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Judgement walked the length of the warehouse he was renting, his shoes clicking on the concrete floor. "They haven't got a clue as to who we are," he said happily. "I don't think they even realise they are dealing with two of us." He turned and started to walk back towards Franklin. "So far, they've checked out all of the good doctor's patients. Where are they going to go next? I want you to discreetly follow them, find out what they're doing."

"But they're going to be edgy now, Judge. If they see me or get suspicious..." Franklin trailed off as he saw the look on Judgement's face, the other man's smile slipping.

The warehouse went deathly silent as neither man said a word. "I've had enough of those fucking investigators!" Judge suddenly yelled at Franklin. "We've already got rid of one of them..." He stopped pacing, a mean smile curling his lips. "So... I've decided we'll have to get rid of all of them."

"But, Judge..." Franklin started to whine.

"It will be a game, Franklin. The winner is whoever takes out the most investigators. But the twist is you have to be inventive."


Judge spun around to look at the rotund little man, startling Franklin. "Yes, Franklin. Each kill has to be different. Understand?" Franklin nodded. Judge started his pacing again, smiling madly, as he lost himself in thought.

"Uhm... Judge..."

"Yessss, Franklin?"

"I thought uhm... I thought you only wanted to uhm... pass judgement on Kate?"

"I do."

"Then why are we playing this other game?"

"Because the investigators are in the way. Last month when you wanted to see the lovely Kate, what happened, Franklin?"

"Th-... that man almost caught me."

"And what would have happened if he had caught you?"

Franklin shook his head, not wanting to guess.

"They would have strung you up. You're a fat, disgusting little man, who nobody glances twice at. Do you really think Kate is going to fall in love with you?"

"Yes," the small man replied quietly.

"No, Franklin. Why would she look even once at you when she's surrounded by those hunky investigators?"

Franklin glared angrily at Judge. "She will fall in love with me! She will! And we'll be happy together!"

Judge laughed. "Why? She could have that investigator you saw the other night. He was very good looking, wasn't he? It looked like he works out a lot. Don't you think Kate would rather lie in his strong arms? Wouldn't she rather have him making love to her?"

"No! She'll be with me! I'll make her mine!" Franklin snarled. Judge laughed again. "Can I kill the next one, Judge?"

"Be my guest, Franklin."

"What does the winner get?"

"You will get the lovely Kate and I..." Perhaps her attractive daughter? He smiled. "Well, I'll think about it." Judge resumed his pacing, a smile on his tightly pressed together lips.

To be continued...

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