The Delivery

By BlueMoonWriter



Mine. Ok, I tried to write a PWP; I'm not sure if it worked, but at least I gave it a try. Let me know what you think, I just love feedback. Other than some explicit scenes between women, there's no language or violence.


There are moments in one's life when time seems to stand still. The air around you prickles with intensity, electric shocks course through your stock still body and you literally feel your breath catch in your throat, unable to release your pant up emotion. That is exactly what happened to me a few days ago, and I can't help but continue to dwell on it. Somehow, it may seem absurd, but I have never felt like that before and I'm not sure if I'll ever get the privilege of experiencing it again.

I was lounging around house, doing nothing in particular, nothing productive, that is, when the doorbell rang. The rest of the family was scattered around the house and since I am the youngest, or so they keep telling me, I was sent to open the door. I knew there was a reason I kept doing what I was told...from that moment on, I swore that I will forever be the one to open the door, in the pathetic hope that she will be standing there.

It's the holiday season and people keep sending all sorts of crap to show their appreciation. I bet you all know what I'm talking about; flowers, chocolates, fruit baskets, lingerie...oh, I guess that one's just me. Never mind. Anyhow, as I was opening the door I was immediately faced with a huge bouquet of flowers. Underneath, I spied a pair of very shapely legs attached to a cute torso leading to a pair of straining arms. I looked on appreciatively when I was caught staring. The face of the mystery person revealed itself to me when she glanced to the side, albeit with much difficulty, and glared. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of green, I managed to note.

My mom's voice, screaming from the other room, asking 'who was at the door' woke me from my stupor. I shook my head and gained my senses, relieving the poor straining girl of her burden. Taking the flowers inside the house, I placed them quickly on the kitchen counter, screamed back to my mom, telling her it was a flower delivery, and then sprinted back to the open door. Looking much relieved with a heartwarming smile on her face, the delivery girl froze for a moment, staring at me as I had done earlier. Smiling sheepishly I looked down at myself. With an appraising and critical eye I cringed at my apparel. When the doorbell rang, I was about to workout for a bit and that is the reason why this beautiful girl standing in my doorway found me dressed in a pair of baggy pink trousers and a tight white t-shirt that left nothing to the imagination. Yes, I'm aware of the fact that I said I was lounging around, doing nothing in particular, but I was just about to start working out...honestly.

After what seemed like a lifetime, okay, so it seemed to me like a lifetime because as she was busy appraising me, I was indulging in a little more ogling on my part. The next thing I know, she smiles at me. That brilliant, pearly white smile struck me like the sun on a bright spring morning. I was yet again stunned mute, looking quite retarded with my pink pants and widely hanging mouth. Giving myself a hard shake and a strong mental slap, I answered her smile with one of my own and said charmingly, "Hi." A university graduate and that was the smartest thing I could come up with.

She looked down shyly for a moment and answered my greeting. Immediately, as if something magical had transpired, as though the sun dimmed and the moon changed its shape and color, the skies shifted and I resumed my cocky façade. Usually, when I was out and about, I had quite the reputation, being known as a player, a seducer, a charmer, and many more descriptive nouns I'll refrain from repeating. But, since those other nouns have come from the evilly spewing mouths of those scorned, yes, by me, I shall neglect to take any notice of them.

Back to the present, I had this beautiful woman at the ready, looking quite interested and flushed on my doorstep and she still had her pants on. Something must have been wrong with me...perhaps I was coming down with something. My self reflective state taking a backseat to my libido, I stepped forward and said, "Hi."

The girl smiled and chuckled, her flushed features becoming a bit more manageable. "Happy holiday." She said in a soft, sweet voice.

Finally able to get my bearings and find my lost vocabulary, I said, "Thanks, to you too." And without a second glance I rushed back inside, leaving a stunned delivery girl at my door, wondering if she'd reached an insane asylum veiled by the façade of a normal household. She might have been right, I'll agree. Running into my room, I took my wallet out, grabbing a bill or two to give her as a tip. When I got back to the door, she was fortunately still there, but was just about to turn and leave. "Wait," I screamed like a maniac.

She stopped and turned back, looking a bit worried now. I had to stop my crazy act or I would lose this chance forever, and I didn't intend on letting her leave without having tasted those sweet looking lips, to say the least.

I chuckled as I got my breath under control, "I'm sorry, I must seem completely crazy, huh?"

She nodded silently, but a small smile was forming at the corner of her lips.

"Yeah well, I'm a little flustered, you see." Yey, I got my vocabulary back, I congratulated myself with enthusiasm. "It's not every day that I get to open the door and have such a lovely sight greet my eyes." I high-fived myself; the charm was back in full as well.

Her cheeks blushed crimson yet again, the shyness creeping back into her gaze, trying to make room alongside the barely restrained desire. Or was it just my wishful thinking?

"I'm glad you like the flowers. Thanks for the tip." She said while pushing the bills into her jean pocket.

"I did like them, but not half as much as I do you. Their beauty pales in comparison to yours."

Did I just witness a movement in those that was pushing the shyness away, allowing the lustful look more room to roam?

"Do you know how to get to the highway, or would you like some directions?" I asked; a knowing, confident smirk firmly in place.

"Directions would be...helpful." She finally said.

Grinning with satisfaction, I yelled into the back of the house, for the rest of the family and the rest of the neighborhood to hear, that I was going to show the girl something and would be back in a little while. Now, indeed I was about to show the girl something, but it was going to take a bit more than a little while.

Closing the door behind me, I walked her to the elevator and pressed the call button. As we were waiting for the lift to come up, smiles passed between us. What was about to take place was quite obvious to us both. The elevator door opened and I let her go in first. When the doors shut closed, I pressed the stop button and felt the car shudder as it pulled to a stop mid-floor. Biting my lip in thought, I looked at her questioningly, still playing a game of tag, "So, what do you think we should do? We could call for help, or take the time to get to know each other a bit better in this conveniently private space."

That mischievous gaze returned to her green eyes, "I think it would be nice to get to know each other."

"My thoughts exactly," I said and mauled her, pushing her against the wall and kissing her lips hungrily. She was small so I had to be careful how I handled her, but I knew she could take a bit of rough treatment, and even excitedly so. Licking, nipping and tasting her sweet lips in hard, unrelenting kisses, I pushed my tongue through her pursed lips, exploring her depths. My hands couldn't sit still as they mapped her torso, caressing her waist, then moving over to her tight little stomach, and then finally cupping her breasts in both hands. They were perfectly sized and felt so right in my hands as I kneaded them softly, pulling on her hard nipples, making them harder still.

She felt so good against me that I couldn't help a soft moan when her tongue thrust back into my mouth, allowing me to suckle it and capture it between my teeth. It was by far one of the sexiest, hottest kisses I've experienced in my life. Her hips began thrusting against me, and I knew it was time to relive her of them. I had no idea how they managed to stay on her for so long. Pushing slightly away, I gazed at her face which was flushed and starting to dampen with sweat of desire. She was breathing heavily and looking at me with eyes ready to devour. I smiled cockily, shaking my head. "Not yet, baby."

Unbuttoning her jeans, I hurriedly pushed them down to her thighs and unceremoniously pushed my hand inside, all the way down to her soaking panties. She looked so amazingly sexy undulating against me, pressed in between me and the wall. When I finally entered her she gasped loudly, rocking harder against my hand. The sounds in the elevator were getting louder and I had to stop for a moment, for fear that we would be discovered. I covered her mouth with my other hand and whispered to her as I continued thrusting deeply inside, " don't want to give us away, do you?"

When she shook her head in the negative, I smiled and said, "Good, then be quiet, baby." I kept my hand over her mouth but when my thrusts got a little more enthusiastic, almost raising her off her feet, she couldn't stop the harsh squeak that escaped. I shook my head, took my hand away and pushed my tongue inside her gaping mouth, swallowing the rest of her sounds, as I continued to bring her to the edge of her pleasure. Finally, she allowed her body to succumb to the great torrents of release, whimpering against my mouth as her body shuddered and trembled. She was so soft and it felt so sweet to hold her when the last contractions left her body helplessly drained.

Caressing the blonde hair out of her closed eyes, I placed a soft kiss on her forehead. She opened her eyes and looked at me. "You were so amazing. I can't believe we did this, but it was one of the best experiences I've had...of this kind, I mean." She was going shy on me again. After all we've been through, she still averted her eyes when she spoke to me. She was absolutely, painfully adorable and I knew there was no way I could possibly let go.

Composing herself, rearranging her disheveled clothes and hair, I finally released the stuck elevator. People were starting to get annoyed, pounding on the doors, asking questions that were getting a little too hard to ignore. When we reached the bottom floor, I held the door open as she got out, still trying to ignore the growing anger of my impatient neighbors. Sheesh, you would think that people could use the stairs in a three story building.

When the delivery girl was busily writing something on a piece of paper I suddenly realized; I had no idea what her name was. I kept calling her 'the delivery girl' in my mind and her name simply didn't seem important a minute ago. Yes, I'm aware I might be classified as a pig and I'll even admit that what I did wasn't a model of good manners, but hey, I had slept with the girl and I was still interested in knowing her name...I think that completely redeems me, don’t you?

Snapping me out of my musings, the girl thrust a piece of paper into my hand and turned around to leave, saying, "I gotta go, I have a few more deliveries to make. Call me."

I looked at the piece of paper and smiled; 'Emma', it somehow suited her. "Hey Emma!" I tried out the name on my lips.

She smiled and looked back, "Yes?"

"I'm Jamie. And I hope those other deliveries aren't of the same kind..." I tried to convey my interest in the only way I knew socially challenged as it seems.

Emma simply smiled, shaking her head and repeating slyly, "Call me," before she left.

I sighed with a smile on my lips that even the pissed off appearance of my neighbors didn't manage to wipe. I guess they finally found the stairs.

The End

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