~ A Bard's Convenient DIY Erotic Fiction Generator ~
by Claire Withercross
e-mail: clairewitherx@altavista.com

Disclaimer: Characters in here are copyright MCA/Universal/RenPic.

Warnings: Herein is contained every kind of perversion imaginable, male/female, female/female, male/male and self love, there's even a hint of incest.

Bard's Boring Bits: Thanks to me, it's about time I thanked myself, everyone else can go hang.

Congratulations on your purchase of the ABCDEFG. The tool all writers of erotic fiction in the Xenaverse have been waiting for. Twosomes! Threesomes! Lonesomes! With multiple usage of the tool you can create orgies with up to 17, (YES 17!!!), of your favourite characters in the Xenaverse in the most dirty, explicit, disgusting sex scenes you can imagine, (and I know how much some of you bards can imagine!). Never be stuck for making your sex scenes erotic, passionate, original or bizzare ever again with the ABCDEFG. A Bard's Convenient DIY Erotic Fiction Generator.

Instructions: Simply open this html file using your browser, and bingo! A ready made erotic scene for you to add to your story. And if you're not happy with the result, then simply hit the REFRESH button. Have fun!

Disclaimers: This product is in no way related to the FUCKME, the Fun Utility for Crafting Kinky Masterful Erotica, or SEXFUN, the Super Erotic Xena Fiction Utility Nonsense. (The producers except no liability for injury or death caused whilst using this product)

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