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The G-scrolls

by Annaria

By the last daylight Gabrielle was jotting down a draft version of the events of a hectic day, while Xena was busy mending their damaged equipment. The bard chewed on the feathery end of her quill, watching Xena sharpen her sword. This always offered a beautiful sight. With practiced skill and controlled strength, the tall warrior repeated the same movements as in a trance. Gabrielle loved to watch it. She admired the powerful back muscles of her friend and enjoyed the warm light of the setting sun brush over her dark and perfect skin.

How she would love to touch it herself! She longed to feel the bare skin of the tall Warrior Princess, and not only where sunlight stroked it… smell it and mend Xena's cuts and bruises with her lips. But Xena would never allow her (and herself) that luxury. An involuntary sigh escaped the young bard's lips. Xena looked up from her work.

"Gabrielle, are you all right?" she asked softly.

"Yes, I'm fine." Gabrielle felt a blush colour her cheeks and was thankful for the fading daylight. This was one thing she could never tell the woman she had fallen in love with.

Her vivid imagination pictured what she wanted to do with Xena. She often daydreamed entire adventures, that all had one thing in common: a happy ending. With her and Xena in each others arms and madly in love. A completely different line of action from the ones she usually wrote down.

But, she thought suddenly, these erotic adventures could be put in writing too, although they would most likely scorch the parchment! Gabrielle took out a new scroll. She knew Xena never read any of her scrolls. Even when Gabrielle read a passage to her, she usually fell asleep. Her secret would be safe enough. She could mark it for her own use with a G for Gabrielle on the ribbon. And the others with an X.

Her daydreams mostly had an action adventure as a basis. In those, Gabrielle found many opportunities to let either herself or the mighty Warrior Princess confess her love to the other. The bard had a problem choosing one, as there were so many. Finally, she chose the episode in which Ephiny was killed. In the end she and Xena were standing near the burial fire of their friend, Xena's arm comfortingly around the bard's shoulders. Gabrielle was a bit hesitant at first, unaccustomed to verbalize sensuous curves and angles rather than action, describe wordless noises and moans of pleasure instead of battle cries and write about fiction instead of reality. But once she got going she started to enjoy it very much. She just put into words what she would have loved to do: wrap both her arms around Xena's incredibly beautiful body and pull her dark head down to kiss those gorgeous lips. Xena would be a little surprised at first, but would reciprocate the kiss with passion. They would retreat to the Queen's hut and lie down, never letting each other go. This was easy!

Gabrielle had to retire to a quiet place, so Xena wouldn't notice the permanent self-conscious smile on the bard's face while she wrote some very exciting stuff that followed. The warrior raised an eyebrow at the sudden inspiration the bard seemed to have, but didn't comment.

Not being very experienced at love games, the bard wrote purely on instinct, but she seemed to be doing a good job, as she felt wetness grow between her thighs as she wrote. It was with a distinct blush that she finally had to stop writing for lack of light and returned to Xena at the campfire.

That night, as they laid out the bedrolls and went to sleep, Gabrielle for once was grateful that Xena was not the talkative kind. They simply wished each other goodnight. With her eyes closed, she was able to elaborate on details and choose more fitting words. She was looking forward to the morning, when she could insert the improvements in her G-scroll.

Had Xena raised one eyebrow as Gabrielle was less than chatty the night before, the next morning she raised both as her friend was up and about at first light. This was very unlike the bard she knew!

"The girl has definitely found her muse", she thought with a smirk.

For many moons to follow, Gabrielle spent much more time on writing than usual.

Xena was bored. Gabrielle had been gone for two hours now and would not return for at least another two. This time, the warrior was the one waiting for her friend to return and she positively hated it. She missed her. She made a mental note never to say; "Wait here" to Gabrielle again. Xena had done all the repairing she could think of and had practiced all her drills twice. Being a woman of action, she could not stand boredom. She decided to catch dinner and start preparing it, although that was usually Gabrielle's job. It would be nice to see the look of surprise on her pretty face when she came back and saw dinner served. When Xena went through the saddlebags to find some seasoning, she stumbled upon a bunch of scrolls. Oh well, she could just as well read one or two now, she thought and unwrapped one marked with a G on the ribbon. She knew Gabrielle would like Xena to read her version of their adventures. That would really make her happy. Xena liked to make her friend happy.

She sat down and started reading. Half way trough the first paragraph she felt a thud of surprise in her stomach when it hit her: in this story she and Gabrielle were lovers! She started again at the beginning, to see if her eyes had not deceived her! They hadn't. Her heart swelled with pleasure and she felt flattered and privileged. She went on reading and devoured the whole scroll till the end. The erotic elements did not fail to have an effect on the warrior princess, she felt a heavy blush grow in the pit of her stomach and spread trough her whole body. When she had finished reading it twice, she held the scroll in her hands and looked broodingly at the sky. Could this be? Was it possible that Gabrielle had a thing for her? Or would this classify as poetic freedom? Xena checked out some of the other scrolls. It didn't take her long to find out what the mark on the ribbon meant. There were many more G-scrolls! So this was the muse that had been inspiring her bard lately! It was obvious Gabriele had not meant Xena to know. But why not? Maybe she did not want to give in to her feelings. Xena realized she had not been paying enough attention to her young friend. How could she have missed this?

Xena really had to analyse her own feelings for the young bard now. She truly and deeply loved her. In Gabrielle she had discovered the other half of her soul. Xena was devoted to her. She never wanted to loose her. She also felt physically attracted to her, but thinking the bard would never feel for her the same way, she had ignored everything except the warm friendship they shared. It was worth that sacrifice, just to have her around. Xena thought the bard was far too pure and unspoiled for her. But now sweet little innocent Gabrielle did not appear to be so innocent after all! Still, she could not be sure.

Far away she heard Gabrielle approach their camp. Xena decided not to mention anything just yet and quickly rearranged the scrolls in the saddlebag.

Gabrielle found her stirring the rabbit stew. She was happy and talkative and told Xena all about her visit with Lila. She was indeed pleased that dinner was already prepared. Xena quietly observed Gabrielle, with an amused look on her face. When she handed Gabrielle her stew, she let her hand "accidentally" brush the bard's arm softly and watched her friend's reaction. Gabrielle blushed slightly, but seemed more confused by Xena's laughing eyes that held hers for a long moment.

They turned in early that evening. Xena positioned her bedroll a little closer to Gabrielle's than usual. They lay talking some more, but Xena pretended to fall asleep quite soon. She waited a while and then turned over towards Gabrielle and "unconsciously" put her arm over the young woman. Gabrielle inhaled sharply and held her breath for a long time, before she slowly let it out. Xena could almost hear her heart beat at double time. She was almost sure now, but decided it had to be Gabrielle's own choice to let Xena know how she felt. In the meantime, Xena rather liked her arm around the bard, and left it there, until she really fell asleep.

The bard could not doze off that easily. With Xena's relaxed arm over her breast, she could feel the warmth and smell the arousing scent of the warrior princess. The last thing on her mind was sleep! This was becoming very hard. She wondered if Xena was onto her secret but dismissed the thought. Xena never thought of her that way. It was more probable that one of the Gods was playing a game with them. Well, she'd enjoy it while it lasted and in the meantime, she got new inspiration for another G-scroll!

The next morning they broke up camp and started their travels again. They had quite a distance to cover. Xena convinced her friend to ride on Argo with her. Not behind her, like she usually did, but in front. Holding Gabrielle made her realize just how precious the blonde was to her. And how good it felt to hold her. Maybe this way she could give Gabrielle the confidence to tell Xena what was in her heart.

The bard could not believe her luck. She leaned back into Xena and thoroughly enjoyed the ride, the view and the arms around her. And talked about everything but her feelings for the warrior.

Of course this journey could not pass entirely uneventfully. The two beautiful women met with a bunch of warlords that outnumbered them ten to one, but that is not what this story is about, and besides, we all know how that always ends.

What was different was that Xena let Gabrielle take care of her wounds afterwards. They were superficial and normally she would have completely ignored them, but they fitted perfectly into the strategy. Xena watched Gabrielle's lovely face from up close, with a teasing smile on her face, as the bard scrutinized the cuts. Gabrielle was very careful not to look Xena in her eyes but she could feel her gaze. She held her breath as she carefully and tenderly dressed them.

Xena was pleasantly surprised to experience how it felt to be taken care of. She could get used to that!

Throughout the days that followed, Xena closely watched Gabrielle with an uninterrupted slight smile. Gabrielle seemed aware of that and wore an equally permanent blush all day, which made her even more desirable to Xena. As their eyes met, Gabrielle quickly lowered hers. She suspected that Xena was onto her after all and felt dreadfully shy. The warrior rather enjoyed this game. She found it very arousing to know how the bard felt for her. Neither said a word about it.

One day, towards midday, they came to a pond that looked very tempting. Xena undressed slowly, giving Gabrielle the time to admire her naked body. She felt very attractive, knowing that the bard was interested in her that way. With even more grace than usual she slid into the water, showing off a few of her many skills. She made one of her characteristic flips and the Xena-yell to go with it. She knew that would drive Gabrielle wild. Gabrielle took her time to undress and finally joined Xena in the water. She drifted on her back, trying not to move a muscle.

"Xena, you should try this! It is so relaxing. This is what it must feel like to float in the womb before you are born."

Xena tried it. "Nah, inside the womb, you don't have to make sure you don't drown. Come here." She went over to Gabrielle and took a hold of her head, supporting it just above the water. "Now you relax," she said softly.

The bard did as she was told, fully trusting her friend and Xena had ample time to look down onto the serene face and the beautiful body of the young woman. Her hair wet and her eyes closed. She could barely resist kissing her. But she did.

After a long while Gabrielle opened her eyes.

"That was great. You wouldn't like it though."

"Now why would that be?" Xena asked with a smirk.

"You'd have no control at all. You'd have to surrender yourself totally to me."

"Sounds good. My turn!" she said, lowered herself into the water and closed her eyes, completely trusting Gabrielle. The subtle smile never left her face. She was incredibly turned on, as she expected the bard to kiss her any time now. Her lips parted… she waited…. It was with a slight disappointment that she finally looked up straight into Gabrielle's bashful eyes.

"You were right, that was great," she said. And "The girl is gonna need some help", she thought.

Xena put a strong arm around the bard's shoulders and accompanied her to the shore. She sat Gabrielle down between her legs and started to massage her shoulders. The warrior got hold of the saddlebags and took out some olive oil, which she put on the bard's skin and then leisurely massaged the tense muscles of Gabrielle's neck and back, that gradually relaxed under her skilful touch. How was she going to get this very desirable young woman to open up to her? She could always put the pinch on her, but that somehow did not seem the right approach for this matter. When she gently rubbed her shoulders and arms, one erect nipple accidentally (this time not on purpose, honestly!) touched Gabrielle's warm back. It sent a wave of arousal trough her whole body. And not only hers!

The bard suddenly could not take it anymore and ran for the water. She splashed around wildly in order not to look at the beautiful warrior watching her.

"Mighty Aphrodite," Xena murmured. "I think I need help too!"

"Tell the gal how you feel, sweetie." Aphrodite said, appearing behind her. "Open up. It's easier for you. You know how she feels. She doesn't know how you feel. She's scared."

"Why would she be scared?" Xena asked the Goddess of Love.

"Duh! Of being turned down, stupid! Now you go tell her!" And with that, Aphrodite vanished in her godlike manner.

"Right! I should!" Xena said to thin air.

She stepped into the water again and took Gabrielle's hand.

"We have to talk," she said in a low voice.

"Yes," the bard replied. "What did Aphrodite want?"

"She told me to tell you."

"Tell me what?" She turned towards Xena and looked up into the sparkling blue eyes.

"That I'm in love with you".

"Are you?" the bard asked, holding her breath.

"Yes, so very much."

The bard felt happiness explode in her heart, but still could not quite believe it. "Are you under a spell?" she asked carefully.

"Most definitely", Xena replied with a broad grin, still holding her gaze. "Yours!" And with that, she took Gabrielle's face in both her hands and bent down to kiss her tenderly on her lips. Gabrielle pressed her whole body against Xena's and returned the kiss with passion.

"Oh Xena, please make love to me, before this enchantment goes away." The bard pleaded with her lips against the warriors'.

"I will make love to you, and it will not go. I love you, Gabrielle. I will love you for all eternity."

"How I have longed for you to tell me," Gabrielle sighed. "I love you too, warrior. So much!" The next kiss lasted for quite some time.

Suddenly they realized they were still in the water.

"Wait," Xena said. "I want everything to be perfect for our first time."

Gabrielle groaned.

"I know you have waited for the longest time, but I want to make it just right for you."

"Right," Gabrielle said, swallowing hard. "I will get us firewood."

"I will get us some fish."

"I am going to wash my hair first."

"Hmm, I love you with your hair wet!" Xena said.

It was fun. Their eyes kept meeting over the distance as they were doing their normal chores, and their gaze held a promise. Even without looking the one was very aware of the other. After Gabrielle had washed her hair, she got dressed again and collected firewood for a week. Xena got a large trout, started it over the fire and then went to clean up in the pond.

Gabrielle went to collect some berries for desert, when all of a sudden she had a hunch that something would happen to delay what she was craving for. Living with Xena for so long had taught her that usually something did happen… And she was right.

Xena, fully clad, was brushing her long dark hair to make herself even more beautiful for her bard, when suddenly Aphrodite appeared again.

"Well done, warrior babe," she said. "There's only one problem. Ares seems to be really jealous of the little blonde."

"What is he going to do about it," Xena asked with a frown.

"Raise an army of course. A few minutes away about a hundred men are led by one of Ares' new young protégés, ready to attack."

"Hades!", Xena cursed. "Aphrodite, I can't possibly keep Gabrielle waiting any longer now. Could you delay the soldiers?"

"Do birds fly? Off course I can," the Goddess said. "I'll dress up like you and divert the army." There was a pop and suddenly there were two Xena's.

"So this is what it feels like to be Xena, Warrior Princess!" Aphrodite exclaimed. "Doesn't feel so bad, sweetie. Now tell me, how long do you gals need?"

"Could you give us time until sunrise?"

" 'Course I can!"

"Thank you. I will not forget this."

"Oh, allright. Now you go and spoil the little blonde. Don't let her out of your sight."

"I most certainly won't", Xena smiled.

Aphrodite vanished the mortal way into the woods. She looked just a little like Meg, but an innocent spectator would never know the difference.

Gabrielle, who hurriedly came to look for her lover, saw two Xena's talking, one of which ran away.

"What was all that about?" she panted.

"Aphrodite is buying us some time," Xena said in a deep voice, putting an arm around her bard. "She is diverting Ares' army. She wants our first time to be perfect too."

Gabrielle smiled, but was not altogether reassured. "You are not Aphrodite, are you?' she asked.

"Try me," Xena offered with a loving smile.

The bard pulled Xena's head down for a scorching kiss and knew she had the right woman in her arms.

Their meal was nothing like their normal dinners. They sat very close and fed each other tasty bits and pieces by hand, touching lips, teeth and tongues, teasing, looking, smiling. It raised their appetites rather than satisfied them… And after dinner at long last it was time for the main course.

Xena teased and licked Gabrielle's hungry lips until she was groaning with need, and then finally she gave her lover what she was yearning for in a wild and tender dance of tongues and lips. She knew she didn't have to hold back: Gabrielle was more than ready. They feverishly undressed each other.

The bard's hands explored the warrior's smooth flesh. "You're so soft!" she exclaimed in surprise. Somehow, with all the display of strength and power, it had never occurred to her that Xena's body could feel so soft. But it did, and she liked it. Loved it! She stroked strong shoulders, long arms and cupped a generous breast and felt the nipple bore into her hand. How she had hungered to feel those beautiful twins! She kissed them both in turn and then carefully took one hard nipple into her mouth, sucking gently at first, but harder when she felt Xena react. Xena stroked her hair and pulled her head close to her breast.

"I love you, my bard," she said.

Gabrielle was ecstatic to finally touch the beautiful woman that only her eyes, her quill and her imagination had feasted upon for so long. She was overwhelmed by the fact that all her other senses could be so stimulated too. At long last she could smell the arousing scent, stroke the silky curves and long dark hair, taste the sensual lips and hear the soft moans of desire and pleasure of the woman she had wanted so much for so long. And all this simultaneously. It almost drove her insane with happiness. And on top of all that, Xena looked at her with love and desire and touched her willing form eagerly. This was pure bliss!

"Xena, you make me so happy," she sighed.

"Let me make you even happier," Xena said in a low voice. She slowly started kissing her way down to Gabrielle's moist core. As the bard widened her thighs, Xena took possession of her lover's desire. She fooled around for a bit, but then became just as greedy as her mate. She took the little nub into her mouth and started sucking. Gabrielle shamelessly rose to meet her, urging her to continue, needing Xena to take her. Xena happily complied. She slipped two fingers into Gabrielle's damp need, moving them slowly in and out. As Gabrielle felt the woman she loved enter her swollen centre, she felt a deep and rich sense of fulfilment pour into her. She moaned with pleasure and with augmented need for completion. Xena heard the bard catch her breath every time she moved in and increased the speed of her movements. She loved the sound of her lover's wordless encouragements and gave her what she wanted. She could hear and feel Gabrielle come as she screamed for the whole known world to hear: "OH, YES!!! …YES!!!! …XENA!!!!! …. OH YES!! …YES!!!"

Just as the last waves of her orgasm swept over her, and the bard lay semiconscious and totally satisfied, Ares suddenly made his appearance near the campfire. Xena, her head still buried between her lover's thighs, felt his presence before she saw him. Wide legged, his arms crossed and a very superior smile on his face. Xena quickly got up, in the same movement covering Gabrielle with a blanket, and stood stark naked in front of the God of War with an audacious smile. (filmed from behind, of course!)

Ares liked what he saw and it showed.

"The girl can never give you what I have to offer you, Xena." he said suggestively.

"Maybe I don't want what you have to offer, Ares." Xena answered coolly. "Take it like a mortal. Accept it."

"We could rule the world together, Warrior Princess. You don't get a second chance like this."

"I love Gabrielle, Ares. I will never love you that way. Now go away and leave us in peace."

Realising his loss, Ares disappeared with his usual display of sparkles and Xena turned to her lover.

"Hades!" she said. "He was waiting for you to come, until he showed himself!" They both giggled self-consciously. "And moreover: he ruined our after play!" She sighed in mock frustration. "We will have to start all over again now!"

"Hmmm," Gabrielle was able to utter, widening her arms for Xena to come under the blanket with her. "I don't mind starting all over. This was the most incredible thing I ever felt. I don't think I'll ever get enough of this!"

Xena stretched out alongside with a tender smile, but then pulled the bard on top. They started kissing again, more experienced now, and more confident but equally passionate.

"Hmmm, I am crazy about you, warrior," Gabrielle murmured against Xena's lips.

The bard lowered herself, kissing and touching every bit of perfect dark skin she could reach. Everywhere she sunlight ever touched, and more…

"You are so beautiful…," she sighed.

Xena was whining softly with pleasure when she felt Gabrielle reach her nipples, the soft curves of her soft belly and even louder when she reached the dark curls of her sex. The bard parted the slick folds and feasted upon them with her eyes, her fingers, her nose and, finally, her tongue. Xena's moans and movements told her what to do. She obviously needed Gabrielle inside her. As the blonde entered her wet lover she had the sensation of owning the warrior, and she was filled with pride. She moved in and out as much as Xena wanted and relished the sounds of satisfaction that rose from the warrior. She looked at Xena's face and saw a serene look of total surrender. To her! This fierce and dangerous woman warrior had totally submitted herself to her! Suddenly Xena opened her eyes and they radiated with love.

"This is so good," she uttered raggedly.

"Oh, yes!" Gabrielle sighed wholeheartedly before she started to suck Xena's clit again, keeping up the pumping in and out of her lover. Xena came with a force that almost scared the bard, but she held her ground, instinctively knowing what to do. All the Gods in Olympus must have heard the extreme fulfilment that Gabrielle gave her lover. She slowed down as the raging storm of Xena's orgasm receded at last. When she finally slipped out of her spent lover, she took her into her arms and held her close, overwhelmed by emotion.

"Oh Goddess," she whispered with a thick throat. "This is so good! This is even better than in my dreams.

"Yea, but your dreams are very arousing too," replied the warrior in a low voice.

"How would you know that?" Gabrielle raised an eyebrow. "Do I talk in my sleep?"


"Did you…?"

"I have read your G-scrolls", Xena said softly.

Gabrielle blushed deeply. "You did?"

"Yes, and I liked it. I really did!"

"Oh." She looked dreadfully embarrassed

"Come on! If I hadn't read them, I would never have dared to come on to you." That made Gabrielle smile. "I really thought you were much too pure for me."

"You did, huh?". A little smile appeared.

"Not anymore, I don't!" Xena said mischievously. They both giggled.

"So they've done their job," Gabrielle said. "I don't need them anymore now. Shall we burn them?"

"No! That would be a tragic loss! But we'll have to hide them, so they won't fall into the wrong hands."

"Do you know a place that would be safe enough?" the bard asked.

"Yes, I think I know just the place. There is a very large grotto that is really deep. They say it spreads underneath all of Greece and some even say it lies under the entire known world. The entrance is near Athens. An enormous spider lives in it and she is busy weaving a gigantic web. A world wide web. She could safeguard our G-scrolls for us."

"That seems like a plan."

(What became known as the X-scrolls, contain epic stories about Xena's adventures. The X-scrolls would serve, centuries later, as the basis for many episodes of the successful television series about the Warrior Princess The G-scrolls are adventures of another kind. Fiction if you like., and they would find their way to what would be known as alt-fic sites on the internet.)

The end

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