The Case of the Missing Snowmen

by Claire Withercross

Disclaimers: Xena and Gabrielle are copyright MCA/Universal/RenPic. Little Xena and Little Gabrielle are used with the permission of Lúcia da Ascenção deNóbrega

Warning: This is an attempt at a children's story, but that doesn't exclude adults from reading it.

Bard's Boring Bits: Thanks to Ex-guards for setting the challenge to write this.

Many thanks to Lúcia for drawing the Little X & G cartoons that brighten up a dull day. If only I were half as talented at writing...

If you like this story, then Susan A. Rice writes much better Little X & G stories, go and read them.

The short figure wrapped in thick furs trudged through the snow, its head swathed in clouds of breath. Though the roadway had been used a few times since the snowfall two days ago, it seemed to avoid the tracks and walk through the undisturbed snow. In fact the figure appeared to take delight in wading through the drifts.

At one particular drift, after making sure it wasn't being watched, the figure flopped backwards into the snow and flapped its arms and legs to make an angel in the snow. As it was about to make another one it paused and cocked its head.

Little Xena pushed her hood back to better hear the noise. It was someone crying. Her blue eyes widened and she gave a little gasp of shock as she recognised who it was. She ran towards the noise.

"What is it? What's wrong, Gabrielle?" asked Little Xena.

"Someone -hup- stole my -hup- snowman," sobbed Little Gabrielle.

Little Xena patted Little Gabrielle's shoulder. "Don't worry, I'll find out who took it."

"You will?"

"Of course. No one steals from my best friend and gets away with it."

Little Gabrielle looked proudly at Little Xena. She was the best, best friend anyone could ever have.

"Where did you last see it?" asked Little Xena.

"Last night. In my house."

"Come on," said Little Xena, grabbing Gabrielle's hand.

The two girls rushed to Gabrielle's house to look for clues.

"That's where I left it," said Little Gabrielle pointing to a chair in her bedroom. "I put it there so my baby sister Lila could see it. She's too small to go out in the snow, so I brought it in for her."

That was typical of Little Gabrielle, always thinking of others, thought Little Xena as she studied the chair and bedroom.

"Any ideas?" asked Little Gabrielle.

"No. I can't see any tracks and there's only a small puddle of water on the chair."

"Oh," sniffed Little Gabrielle.

Little Xena scratched her chin in thought. Her face lit up as an idea struck her.


The trap was set. Little Gabrielle had made another little snowman and put it on the chair next to Lila's crib. Little Xena and Little Gabrielle waited for the thief to turn up. They crouched down behind Little Gabrielle's bed and watched.

All of a sudden Little Xena nudged Little Gabrielle.

"I'm awake!" protested Little Gabrielle.

"No. Look at the snowman," said Little Xena. "It's getting smaller!"

"It's melting!" cried Little Gabrielle. "Quick, Xena, save it!"

Little Xena rushed and picked up the snowman.

Little Gabrielle opened the window. "Put it outside. Hurry!"

Little Xena put the snowman on the window ledge outside Little Gabrielle's bedroom. The two friends looked at it through the window.

"Do you think the other one melted?" asked Little Gabrielle.

"Maybe," said Little Xena.

Little Gabrielle frowned. "If being inside makes snow melt, then..."

"Then, what?" Little Xena turned to look at her friend.

Little Gabrielle went to her closet, dragged out a box and opened it. She sighed heavily. Little Xena looked into the box. It was empty.

"I made you one for a Solstice present, and now it's gone, too," whimpered Little Gabrielle. "What sort of friend am I if I don't give you a Solstice present?"

Little Xena put an arm around her friend's shoulders. "Your friendship is my present, Little Gabrielle. That's the best present anyone could ask for."

Little Gabrielle brightened. "Thank you. And your friendship is the best present I could have, too." Little Gabrielle chewed her lip. "But, um... you've got me a real Solstice present though, haven't you?"

Little Xena laughed and hugged her friend. "Of course I have."


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