a small door in the far end and a few oil lamps to light the place.  It was a sort of stage area, cut off from the rest of the saloon.  There were tables and chairs spread throughout the room.  Men and woman were talking and laughing’ and playing poker through out the room and having’ a decidedly good time.  I walked up to a dark corner of the bar and sat down on a stool.  “Whiskey.”  I yelled out to the bar tender.

He was a tall man with short hair and a mustache.  He looked quite mean.  I guess when your working a saloon you gotta be.  He had a holster with two guns, one on each hip.  It looked a lot like mine, well worn and well used.  He handed me the whiskey shot and I handed him the money.  It went on like that for two more drinks.

I felt the hairs on my neck prickle and a few moments later and the whole bar went silent.  Something felt familiar in this place, she was here.  The bar keep looked at me and smiled.  I hadn’t yet turned around, too scared to see who was on stage.  The bar keep walked over to me, “You Jesse James?”

I nodded, swallowing the lump in my throat.

“You better watch this then, Daniel Thompson claims to have known you, if you know what I mean.”  He winked at me and went back to serving drinks for the other patrons.  I turned slowly around and my breath caught in my chest as I saw the most beautiful woman standing in front of the patrons.  She had on a dark blue dress with a tight bodice that showed every curve.  Her neck line dipped dangerously low.  The skirt was full and beautiful. 

She was talking to a woman up front and laughing with her.  I felt a pang of jealousy run through my body, but I knew it was stupid, I hadn’t exactly saved myself for this meeting, I couldn’t expect that she saved herself for me either, for all I knew she had found love with some one else.  I felt tears in my eyes when I thought about it but blinked them away.

Her eyes flickered over every person, including me, I couldn’t tell weather or not she knew it was me or not.  I don’t think she knew because there was absolutely no change in her face.  She sang song after song and she sounded so wonderful doing it too.  During a decidedly slow song the woman that Danny had been talking to stood up with a man and danced with him, I didn’t really feel better though ‘til she started kissing him rather passionately.

Everyone cheered after her last song and she went off stage, my guess is she was teasing the crowd because they called her back on stage and she pretended be annoyed that she had to sing one last song.  She flashed her gorgeous smile before she started singing.  I hoped it was my song because I hadn’t yet heard it.  As the piano in the corner started to play I got lost in memories.

You’re struttin’ into town like you’re slingin’ a gun

Just a small town dude with a big city attitude

Honey are ya looking’ for some trouble tonight

Well all right

You think you’re so bad, drive the women folk wild

Shoot ‘em all down with the flash of your pearly smile

Honey but you met your match tonight

Oh, that’s right

You think you’ll knock me off my feet ‘til I’m flat on the floor

‘Til my heart is cryin’ Indian and I’m beggin for more

So come on baby

Come on baby

Come on baby show me what that loaded gun is for

If you can give it I can take it

‘Cause if this heart is gonna break it’s gonna take a lot to break it I know tonight

Somebody’s gonna win the fight

So if you’re so tough

Come on and prove it

Your heart is down for the count and you know you’re gonna lose it

Tonight you’re gonna go down in flames

Just like Jesse James

You’re an outlaw lover and I’m after your hide

Well you ain’t so strong, won’t be long ‘til your hands are tied

Tonight I’m gonna take you in dead or alive

That’s right

You break the laws of love in the name of desire

Take ten steps back cause I’m ready baby

Aim and fire

Baby there’s nowhere you gonna run tonight

Ooh that’s right

Well you’ve had your way with love but it’s the end of the day

Now a team of wild horses couldn’t drag your heart away

So come on baby

Come on baby

Come on baby

Come on baby you know there ain’t nothing left to say

If you can give it I can take it'Cause if this heart is gonna break it's gonna take a lot to break it I know tonight Somebody's gonna win the fight So if you're so tough Come on and prove it You heart is down for the count and you know you're gonna lose it Tonight you're gonna go down in flames Just like Jesse JamesYou think you'll knock me off my feet 'til I'm flat on the floor 'Til my heart is cryin' Indian and I'm beggin for more So come on baby Come on baby

Come on baby, come on

If you can give it I can take it'Cause if this heart is gonna break it's gonna take a lot to break it I know tonight Somebody's gonna win the fight So if you're so tough Come on and prove it You heart is down for the count and you know you're gonna lose it Tonight you're gonna go down in flames Just like Jesse JamesTonight you're gonna go down in flames Just like Jesse James Tonight you're gonna go down in flames Just like Jesse JamesI'm gonna shoot you down Jesse James

I was completely blown away by the song.  I was sitting there slack jawed til the bar keep came up and patted me heavily on the back, giving me congratulations on bedding a vixen like that one.  I glared at him but he didn’t notice.

When she was done the whole crowd cheered and she gave a demure curtsey.  I almost fell out of my chair when she did that, the Danny Thompson I knew was never demure.  Whatever had brought her here to this place and time, doing this must a been a force of God above.  She disappeared behind the stage again and when she came out she had on a dress that was much like the rest of the women.  Quite normal except for the low necklines.

I felt saddened at the thought that she had become no better than a singing whore.  Wasn’t I just a traveling whore?  I did good deeds for women in exchange for sex.  Did I feel better about it because I never expected it, it just usually came on its own.  I felt tears in my eyes again but I blinked them away and called for another shot of whiskey.  When I turned around I was locked on crystal blue eyes.  When had she gone behind the bar?

I heard a crash of glass on the wooden floor and realized she had just dropped the whiskey bottle.  “J-J-J...”

“Hi Danny.”  I gave her a sheepish grin suddenly feeling very nervous.  She just stood there staring at me.  Come to think of the whole bar was staring at me.

I heard some loud ass shout out, “Hey that there is Jesse James.  Looks like Daniel’s lover has come back.”  There was loud laughter as the other patrons sent out cat calls and whistles. 

Danny seemed stuck in some sort of trance as she walked around the bar grabbed me by the arm and hauled my ass into some sort of storage closet.  She shoved me against the closed door and I felt her lips on mine.  She kissed me roughly as if she hadn’t seen me in years, go figure.  This time I was a little older and didn’t let my shock get in the way of me kissing her back with everything I have.  She broke away and took one step back breathing hard, “It really is you Jess?”

I reached out one hand and caressed her cheek in the darkness, “It’s me.”  I felt her body fall into me and her wracking sobs shook both of our bodies to the core.  Being in this closet wasn’t really conducive to, well, anything.  “Danny is there some where we can go and have a talk?”

“Yes.”  She led me out of the closet both of us looking a little ruffled.  The patrons started up their cheering and cat calling again and I could just strangle um.  She led me up to her room, to the amusement and delight of the people down below.

When we got into the room and I leaned against the door as she paced nervously in the center of the small room.  It had a rather large bed, but everything else was very small.  I tiny night stand with a bowl of water and a cloth on it stood by the bed.  A piece of what once may have been a whole mirror hung on the wall above it.  A small dresser was the only other thing in the room.  I could see the tears pouring down her face but I didn’t know weather to hate her or love her right now.

“Danny sit down.”  She did right away which bothered me.  She never took orders from anyone.  She gave um.  “Danny, you and I have lots to talk over, it’s not gonna be easy but it’s gotta be done.”  She looked up at me her clear blue eyes looking sad as ever.

“Did you ever marry that man you were betrothed to?”

“No and you would have known that six years ago if you had believed me.  I told you I wanted to leave with you that night, but because I wasn’t ready when you were, you didn’t believe me.  I left that night, just like I told you I would.  I’ve been searching for you ever since.”

She sat in stunned silence.  She hadn’t expected me to tell her that she had been wrong all those years ago, but dammit she had and I suffered for it.  “I am so sorry Jess, I should have believed you.  I was just so scared that I was being used again.  I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.”

“Talk to me, what happened?  I was so in love with you, and dammit I still am so in love with you.  Why didn’t you return it?”

She sniffed and swiped at her nose, I gave her my handkerchief.  “I had been used a lot.  My mother and father used me.  I was their maid.  Then I had my first girlfriend and she had used me ‘till she was bored, then she told everyone about me and said I had come on to her and everything.  I had many women use me, for whatever they wanted.  When I found you I wanted to believe you so much.  You were so honest and up front with me.  Then when you said your Pa wouldn’t let us leave together I thought you used me for a good time.  Then when you suggested we run away together, I thought I was just your way out.  I come up with a million scenarios a minute of ways people can use me.  I’ve been doing it for years.  I couldn’t over come my fear.”

I sat there stunned.  I didn’t expect this, I just expected some dumb excuse and I would be on my way.  She got up off the bed and came to stand in front of me.  She looked shyly down at me through her dark lashes.  She was a good six inches taller than my short ass self.  She leaned in towards me and she was a hairs breath away from my mouth when she whispered, “I have wanted to love you since the moment I saw you.  I know that you have to trust someone to love them.  Jesse?”


She looked me dead in the eye with the most serious expression on her face, “I love you Jessica James, with all my heart.”

“I love you too Daniel Thompson.”  I moved the short distance between us and kissed her with my whole heart.  I put all my love and everything I was feeling into that kiss.  I backed her against the bed and kept pushing ‘till she fell over.  She landed with a sigh on the soft downy mattress.  She looked up at me, her hooded eyes conveying all the lust and love she was feeling.  I was ready to go over the edge right there.

She pulled me down on top of her body and kissed me like the world would end if she didn’t.  She looked up at me with smirk on her face, “When did you go all out law on me?  I thought I was supposed to be the out law, and you the quiet southern lady.”

“Things change over time.”  I could see the hurt in her eyes but the truth can be hard to swallow at times.  “Riding around the country in a dress, looking like some damsel in distress ain’t exactly smart.  I had to learn how to take care of myself.”

She laughed, it never reacher her eyes.  “Here I am outlaw turned damsel and you are a damsel turned outlaw.  We are a pair ain’t we?”

“We are.”  I leaned down and kissed her perfect lips.  I pulled back up and smiled at her.  “If we take all these clothes off then we will be just be us, no type, no look, just us.”

She seemed to like that suggestion as she sat up, me straddling her lap and started pulling off my vest.  I helped her as quickly as I could.  She became impatient when my shirt buttons wouldn’t yield to her fumbling’ fingers.  I ripped it off and threw it on the floor with my vest.  She gasped as my naked chest came into view.  My breasts were instantly engulfed in the warmth of her soft hands.  I looked down at her hands on my breasts and lifted them to my lips to kiss, “these didn’t used to be soft.”

She looked up at me and motioned to my left breast, “this didn’t used to have a bullet hole.”  She took her hands out of mine and unbuckled my chaps and undid the clasp on my pants.  She made me stand up and she came at me with enough force to knock us both on the floor.  Suddenly I was against the wall that I hadn’t realized was so close to my back.  I was in an old scene, my back scraping up against the bark of a tree as she kissed me deeply.  I came back to the future only to see the distant look in her eyes.  She was were I had just been.

“Come back to me baby, I want you here with me when I ravish you.”  She looked down at me and smiled, her eyes clear and on fire.  We went after each other frantically, every piece of clothing hit the floor with some sort of rip or tear in it.  After we were naked she threw me on the bed and laid down on top of me.

We both moaned at the skin on skin contact.  She attacked my mouth with abandon.  I felt her tongue teeth and lips everywhere and I couldn’t help but moan.  Her hands were all over my body as her mouth moved south to suck on my neck.  I arched my head back to give her more room.  I snaked my hands into her long dark tresses and pulled her closer.

She decided that she had had enough.  She suddenly took one hard bud into her mouth.  I cried out at the sudden sensation of her hot mouth on my breast.  I felt one hard thigh push in between mine and I whimpered at the sweet contact.  I started rocking against her thigh and put my own leg up against her center.  She hissed and bit down on my nipple.  I cried out and pushed her had down further on top of my breast.  I could barely stand all of the feelings welling up inside of me.  Only one woman could ever or had ever made me feel this good, and she was currently doing just that.

“Oh god Danny touch me, I need you so bad.”

She looked up into my eyes, her blue eyes sparkling, I felt one hand glide slowly down my stomach and it disappeared.  I whimpered at the loss of contact but jumped a foot off the bed when I was entered quickly with two fingers, a well placed thumb caressing my clit.  “If I remember correctly Jesse, you loved to be surprised.”

“Oh, Danny (pant) did (pant) I ever (pant pant) tell you I love your memory (big groan)?”

“Mm, I’ll make sure and use it more often.”  Danny groaned and almost fell on me when I suddenly put two fingers inside of her.  “Oh god, your memory is just as good.”

“I knew you’d enjoy that,” I whispered.  We both moved against each other, our rhythms matching in an almost frantic pace.  We both cried out at the same time as we climaxed against each other.

Danny finally lost her control and fell on top of me, but hell I didn’t mind.  It was a beautiful feeling having her body resting so nicely on top of mine like this.  After a moment she started to try to get up but I put my hands on her back and forced her back down, “Are you uncomfortable Danny?”

“No.  You’re the best pillow around.”

“Then sleep, I’m comfortable.”  She put her head down on my shoulder and sighed.  I watched her as her breathing deepened and evened.  She fell into a gentle sleep against my shoulder and for the first time since I got into that town I realized that this is not what I had wanted at all.  I frowned as I watch her sleep atop me.  I wanted to get to know her again.  I wanted to know this woman on top of me.  Her taste in sex hadn’t changed but the Danny I knew would never put on a dress or be demure or anything so strange as this.  This Danny did all those things though.

I ran my hand through her long hair, it was still as silky smooth as ever, even more so really.  Her skin had always been soft, except for her hands.  Those had been rough.  Not that I had ever minded, I loved the feeling of those rough hands on my body.  Now they were smooth, didn’t mind that at all either. 

It’s not really that I minded any of the changes in her.  It was just that, this was not my Danny, and I wanted to find out who she was, and if I could still love her.  It was quite obvious that I was still attracted to her.  I was not about to turn Danny into one of my many women along the way.  She was either going to be Something’ special or she was just gonna be Danny.  I couldn’t hurt her though.

I felt her stir against me and ran my hands up and down her back.  I knew that would wake her up, and while I didn’t want to be so mean as to wake her up, we needed to talk.  “Come one sweetheart, wake up.”

Her blue eyes blinked open and looked up at me.  She smiled a little sheepishly.  “Hey.”


She rolled off me and stretched out beside me, pulling her blanket up over the both of us.  “Danny we need to talk.”

“Ah, the dreaded talk,” she smirked at me but grew serious.  “You’re right, we do need to talk.”

“A lot has changed since we...parted ways six years ago.  How do we know that the person we are in love is even in this room.”

Danny closed her eyes as one tear slipped out, over her cheek and onto mine.  I did nothing’ to flick it away.  It was a symbol of the pain we were both in right now.  “Jesse, can’t we just pretend we know who we are and just be together?”

“No Danny, we have to find each other again.”  I turned over on my side to face her.  I wanted her to know what I was trying’ to say.  “Danny, I want to stay here as long as you’re here and get to know you.  I want to know you again Danny, I want to love you for who you are.”

Danny smiled and attacked me.  She was half on half off me with her arms thrown around me kissing’ me like I was air.  I have to say it was nice to be held in those arms again.  “So you’ll stay?”

I laughed at her exuberance, “Yes, I’ll stay, but you have to promise that we will take it slow and get to know each other again.”

She squeezed me tightly until all the air was gone from my body.  She whispered thickly into my ear, “We can go as slow as needed as long as we are always together.  I can’t lose you again.”

I kissed her with all the love I had in my heart, “You won’t my love, we are together forever.”

We fell asleep together dreaming of a happy future we both knew we would be seeing very soon.

The End...maybe

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