The Dragon Chain

By charmdfate (

Disclaimers: These are original characters in an original story that belongs solely to me. I dreamed the whole thing, and believe me, if I can get half of it down on paper I think you’re gonna like it. Any resemblance to anyone, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This story will eventually deal with same sex couples, so if this is illegal where you live or it just plain is not your bag, please move on.

Chapter 4

It was the underground equivalent of the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, it was similar to the base of that natural wonder, not the top. The beast was crouched at the opposite end of the cavern, staring at her. It was a gangly looking thing at first sight: long limbs, a rounded head crowned with a growth of shoulder length, flame colored hair that glowed even in the low light. Upon closer inspection, she supposed it could be called somewhat attractive. It had well-developed forearms, and it’s legs, encased in some kind of cloth, looked solid enough. It just stood there, it’s mouth slightly open, it’s head moving, as it looked her over. She continued her perusal, a slight frown on her face. It was then that the creature looked at her directly for the first time, and she was captured by it’s eyes. They were the truest blue she had ever seen. The only thing in nature to which she could equate that shade of blue was during the height of the summer storms. It was the intense cerulean color of the most powerful lightening as it arched to the ground. She was drawn to the beast, loosing herself in it’s eyes. She felt herself moving forward, and could not have stopped even if she wanted to. She had to get closer to those eyes…those eyes…those eyes…that soul…

To be continued…

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