by Claire Withercross

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Gabrielle stared hard at the scroll, then stared at the warrior sharpening her weapons. She sighed heavily.

"What's the matter?" asked Xena, looking up from her work.

"I just can't...." Gabrielle waved at the scroll.

"Oh," said the warrior with little interest and returned to her weapons.

Silence settled over the camp only to be broken by the bard.


"What?" snapped the warrior.

"Do you think you.... could you.... I mean... sort of.... help?"


"Please?" asked Gabrielle hopefully.

It was difficult for the warrior to refuse a request from Gabrielle, but she called on all of her resolve. "Scrolls are your department, remember."

Silence settled once more; again it was broken by the bard.

"Xena, please," Gabrielle put on the most pitiful voice she could. "I'll get all your meals for a month."

Xena shook her head. "You get all my meals, anyhow."

"I'll sharpen your weapons for you."

"No! The last time I let you have a go at sharpening my breast dagger, you blunted it."

Gabrielle flushed. "I didn't like the thought of anything sharp... you know... down there," she admitted. "Okay, I'll.." she chewed her lip in thought. "I'll... um... I'll... I know! I'll groom Argo-"

"Definitely not! I won't put her through that again," shouted the warrior. She continued sharpening and muttered under her breath. "Pink bows on a war horse...."

"Aww," Gabrielle sighed in defeat. She pouted at the warrior. "Xeeennnaaa," she whined.



The warrior gritted her teeth and growled. "Oh alright. Anything to stop your pathetic whining."

"Great," grinned the bard clapping her hands. "General to Alexander executed in Persia, eight letters: two blanks, 'R', three blanks, 'I', blank?"

"Parmenio," sighed Xena.

"Yes!" whispered Gabrielle triumphantly, and started writing on the scroll.



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