Dirty Bloody Cops

By Cheryl A.C.



Slam! My body hit the wall, "Hey! You aren't allowed to be so rough you fucking bitch! I've done nothing wrong!" "Shut up and spread'em. You worthless piece of shit!"

Karll had no option but to do as this fucking dyke wannabe said. She could feel the tight grip of the cop's hand as she slid them up her trouser leg in search of any concealed weapons. The hands paused ever so slightly at the base of her vagina before continuing down the other leg. She now stood up and pressed tightly against her back Karll could feel the Sergeants breath against her neck. She was breathing heavily, so either she was out of shape and a heavy smoker or this was getting her wet! At this precise moment I would bet on the latter. "Hey! I don't even know your name. Do you mind!"

"Shut up! If I want you to know my name I'll tell you". She whispered into my ear. She spinned me round while pinning my arms above my head. Then continued her search on the front of my body, stopping briefly at my breasts. Her hand glided down my neck I could feel that her hands were strong yet I had the sense that she was not going to hurt me, that is unless I wanted her to. Her firm hand slid down my body and finally found what it was looking for, my crotch. She gave it a tight squeeze as if she was trying to juice a lemon, which I must admit began that all to familiar twinge between my thighs.

While keeping me pinned to the wall by the pressure she was afflicting on my crotch, she used her boots to spread my legs even further apart. This was getting exciting. I could feel the wetness rising in me and hoped that this, now that I can see her face-to-face, gorgeous woman would soon put me out of my misery. She must have sensed this need in me, and slowly let go of my hands while she began to kneel. While keeping eye contact my trousers were undone and brought swiftly to my ankles. I wanted so much to be lying on anything naked beside this woman. This was not what she had in mind though!

The feel of her tongue against my crotch awakened in me something I thought was long dead. The need to feel another's body inside me. Sure I have had sex and short-term relationships but nothing ever brought out the desire I had felt as a young dyke freshly out. That woman could take me round the universe and back again in utter ecstasy. But she had long since gone and so had the brilliant sex. Yet here it was back again! The soft texture, the sensual feeling, the unknown entity of another's tongue all pleasure resting solely in the mouth of another. Would she make me come fast or would it be slow, either way I knew this was going to rocket. At this moment nothing else mattered, I was normally so cautious when it came to lovers. I had never done it in the open before never mind with someone whose name was unknown.

Something was edging me onwards and upwards; Spiderman had nothing on me at this precise moment! I was climbing the walls, my voice shrieking for more, begging for more. I wanted this feeling to carry me through the rest of my life. This sex goddess began flicking her pierced tongue in and out of my opening, the cold steel felt so good, gently moving upwards she began playing with my clitoris, bringing me to the point of ecstasy and then moving. The teasing was driving me crazy but this is what I needed, no one had understood before that not all women desire to climax immediately, some like me liked to be played and toyed with.

"My names Naketa", she whispered between breaths. I grabbed a fistful of hair and gently tugged her head back so I could look her in the eyes while telling her not to stop. And there it was the all-important biting; the nibbling that would open the floodgates of my internal juices. "Yes! Oh god yes!" I screamed, not giving a damn if anyone heard me. Naketa gave a final forceful lick ensuring that the cold steel of her piercing sent the last shivers up my spine. Then I was done. My body collapsed downward Naketa caught me in her strong arms and gently kissed my lips. Her mere touch was sending shivers up my spine again. I wanted more, so much more.

I desired to touch her lily-white skin, wanting so much to taste this dyke who had released my hidden desires again. Unsure of her needs I began slowly and softly to find her body. Her breasts sat perfectly round and firm, as I touched them her self-restraint began to waver. She leaned into my hands. I didn't need telling twice, it was obvious that she liked things a little more forceful, which is how I liked to play it. Her uniform was such a turn-on it was impossible to stop wanting her to be inside me again. I unbuckled her belt and slowly pulled it from around her waist. Wrapping it around her wrists I was able to tie her hands behind her back. This done I would have both my hands free to explore her body inside and out. To her right hip I found her truncheon strapped which gave me such an idea that I couldn't help but smile. But that would save for another day, and there would be other days, I could feel it. Kissing her soft neck I felt her body arch towards me as if it needed fed and I was the only thing that could satisfy the hunger.

I don't know how I kept my composure for all I wanted to do was to fuck this dykes brain out. But I managed it; after all I wanted to give her the ride of her life, just as she had given me. Slowly I undid the buttons of her top to expose two perfect breasts just ready to be suckled and squeezed. She tasted as divine as I imagined she would. Almost a mixture of sweet strawberries, honey and a faint odour of blood (was I bleeding? I didn't think so). It did not matter for it cried out to my very soul and enticed me to sample more and more.

Licking my way down her stomach, which by the way was so tight and muscular, I could feel her body begin to ripple. Slowly I began to tease her by just licking above her trousers, her legs began to open wider and wider, her pelvis arching further towards my mouth, oh she wanted it bad! Should I tease her or release her? Just as if she had heard my thoughts she gave me the answer. Almost whispering Naketa screamed, "you bitch! Stop teasing, just fuck me!" I was glad to comply. I ripped away her trousers to expose the perfectly shaped mound of throbbing sex; I could no longer restrain myself. I dived in with my face and stronger right hand while allowing my other free hand to continue kneading her breast.

She tasted sweeter than nectar and was wetter than a long weekend in morchome. As I licked her pulsing vulva I slid a single finger inside and began the usual rhythm. "More, more" came a rapturous whisper. So I glided another finger inside, "Untie me or give me more," she screamed. Shit Naketa desperately wanted more. Always willing to satisfy I plunged almost my entire hand inside her. Still enjoying the taste of the vulva I could feel her pressing harder and harder on my limbs. I began biting her, not forcefully but enough to inflict some pain. We now matched each other's rhythm, her inside feeling of silk. I could feel her ecstasy growing, her breath was becoming laboured. As I pounded her crotch all I could think of was having this woman over and over again, I wanted to bathe in her come. This was it, she was almost at breaking point when I got the idea of withdrawing my hand and sinking my tongue into her beautiful warm wet inviting hole. My mouth encircled her lips and began drinking the juice of life. I was really glad that my tongue was thick and strong, for Naketa could fairly ride. However this simple action which began as a desire to quell my own need, began to drive her wild. It took all my might to keep her from climbing the walls or devouring my entire head. Oh but this was fucking fun! The orgasm started in her feet and slowly rose up her body till finally it found its outlet, her body shaking violently the sweet juice I had been tasting got even sweeter. She was gushing and I was drinking my fill, which I can tell you took some time. I had never known a woman to orgasm as long as what she did that night.

I slowly reached my hands behind her back and squeezed her tight ass. Then without further ado released her hands from the leather belt. She immediately grabbed my hair and yanked my body upwards. Face to face we caught each other's eye and smiled. She gently kissed me and run her tongue around my lips "Hmm, I taste good on you" she said while grabbing my crotch again. I was soaking wet and wanted a repeat performance. "I see that you have not quite learned you lesson! So fortunately you will have to be brought into the cell…for further probing". The joy welled up in my crotch, this night was not over yet and if the starters were anything to go by the main course was going to be unforgettable. We gathered ourselves together and got into her patrol car. She turned to me and smiled " it's just as well that I am now of duty or I may have to put you on report for bribing an officer. I leaned over and kissed her sensuous inviting lips saying, "well you have to teach me some manners then wont you, for I am such a naughty girl". We both began to laugh, as she put the car into first driving into the unknown fun erotic future of the night.

                                                      The end

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