Simple Pleasures

by Bard Girl

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Subtext: Not so much sub as text.

Sex: Not really.

Summary: Xena and Gabrielle share a quite moment by the campfire.

Timeline: Can fit in anywhere.

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Xena had experienced lust and passion in every form. She had felt it consume her, felt it roll over her in waves until she was helpless to do anything but bow to its will. It was a powerful, heady experience.

It was nothing compared to the overwhelming sensations she felt from the quiet intimacy that she shared with Gabrielle.

The long talks by the campfire, lying together and studying the stars, watching the sun rise together in the morning. Simple things that meant so much more. Never before had Xena felt so comfortable around another person before.

She loved that, always had, but it was made all the more special by the new facet of their relationship. The physical one.

She loved being able to wrap Gabrielle in her arms, cradling the younger woman against her body and feeling the warmth and solidness of her for no other reason than she wanted to.

She loved lying beside Gabrielle at night and listening to the steady rhythm of their hearts beating in concert.

With a soft sigh she rolled onto her side and gazed across the fire at Gabrielle, who, despite the late hour was still hard at work. A smile twitched at Xena's lips as she watched Gabrielle's face run through a range of emotions as she laboured over the scroll, completely engrossed in her story.

So beautiful.

She realized she had spoken aloud when Gabrielle's head popped up and a shy, pleased smile formed on her face.

"I thought you'd fallen asleep," Gabrielle commented as she put down the scroll and slid over until she was seated next to Xena.

"Na, couldn't," Xena commented, rolling onto her back so Gabrielle could lay down alongside her.

Gabrielle settled her head onto Xena's stomach and closed her eyes. Xena looked down at her, certain that her heart would burst with the amount of love and affection she felt in that moment.

Unbidden, a song from a long time past slid into her thoughts. Something she had picked up in Britania. A gentle, haunting melody. She started at a hum, so quiet she could barely hear it herself, then gradually her voice rose to reach Gabrielle's ears. The silence of the night around them giving her voice an almost reverent tone.

"I love listening to you sing," Gabrielle murmured, her eyes drifting closed.


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