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From the Heart

by angelrum

I see her looking at me. Her gaze is intent in its focus and her breath but a whisper. No longer able to stand being an object immovable and without emotion, my eyes capture her.

The silence between us has settled like a fine blanket of snow, our voices buried underneath all that white. I fancy that our eyes alone can communicate what our mouths, lips, and tongues can not. Her gaze does no falter and I feel my resolve crumbling.

I hurt not being with her, a part of me goes numb when she is not by my side. How is it that I have allowed that to happen? Am I really that weak? Like a newborn babe needing the warmth of a human touch, a breast to suckle on for nourishment, and hear a soothing voice speaking with love. No, I am not one for coddling, I rejected the idea that I would need another being with such desperateness. My pride took me from her embrace, seeking a solace that was unfulfilling and cold. My pride, my inner voice says it with disgust, or should I say foolishness was what wore the mask of pride.

I lost my heart to her when I took her hands in mine that very first time. Something so simple yet it is the image of her hand in mine, the gentleness and comfort, forever ingrained in my memory. The kiss that followed sealed our fate. I tasted the red wine that complimented our dinner, satiny smooth with a hint of berry and antique wood. If only all the wine in the world could have matched what I have tasted from her lips, maybe then I could have found the strength to dwell in my solitude. Yes, I need her more than I ever imagined.

She's looking at me with an unfathomable amount of tenderness that I could no longer stand the air separating us. I long to be hers again because I exist no where else but with her.

"I love you." The silence broken and the chasm sealed up, I spoke the only truth I believed in.

Softly whispered apologies made their way past my lips as I am held in her arms. My eyes closed resting in the crook of her neck, feeling her pulse flutter against my lashes. Not hearing anything from my lover, my mind begins to wonder if she had a change of heart. My arms slowly loosen their hold from her body as I gathered my courage to open my eyes. Her lips are moving but the words are lost in transition. A steady beat of drums is all I hear, my blood is pounding through my ears drowning out everything else.

It's getting faint now.

She feels the slight tremor going through my body, her hand cups my face so that she can look at me. My fear is shown clearly, I do not try to hide it. She repeats her words again, this time I hear her voice clearly. Do I love her? Of course I do, that is not something either of us ever doubted. But will I love her? Will I?

I have already given her my heart and now she shall possess this restless soul as well.

"I will love you for as long as the heavens endure."

Her tears came then, unbidden and I kiss them away, the salty trail leading me to soft lips. Our mouths moved together with a slow burn of fire, the heat from her suffusing my body and banishing all my fears. I swear I can taste that wine, so uniquely intoxicating that I fear I will never get enough.

I hope I never get enough.

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