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Just Another Day For Xena

Sitting by the camp fire that night, I finally had a chance to reflect on everything that had happened that day. It seemed that through all the excitement, there hadn’t been a chance to actually think about what was happening. My brow furrowed in concentration as I began to think back to early that morning.

“What’s wrong?” Xena’s flat voice pulled me out of my thoughts. Both she and Gabrielle were looking at me expectantly. I addressed Xena when I spoke.

“Well, I was just thinking about everything we’ve been through today, and everything you’ve done – It’s amazing! You and Gabrielle imprisoned a powerful warlord, saving me and the other four slave girls; You took on that group of men who have been stealing from travellers along the Southern pass for years; You took on a whole army of Hera’s brutes alongside the legendary Hercules-”

“-And Iolaus!” Gabrielle added.

“-And Iolaus,” I said. “You were nearly seduced by the god of war, you saved a town from a band of looters, and even as we speak we’re almost at my village – After having returned all the other girls to their homes!”

Xena just looked at me with that blank stare, her piercing blue eyes boring into my own hazel ones; It was really quite unnerving…

She looked at me a moment longer and, never one to waste words, simply said, “Yep.”

I frowned in confusion and looked over at Gabrielle. A cheeky grin was sliding onto her lips. I looked away. Yep. Yep?! We’d just had a day filled with adventure, and all she could say was ‘Yep’?!

I could feel Xena’s eyes on me, and I looked back over to her. Her expression was still blank and unfathomable, but there was something different; A twinkle in her eye, and possibly the smallest hint of a smile at her lips? Yes, I could see the corner of her mouth twitch slightly as she tried to suppress a grin.

“I’m going to bed,” she said. “G’night.”

She stood up and walked over to her bed-roll on the other side of the fire. I looked at Gabrielle once again, and she anticipated my question.

“It’s just another day for Xena,” she said simply with a friendly smile.

She too went and lay down by the fire.

“Oh.” Just another day? I’ve never had this much adventure in my life! I thought to myself.

“Oh, Adriana,” Xena called out to me. “We should have you back with your family early tomorrow morning.”

I nodded in response.

“That is,” she continued, “If we don’t run into any more trouble – You know, people trying to kill us and stuff.”

With that, she rolled over, her back turned towards me and the fire, and went to sleep.

“Huh,” I whispered. “People trying to kill us and stuff?”

I found myself a comfy spot by the fire and I lay down.

Yep, I thought. Just another day for Xena.

The End!

Jan 2009

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