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Midnight Oil

By Carrie Carr



The fortieth floor of the high rise was eerily quiet as her high heels clicked down the tiled hallway. Monica Bradford stifled the urge to look over her shoulder. She figured that she was the only person besides security and housekeeping that was still in the building, since it was past eleven o’clock in the evening. And on a Friday, too…I really need to get a life. But something in her mind told her that someone else was in the building also. She could feel the hairs on the back of her neck rise, and goosebumps break out down her arms. As she headed towards the copy room, the petite blonde ran her hand through her short hair. I don’t like the way this feels…spooky. It didn’t help that it was the Friday before Halloween, and the entire building was decorated like something out of a Bela Legosi film.

The light was on in the copy room, but no one seemed to be around. Monica peered nervously around the doorway, halfway expecting someone to jump out at her. The fax machine in the corner suddenly rang, which caused the young woman to jump backwards and shriek.

"Aaaah!" With her hand still clutched over her pounding heart, Monica stepped slowly towards the offensive machine. "I ought to unplug your for scaring me like that." She threatened, twisting her head to the side to try and read the incoming fax.

"It’s not nice to threaten the office equipment," a low voice from behind her chastised.

Monica spun around, stifling another scream. "Damn it, Geri! Don’t sneak up on me like that!" She glared at the tall woman that was framed in the doorway.

Geri laughed, a deep and sexy sound. "What’s the matter? Are you afraid of the boogie man?" She stepped into the room and pulled the papers off of the fax machine. "I’ve been waiting two hours for this." After making certain that all the pages were there, the dark-haired woman leaned back against a nearby table and studied her companion. "What are you doing here so late? Old man Richards got you burning the midnight oil again? Does he have no mercy?"

"Actually, no." Monica mimicked Geri’s body language, and leaned back against the copy machine. "He just had to have these two reports finished and sent off before Monday. I swear, that man has no concept of how real people work." She pulled the finished copies off of the printer. "As you can see, HE didn’t stay to finish them." The young woman straightened the papers and shot the taller woman a questioning glance. "What are you doing here this time of night? I thought you just got a promotion, so you wouldn’t have to work these kind of hours anymore."

Geri sighed. "Yeah, right." She swept her long hair back over her shoulder. "I’ve actually been putting in more hours now than I ever did before. More responsibility equals less personal time, at least at this company." She looked at the papers in Monica’s hand, then at her watch. "How much longer are you going to be? Want to get a drink down at Danny’s before it closes?" Geri was only two years older than Monica was, but she felt very protective of the younger woman. "No sense in either one of us walking through the parking garage alone, right?"

"Right. But don’t worry, I’ll protect you." Monica teased, as she walked by the taller woman and back into the hallway. She had known Geri for almost two years, but for the past couple of months their relationship had changed. They had not only begun seeing each other outside of the office, but recently the two women had exchanged gentle kisses over at Monica’s apartment. I want more of that…wonder if she’d like to come to my place for coffee after the bar closes?

Geri watched appreciatively as Monica walked back towards her office. She’s got the most incredible legs. A wicked smile crossed the blue-eyed woman’s face. The rest of her looks pretty damn good too. She turned to go back to her own office, which was located at the opposite end of the hall. I think I’d like to know what she keeps under those business suits. As she stepped into her own office, Geri shook those thoughts out of her head and tried to think about business.

Monica sat back down at her desk with a heavy sigh. As she gathered up the necessary papers, she thought back to last Saturday. She had talked Geri into returning to her apartment after the movie that they had gone to see.

"Why don’t you come up for a drink?" Monica had offered, not ready to see the evening end.

Geri was standing on the driver’s side of her Dodge Daytona with her arms propped on the top of the car, as she watched the smaller woman start up the stairs. "You sure? I saw you yawning during the movie." She didn’t want to outstay her welcome.

"Please…just for a bit? I really don’t want to be alone for a while… guess that silly movie scared my more than I care to admit." The young woman pleaded with innocent green eyes.

"Okay, if its not too much trouble." Geri closed her car door and walked around the car. "But when you start getting tired, just kick me out." She followed Monica up the stairs to the second floor apartment.

Half an hour later, both women were seated on the small, floral patterned sofa, working on their second nightcap. Both had kicked off their sneakers, and Geri was seated at one corner, one denim-covered leg tucked underneath her.

"Ah, c’mon! You’ve got to be kidding me! Brad Pitt is not even in the same acting category as Sean Connery!" Geri laughed as she finished her rum & coke and placed the empty glass on the nearby coffee table. "I don’t think he’s even worthy of carrying Sean’s dirty laundry to the cleaners!"

Monica playfully slapped the dark-haired woman’s arm. "I didn’t say he was a better actor, only that he’s good to look at!" She left her hand where it landed, and squeezed Geri’s arm gently. "Although he doesn’t do much for me."

Geri leaned a little closer, until their noses were almost touching. "And who exactly does do something for you?" She murmured.

"I kinda go for the tall, dark, and beautiful type myself." Monica whispered, as she leaned even closer, allowing their breaths to mingle. Just a little closer and she placed her lips on Geri’s – then she closed her eyes and slowly deepened the contact.

The older woman opened her mouth slightly, allowing Monica’s tongue room to explore. She reached up and tangled her fingers in the short blonde hair, pulling the young blonde towards her gently. Geri felt small arms wrap around her, bringing them even closer together. She groaned at the contact, and slowly broke off the kiss. "Umm…really?" She blinked a couple of times, and saw a gentle smile cross the younger woman’s face.

Monica traced the angular features with a trembling fingertip. "Uh-huh. I’ve always been partial to blue eyes, too." She leaned forward and nibbled on the older woman’s lips again. This time she felt a gentle tongue ask for access to her mouth, which she happily granted. Monica wasted no time in trying to unbutton the light blue shirt that Geri was wearing. As she opened the shirt to the evening air, she felt the dark-haired woman tremble and slowly back away. "What?"

"Wait." Geri placed her hands on the smaller woman’s shoulders. She took several breaths before she was able to continue. "It’s not that I don’t want to. God, do I ever want to." She bit her lip and concentrated on the words she wanted to say.

"So do I… would you be more comfortable in the bedroom?" Monica stood up and offered her hand to Geri.

"No… I mean, yes…" The older woman accepted the hand, and pulled it to her lips. "Look...I like you, Monica." She tugged slightly, which caused the blonde to fall back onto the sofa. "I like you a lot." Geri sighed, and looked deeply into the green eyes across from her. "Too much to rush into anything. I don’t want our first time together to be when we’re both tired, and about half-drunk."

Monica nodded. "I understand." She leaned forward and placed another, softer kiss on Geri’s mouth. "Raincheck?" She asked, pulling back.

Geri caressed the younger woman’s face. "Oh, yeah. You can bet on it."

"God…" Monica wiped a shaky hand across her brow. "If she walked in here right now, I’d probably throw her across the desk and attack her." She shook her head ruefully. "Not that it would be a bad thing, though." Shuffling through the reports, she looked at her watch. Great…almost twelve-thirty. I’d better call Geri and tell her to go on without me.

As she picked up the phone, there was a soft knock on her door. "Come in?" she offered.

A dark head appeared, followed by a tall, rumpled form. "Hey there. You almost ready to get out of here?" Geri had removed her jacket, and was standing in the doorway wearing once-pressed khakis and a dark green silk shirt.

"No…I’ve still got some figures to match." She placed the receiver back down on the phone. "I was just about to call and tell you to go on without me. Looks like I’ll be another hour, at least."

Geri walked into the office and sat down on one corner of the paper-covered desk. "Damn…" she shook her head. "When are these actually due?"

Monica tossed a folder back onto the desk. "They have to be at the main office in Boston by Monday morning, why?" She asked.

"Faxed or mailed?" Geri questioned. She had better plans for them than sitting in a vacant office on Friday night.

"Well, all they need is the faxed sheets on Monday…the hard copies can go out Federal Express – as long as they make it there next week." Monica saw a slow smile cross the dark-haired woman’s face. "What are you thinking?"

The older woman grinned. "What if we come back up here tomorrow, or Sunday, and finish these up? You know I’m a numbers cruncher. Between the two of us, it won’t take very long at all."

Monica jumped up from her seat and threw herself into Geri’s arms. "Really? Thank you!" She wrapped her arms around the taller woman’s neck and kissed her hard on the mouth.

"Mmm…" Geri returned the kiss as she pulled the younger woman into her lap. She felt small hands tangle themselves in her long hair, with Monica exploring her mouth insistently.

Monica took one hand and began gently massaging Geri’s breast. It amazed her how suddenly her passion was ignited by this dark-haired beauty. "I want you, Geri…right here, right now." She murmured between heated kisses. She reached behind the taller woman and pushed everything off of the desk and onto the floor, forcing Geri to lie on her back.

"Oh!" Geri gasped, as she felt a small hand unbutton her shirt and pinch her nipple through the pale green lace bra. She found her mouth captured once again as Monica unclasped the bra and covered her breast with a warm hand.

"Mmm…god, Geri…" Monica groaned, as she kissed down the soft tan throat. Her other hand unfastened the belt on Geri’s slacks, and she quickly opened the pants and reached inside. As she wrapped her mouth around the brunette’s nipple, Monica almost passed out herself from the sheer joy of it all.

Geri put one hand behind Monica’s head, pulling her into her breast. The other hand cupped the blonde’s behind, trying to bring her closer. "Yes…"

Monica slipped her hand between Geri’s soft hair and her underwear. She could feel how wet the other woman had become. Pulling the taut nipple into her mouth, she used her fingers to slowly stroke the older woman.

"Ohhh…" Geri felt her slacks slide down her legs, until they hit the floor. Her silk underwear soon followed. The small hand expertly caressed her, causing her legs to slide open wider. Geri began to arch her hips into the younger woman’s touch, feeling several fingers slide deep inside. "God…"

"Yes, sweetheart…" Monica slowly pushed her fingers inside, as she felt the older woman wrap her legs around her back. She continued to gently tease the breast still in her mouth, pulling as much of Geri into her as she possibly could. The brunette began moaning her name aloud, raising her hips as Monica’s fingers went even deeper inside. "That’s it, baby…feel me…" She moved up and captured Geri’s lips again, pulling her tongue deeply into her own mouth.


Geri knew she was getting close… she had wanted the younger woman for too long, and feeling the strong fingers deep inside of her caused her inner walls to tighten around Monica’s deeply thrusting digits. "Mon…oh, god, sweetheart…" She felt herself tremble deep inside, as her eyes shut tightly.

Monica felt her fingers being squeezed almost painfully as Geri’s body shook with a powerful orgasm. Her own body was on the verge as well, hearing the whimpering cries of the woman beneath her. "Yes, Geri…" she murmured against the tall woman’s breast, as she pulled the nipple into her mouth and sucked hard.

"Oh, god!" Geri’s head slammed back, hitting the desk with some force. Her entire body collapsed as the smaller woman gently removed her fingers. "Monica…" she gasped, as she tried to get her breathing under control.

"Mmm?" the younger woman continued her attentions on Geri’s breast. She glanced up and saw the glazed look in the accountant’s eyes. "You okay?" She leaned up and kissed Geri’s mouth gently. "What’s wrong?"

Geri blinked a couple of times, then released a heavy breath. "That was, umm…" She raised a hand to caress the youthful face above her. "Maybe I should offer to help you more often, huh?"

Monica laughed. "Oh, yeah…but this might be a little hard to explain to my boss. ‘Sorry, Mr. Edwards, but I thought I’d save on the payroll, and pass out my own brand of bonuses.’" She helped Geri sit up. "I’m sorry about that…you just caught me after a really great daydream."

"Don’t apologize…" Geri looked around with a smile. "I’m just thankful that security normally doesn’t wander this far up." She allowed the blonde to put her shirt over her shoulders again. "Thanks."

"Ooh…I had forgotten all about them." Monica blushed, then stepped behind the desk to look out the full-length window. She stood still as she studied the lights of the city below her. "It’s so beautiful out tonight…"

The tall woman crossed to the door, then closed and locked it. She turned back and saw Monica’s profile in the window, backlit by the light of the moon. "It certainly is." She walked over to the young blonde and placed her hands on Monica’s shoulders. "Everything looks so…peaceful." She whispered, leaning down and nuzzling the side of Monica’s neck. The small body in front of hers leaned back and turned to capture her lips.

Monica felt Geri’s hands run gently down her sides, and rest on her hips. She turned the rest of the way until her back was against the safety glass. Monica wrapped her arms around the taller woman’s neck and pulled her head down for a more serious kiss. "Mmmm…" She trembled as Geri began to slowly unbutton her blouse. Feeling the material fall helplessly to the floor, the younger woman leaned closer, until her satin bra rubbed up against Geri’s bare chest.

"Monica…" Geri began nibbling on the smaller woman’s throat. She reached behind the blonde and unfastened her bra, then allowed it to drop to the floor. Pulling back slightly, she studied the small form in front of her. "You’re beautiful."

Monica lowered her head. "Puleez… I’m average, at best." She felt her chin being forced up gently. "What?"

Geri looked deeply into her eyes. "I love you." She searched the younger woman’s face for a sign. "I have for a while, but I was just too afraid to tell you."

"You…love me?" Monica questioned, a surprised look on her face. "But…"

"Shhh…" Geri leaned down and kissed the shocked young woman and felt Monica’s hands trail down her back and pull her closer. The dark-haired woman unbuttoned the navy slacks that fit Monica like a second skin. She peeled them down the blonde’s slim hips, and followed them as they fell to the floor. Geri smiled when she saw that the secretary wasn’t wearing any underwear. "Hmmm…." She murmured, as she knelt in front of Monica. "I’m sure this has got to be against some company policy. Don’t you have a dress code?"

Monica almost fell to the floor when she felt Geri’s soft breath on her mound. "Oh, god…" she leaned back against the window again, her hands unconsciously tangling into the kneeling woman’s hair. The glass felt cool against her heated skin as Geri gently maneuvered her legs slightly apart. Before she could collapse to the floor, the young blonde felt one of her legs being raised, then placed over a broad shoulder.

Geri took a deep breath, inhaling the intoxicating scent of her younger lover. She leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on the soaked area. When she felt Monica pull her face closer, the accountant almost cried with joy. "Oh, baby… you are so wet." She murmured, as her mouth found purchase on the swollen folds. Geri sucked gently, and slowly pushed two fingers deeply inside her lover.

"Ahhh…" the young woman moaned, rocking her hips forward to pull more of the older woman into her. "Yesss…" she cried, as she felt Geri’s talented mouth pull harder.

Lost in the exotic taste of the small woman, Geri could feel her own wetness begin to flow down her legs. She reached up with her spare hand and began to pull on Monica’s nipple. It didn’t take long for the secretary to respond to the extra sensations. The blonde began to contract against her fingers, and she pumped her hand a little faster in response. Geri pulled back slightly to look up the slender body, and lock her eyes with the green ones darkened with desire. "That’s right, sweetheart. Give yourself to me." She ducked her head and captured the swollen clit with her teeth, pulling hard.

Monica began to tremble as she saw colorful flashes of light flash beneath her closed eyes. The leg that was draped over the taller woman’s back found itself wrapped around her dark head, pulling her closer. The young woman screamed her release, then began to slowly slide down the window onto the plush carpet. "My god, Geri…" she moaned, as she found herself pulled into strong arms. "I don’t…"

"Shhh…sweetheart. I’ve got you." Geri whispered into her ear, as she wrapped her arms around the smaller woman. She began to rock slowly, running her hand up and down the smooth back.

The blonde wrapped her arms around the older woman, and kissed her gently on the throat. "I love you, Geri." Monica sighed.

"I love you too, baby." Geri leaned down and kissed the top of Monica’s head. "Why don’t we get dressed and go over to my place for a little trick or treating?"

Monica laughed. "Mmmm…remind me to thank Mr. Edwards on Monday." She tightened her hold on the accountant. "Burning the midnight oil certainly has more of an appeal, now."


The End

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