Disclaimer: these girls are mine, they may look familiar and act familiar but they are all mine. Cause we know the world is chock full o’ fine looking chicks like these, right?

Language: yes, I use the “F” word

Sex: Of course there is sex. Depictions of consenting adults participating in same sex unions

And possibly light BDSM scenarios; so if you are vanilla, be warned that this is dark chocolate, both bitter and sweet.

Violence: some and shit gets blown up too!


PUSHING INK (Hawaiian Style)
The fifth Skin Deep Story

By Black Cherry



Dr. Drelica Truman stretched. She took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes; blinking she looked at her watch and frowned. It was almost midnight. She had been putting in 14-hour days since her return from West Texas. She was exhausted, she was on the verge of suffering burn out, and she was glad that the digging season was over.

The excavation team had been called in from the field last week. It had been a nightmare cleaning up the messes that David Temple and his cronies had created for the museum, and for her personal life. She still cringed when she recalled the incident, and found it almost too far fetched to be believed, even though she had lived through it.

Still the museum had benefited and so had she. The museum was given the incredible gift not only of the digging rights to the excavation site by the landowner, but also the solid gold and jewelled cross of Coronado. Legends spoke of this cross-made by the Indians of west Texas as a gift to the Spanish Conquistador Coronado as a peace offering to stop the slaughter of their people. Gold was what the Spaniards wanted, and so the Indians fashioned a fabulous cross in the symbol of the Spanish god in the hopes it would satisfy their lust.

It had been on its way back to Spain when the galleon was attacked by British pirates in the Gulf of Mexico, and thought to be forever lost.  How it wound up back with the Indians is a mystery, but it was hidden in one of their sacred burial sites until the pillaging of David Temple and Mark Stephens discovered it.

Drelica frowned. There were still some pieces missing to the puzzle.  How did the cross get back to the Indians? How is it that if Torrid knew the cross was there, she never took it?

Torrid gifted the museum with the Cross to protect it from future treasure hunters who would surely have by now heard of its last resting place. It would be safe, locked up in the museum vaults, while a replica was placed on display for the public.  Drelica had a lot of questions to ask Torrid about the mysterious artefact, but they would have to wait. She hadn’t been able to spend much time with her the past few weeks with her duties at the museum tripling and her personal time at an all time low.

Drelica spent many hours at Torrid’s bedside as she recovered in the hospital after their return from West Texas. Torrid’s wounds had been serious but not life threatening, well, at least for a superhero, Drelica smiled to herself.  She paused a moment to think on Torrid Duncan. Torrid was a fascinating woman; Drelica had never met anyone like her before. She found Torrid to be a compassionate and intelligent woman, despite her rough exterior. Drelica would be forever grateful to Torrid for saving her, and with the thought, her heart swelled. She almost lost Torrid out there in the desert, and she realized then that she had deep feelings for her.

Drelica had battled with herself for the past month over her feelings for Torrid. She felt them intensely when Torrid was around, but when she was swamped with work, it was easier to put them away and not dwell on them too much.  Her life, her career, was a mess. The last thing she needed was to complicate matters more by falling in love. Too late. Damn. 

12:30 AM

“What the fuck?”
Torrid opened her eyes and looked at the digital clock.  She pulled the covers back and realized she was sweating. Her body was soaked again. Fucking nightmares. She reached for a cigarette, and then remembered she didn’t have any. She had quit smoking.

“Habit.” She said to herself.

The pounding at the door startled her. Shit!

That must have been what jarred her from her sleep.

“Who the fuck is beating on my door at this hour?” She muttered, reaching for a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

The pounding at the door was steady, urgent, but not violent. Cops. She smirked.

She opened the door a crack to see two plain-clothes officers standing just outside.

“Yeah?” She said, coldly.

“Torrid Duncan?” The detective asked.

“Who wants to know?” Torrid said, playing the game.

“I am detective Jim Stephens and this is Detective Nathan Peters--Homicide.”

Torrid opened her door wide and stepped back, allowing them to come in.

She turned on the kitchen light.

“What’s this about, gentlemen?” Torrid asked soberly.

“Ms Duncan, I am afraid we have some bad news for you.” Detective Stephens replied.

“Who’s dead?” Torrid said bluntly, her stomach turning over and over.

“Monica Truman.” Detective Peters answered.

Torrid sat down hard on the bar stool she had been standing near. The color went out of her face. She opened her mouth and raised her eyebrows asking barely above a whisper, “How? When?”

“We need you to come down to the morgue and identify the body.” Detective Peters said.

Torrid was livid. “Why me?” she said, “Don’t you need next of kin?”

“It’s complicated,” Detective Stephens said, “Her parents refuse to believe us when we asked them.”

“What?” Torrid said, agape.

“They are...strange. So Ms Duncan would you be willing to come? She listed you as an emergency contact at her place of employment, and you have her power of attorney.”

“Oh....yeah....” Torrid said. Fuck. I forgot about that.  “Homicide...” She said softly, considering. “How did she die?” She asked soberly.

“Cocaine overdose. She was gang raped and left tied up in some sort of suspension harness. We think it was a cult she was involved in.” Detective Stephens said.

“I hate to say this, but it doesn’t surprise me.” Torrid said, shrugging.

“Are you familiar with a group that calls itself the ‘grotto of discord’?” Detective Peters.

“Jesus fucking Christ, “ Torrid said, “She was involved with those losers?”
Torrid paced the floor. She was shocked, but not surprised. Monica had been a very unstable woman the past few months, becoming more and more reckless. Torrid had lost so much from her association with Monica, part of her was almost glad that she was gone. At least now there would be no more surprises.

God. Drelica.

Her heart fell. “Does her sister know?”

The detectives looked at Torrid, then at each other.

“We didn’t know she had a sister.” Nathan Peters said, flipping through his notes.  “Do you know where she can be reached?”

“Yeah. I do.” Torrid said, sadly. “But I am going with you.”

Drelica stirred her fifteenth cup of coffee absently as she made notes and reviewed reports.

She was burning the midnight oil in overdrive tonight. But tomorrow she was taking the day off.  She lost herself in reviewing and article on Volcanoes. She loved volcanoes. As much as digging up fossils, she loved seeing the act of creation itself in the erupting of a volcano. This particular volcano, was in Hawaii:

#Kilauea volcano, on the southernmost Island of Hawaii, is one of the most active on Earth. It predominantly erupts basaltic lava in effusive eruptions, although occasionally it experiences explosive eruptions as well. Kilauea sits on the south eastern side of the Big Island of Hawaii, resting on the flanks of it's larger neighbor volcano Mauna Loa (see map at right). Kilauea stands just under 4200 feet tall at its highest point. Kilauea has a 165m deep circular calderas at its summit that measures 3x5km (or 6x6 km, including the outermost ring faults). It is said that Kilauea is the home to Pele, the volcano goddess of ancient Hawaiian legends.

“I need a vacation.” Drelica said as she sipped her coffee.  Drelica’s daydream of vacationing in Hawaii began to unfold. Hiking in the Volcano national park, collecting ash and lava samples, watching the current eruption, and measuring the volcanic gases in the atmosphere..yeah, she smiled to herself.

Drelica tossed the magazine onto the desk and stretched in her chair. It was late.
“Shit, it’s after 1am.” She said to herself as she stifled a yawn. “Time to pack it in for the night.” 

She turned off her computer and desk lamp and grabbed her keys. As she turned to leave three shapes standing in the doorway startled her. She screamed and assumed a self-defensive posture.

“Dre--it’s me!” Torrid said, stepping into the light.

Drelica relaxed, her heart still pounding in her chest. “T-Torrid! You scared the fuck out of me!” she scolded.

The two men with Torrid stepped closer. They wore suits, they had badges. This was not good. Torrid’s face was white, her expression was one of sorrow. Her heart sank. Instinctively she knew what was coming.

“Dre--” Torrid said, stepping forward and touching Drelica’s shoulder, “These are detectives Stephens and Peters.”

Tears welled up in Drelica’s eyes. She felt her stomach cave in and her knees turn to jelly. Before the words were spoken, she heard them. She had heard them a thousand times before in her dreams. She always knew this day would come. She had seen it in a dream as a child. But the reality of this moment, long feared, long forgotten, came hitting home with a thud.  Drelica fell into Torrid’s arms sobbing as the detectives relayed the details of her sister’s death. And the final blow, the request for her to come and identify the remains. She collapsed.

Torrid wiped Drelica’s hair from her face, and placed a soft kiss there, and as if by magic her eyes opened. Torrid smiled and spoke softly to her.

“Hey babe--I’m here.” She said.

Drelica rolled over on the couch of the police station and tucked her head into Torrid’s lap, sobbing.  Torrid held her, brushed her hand softly over her hair and let her cry herself to sleep.  After all the statements were made, papers signed and arrangements made for the transport of Monica’s body to the funeral director, Torrid decided to take Drelica home with her. She was in no shape to care for herself right now, and after all the days that she spent by Torrid’s side in the hospital, it was the least she could do.

Torrid unlocked the door and walked Drelica inside. She was dead on her feet; exhausted and in shock.  Torrid guided her to the bedroom and sat her on the bed, while removing her shoes. She laid the spent woman back on the pillow, and spoke soft words of comfort to her.

“Babe, it’s going to be alright.” She brushed Drelica’s bangs from her eyes, and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Then, she hovered a moment and placed a soft warm kiss on Drelica’s lips.

“Good night, baby girl.”
Torrid lay down next to her, and Drelica curled up against her strong body. Torrid wrapped her strong, painted arms around Drelica, who seemed somehow frail at this moment. After a moment Drelica’s breathing deepened and sleep had claimed her.

Torrid lay awake all night, her thoughts restless. Her emotions running high. She needed to escape all of this stress and drama; wanted to take Drelica away from it too. Somewhere far away ..in paradise.


Torrid looked at herself in the mirror. She fussed with the collar of her shirt, and frowned. She hated funerals. She hated death, loss and tragedy, but it somehow seemed to be her constant companion in life. Even now, she was forced to attend the funeral of the woman who betrayed her and broke her heart, to show support for the woman who she now wanted to give her heart to.

“That’s what you call ironic.” She said as she applied a splash of mellow cologne.

She looked pale and tired. She frowned at her reflection as she turned to check on Drelica.

The past week had been very difficult on Drelica. She was in shock at the news that her sister had been killed. She had a vision of it happening from childhood. She had told Torrid one night while she sobbed and rested in her arms. The dreams that haunted her, her whole life, of that very moment. It had been almost prophetic. Torrid’s heart was heavy for Drelica. She held her and kissed her head. She wasn’t good with words, but she did all she could to express her concern and her devotion.

Torrid had stepped up to be there for her, and had informed the museum of Drelica’s loss, took her phone messages, and collected her mail for the entire week.

It seemed to Torrid that Drelica was burning out on stress.  So was she. It was time for a break. Enough was enough.  The police investigation would be ongoing, but it was unlikely that Monica’s assailants would ever be caught. Discordians moved from city to city preying on young kids looking for a walk on the wild side. Monica was easy prey. She was her own worst enemy. But she left pain and misery in the wake of her passing.

She entered the living room to see Drelica reclining on the sofa, dressed and ready, but exhausted; as though it was an effort to breathe. Lockjaw laying loyally at her feet, instinctively knowing something wasn’t right. 

All the vital energy and strength seemed to bleed out of her that night at the museum.  Torrid frowned again. Twins. The separation anxiety. That’s what’s killing her. Torrid thought sadly. She feels disconnected. How do I fix it?

“Come on babe--I’ll be by your side.” Torrid said, taking Drelica’s hand and helping her rise from the sofa.

“You will?” she asked, her voice like a little girl.

“As long as you want me.” Torrid said softly.

Drelica wrapper her arm around Torrid’s and held on tight, smiling weakly.

With a sad sigh she said, “Let’s do this.”

Torrid turned to her faithful pit bull, Lockjaw as she and Drelica left the loft, “Be a good boy. Watch the house.”

Monica’s service was short. Drelica spoke about her sister, about how she loved her, but was unable to save her and that maybe now she was in a better place.

Torrid’s heart went out to Drelica, and in a charitable moment to Monica too. You didn’t deserve to die, she thought. But you are in a better place now.  You won’t hurt anymore. You won’t hurt others.

Drelica had requested that Monica be cremated, and Torrid agreed to whatever Drelica wished. She held Monica’s power of attorney and so she signed the consent forms. Drelica’s parents did not participate in the arrangements or attend the service, but oddly enough, they requested guardianship of Monica’s ashes and her dogs. Drelica didn’t understand it, nor did she wish to; but gave her consent to be done with the matter.  Torrid delivered Monica’s two dogs and the Earn to Drelica’s mother. And that was that.

Drelica went back to her office the day after Monica’s funeral to collect her messages and get some projects to work on at home. She sat at her desk suddenly overcome with fatigue. She hadn’t slept well, and was barely eating. She looked haggard.

“Knock-Knock.”  A voice said from outside her office door.

Drelica looked up to see Sybil Meeks standing there. Sybil was on the Museum board of directors. A tall slender woman in her 30’s.

“Oh, Hey Sybil,” Drelica said.

“Oh honey, you look awful!” Sybil said crossing to pat Drelica’s shoulder.

“Gee, thanks.”

“Understandable. We’re all so very sorry for your loss.” Sybil said, kindly.

“My timing couldn’t be better--Here,” Sybil said, handing an envelope to Drelica. “The board had a meeting last night and we all agreed... you need a break.”

“What’s this?” Drelica asked, surprised.

“A token of our gratitude for saving all of our asses, while working yours off. It’s a vacation voucher and bonus. Take three weeks. Effective now.”

“I don’t know what to say--” Drelica said, suddenly dumbfounded.

Sybil picked up the magazine featuring the volcanoes of Hawaii that lay on Drelica’s desk and she slid it back across the desk at Drelica.

“Say Aloha”, Sybil grinned.

Drelica smiled and nodded to Sybil as she turned to leave, “Thanks, Syb.”
She picked up the magazine and thumbed through it again. She sat down as she turned the pages; in her head, gears began to turn as well.

Torrid was sleeping on the couch. She had passed out flipping channels on the TV.  Drelica had insisted on going in to her office to tidy up and get some things she needed; but Torrid suspected she also needed some personal space, so she didn’t argue.

Torrid was wiped out too. She could barely stay awake after a week of caring for Drelica. Monica’s passing had been as hard on her as their break up had.  She felt bad about still being angry at Monica, she felt cheated that Monica had died, and she would never have any kind of satisfaction, or validation from their relationship. No true closure.

Their last words to each other had been angry. Torrid was filled with regret, and more anger.

She felt for Drelica losing her sister, but knew their relationship was anything but healthy or normal. Still, Monica was her sister.  Her twin. Losing her must be the hardest thing Drelica has ever faced.

Drelica described the feeling to Torrid as an empty shelf in an otherwise full cupboard. It must be maddening for her on one hand, and a relief on the other. Monica was a disturbed individual.

In her sleep Torrid’s mind processed the stresses through vivid dreams which were anything but passive. She jolted awake at the sound of the phone, and realized that again, she had been sweating. Fuck. She tried to focus her blood shot, blue eyes to find her cell phone.

“Yeah?” she answered in a sleepy voice.

“Oh babe, did I wake you?” Drelica said. “I am sorry.”

“No big...what is it Dre?” Torrid replied, shifting to sit up. “Everything okay?”

“I don’t know...Torrid...remember when you asked me to go away with you?” Drelica said, fishing.

“Yeah...that day outside the museum. I remember.”

“If you could go anywhere in the world--where would you go?”

“Uh..” Torrid stifled a yawn, “I dunno babe, Hawaii probably. Why?”

“You’re kidding?” Drelica said, surprised and pleased at the same time.

“No...I’d pick Hawaii. What’s up?” Torrid asked again.

“Okay--then yes.” Drelica replied, smiling.

“Yes? Babe--you lost me.” Torrid said, scratching her head.

“Yes, I will go away with you, and thank you for asking me to go to Hawaii. We leave the day after tomorrow. Aloha baby. I’ll let you get back to your nap now. Bye.”


Torrid sat there staring at her cell phone.

“Uh...aloha.” She said as she closed her phone and shrugged at Lockjaw, “I guess we’re going to Hawaii.”


The airport was a nightmare; security check points, unpacking and repacking carryon bags, taking off shoes, putting shoes back on, setting off metal detectors. Torrid thought she would lose her mind if one more metal wand was waved over her body parts. She needed a cigarette. Fuck. She had quit smoking. She was tense and angry; but Drelica seemed relaxed and was taking it all in stride. Torrid, however, was not.

“I think I am going to fucking go insane!” she growled as she and Drelica finally emerged from the checkpoint and began to head to their departure gate.

“Oh Torrid, it’s okay--we’re done there. Chill. Relax. You’re on vacation now.” Drelica smiled.

Torrid frowned, and said nothing. It wasn’t the security check point that was weighing heavy on her. “It’s all good.” she said with a sigh.

Drelica wondered what was up with Torrid. She seemed fine til the moment the cab pulled up to the airport, then she was jittery and on edge. It had to be more than the security run around and the crowded terminal. She decided to just put it in the back of her mind but she was certain there was some anxiety making Torrid a basket case. What could it be? She’s super dyke! Drelica pondered to herself. 

Torrid was the woman who parachuted into the West Texas desert and fought through a small force of armed and dangerous men to rescue her, why was she so shook up about a flight to Hawaii?
Flight...Drelica thought on it for a moment. Torrid is afraid to fly?  She raised an eyebrow dismissing the thought almost as instantly as it formed in her head.  Surely not, after all, Torrid had flown to West Texas.

Torrid spotted a sundries shop in the airport concourse, and made a bee line for it. Drelica narrowed her eyes as they followed Torrid. She was up to something.

Torrid made her purchase quickly and shoved the small bag into her jacket pocket, then rejoined Drelica who stood outside with all the carry on luggage. Drelica stood with her arms folded, eyeing Torrid suspiciously. Torrid shrugged.

“I forgot condoms” she grinned mischievously, “It’s a long flight.”

“Yeah, right.” Drelica said. “Hope you enjoy yourself, then.”

Torrid scowled, she wasn’t in the mood to be teased.

“We better get to the gate.” She said flatly.

Drelica smirked to herself. She had seen Torrid’s purchase through the transparent plastic bag in which the cashier placed it. Dramamine. Torrid was afraid to fly. Wow. Who’d have thought? Drelica shrugged to herself as she readjusted her carryon strap and stepped up her pace to catch up with her irritated companion.

“Hey, it’s going to be okay, you know?” Drelica said softly to Torrid.

“What are you talking about?” Torrid asked, in a denying tone.

“The flight--” Drelica said, trying to ease Torrid’s fears without confronting her about having them in the first place. This was tricky--she sighed silently to herself as she tip toed lightly over Torrid’s super dyke ego. “Torrid, it’s been a stressful month--you’ll feel better when we get there. Palm trees, sandy beaches--coconut drinks. It’ll be fine.”

Torrid cocked her head to one side, but her expression was no longer one of irritation, but hope. “I hope so Dre--” she said, as Dre touched her shoulder and squeezed. “Thanks.”

Okay, Torrid thought to herself, takeoff wasn’t too bad.  Just that annoying popping in her ears. She hated that.  She’d be okay until they got over water.  Water was when she would start to feel sick. Crap. I had to think about being sick, didn’t I?   Just then Drelica handed Torrid a box of Dramamine.

“Here---your ‘condoms‘.” Drelica smirked. “It’ll be our secret.”

Torrid frowned and took the box from her, but then when she met Drelica’s eyes, she smiled and winked.

The view of the pacific from the air was breath taking, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Torrid sat reading her book on Samoan and Polynesian tattooing from the security of her aisle seat, while Drelica took in the view. Soon they would be in the Aloha islands, possibly the most romantic place on earth. Drelica sighed happily anticipating spending a week with Torrid in the tropical paradise.

Torrid put her book aside and reclined the back of her seat and closed her eyes. She wanted to relax if possible for a while before landing. After a few moments the world around her faded away and she was fast asleep. Drelica looked over at her sleeping warrior and smiled. She loved seeing Torrid in repose. It was as if the weight of her darkness was lifted from her and there only remained a strong and beautiful woman in a state of peace.

Drelica rested her head as well, and unconsciously leaned on Torrid’s shoulder as she too faded off into dreamland. As she fell into a hazy bliss her thoughts were of her dark Amazon.

A bit of turbulence shocked Drelica from her slumber and she snapped awake. She suddenly felt the urge to relive herself of all the fluids she had been drinking during the flight; so she unfastened her seatbelt and headed to the first class lavatory.

Inside she took care of her business and washed her hands and checked her makeup and hair in the mirror. She prowled through her handbag to search for her lipstick when suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“One moment please, “ she replied to the knock.

“Dre--it’s me!” a familiar voice said through the door, “Let me in.”

Drelica unlocked the door and Torrid quickly pushed her way inside the small compartment.

“Torrid--what are you doing?” Drelica asked

“I gotta go.” Torrid said, indicating the toilet.

“I was almost finished, Torrid--Jeez!” Drelica said, flustered.

Torrid stepped toward her, pushing her suddenly against the wall of the plane. She traced a finger along Drelica’s cheek and over her lip. Drelica absently touched it with her tongue and closed her teeth gently around it. Shocked at her own response, she gasped and blushed.

Torrid leaned in close and brushed her lips to Dre’s. The kiss was soft, warm and wet. With every heart beat, it deepened, and so the passion flame was ignited. Torrid pressed hard into Drelica, and Drelica in return wrapped her legs around Torrid’s waist, as Torrid lifted her up and devoured her mouth.

Kissing Drelica breathless, Torrid then slid Dre over to the counter and leaned her against it while she eagerly began to unbutton Drelica’s blouse.

Torrid broke the hungry kisses only to begin kissing, sucking and nibbling at Drelica’s throat, sending chills up and down her spine and making her weak in the knees.  Surging with sudden arousal, Drelica sunk her nails into Torrid’s back, spurring her to a renewed frenzy of horniness.

“Oh god, Torrid--” Drelica moaned breathlessly, “You make me crazy, baby!”

Torrid kissed  her hard, then sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and pulled it gently with her teeth.

Jesus this woman knows how to kiss! Drelica’s thoughts echoed in her head. She felt her center throbbing, her legs becoming weak, her powers of resistance waning with each touch, nip and suck from Torrid’s skilled mouth. 

Torrid reached down with one hand and gripped Dre’s thigh. She stroked her way upward toward Dre’s soaking wet center. Drelica flinched and started, pulling away from Torrid’s hungry kisses to catch her breath. She was dizzy, excited and totally weak to resist. Torrid’s hand finally reached Drelica’s mound and she gasped as Torrid cupped it, feeling the wetness seeping out through the weave of her panties.

“Drelica,” Torrid’s sexy commanding voice whispered into Drelica’s ear. “What do you want babe?”

Drelica moaned. She drew in a labored breath, then let it out quickly as Torrid’s thumb brushed her slit through the cloth of her panties.

“Oh God---I want...”

“Yes? Tell me...tell me...” Torrid coaxed.

“Oh babe I want you to fuck me.”

Torrid spewed her cocktail and her eyes widened as she looked over at Drelica who was reclined in her seat talking in her sleep.

“Shit--” she said, wiping the drink from her chin.  “Dre--wake up babe.”

Drelica woke from her sleep, suddenly realizing where she was and what she was doing.

Crap! Did I say that out loud? She looked at Torrid, who’s face was bright red. Crap...I did.

Torrid looked at her shoes for a long minute, then she could no longer contain herself and she said, “Babe, I’d love to fuck you--but can’t we wait til we get to the hotel?”


Drelica punched her in the arm.

Torrid cracked up laughing, rubbing her arm she said, “Oh Dre, I’m just fucking with you! Come on, don’t be mad.”

Dre frowned at Torrid, but her frown quickly faded to a smile as she saw passed Torrid out the window of the plane to see the island of Hawaii.

“Oh gosh! We’re here!” she beamed, forgetting all about being angry.

Stepping off the plane onto the jet way, Torrid let out a long sigh of relief. Thank Gods. I made it and I didn’t puke.

After much wrangling of luggage and flagging down a cab, Torrid and Drelica were on their way to the resort they had reservations. Al’s Volcano Cottage: Drelica decided a quiet private bungalow would be best; and it was in the rain forest near the Hawaiian volcano national park and the Hawaiian rain forest.

Torrid sat down the bags and flopped onto the bed with a huge sigh of relief. She was followed by Drelica who flopped beside her with a giggle. She rolled over and put her arms around Torrid spooning her. She held her for a long moment, and Torrid reached behind her to softly caress Drelica.

“Aloha baby, “Torrid said softly.

“Aloha, Tor” Drelica answered hugging her close.

CHAPTER FOUR: "He hale kou." (you are always welcome here)

Drelica woke up with her arms still wrapped around Torrid who was sleeping in the position she fell onto the bed in. After the long flight and ordeal of collecting luggage and securing a taxi to the resort, they were both all in.  A short nap seemed just the thing, for now, Drelica was wide awake.  She decided to leave her sleeping Amazon in peace while she took a shower and changed into something comfortable.

She went to her suitcase and quietly unpacked, placing her foldable clothing items in the dresser drawer, and hanging her more dressy items in the walk in closet.  She dug through her suitcase until she found her Firey colored bikini and a beautiful sarong. Perfect, she thought to herself as she headed to the bathroom to grab a refreshing shower.

Drelica felt a surge of relief and energy come over her when she stepped into the spray of water and began to wash herself with the coconut body wash the resort had provided. It smelled tropical and exotic. Just the ticket to revive her deadened senses. The past few months had been very stressful, and tragic. She needed this rebirth of body mind and soul, and felt that coming to the islands, most specifically the island of the fire Goddess Pele and her sacred volcanoes would offer her that very rebirth.

Here she would be able to witness first hand the very act of creation. The earth renewing itself, forming new land, rebuilding what time and tragedy tear down. She could relate on so many levels. She took a long slow breath in, and let it out, feeling very relaxed and very happy for the first time in a while.

Emerging from the bathroom half an hour later in nothing but a towel, she caught a glimpse of her sleeping Amazon. Torrid hadn’t moved a muscle since the passed out. She was exhausted. She had been through a lot too. Drelica’s smiled softly when she thought of how Torrid had been there for her. She came to her rescue, and put her needs before her own. Even with her own personal ordeals and recent heartbreaks, Torrid had remained steadfast at Drelica’s side. Drelica hadn’t thought about her feelings for Torrid in any depth the past few months, because her work kept her busy and they hadn’t spent a great deal of time together after returning from West Texas. Seeing Torrid exhausted and vulnerable before her made her heart swell with feeling. She would have plenty of time to think about those feelings now.

Drelica reached out and touched Torrid’s forehead. She brushed Torrid’s ebony locks away and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Sweet dreams, my Amazon” She whispered, and quietly crept over to the vanity to put her bathing suit on.  She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and frowned. She was pale, and haggard. The dark tan she had gathered at the beginning of the spring in the west Texas desert had faded, and she looked hollow and ghostly. She really needed to get some sun, and reflect. 

Drelica stepped out onto the porch of their small cottage. The view of the Hawaiian tropical forest was breath taking.

Wow... it looks just like Jurassic Park!  she thought to herself laughing, God, Dre, you’re such a Nerd!

They were near the volcanoes as well; Drelica smelled the molten earth and volcanic ash on the air.  It mixed in with sea breeze and the smell of her coconut body wash, and it smelled like paradise.  She found a rope hammock in the wooden storage bin and hung it up on the appointed rings attached to the porch supports. Now this was her idea of heaven.

Inside, Torrid slept fitfully. She had been plagued with nightmares for years and with the recent stresses and unprocessed emotional baggage littering her psyche, she wasn’t about to get a reprieve any time soon. She tossed and turned, finally jerking awake breathing heavily and sweating from her temples.

“Where the fuck am I?” She said aloud to herself as she sat up. She assessed the room, and started to gather her wits.

Oh yeah. Hawaii.  She stretched smiling, then got up to go to the bathroom to relieve herself. Noticing the shower freshly used, she could deduct that Drelica had showered and dressed herself and was probably out exploring the island. She frowned. She had hoped to spend some quiet time with her on their first day, just chilling and talking about things long over due.

Then again, the talking part was always hard for her. Maybe she should just keep busy?

Torrid was struggling internally with her feelings for Drelica.  Should she risk it? What if it wasn’t mutual?

She shook it off as she stepped into the shower, and turned the water on, letting it rain on her face and tattooed flesh.  Torrid washed herself almost ritually, cleansing the fatigue of the trip from her skin, but also seemingly washing away the stress and sorrow of the previous weeks. It was time to shed some skin. It was time for new beginnings, for both her and Drelica.

Yeah....it’s time. She thought to herself as she turned off the shower and stepped out onto the grass mat. As she dried off, she stepped toward the sink to brush her teeth. The steam from the shower had made the mirror fog over, and as she wiped it away with her hand, she saw a ghost of her former Self looking back at her, pale and exhausted.
”Christ, I look like death warmed over.”

Torrid took a deep breath and let it out slowly, remembering her martial arts. Remembering the grounding and centering it always gave her. She brushed her teeth, then went to find something comfortable to wear. Torrid had packed light, but she still managed to bring plenty of things to choose from. Being a classic look kind of girl, Torrid chose a pair of cut off blue jeans and an A-shirt, along with a tribal necklace which featured a bee in amber pendant. She let her hair stay shaggy and un-kept, and applied a little scented splash to freshen her skin.

Torrid stepped out onto the porch of the bungalow to find Drelica swinging leisurely in the hammock. She smiled as she stretched and yawned and took in the beautiful view.

“Wow, babe.”

”I know! I can’t believe we’re here!”

“Wow, you look fuckin’ hot.” Torrid said as she caught an eye full of Drelica in her bikini.

“I sure as hell don’t feel hot,” Drelica sighed. “I am so pale and haggard.”

”Honey,” Torrid said with a soft chuckle, “That makes two of us. We need some sun and surf. How about we hit the beach?”

”Oh yeah! Let’s do it!”

Drelica jumped up enthusiastically from the hammock and headed inside to pack a beach bag and grab some towels.  Torrid went to the phone to call the resort desk and book a rental car for the duration of their stay.

An hour later, Torrid and Drelica had set up a nest on the beautiful beach of (?). The surf was amazing, the view was breathtaking and Drelica was documenting it with her camera while Torrid lounged in a reclining beach chair tanning herself, with a bucked of ice and bottled beer within arm’s reach.

“Drelica, if you don’t stop taking pictures and go swim, I’ll pick you up and throw you into the surf myself.”

“Oh don’t be such a wet blanket—I love taking pictures. Don’t you have any pictures from your past vacations?”

Torrid sat up and sipped her beer. “I’m not exactly a shutter bug, Dre.”
”But I do have some souvenirs from my travels,” she continued, indicating her ink collection which splashed across her skin like an animated mural.

Drelica took a photo of Torrid. She loved looking at Torrid’s ink. She loved how it moved and seemed to come to life when Torrid moved and flexed her body. Torrid was so beautiful and exotic, Drelica couldn’t take her eyes off of her.

“Hey, hey—go swim.” Torrid said, annoyed that now she was being photographed.

“What’s the matter? Is the Amazon afraid I have captured her spirit with my magic picture machine?” Drelica teased.

Torrid grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down onto her lap. Their eyes met.
Drelica froze. There was so much behind those eyes—she could see through the ages looking into Torrid’s blue eyes. Her breath caught in her throat at the intensity of what she was looking at. She could ‘feel’ Torrid’s thoughts, and she could feel Torrid’s heart beating. It was as if they were inside of each other.

Torrid touched Drelica’s cheek gently, and reached for her hand. She brought the delicate hand to her lips and placed gentle butterfly kisses on the softness of the digits. Drelica gasped and began to shake, butterflies now inhabiting her stomach.

“Drelica—you’ve captured so much more.” Torrid said, whispering.

Drelica gasped softly, as if she could feel the words Torrid was speaking. It was the most intense moment she had ever had in her life. She was breathless, speechless, and caught in this eternal moment.

“Torrid, I don’t know what to say.” She whispered.

“Then don’t say anything.” Torrid replied.

 Drelica leaned in and kissed Torrid’s lips softly, slowly. It was the sweetest of kisses, so gentle, so warm and soft. It was like silk on velvet. Torrid smiled as she pulled Drelica down on top of her, and wrapped her arms around her. She sighed a long overdue relaxed sigh as she absorbed the moment. All around her there was paradise; the sandy beach, the pounding Hawaiian surf, the coconut trees swaying in the breeze, her woman at her side, and not a care in the world. All her troubles seemed so far away.

“Lesbians? Now this is interesting”, Alex Coburn said, as he focused his field glasses on the couple nestled together on the beach below. “And I thought this was going to be a boring holiday.”

“What’s that Alex?”

“Nothing Rick, go back to your bimbo.” Alex replied to his friend Richard Price. The two young jet setters had come to Hawaii looking for waves and babes, but Alex was bored by the easy pickings, and was seeking a true challenge for his playboy conquest. I may have just found it, he thought to himself as he sat back in his chair and stirred his martini with his finger. Sipping his drink he sighed with content at the beautiful view from their balcony suite and lit a cigar.

“Well excuse me, Alex,” Rick said as he offered Alex the bird.

“Jules, bring me the phone.” Alex said to the maid.

“Yes Mr. Coburn”. She replied, as she sat a large ornate phone on the table next to him and plugged it into the outdoor jack.

Alex Coburn tucked his cigar into the corner of his mouth as he rang the front desk.

“This is Alex Coburn in the balcony suite.”

The front desk attendant replied, “Oh yes, Mr. Coburn, is there anything we can do to make your stay more pleasurable?”

”Oh I can think of about a thousand things, sweet cheeks, but we can start with this—“

Drelica napped in Torrid’s arms soaking in the warm sunshine and feeling more content and happier than she ever had before. Her mind replayed the scene that took place between them an hour ago in her head, she knew that was a big step for Torrid. She also knew her response would be significant to them both. She had a lot of soul searching to do, and she was thankful that Torrid wasn’t an impatient woman, who sensed that Drelica needed time to absorb the moment. Torrid had been a great friend. Friend? Yes, she was a friend, but she had always been something more, and now she could be so much more.

But am I ready? Is she?

”Excuse me, ladies.”

Drelica was yanked from her introspection by the voice of a waiter holding a tray with two mai tais on it.

Torrid lifted her shades to examine the waiter and the tray.

“What’s up?” Torrid asked.

”These are for you two ladies. Compliments of the gentleman in the balcony suite.”

Drelica and Torrid looked at the waiter, then to each other and then back to the waiter.

“Uh—thanks?” Drelica said, cautiously.

“Who is this gentleman?” Torrid asked, somewhat suspiciously.

“It’s Mr. Alexander Coburn. He’s here for the surfing competition. He comes every year. You want the drinks?”

”Sure, why the hell not?” Torrid said, gesturing for him to set them on the table. Torrid then reached for her fanny pack to get a $5 bill out to tip the waiter, but he held up his hand.

“It’s okay, he took care of that too. Thanks anyway.”

”Looks like he took care of everything.”

The waiter shrugged. “If you need anything, I’m Tony, and my instructions are to take care of you.”

“Uh, thanks, Tony we’re good.”

The waiter nodded then left. Torrid squinted into the sun looking up to the balcony where she could see a youngish man standing looking back at her holding up his martini glass in a toasting gesture. She cracked a half smile, then reached for her mai tai and returned the toasting gesture.

“Babe? You seem uneasy.” Drelica said, reaching for her drink and stirring it with the straw.

“Yeah…a bit. It’s just weird is all, a stranger sending us drinks.”

“I wonder what he wants.” Drelica pondered as she sipped the sweet tropical drink.

“Oh I know what he wants. What do all men want?”  Torrid laughed.

“Maybe not. Maybe he’s just being hospitable.”

”Maybe. But I doubt it.” Torrid sipped her mai tai and smiled at Drelica.


After spending the afternoon on the beach, Torrid and Drelica went back to the bungalow to clean up and think about dinner. While Torrid showered, Drelica looked at brochures from all the local attractions and restaurants. She laid out the ones that interested her and sat the others aside for Torrid to go through.

”I feel so much better,” Torrid said as she came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her waist. “I had no idea it was possible to get sand in the crack of your ass just sitting in a lounge chair.”

“And what a lovely ass it is, Torrid.” Drelica purred.

Torrid leaned over to kiss Drelica softly on the lips. She let her lips linger for a second before pulling back and looking into Drelica’s eyes. Beautiful. She thought to herself.

”Drelica—why don’t you shower, and we’ll figure out what we’re going to eat. I am getting---hungry.”

Drelica could tell there was more than food on Torrid’s mind. She smiled shyly and ran into the bathroom, but before closing the door she turned to Torrid and said, “Hey look through the brochures and see what you want for dinner.”

I know what I want. Torrid thought. Down girl. Slow.

Torrid’s thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door.

“What the fuck?” Torrid put on a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of linen trousers, and threw her wet towel on the floor next to the bed. Torrid opened the door to see a young well- dressed man waiting on the porch.

“Yeah? Can I help you?” Torrid asked.

”Hello. I’m Alex Coburn. How do you do?” Alex smiled in greeting. Jesus she’s fucking hotter up close! Alex thought to himself, checking Torrid out from head to toe. Look at all those tattoos. I bet she’s a real bad girl.

“Who?” Torrid asked, furrowing her brow.

“I sent you and your –friend, a couple of mai tais on the beach this afternoon.”

”Oh yeah, okay. Thanks. I’m Torrid Duncan.”

”Nice to meet you. And your beautiful friend is?”

”Drelica Truman. So what do you want?”

“Well, I have to make a confession. I asked Tony, the barkeeper to find out where you were staying so I could come up and invite you to my luau this evening.”

Torrid raised an eyebrow.

”It’s a sort of party. A barbeque, Hawaiian style.”

Torrid crossed her arms in front of her chest and furrowed her brow. “I know what a damned luau is, Alex. What I’m trying to figure out is why the fuck you are stalking me and my—friend.”

Alex blinked. “Shit. I’m sorry to have bothered you. I didn’t mean to intrude, really, I just saw you on the beach, and you looked interesting and fun, and thought you’d like to come to my party and break bread with the locals. Sorry. Good night.”

Alex turned to leave, but felt Torrid’s hand on his shoulder. Gotcha. He smiled inside, as he stopped with one foot on the porch and one foot on the stoop.

“Wait. I’ll ask Drelica. It’s up to her.” Torrid said. “Sit down, have a beer. There’s some in the cooler.”

“Thanks, and thanks for the beer.”

Torrid walked back into the bungalow as Drelica was dressing. “Babe, who was that you were talking to?”

“Shit, well, here’s the deal—that guy who sent the drinks on the beach? He’s outside right now.”

”What? Why?” Drelica asked, as she brushed her hair.

“He wants us to go to his luau. It’s a barbeque, Hawaiian style,” Torrid mocked. “Like I don’t know what a fucking luau is.”

“So tell him to fuck off, if you don’t want to go.”

”I told him it’s up to you.” Torrid said, sheepishly.

Drelica frowned. “Oh I see—so if I want to go and it sucks, it’s all my fault. But if I don’t want to go, you don’t come off as the bad guy. Torrid, don’t do this to me—if you want to go we’ll go.”

Torrid bit her lip. “Well—I never been to a luau.”

Drelica laughed, “You’re so cute. We’ll go. But if the creepy stalker man tries to get up on you, you have only yourself to blame.”

“That’s why I’m taking my gun.” Torrid smiled wickedly.

Alex Coburn’s luau was a magical affair, held at his private bungalow on the beach. It was like something out of a movie. Intimate lighting of open flames set against a beautiful tropical sunset over the waves of the Pacific Ocean. The food was unbelievable, the entertainment fantastic; fire spinners, hula dancers, singers, musicians and drummers. Upon their arrival, the trio was greeted by two beautiful island girls bearing leis made of white orchids.

“Aloha, and welcome.”, Alex said. “come and meet my other guests.”

”Alexander, thank you for inviting us to your lovely party.” Drelica said, as he kissed her hand.
”Not at all. It’s like I was telling Torrid; when I saw you two on the beach, you were the most interesting people I’ve seen in ages. I had to ask you! You have no idea how easily bored I am, and you will add so much color and flavor to my evening.”

Alex then reached to kiss Torrid’s hand, but she pulled it away. “Sorry, I’m not the hand kissy type. How about we just shake on it?”

Alex took Torrid’s hand and shook it, but was surprised at the firmness of her grip. Wow. I bet she’s the top. “That’s a firm grip you got there, Torrid.”

”I work out.” Torrid said. “Speaking of flavor, where’s the food? I’m starved!”

Alex laughed and gestured for the two women to sit at the luau feast.  They took the two empty places next to the place set for Alex, who was the host. Alex sat and raised his glass to the group gathered before him. “Aloha.”
”Aloha” the group returned.

“I’d like you all to welcome two new friends to our little clam bake—this is Torrid Duncan and Drelica Truman. They’re visiting us from stateside and when I saw them on the beach this morning I knew we’d have to have them here tonight.”
Drelica and Torrid blushed as the group whooped and clapped and laughed. Alex’s friend Rick spoke up and added to the embarrassment.

“Hey Alex, you adding to your collection?”

Alex threw a slice of fruit at Rick and hit him in the face. “Mind your manners, butthole. These are our guests.” Alex leaned in to Torrid and Drelica, “I’m sorry—my friend Rick. He’s a wave boy. Well, we all are, actually. We’re here for the surfing competition.”

“It’s okay, Alex. Boys will be boys.” Drelica said, squeezing Torrid’s hand under the table.

“So tell me ladies, what do you do for a living?” Alex asked.

“Well, I work for a museum in Houston. I am currently the director of the Paeolentology wing. Basically I dig for dinosaurs and hunt treasure.”

”Oh cool!” Alex said. “Did you hear that? Drelica is a treasure hunter. And what do you do Torrid?”

“Huh? Oh, I push ink.”

“Wicked!” Rick said. “You here to get ink Hawaiian style?”

“I’m interested in it, yeah. I want to study the Polynesian application techniques.”

“Check this baby out—“ Rick said as he rolled up his sleeve. “I got this here three years ago.” He displayed a beautiful tribal arm-band done in Samoan style art. Rich black ink in hard contrast to his tanned skin.

“Beautiful.” Torrid said as she popped a shrimp into her mouth and chased it down with a beer.

“Did you do your own ink?”

“Some of it. Some I had done in trade, and some I paid out the ass for.” Torrid said smiling.

Drelica smiled as she watched Torrid and her new found friend discussing tattoos and tribal ink. She was glad to see her relaxing and enjoying the luau. She was happy to see Torrid showing off her ink, and taking pride in her work and style of sporting a painted physique. She was especially pleased when Torrid removed her Hawaiian print shirt and went with just a tank t-shirt the rest of the evening, as she loved to watch Torrid’s painted flesh move in the firelight.

“She’s so damned hot.” Alex said, as he leaned over and whispered to Drelica.

“She sure is, “ Drelica answered in a dreamy voice.

“So, what brings a beautiful young dinosaur hunter to the big island? The Jurassic Park attraction? The falls are beautiful.”

“Well, I do admit, the geek in me wants to see it, but I really want to see Kilauea. The geologist in me is in love with volcanoes.”

”Oh most excellent. Well, you’re staying in a great place near the Volcano National park. The views are great, and Hawaii is just—magical. I love coming here.”

“Hear-hear.” Drelica agreed, and clinked her class to Alex’s. “I needed this vacation pretty badly. My sister recently passed away, and I needed to get away from work and stress, and just everything.”

“I understand. You need to blow off some steam.” Alex smiled.

“Exactly.” Drelica said, sipping her fourth mai tai.

“I’m sorry to hear about your sister, Drelica.” Alex said in earnest, “You and Torrid are really nice ladies. And I want to do all I can to make your stay enjoyable.”

”Alex, you already have. This is nice.”

Alex shook his head and smiled. “This—is nothing. The best is yet to come.” He clapped his hands and said, “Let the luau begin!”

At his command the drummers began to pound out an ancient island rhythm and a group of dancers began to make their procession to the staging area, which was light with torches. The moon began to rise over the ocean, and the soft trade winds blew the scent of plumeria and other exotic island flowers over the crowd. It was a magical and romantic scene and it wasn’t lost on Torrid or Drelica. Torrid took Drelica’s hand in hers and smiled at her as they ate, drank and watched the amazing entertainers performing before them. It was a night like no other.

Drelica enjoyed meeting all of Alex Coburn’s guests. He had assembled an interesting array of people from all walks of life. His surfing buddies were wild, but fun and seemed to enjoy she and Torrid’s being at the party. It was like a perfect party from a movie or story about Hawaii, and Drelica was really enthralled with the romantic mood of the evening.

“Hey Torrid,” Alex said, “If I can tear you away from my surfing buds for a second, there’s something I’d like to share with you and your lovely lady.”

“Sure. Sorry boys, I am being summoned.” Torrid said, as she sat her drink down and got up from the beach fire the guys had started when the entertainment had ended and the casual party had begun.

“I’m sure you will appreciate this, Torrid.” Alex said as he led the way back to a waiting Drelica. “Follow me, ladies.”

Alex led the pair down a forested path lit in intervals with tiki torches and paved with volcanic rock. After a few minutes Torrid heard the sound of running water, and her jaw dropped as they rounded a bend to a beautiful waterfall that emptied itself into a small lagoon. Surrounded by rich green flora, and hundreds of tropical blooms, the lagoon was by every definition paradise.

“Wow.” Torrid said.

“Oh my God.” Drelica added. “Alex, this is breathtaking. This is—“

”This is yours. For the night anyway.”

Drelica and Torrid both answered together, “What?”

“My treat. Total privacy. A private lagoon for you to relax in, and blow off steam.” He said with a wink to Drelica.

“I don’t know what to say.” Torrid said, shaking Alex’s hand.

”Say you’ll go surfing with me tomorrow.” Alex winked.

“I’m not really a surfer. But okay.”

“Rick will be thrilled, and so will I. Good night girls.” Alex said as he turned and headed back up the secluded path to his bungalow.

Torrid looked at Drelica in the moonlight, and smiled. She couldn’t believe she was in this enchanted place with this beautiful woman, and not a care in the world. She wondered what she had done to deserve this, after all the fucking up she had been through, she doubted she really did deserve it. But do I dare take it?  She brushed Drelica’s cheek, and smiled.
The look that passed between them spoke volumes. Torrid wasn’t good with words. She was even worse with feelings; and that included expressing them as well as experiencing them. She felt vulnerable, and that made her deeply afraid. But somehow, it was easy with Drelica. She didn’t feel so terrified.

“Torrid, this is so beautiful—so romantic.” Drelica whispered as she brushed her lips against Torrid’s. “Our first night in Hawaii—spent in this beautiful place, just us, with no one else to intrude. I want to tell you something.”

Okay, now I’m terrified. Torrid thought to herself.

“You captured me too.”

Shit! Torrid’s heart was in her throat. She felt cold and hot all at the same time, she trembled, she wanted to run. This was her moment of truth.  Soft hands touched her arms, and stroked gently her muscled frame. Drelica leaned in and wrapped her arms around Torrid’s waist and hugged her close. Torrid stiffened. Drelica began placing soft kisses on Torrid’s collar-bone. Torrid gasped and gave in to the passion that was rising within her. Torrid reached down and captured Drelica’s hands in hers and she brought them up to her lips. Brushing softly over them, she lost herself in the softness of Drelica’s skin. She had never before indulged in a simple feeling like this, and it was almost overwhelming. Torrid was feeling, and she was helpless to resist. Drelica felt the softness of Torrid’s lips, and the gentleness with which she touched her, and something more. She felt a single tear drop from Torrid’s face and touch her skin. Her heart caught in her throat and she gasped from the pure intensity of it.

Torrid looked up at Drelica; looked into her eyes. There she could see forever, all things, future and past. The secrets of the universe and the meaning of life unveiled before her in those stirring blue pools.

“Oh Torrid,” She whispered, but didn’t finish what she was about to say as Torrid’s mouth covered hers and kissed her deeply, but softly. She felt dizzy, breathless and weak. She felt herself sinking into a soft cottony bliss.  Overcome by the tranquil beauty of the lagoon, the scent of exotic flowers and the rush of churning water falling gently over the rocks, Torrid began to unbutton Drelica’s blouse.

“I want to—make love to you. Teach me. Show me how to be gentle.” Torrid whispered into Drelica’s ear with a low breathy voice.

Drelica gasped and pulled Torrid into a passionate kiss. Torrid had never been kissed back, not like this. She felt herself growing dizzy and weak, she felt her insides flip flopping all over the place, she felt herself losing control. No! Her mind raced. She couldn’t lose control, she couldn’t let go, she didn’t know how, she felt suddenly lost and inside she began to panic. The intensity of the emotions and the kiss freaked her out and she pulled back. Drelica searched Torrid’s eyes for an answer—

“Oh baby, it’s okay. You can let go. I’ve got you. I won’t let you go.”

The damn broke inside of Torrid. All of the pain and struggle of a lifetime, that held her back from loving, from surrendering, from giving herself over completely to emotional bliss bled from her like a fountain. Drelica wrapped her arms around Torrid, covered her face with kisses and whispered sweet words of assurance to her. Torrid wept. The two layed back on the soft grass near the lagoon and Torrid returned Drelica’s soft kisses. She brushed Drelica’s hair from her face and kissed her cheek, forehead and lips. She brushed her lips again against Drelica’s and kissed her slow and deep. Drelica felt the strength of Torrid all around her, but her touch was so gentle and loving. She felt Torrid’s hands exploring her, caressing her skin, and felt Torrid’s mouth following her hands in exploration. Drelica felt her center throb, her skin rise to gooseflesh, her breath catch in her throat, and her wetness grow inside. She was aware of her skirt being removed, and that she was suddenly naked before Torrid, who was still fully clothed.
”Oh no you don’t.” Drelica whispered as she pressed her palms against Torrid’s shoulders.

“’Oh no I don’t’ what?” Torrid puzzled.

“I want you naked too. I want to see all that beautiful painted flesh.” Drelica purred.

Torrid raised an eyebrow, paused for a second then smiled wickedly. “Come and get it.”

Drelica reached up and loosed the buttons on Torrid’s Hawaiian print shirt, and she pushed it off her shoulders revealing Torrid’s tattooed shoulders, chest and abs.  Drelica  was overcome by the exotic beauty of Torrid’s form. “Wow…you’re so beautiful. I just want to taste every inch of you.”

Torrid leaned down and kissed Drelica sweetly on the lips. Then she kissed her harder and more forcefully, filling Drelica’s mouth with her tongue. Drelica surrendered to Torrid’s passionate kisses, her body writhing with arousal, her wetness flowing in her center, muffled moans escaping the joined mouths devouring each other with hunger.

Torrid felt her center throbbing, her own wetness growing, her dark urges dormant for new appetites, for this journey into passion that Drelica was taking her on. Never before had she considered vanilla sex to be so fucking hot. But wow. Here, in this place, with this girl, she was more turned on than she had ever been in her life! She began to kiss Drelica’s throat, her neck and collar bone, decending further and further south til she was face to face with Drelica’s breasts and erect nipples. Drelica’s brown areolas were tastey buttons waiting to be sampled by Torrid’s hungry mouth.

Drelica felt Torrid’s mouth on her right nipple and she stiffened, gasped and then relaxed into the bliss and dizziness of being sucked and nibbled on. A sudden shock shot through Drelica’s body as Torrid pinched her left nipple, jolting it to life. Torrid then moved her warm wet mouth to the left nipple and sucked it hard, driving Drelica nuts.

“Oh god Torrid, oh god….”
But Torrid began to move down again, leaving Drelica’s nipples anguishing for more. It was a sweet agony, which faded as Torrid kissed and sucked and licked her way down to Drelica’s mound. Drelica felt Torrid’s hot breath on her mound, and sat up suddenly.


”I uh, have a problem.”
”What’s the problem?” Torrid said, as she leaned down and kissed Drelica’s mound. Drelica threw her head back and groaned.
Torrid moved her hand up and down Drelica’s thigh, and cupped her mound with her palm.

“God!” Drelica strained. “Torrid, please!”
”Please what?” Torrid asked, as she probed Drelica’s slit with her pierced tongue.

Just then, Drelica’s body shook and Torrid discovered the reason for Drelica’s sudden anxiety. Drelica erupted like a volcano, her hot lava flowing from her center soaking the ground beneath them. Torrid smiled, and she inserted her fingers into Drelica’s wetness.

“My Goddess Pele`. “
Drelica gasped as she felt Torrid’s fingers penetrating her center, uncontrollably she gushed further at Torrid’s command, and Torrid skillfully teased her clit until she screamed and bucked a hard orgasm.  Torrid pulled her hand back and stroked Drelica’s thigh as she did, then moved herself on top of Drelica and leaned in to kiss her. Drelica began to weep her body shaking. Torrid swept her up in her arms and held her, rocking her in her arms.

“I’m here. I got ya, and you’re so beautiful and sexy.”

”Really?” Drelica sobbed. “You don’t think I’m a freak?”

Torrid chuckled. Drelica leaned back and searched Torrid’s face for an explanation. “Why are you laughing?”

”I think you’re beautiful beyond words. I think you’re sexy, and smart, and I am so lucky to be here with you right now. I am the luckiest mother fucker in the world.”

Drelica leaned in to kiss Torrid, softly at first, but after a few soft wet slow kisses, the fire was beginning to build between them again. This time it was more intense, and Drelica felt her inner beast stirring into life. Never before had she felt so free and un-judged in her sexuality, and now she wanted to savor every moment with her painted savage. She wanted to give Torrid her love in return. She rolled Torrid over on her back and held her wrists down to the ground.

“You said I captured you.” Drelica purred in a sexy drawl.

Torrid looked deep into her eyes. “I did say that.”

“So I can do what I want with my captive Amazon, right?” Drelica said as she licked Torrid’s ear, making her squirm and gasp.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Torrid said breathlessly. “I’m all yours babe.”

“All mine?” Drelica asked smugly. “Mmmmmmmmmm then I want to explore you, taste you, devour you.”

As Torrid’s mind processed what Drelica was saying, her body was going crazy. Her nipples were so hard and puckered; they looked like pierced peach pits. Her captive hoops stoop straight up, aching for Drelica’s attention. Torrid’s clit throbbed, her wet cunt felt like a hungry mouth screaming for attention. She was in agony, writhing under Drelica’s sweet torments. Never before had she submitted to anyone, but now she was helpless against surrender. Her soul screamed out for it…there was no going back.  Torrid moaned and gasped as Drelica descended on her body, feasting and licking, sucking and kissing her way through the mural of Torrid’s flesh. When she reached Torrid’s throbbing center, she dove in with relish and Torrid bucked and groaned loudly, feeling Drelica’s tongue suddenly inside her.

“Fuck babe, that feels so good!” Torrid strained to speak.

Drelica feasted on Torrid’s hot throbbing clit, teased it with her tongue and teeth, inserted her fingers inside Torrid’s molten center and loved every gasp, jerk and breathless squeak she could wring out of Torrid.

Torrid was dizzy, weak and shaking. She was so close to exploding she thought she would die if she could not find release from this pleasurable torture. “Oh god, oh god, oh god!” was her mantra, then suddenly her world exploded into a white hot incandescent flood of waves. She bucked and trembled as Drelica forced her to cum hard, and steadily drove her into orgasm after orgasm. Torrid blacked out, and everything around her faded to black.

A few moments later, Torrid came around to find herself and Drelica laying wrapped in each other’s arms, Drelica kissing her face.

“Welcome back.” Drelica smiled.

“Jesus, Dre.” Torrid said, weakly. “I had no idea it could be like that. I had no idea I could—“

”Could what, honey?” Drelica asked, tangling her fingers in Torrid’s hair.

“Just—it was good.” Torrid gave up. She sucked at expressing her feelings.  She felt bad that she could just tell Drelica what she was thinking and feeling. She had no idea where to begin. And what if she did tell her she loved her? What if Drelica didn’t love her back? Her gut told her that Drelica did, but how could she be sure?

”Torrid, are you okay?” Drelica asked concerned.

“I’m great.” Torrid smiled, “Really. I am just getting really tired. You want to go back to the bungalow and get some rest?”

Drelica was somewhat confused, but she wasn’t going to make a big deal about it, since she sensed Torrid did have more to say. Drelica knew that Torrid was the strong silent type and had a hard time expressing herself.

Drelica thought to herself for a moment. Okay Dre, just be patient. This is just the first day. You just had the best sex of your entire life, and you know she cares. Let her open up in her own time.

“Okay babe,” Drelica said, kissing Torrid softly on the lips. “Let’s head back.”

Drelica woke up slowly...the sound of the surf coaxing her out of her blissful slumber.
She stretched and felt soreness all over her body. She smiled to herself remembering how she earned it.
Rolling over in the soft cotton sheets she noticed she was alone in the bed. She frowned. She sat up,
pulling the sheet off; as she did her jaw dropped.

She looked at her hands...her legs, her breasts and torso; no part of her body had been left unmarked.
Oh my God...
she thought to herself, and a tear ran down her cheek.

Drelica stood up suddenly and went to the full-length mirror on the closet door of the cottage.
What she saw made her gasp and tremble..
Her skin, from the tops of her feet to her collarbone was completely covered with body paint.
She was a living mural of tropical flowers, crashing waves, exotic birds, palm trees and sea creatures.

On her mound the volcano erupting, just as she had erupted for Torrid while they were making love.
Drelica wept. She understood. This was Torrid's way of expressing her love because words failed her.
She painted Drelica's body with her love.
She turned when she caught a glimpse of Torrid standing behind her, reflected in the mirror.

Torrid's expression was one of anticipation and uncertainty. Had Drelica understood? Had she seen?

Torrid approached Drelica, and stood close to her looking down into Dre's emerald pools.
Drelica opened her mouth to speak, "Oh my God---you did this?"
Torrid nodded, nervously.
"For me?"
Again, Torrid nodded.
Drelica reached up with her painted hand and wiped away the tear that had silently fallen down Torrid’s cheek.
"I love you too, Torrid." She said, cupping Torrid’s face gently. 

Torrid caught her hand and held it still against her cheek. This simple feeling caused her to tremble, and she was overcome with a sudden rush of fear. She had never been exposed or vulnerable like this to anyone. She was risking it all, offering up her heart to this woman.
Torrid swept her up into a passionate kiss, and carried her to the bed.

Pushing Ink Part 2

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